Sending Gifts to India within 24 Hours

Sending Gifts to India

'Gift', a term which has an universal acceptance, a term which makes the emotions flow beyond time, beyond reasons, beyond every material boundaries. A gift is not just given to someone on Christmas or a birthday, its a notion of celebration beyond the reach of any jubilee. Its given year round for any special moments that needs to be cherished. Gift is a way of manifesting your deepest love and care and feelings. It makes the world smaller and brings the souls closer. Gifts are a boulevard of thoughts, where even the strangest avenue can meet.

Gifts has been the way of spreading love, emotions and thoughts for ages. From ancient times to modern days, it has always been the best way to express your unspoken words. From history to modernity, gifts have always been the most choicest option for each and every individual for commemorating some one's love and emotion. If we turn the pages of history we will find that gifts have always been a benchmark to spread the message of affection and prosperity to the best. The Taj Mahal - an architectural creation of excellence, created by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for her beloved Mumtaz is still deemed as the greatest gift that the world has ever witnessed. Other than this, Christmas and gifts almost have a synonymous relevance. The spirit of the occasion, is marked by its adorable gifts and cakes.

By extension, the term "gift" can refer to anything that makes the other happier or less sad, especially as a favor, including forgiveness and kindness. A gift economy normally requires the gift exchange to be more than simply a back-and-forth between two individuals. Many societies have strong prohibitions against turning gifts into trade or capital goods. Anthropologist Wendy James writes that among the Uduk people of North-East Africa, there is a strong custom that any gift that crosses sub-clan boundaries must be consumed rather than invested.

Sending Gifts to India

Sense of gifting has perceived a towering diversity. With the wagon wheel of time, the way of celebrating the carnivals, and sharing gifts with our endeared one's has witnessed a lot of transition. Now-a-days, the notion of gifting has developed into an extremely speedy and dependable way by the boons of Internet and emergence of E-Commerce websites. Through these modes, sending gifts have become exceptionally apparent and consumes a very less amount of time. Over the last decade, a cluster of e-gifting websites have emerged, facilitating the Internet savvies to send gifts online. One such e-gifting portal that serves the global Non Resident Indians to send gifts to India online is This site boasts a huge array of gift articles and there are gifts for every occasion, for every age and to define every relationship. So what are you waiting for? Send Gifts to India online and cherish the moment of togetherness, evading the material constraints of distance and time.

At,, you will be able to skim through an array of gifts, which will leave you spoiled for choices. We have a giant aggregation of gift articles and offer you numerous gifting ideas. There is a congregation of refined gift articles that adorn the store of the portal, There are a number of Gift Ideas which can be tried out during occasions like Raksha Bandhan, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Diwali, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, New Year Gifts & Durga Puja. Exclusive gifts for special occasions can also be sent to your loved ones on like Birthday and Anniversaries.

With the rapid pace of this material world, people now a days are gasping for time. The mortality of human life is really an active participant in the race of fundamentalism. People around the globe are always looking for something new. gives an added essence to this idea. The Same-Day Delivery service of this portal assures that the gifts will reach the desired destination within 24 hours of placing an order. With at your service, you can never miss out on conveying your wishes on special occasions.

There are plenty gifts to choose from. Sending chocolates to India is always a delicious option for sending gifts to dear ones in India. Labeled under some global brands like Fererro Rocher, Cadbury, Vochelle, Toblerone, chocolates are for precious moments. On the other hand, nothing can beat exchanging sweets on special occasions. Badam Barfi, Gulabjamun, Kaju Gujiya, Kesaria Peda and Rasgulla will be savored by any and everybody. These Sweets from the renowned confectioneries like Haldiram's and Ghasitaram will surely be a nice treat. Convey your love, care and affection for your dear one on any occasion.

Sending Gifts to India

Special arrangements of Flowers to India from USA are an excellent gift idea to celebrate any occasion of life. Flowers speak a language of their own which touches the heart. So, sending Flowers on any special occasion will aptly reveal your innermost thoughts.

Delectable taste of Cakes entice all. Any special occasion is incomplete without Cakes. We, at, bring you a variety of delicious Cakes that will titillate the taste buds of your dear one. Available in different flavors, Chocolate or Vanilla, Pineapple and strawberry, make an occasion even more special by sending these cakes to India.

At, we have a 24x7 Customer support team, working round the clock to assist with all your queries. With, you can also send gifts to USA. Browse our global store to send gifts to USA for your dear ones and near ones settled therein. Wide gamut of gifts, proficient and timely delivery and reach to almost every every Indian household makes this online portal one of the trusted name in domain of e-gifting. So it is a boon for all the global citizens, explore through the world of fantasy and select the perfect match that suites your dear one. Send Gifts to India and make your occasion larger then life.

Jhuma Published: Nov 16, 2010 | Last Updated: Oct 09, 2021