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Holi the festival of colours is all about having fun and smear each other with colours. Let this festivity continue with amazing Holi Gifts for your loved ones in India.

Holi Gifts

Celebrate the colorful festival of Holi with startling gifts for loved one

Holi is the occasion when young and old rejoice in a colourful spirit. Holi fills our hearts with colours of happiness. In this section, we display a huge collection of exclusive Holi gifts that you can send to your family and friends in India. The gift array ranges from Holi thali to chocolates, flowers to apparels and many more. Spread the color of love by sending Gifts to India for your loved ones. Be the part of celebration and let your dear ones in India feel your presence as you shower your love and wishes through your gifts.

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Holi Gifts

When is Holi 2019?

Holi the festival of colours is celebrated on the month of Phalguna according to the Hindu Calendar. This year it will be celebrated on 21st March. Holi marks the victory of the good over evil and also the time when winter ends and the spring season is welcomes. It is a time to play with colour and rejoice with your friends and family. Have delicious food, play fun games and have a good time.

Gifting Ideas for Holi

Holi is a time when friends and family exchange gifts among each other. Every young and old enjoys the gift exchange time and looks forward to it.
Holi is a time when you gift colours, pichkari and sweets to make the event more happening. You can also send other gifts like apparel, personal care products, cakes and chocolates. Gifts in Holi should be such that can be enjoyed by people and also make them happy.

What should one send as Holi Gifts to India

The festival of colours “HOLI” is a time to have fun and a good time with family and friends. It is a time when people give gifts to each other. Since you are far from your family doesn’t have to mean that you cannot send gifts to your loved ones. Even being far from your loved ones you can send them holi gifts like Sweets, different colours to play holi with, pichkaris for young and old. Apart from this you can also send them chocolates, cakes, dry fruits. All of these gifts you can send to your family through and deliver the gifts to India for your family and friends.

How is the festival of Holi Celebrated

The festival of Holi starts one day before with the ritual of Holika Dahan, where people gather around a bonfire and perform traditional rituals to destroy the evil within us. This day is also known as Choti Holi. Next day the festival of colors is celebrated, every person either young, old or kids, throw and smear colors on each other, drench each other with pichkaris. People play holi with their friends and family, holi is always played in open streets and also in temples. It becomes more fun when drums and music is played and everyone dances and sing along to have an amazing time. After playing holi friends and family get together to have delicious food and holi delicacies. Holi is a day that is celebrated with lots of spirit, fun and colors.

Top Selling Gifts for Holi

On the occasion of Holi family and friends exchange gifts among each other, and to continue this tradition even when you are far away from them brings to exclusive gifts on the occasion of Holi. The top most sellings gifts on the occasion of holi are

  • Sweets - As a traditional Indian festival, Holi celebration will be incomplete without traditional sweets. has in store a range of delicious Indian sweets, that you can deliver to your friends and family in India and add sweetness to their celebration.
  • Colors (Gulal) - Holi without colors is impossible, hence has in store different shades of colour, that you can send to your loved ones in India and celebrate the occasion of Holi even being far away from them.
  • Pichkari - A gift to make the occasion of Holi more fun, you can gift this pichkari to a kid or even an adult so that they can have a good time. We have in store range of good quality pichkari that you can send to your loved ones in India.

Top 7 Holi Gifts for Girlfriend

Holi the festival of colours is the most awaited occasion and on this festival everyone wants to have a good time and have fun with family and friends. On this occasion if you are not near your loving girlfriend in India you can send her beautiful gifts and convey your good wishes to her on the fun occasion of Holi. The top 7 gifts you can send to your girlfriend in India are :

  1. Chocolate - As its Holi it's a great way to celebrate by having the best chocolates and sweeten your mouth.
  2. Apparel - She can wear new clothes for the holi party she will attend, the best gift for her.
  3. Cosmetic - After all the holi colours painted all over her, good personal care products are perfect gift for holi.
  4. Colours - What is holi without the inclusion of colours, so send her great quality colours to enjoy the occasion.
  5. Dry Fruits - Give her a healthy treat on Holi by sending dry fruits to India.
  6. Sweets - Any Indian festival like Holi is not complete until some delicious sweets are included.
  7. Flowers - Give a fresh start to her holi celebration with fresh flowers and brightening her day.

Top 7 Holi Gifts for Boyfriend

On the occasion of Holi surprise your boyfriend with colourful gifts to wish him a very Happy Holi.
As this festival is all about having fun with your near and dear ones and indulge in mouth watering food it is difficult to stay away from your loved one in India. Surprise your boyfriend with the top 7 holi gifts perfect to gift him
  1. Colours - Let your boyfriend celebrate the festival of colours with the gift of colours send by you.
  2. Personal Care - After playing holi your boyfriend can use your gift of personal care product for him.
  3. Sweets - If your boyfriend is a sweet tooth you can send him a box of sweets on holi.
  4. Chocolates - And if your boyfriend loves chocolate more than sweets send him his favourite chocolates.
  5. Apparel - Send him some colourful apparel to enjoy the festival of Holi in new attires.
  6. Dry Fruits - It is a must in festivals like Holi and so dry fruits are perfect gift on the occasion.
  7. Gift Hampers - Surprise him with assortments of gifts on the occasion of Holi and celebrate in grand way.

What to keep in mind when selecting Holi Gifts for Husband

To make the occasion of Holi fun specially when you are not in India near your husband, sending a special gifts for him is the best way to celebrate the occasion. By sending gifts to your husband in India on Holi express your love for him and let him know how much you miss him. But before selecting gifts for your dearest husband keep a few things in mind :

  1. Be sure that your husband is not allergic to colours before sending him colours on holi.
  2. If you are sending him apparel, send his favourite colour in right size.
  3. When placing order for gourmet food keep his likes and dislikes in mind.

Unique Gift Ideas to celebrate Holi

Holi is a festival which is celebrated by all from young to adult. It is a festival that makes everyone come closer to each other and have a good time. To celebrate this exciting festival you do not have to be upset since you are in abroad away from your family and friends. You can make the occasion equally interesting even being far by sending unique gifts from for them like Colours and Pichkari, Personalised Gifts, Refreshment Hamper. These gifts will be slightly different from what you send on Holi to your loved ones.

What are the best gift for celebrating Holi

Holi is an occasion of unlimited fun and good time with our dearest family and loving friends. When you are not in India to celebrate this occasion can be upsetting but you can still make it an memorable occasion by sending gifts to them from our online gifting portal And if you are wondering what are the best gifts for celebrating Holi they are

  • Colours - As it the festival of colours, sending colours as gift is the most appropriate for loved ones.
  • Dry Fruits - On the festival of Holi treating your loved ones with dry fruits will be traditional and healthy gift.
  • Sweets - As Holi is an traditional Indian festival, it will not be complete if sweets are not included in it.
  • Gift Hampers - Let loved ones celebrate the festival of holi with a big gift hamper for all of them.

Top 5 Holi gifts for family

The festival of Holi is more fun when celebrated with family but even if are not near them to celebrate the occasion with them, send them adorable gifts and feel more closer to them. And if you are confused as what gifts to send to your loving family in India let us tell you the top 5 holi gifts

  1. Colours and Pichkari - This gift will be used by all the members of the family from older to younger.
  2. Holi Sweets - Let all the members of your family indulge in some mouth watering sweets time.
  3. Gift Hampers - For you big and loving family we bring to you assortments of many gifts in one for an amazing celebration.
  4. Refreshment Hamper - When your family is done playing holi this refreshment hamper will help them in getting fresh and clean.
  5. Personalised Gifts - Give your family a more personalized experience of your gift and emotions with personalised gifts.

Send Holi Gifts to India from USA

If you are living in USA and want to send Holi gifts to your loved ones in India, is the best website to place an order for the same. We have a wide range of gifts available on our website that will make the celebration of Holi a memorable experience for you and your loved ones. Even being so far from your loved ones by sending gifts to India you will feel more close to your loved ones. We deliver to 1200 cities in India so no matter where you want to send gifts we will deliver it for you.