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India and its culture

India has been one of the most ancient and greatest civilizations in the world history; bearing thousands of years old historical image. Its geography and ecology has been a decisive factor in shaping its culture and history. You can experience the diversification from food, language, religion, architect, dance and music. There is so much of variety, so much of difference yet so much of similarity amongst people. With every second place you’ll feel the difference but you know that you still are in Incredible India. 

The country is a dwelling place of various religious practices; the majority being the Hindus. The colorful country is also the birthplace of religions like Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism and Sikhism. Its people include the followers of Abrahamic religions also, like the Jews, the Christians and the Muslims.

India prevail a joint family system. If you travel around in some urban areas don’t be amazed to see three or four generations residing under the same roof. This is because the members of the family feel blessed to live with their elders. The Ashirvaad or the blessings of their elders in their everyday life is considered auspicious in the India custom. 

The Cuisines in India are based on the Sattva (the balanced), Rajas (the passionate) and the Tamas (the indulgence). It is important for a person to consume food as according to their lifestyle. A sage lives a life of self realization and thus consumes Satvic or the balanced food. A king needs to be aggressive as he has to fight for its people and hence, Rajasic or the passionate diet is his intake. But where ever you travel across the country you will find that people never eat merely boiled food. Their delicacies are rich and indulge extensive use of herbs and spices. 

India and its culture

In fact not just that there is so much of difference in the languages, religions and cuisines across the land. You will find people even dressed up differently when you move from place to place. Sari being worn by the majority of Indian women. In the northern part of the country you will find the women wearing thick and long gowns. As you move downward you will find the usage of Salwar and Kameez. With further advancement the use of sari increases as well. Shop and send these dress materials to India for women and men at Gifts across India website. 

The musky scent of marigold garlands around your neck. Dark, smiling eyes flashing a warm welcome, the blaze of tropical sun, a cacophony of many tongues from which untangle the recognizable sounds of English. The crowds, the color, the smells, the contradictions… The surprise and delight. And you know you have arrived in India, the most exciting travel destination in the world. 

Pooja Published: Aug 23, 2011 | Last Updated: Sep 22, 2022