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 Football fans who also play a lot of video games will love FIFA 14 for its action and intense game play settings. The game title has always been a source of great interest among gamers. With advanced game play options, superior graphics and high levels of detailing, FIFA 14 is very engaging. The game is being developed by EA Canada while its publishing is by EA Sports. The Sports Game is well suited for Sony's PS Console range. This game comes with a PEGI rating of 3.

It has a Single Player Career Mode as well as a Multiplayer mode. The Multiplayer options allow you to play against other players across the world as long as you are connected to a compatible internet connection. The FIFA 14 Single Player Career consists of a Global Scouting Network as well. This Network consists of Talent Scouts that Players can hire who will find new talent for the player teams. Apart from this, there is also a Teammate Intelligence quotient in the AI of the game. This results in better decision making as well as an improved run tracking. This version of the game is for the PSP.

The game incorporates real physics with respect to the ball’s movement portrayed in-game. Ball trajectories are now realistically predicted in the game, allowing you to kick the ball with force from quite a distance away and expect it to travel as it would in real life.