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Kolkata - 700 029 India

March, 2008 Testimonials

Black Forest Cake - 2 Kg

Prompt and Quality Service.

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Thanks for the prompt and quality service. The cake was really fresh and tasty. Thanks a lot

Magnificent Basket of Roses

Thanks for the Lovely Flower Basket.

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Thanks for the lovely flower basket that was sent. The roses were really fresh and blooming. Thanks again.

Black Forest Cake - 2 Kg Vochelle  Fruits & Nut Yummy Fererro Rocher Rocking Teddy

Quality & prompt service

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I would like to thankyou for your quality & prompt service. My dear ones in India liked the gifts immensely. Thanks once again to all team members who worked on my request.

Eggless Pineapple Cake-1/2 K

Thanks for Delivery.

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You did the job well. The cake was a surprise and you kept it so. It was really great. Its good that all went correct.

Taj Black Forest Cake-1 Kg Fruit Juice


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Thanks eveybody for delivering the gifts so beautifully. They were really great. My friends in India simply loved them.

Haldiram Rasgulla - 1 Kg

Fresh Sweets.

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The sweets were really fresh and tasty. Good work by you.

Assorted Dry Fruits 1 Kg

Tremendous support

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Thanks for your tremendous support. It is highly appreciated. My mom and dad really loved the dry fruits.

Cute Heart

You sent my heart!

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Thanks guys. You really sent my heart. The soft toy was really smashing! Thanks a lot....

Pretty Choice Palatable Ferrero Rocher - 1

My mother was very pleased.

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Thanks very much for your Service. My mother was very pleased at the high quality of the flowers and it made her day. I will definitely be using you a lot in the future.

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