Rakhi Gifting

Surprise your Brother with Gifts of his Zodiac Sign

If you want to make Rakhi a special occasion you definitely need to make a few changes in this sphere. This becomes even more important if you want to send Rakhi to India from USA or other countries. Staying away from your brother during this time can be tough as this whole day has been dedicated to the bond you share. This online Rakhi store focusses on a variety of Rakhi gifting options which can be sent for your dear brother. After the huge success of Rakhi 2018, we can surely hope that this year’s Raksha Bandhan will be the same. A very innovative way of making this festival memorable is by sending gifts for your brother based on his zodiac sign.

Rakhi Gifts for Brother


We can start with Aries and you can send red, orange and yellow coloured Rakhi threads for your brother. Sports equipments can make fantastic gifts for such men. Now we come to Taurus and your brother will love Rakhi threads that come in silver and blue. For gifts, you can opt for the basic special ingredients like chocolates and flowers as this is what they like.

Aries & Taurus Rakhi Gifts for Brother


Those belonging to Gemini are a great fan of the colour green and hence you can send Rakhis of this colour. You can send journals and books as gifts. Now we come to Cancer and they like Rakhi threads which are made of exotic things like pearl and silk. Creating a fantastic gift for your brother out of your own hands is a good idea.

Gemini & Cancer Rakhi Gifts for Brother


Your Leo brother will appreciate Rakhis that are orange, pink and red in colour. Perfumes, grooming kits as well as personal care items are the best gifts for your brother. Virgo brothers like Rakhis that are green and white. Showy gifts like watches are a great favourite of such men.

Leo & Virgo Rakhi Gifts for Brother


For your brother who belongs to the zodiac sign Libra, Rakhi threads of purple and turquoise colours are apt. Scented candles and herbal or organic soaps are perfect gifts for such brothers. If you are sending Rakhi gifts for a Scorpio you must choose a red Rakhi for him. Apart from this, branded items like clothes, shoes and watches can be sent.

Libra & Scorpio Rakhi Gifts for Brother


Brothers belonging to the Sagittarius sun sign love a yellow coloured Rakhi thread. They do not want extravagant gifts and hence chocolates and flowers are their favourite. For your brother who is a Capricorn you can send a pink Rakhi. Corporate gifts are more to their liking and it is better if you choose such gifts for them.

Sagittarius & Capricorn Rakhi Gifts for Brother


A Rakhi thread that comes in a dark colour can be sent for your brother who belongs to Aquarius. You can pair it with a gift of electronic gadgets for your brother. Pisces men love white and yellow and therefore Rakhis of this colour can be sent. They are not at all choosy about their gifts and as such pricy as well as budgeted gifts can be sent.

Aquarius & Pisces Rakhi Gifts for Brother


A separate section on gifts for brother can be found on this online Rakhi portal that contain many options. You can even send gifts for your bhabhi as well as your sister and also the little ones from this Rakhi site. Sending Rakhi to India has become quite easy from here where there are many Rakhi gifts and Rakhi threads.


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