Celebrate Diwali in the Traditional Spirit of Festivity


With the advance of time, the ways of celebrating the auspicious occasion of Diwali have changed. Traditional practices of celebrating the light of good and knowledge, meeting relatives and friends are gradually losing importance. People are more interested these days to outdo each other in fireworks and cracker bursting. Giftstoindia24x7.com, however, identifies the importance and significance of our traditional practices and celebrates Diwali in the traditional fervour.

Giftstoindia24x7.com team celebrates Diwali like a family with profuse participation of each member of the team. The responsible team focuses on the traditional customs. The team made a beautifully designed colorful hand-painted rangoli at the entrance of the office premise and decorated it with lighted diyas. While one part of the team painted the rangoli by turn, another part of the team sat together to prepare the cotton wicks for the diyas and place them over the rangoli. gti-art-loaderThe building was also well decorated with electric lights. Sweets and delicacies were distributed and the serene celebration of bonding was initiated. The team spirit and coordination were very high as always.

Hardika Rupani, Executive Assistant of Giftstoindia24x7.com said, “It was an amazing experience this time. Every year we do this but this time it was hands-on experience. At home, I have seen my mother making rangolis and lighting diyas but I had never done it myself. This year, I got to do it myself along with the GTI team and the experience was super exciting. I got the opportunity to come closer to our rich culture and I could even spread this excitement back at home. I would like to thank GTI and the wonderful GTI team for this excellent celebration.”

gti-art-loader“Diwali is the festival of lights. We thought that apart from diyas, we should also decorate the office building with electric lights. It was a cherishing experience to put up electric lights in the building along with our team members. It felt like celebrating with family”, said Ashok Pal, Accounts Department, Giftstoindia24x7.com.

Prithwish Paul, Executive, Hardware and Networking Department, created an amazing Ganesha wall hanging and took part extensively in ideating the design of the rangoli. When asked about his experience and contribution, he said, “ It is our culture to put up a new home decor on the occasion of the Diwali festival and GTI is like home. Hence I planned to create a wall hanging. But in GTI, it is always about the team effort. Every team member participated and we had a great experience.”

“Our team spirit”, said Sushmita Banerjee, HR, “ is always the core essence of every occasion, whether work or celebration. Gladly, our team spirit got a boost on this Diwali celebration. The GTI family had a great time.”

Mr. Amit Desai, CEO of the organization said, “We promote the culture and tradition of our roots which is gradually dwindling with time. Our main aim is to bring people closer to each other and strengthen the bonds between loved ones. The significance of the custom of exchanging gifts which is deeply rooted in our culture is strongly identified by us and hence we have dedicated our gifts section for each occasion towards bonding and love.”

The team had a wonderful time celebrating Diwali in the traditional way. Giftstoindia24x7.com wishes you all a very happy, prosperous and safe Diwali!

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Madhurima Published: Nov 12, 2013 | Last Updated: Jan 20, 2022