Mother's Day is all about celebrating your mother on this special day. Besides sending her gifts, you can also do something unique for her. Singing or dedicating a song can be a unique way of celebrating your mother. This article talks about some of the English songs that can mean a lot to her and also make her feel special.

Mother’s Day is all about showering your deepest love and affection on your mother. If you stay outside the country, you can send gifts to India with the help of various online gifting portals. Our website is one of the premier e-gifting portals, through which you can send Mother's Day gifts in India to your mother on Mother’s Day. However, if you want to do something out of the track, you can certainly dedicate your mother to a lovely song. With so many songs dedicated to mothers, a song for your mother on Mother’s Day can be a perfect gift. If you are staying away from your mother this Mother’s Day, pick from the five beautiful songs mentioned below and sing for her as a gift to India on Mother’s Day. 

“Everyday is like Mother's Day” by Shirley Caesar

Sung by the American Gospel singer, Shirley Caesar, 'Everyday is like Mother's Day' is apt for Mother's Day. The song begins with a very cheerful lyrics as the singer says "Every day feels like Mother's May/She is with me in my heart/I can often hear…hear my mother's voice/We will never ever be apart." The singer in the song remembers her mother and sings how her mother has helped her in the road of life. The singer even adds that her mother is watching over her from heaven. A perfect Mother's Day number, you can both sing this song or play it in your music player for your mother.

“Moms” by Ron Brown

'Moms' is a song sung by country singer of Austin, Ron Brown. The song begins with; "Where would we be without Moms?/Where would we be without those ladies?/Helping us all year long/And the love you give is just amazing." The song describes how mothers help us in our everyday life. The singer also adds that growing up, getting up and feeling good is made easy for the children by their mothers. The song ends with adulation for the mothers through the line 'Oh Moms, we think you're great'. Do not forget to sing this beautiful Mother's Day song to your mother and make her feel how important she is in your life.

English Songs dedicated to Mother on Mothers Day
“Mother's Day Song” by Tom Gardner

Sung by singer Tom Gardner, 'Mother's Day Song' is tribute to all the mothers. The opening lines of the song says; "I don't remember much about when I was born/But I know you took care of me all day long/I see photos of me making mess after mess/Mother, when ever did you get any rest?" The song tells about how the mother of the singer has raised him. The singer has now grown up and understands what his mother has gone through for him, and he is hoping to do the same for his children. With closing lines of the song, the singer is thankful and sings "I'm glad you're my mother and I'm glad I'm your child/I'm sorry if sometimes I acted too wild/but I know you wouldn't have it any other way/I love you, Mom. Happy Mother's Day."

“Song for Mama” by Boyz II Men

Sung by American R&B band, Boyz II Men, 'A Song for Mama', describes the strength of the mother. It begins with the lines 'You taught me everything/And everything you've given me/I always keep it inside/You're the driving force in my life, yeah". The song also says how mothers stay beside their children no matter what. The singer also adds that "Never gonna go a day without you/Fills me up just thinking of you/I'll never go a day without my mama". You can surprise your mother by singing this wonderful Mother's Day song to her.

“Thank You Mom” by Good Charlotte

A song from the American rock band, Good Charlotte, ‘Thank You Mama' has got heart-warming lyrics. The singer in this song talks about his childhood days, the song begins with lines; "I'm sitting here I'm thinking back to a time when I was young... /My memory, is clear as day". The song has got some beautiful lyrics that depict how a mother stands by her children in both good and hard times. The singer wants to 'thank' his mother. The parting lines of the song are "And I love you, I'll always love you/There's nothing I won't do, to say these words to you/That you will live forever/Always, always and forever." You can certainly sing this song to your Mother on this special day of celebration of motherhood. With Mother’s Day still a few months away, you can start practicing these songs to sing on Mother’s Day  as Mother's day gifts in India to make your mom feel extremely special.

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