Gift Flowers and Cakes to enthrall one in India

Gift Flowers and Cakes to enthrall one in India is a much reputed and popular site that delivers fresh and enchanting flowers to India online. You might have dear ones who are based in India with their family. So to stay in touch with them, flowers happen to be a good option. The above mentioned site have earned fame and recognition particularly in performing this task of sending flowers to India to near ones inhabiting there, successfully.

The site showcases a myriad of flower and flower arrangements to choose from. Though this site mainly specialises in sending flowers, it also showcases a huge array of gifts to send to your loved ones in India. So you may also try to add some more gifts besides sending online Flowers to India. Cakes are also a popular gift item nowadays, which add a special charm to any occasion. So if you are planning to send some exclusive gifts to your near one then you can opt for Flowers and Cakes. Now let us discuss in brief about these two gifts :


Gift Flowers and Cakes to enthrall one in India

Nothing can be more beautiful than magnificent Carnations to send as gifts to someone special. You can avail graceful arrangements of these Carnations from the site. There are pink carnations decorated with green leaves and white fillers in a lovely basket. Moreover you will also find Scarlet red colored carnations arranged in the shape of heart. Sometimes these carnations also come in pretty vases. The receiver of these flowers will be overwhelmed to get them. You can also opt for Roses, the ideal flower of love. They come in unique heart shape, the entire arrangement looks vibrant in the combination of red with white or green leaves. Roses also come in beautiful cane baskets or vases. Even combinations of different colored roses can be found. There is a section where there are different types of flowers innovatively arranged in vases. There may be one type of Flower to India in a Vase like only roses or there can also be different types of flowers like carnations, rose and lilies in a single vase. The vases are beautiful and elegant. It can be glass or colorful vases. Orchids are god’s wonder on earth. They look gracious and amazing in different colors like blue, pink, purple or yellow. So these orchids are arranged vivaciously to make them ideal gifts. Besides all these you can also choose from a wonderful range of Flower Bouquets, Life Size Arrangements etc.


Gift Flowers and Cakes to enthrall one in India

Cakes are mainly an influence of Western culture. In Western countries cakes become a part of any joyous occasion. But nowadays in India too cakes are a delicious gift item. Special cakes are cut on any occasion like Birthday, Anniversary or for celebrating special achievements like after succeeding an examination, making a business deal or any other. We have a wide collection of different types of cakes. There are cakes from Five Star Bakery. These are delicious in taste. Some of the cakes found here are Black Forest cakes, Chocolate cakes, Strawberry and Pineapple flavored cakes. Besides you will also find special Kid’s cake that are very cute in shape. These cakes come in wonderful designs, like that of Tweety, Mickey Mouse, Barbie or Harry Potter. Kids will love them. Other types of cakes that one can avail are, Special cakes that come in different innovative shapes like piano or tunnel train etc. Taj cakes and Normal cakes are also available. Your dear one will get lost in the amazing taste of these cakes.

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Priyam Published: May 04, 2013 | Last Updated: Sep 22, 2022