Top 10 Gifts for Father in Law

Sweets Dryfruits Hamper Dad

The best part about getting married is finding a new family. You get a new father who adores and respects you enough to share his most precious possession with you and a mother whose caring caresses welcomes you to her heart. So on this Father’s Day, ensure that your daddy-in-law gets as much care and pampering as your own dad does from you. Here is a list of gifts that could sweep him off his feet.

  1. Grooming Kit

    Fathers somehow always manage to pull off the clean shaved gentlemanly look with so much ease. The word dad itself draws an image of an extremely well-groomed person with a quick wit and a stern look. So be it your dad or your father-in-law, the best and most useful gift you could purchase for them is a grooming kit.

    Dad Personal Care Hamper

  2. Rocking Chair

    If your father-in-law is fond of spending his evenings in the study, then you can gift him a rocking-chair to help him feel comfortable and also stretch his legs once in a while. A nicely made wooden furniture like this chair shall also add to the aesthetic value of his room.

  3. Perfume

    Good smell elevates moods like none other. A nice perfume shall be an excellent gift, especially for the many working father-in-laws who spend a considerable amount of time out of their homes.

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  4. Tea

    Is your favourite pass-time relaxing with your father-in-law while engaging over a philosophical chit-chat or a hostile political argument? Nothing shall accompany that better than a hot cup of perfectly brewed tea. On this Father’s Day, gift your dad-in-law a packet of exotic tea to set the mood for the next session of intellectual interactions.

  5. Watch

    A person can never have too many watches. We know that it is something that everyone already has, but there has to be one specific make or style that we still hope to acquire. Find out the choice of your father-in-law and get him the right shaped and coloured dial, material and brand for this Daddy’s Day.

  6. Personalized Greeting Cards

    Adding a personal touch to any gift is like making gold out of rocks. Send the old man a personalized greetings card with a precious picture on it and make sure to add in a few words of your own too for this special day. Let him cherish this gift for a long time.

  7. Cake

    No celebration shall ever be complete without the sinful sweetness of a creamy cake. Make your father-in-law feel special with a delicious cake of his favourite flavour and bond with him a little more with this act.

  8. Books

    Reading is a hobby that is slowly losing its popularity. But the fathers still swear by the book over the internet any day. For many such wise men, the best gift has to be a good read. Be it an encyclopedia, a coffee table book, a spiritual guide or even a magazine subscription, your father-in-law is sure to be impressed by your choice of gift.

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  9. Embossed Wallet

    It is necessary to have a wallet in one’s pocket. But it is nicer when that wallet boasts his name. Gift your daddy-super-dearest an embossed wallet that he shall flaunt beamingly in front of his friends and family.

  10. Chocolate

    Does your father-in-law have a mammoth sized sweet-tooth and always tiptoes around the refrigerator? There could be no better gift than a chocolate hamper to impress this old man. Work your way to his heart with this sweet bribe on this Father’s Day.

On this Father’s Day, while you shower your dad with all the love, also remember to show your gratitude to your father-in-law. He is the one who has nurtured and shaped the person you love so much with all he had. He definitely deserves a little credit for your marital bliss.

Pragya Published: May 24, 2019 | Last Updated: Jun 16, 2020
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