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Rakhi Gift Ideas

Rakhi Gift Ideas

Rakhi is a festival of love and friendship. Rakhshabandhan denotes the sacred relationship that exists between a brother and a sister. The tying of a rakhi around the brothers wrist is not just a ceremony, but the threads symbolizes immense love and a bondage that remains life long. Rakhshanbandhan also symbolize a brother’s promise of being a best friend of his sister who will guard her from all the problems in life.The articles in this chapter deals with the various facets of this festival. The article discuss the history of rakhi, its celebrations and the various gifts that are exchanged between brothers, sisters and thier families. The gifts are chosen and decorated , wrapped in love and send to India on Rakhshabandhan.

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    Personalized photo gifts makes a great gift item on Rakhi

    If you are about to celebrate the wonderful festival of Rakhi with your dear brother then nothing is a better gift item than personalized photo gifts. These items are trendy and are quite popular in recent times. For instance, ornaments, framed art prints, canvas prints, mason jars and wine glasses, beddings, personalized frames, jewellery, mini mounted wall art, serving trays, glass plates, candles, shower curtains, outdoor pillows, framed mounted wall art, outdoor pillows, collage frames are some important gift items in this regard that a sister can present to her brother during the Rakhi festival. There are numerous Rakhi gift ideas that a sister can try on her brother. In the age of the web, interested customers can get a fair idea about these gifts from relevant online contents. Top selling personal gift items are the photo prints, calendar, greetings card, mugs, T-shirt, key-chain, posters, photo chocolates, etc. There are certain new arrivals in this context and those incorporate the prepaid plans, tiffin box, laptop skins, and travel mug with attractive photos engraved on them. For the sisters living abroad, to celebrate raksha bandhan, requires them to visit suitable portals where they can get the best gifts for their brothers. Some websites offer their customers items at discounted rates. The objective of the prospective buyers is to get the best gift items at affordable prices. Those who intend to send Rakhi.giftstoIndia24x7.com, use the e-commerce portals to deliver the gifts. With the advancement of web commerce, exchanging of gifts between brothers and sisters has been facilitated. If you want to buy a photo gift item then you require visiting an appropriate e-commerce portal using an appropriate keyword. There are websites that allow the users to create their own photo gifts for use during the raksha bandhan celebrations. To build a photo gift item the user requires skills in art. However, out of a number of readymade items she can choose one that ideally suits the purpose of the festive mood. Some bestselling photo gift items are the personalized sweatshirt blanket, scented glass candle jar, photo key rings, mugs, playing cards, etc. They can add the items of their preference to the shopping cart. In this way the buyers of such products can perform hassle free transactions using an e-commerce website. However, there are web portals that offer discounts on deals to the customers. While purchasing the photo gifts the buyers are also offered free delivery of the items by some businesses. If any brother or sister is living outside India then sending Rakhi gifts to India require the customer to use the services of appropriate e-commerce portals. The portals have the different items including personalized photo gifts listed along with their prices so that interested customers do not have any issue in making a selection of the items of their choice.

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    Rakhi Greeting Cards: The Simple yet Best Way to Cherish Your Adorable Sibling

    Rakhi celebrates the sacred bond that exists between a brother and a sister. This pious relationship is not restricted to only one’s own blood but extends over to friends, colleagues and in laws. It is also customary for brothers and sisters to exchange gifts on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Many gifting options are available for this particular occasion which has transcended all kinds of religious and gender boundaries. However, originally it was a Hindu festival and is still followed by the followers of this religion with a lot of reverence and faith. Among the many gift ideas that are available in both online and offline stores, Rakhi greeting cards are one of the best. If you are not being able to be with your beloved sibling on this joyous event, then you obviously must be thinking about sending Rakhis to India along with attractive and unique gifts. You can easily send all these items along with a Rakhi greeting card to your dear brothers and sisters in India through this online Rakhi store. We will definitely ensure that your gifts reach their destination safely and also before the beginning of the festivities. The Strengthen Emotion greeting card will be perfect for your dear bro in India on this harmonious event. It is green in colour and contains a very heartfelt wish for him on this special day. The card contains various images related to Rakhi like sweets, puja thali, roli, chawal, shagun coins, silver coin, presents and Rakhi thread which make it look very festive. The Rakhi Greetings Card looks very pretty and is navy blue and deep pink in colour with a very sober appearance. This card will be perfect for your dear brother in India for this very special festive occasion. It depicts images like Rakhi threads, gifts, roli, haldi, chawal and flowers which make this card look very bright.   The Joy For Ever greeting card can be gifted both to your brother and also to your sister to make their day special. The card has a vivid orange colour with different shades of it along with a tinge of a yellow hue. There is a message which will bring pleasant childhood memories to your dearest sibling’s mind and showcases images of Rakhi threads, flowers and diya. The Vibrantly Coloured Rakhi Greetings Card can also be sent to both brothers and sisters and has a very regal look. The blue card has different shades of this particular colour with a multi coloured section at the bottom and it exhibits a beautiful message. It contains images of presents, chocolates, stationery, flower and a very pretty and unique Rakhi thread.   The Happy Raksha Bandhan Greetings Card is perfect for both brothers and sisters and it looks very traditional. The card has many colours like blue, purple, red, yellow and orange which further enhances its appearance. It is filled with images of Rakhi threads, shagun coins, sweets, flowers, roli and chawal along with a very sincere message for that dear person in India who makes your Rakhi special. The Dearest Brother Rakhi Greetings Card will be a perfect gift for your brother on the occasion of Rakhi. The card is multi coloured with hints of green, white, black, pink, yellow and red and also contains a sweet message for your lovely bro. There are images of Rakhi threads, sweets, roli, haldi and Rakhi thread which make this card a very special gift for  this  particular occasion.   The amazing collection that has been available on this online Rakhi portal since Rakhi 2018 is very noteworthy and commendable. You can easily choose your desired gifts like greeting cards and send online Rakhi India to your lovely bro and sis on time. Other gifts like mugs and personalised gift items are also available here for this special celebration.  

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    Send Adorable Rakhi Mugs to Your Dear Ones

    Rakhi is the celebration of the relationship between a brother and a sister. It is one of the most popular customs in India and most states in India observe the ritual of a sister tying a holy thread around the wrist of her brother. The sacred thread denotes a promise of protection, sacrifice and love. A lot of us are distanced from our siblings and cousins because of work and other reasons. Fear not, GiftstoIndia24x7.com you can use to send online Rakhis to your dearest brothers and Rakhi gifts to your loved sister. A Rakhi to India is only a few clicks away and you can order beautiful Rakhi mugs for your brother or sister on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan and make his or her day unforgettable. If you are looking for ideas, online Rakhi gifts are within your grasp . You can simply login to gifting stores on your mobile or your computer and surprise them on the special day. Let us have a look at some of the wonderful mugs you can order for your sibling. Exquisite Rakhi Mug This wonderfully painted white mug is something that will leave no stone unturned in delighting your beloved sibling. It can be personalised with a photo of you two and also an animated image which depicts a sister tying a Rakhi on her brother’s wrist. Couple this gift with chocolates and flowers for a memorable gift that your sibling will fondly keep for life. After all, who does not like personalised gifts? All you need to do is upload a photograph on the product page and it will be printed on the mug and delivered in no time. Rakhi mug for sister This mug will definitely leave a lasting smile on your sister’s face on the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan. It will make her miss you and remind you of all the memories you’ve shared as kids whenever she looks at it. The mug has a beautiful picture of a decorated Rakhi thali that sits on a soothing background. It also has a ‘for my dear sister’ message which adds a tone of love and affection to it. You can team this gift with box of chocolates and flowers which will definitely spruce up her day. Amazing Rakhi mug for brother Customized gifts hold a lot of significance to brothers and there is no day better to express your love to your brother other than Raksha Bandhan. This classic white mug can be customized by you with your brother’s photograph. It will make Rakhi 2015 a memorable experience for him and will cherish your gift until the end of time. The mug also has an animated image of a sister tying a Rakhi on her brother’s wrist which is just too beautiful and adds to the charm of the gift. Bhaiya and Bhabhi Mug Both our Bhaiya and Bhabhi become our siblings when they get married and there is no better occasion to celebrate the love between them and you on the joyous occasion of Rakhi. The red and white mug oozes ‘love’ from every angle and you can make it unique with a photo of you with your Bhaiya and Bhabhi. They will definitely love having coffee from a pair of these mugs which they would love to receive on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. These are some of the best mugs you can get for your siblings, Bhaiya and Bhabhi for Rakhi this year. We hope the relationship between you and your brothers and sisters remain ever-lasting and you continue sharing gifts and love through the years.

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    Send Endearing Personalized Rakhi Gifts through Rakhi.GiftstoIndia24x7.com

    Rakhi that is celebrated on a full moon day in the month of Shravan as per the Hindu calendar is a beautiful occasion, also known as Rakhi Purnima. It embodies blissful love and tenderness that can only be between a brother and a sister in the most purest way. This day dedicated to all siblings and it is widely celebrated in India as a reminder to all of the joys and pleasures of having a sibling. But family doesn't end in blood, this chaste bond may not rise only from blood relations. Rakhi can be celebrated among batch-mates, colleagues and neighbors. It is a pan Indian day of celebration of caste bond among Indians. Rakhi 2018 witnesses Raksha Bandhan on the 26th of August, which is a Sunday this year. People send gifts to their brothers and sisters along with Rakhi even if they are away from India. With the online gift delivery services available it is pretty easy to send Rakhi to India from USA. Rakhi Gifts India websites house a variety of Rakhis along with gifts like mithai thalis, Rakhi Thalis, kids thalis catering to varied age groups and numerous personal taste. Of all the gift items, it is the photo gifts that are the most endearing ones as they convey deepest emotions in the most appropriate manner. With a series of memories to cherish, the photo key chains or the rock photos, the photo mugs are fabulous gifts for Rakhi. These personalized gift items are unique and are sure to bring a broad smile to your sister’s or brother’s face. Just select the photo that is your best-loved and looks adorable and get it engraved on the rock frames, rock wall hangings and send it to your siblings besides Rakhis to India. Whether it is a collage of the most favorite moment spent with your brother or sister or a single photograph which has the whole of your family together- you can now imprint on these rock frames or photo wall hangings. Available in pleasing, attractive shapes, these rock photos are promptly prepared once you place the order through Rakhi.GiftstoIndia24x7.com and get timely delivered in India. Quite innovative and heartwarming gift of all is certainly going to be a source of unadulterated delight for your dear ones. Besides, the photo mugs, like the coffee mugs, for instance, are another delightful present suitable for Rakhi. Mugs in various fascinating shapes have the option of displaying photographs digitally printed on the body of the mugs flawlessly. It looks beautiful and expresses love like no other gifts. There are duo tone mugs, monochrome mugs and also simple mugs for you to choose from to be printed. Sending Rakhi to India from USA with a photo mug would be an incredible gift along with books and it is a very thoughtful gift indeed. Let your siblings sip their hot beverage and enjoy reading an adventure novel or go through their favorite Rom-com at leisure.   The Rakhi Mugs also justify and grace the auspicious occasion of Rakhi. Rakhi.GiftstoIndia24x7.com a host of Rakhi mugs with sweet, touching messages, rakhi pictures, and space for personal messages for one to select from. So a nice ensemble of dry fruits, cakes, flowers and a rakhi mug would be a great gift this rakhi for your siblings. However, these photo mugs are not only available for adults, but are specially designed for kids as well. Kids Mugs come in tempting, exciting colors to appeal the kids’ enthusiasm with loads of options. The cup handles are extremely cute to look, designed with artful little bear or funny cartoon characters on them. You can select the one that appeals the most to you and to get the choicest photos imprinted. Kids would love to see themselves on the mugs and would be super excited at such a mug. Apart from pictures, there are mugs for kids that have cartoon characters exhibited on them. Pick the kid’s favourite character like Chhota Bheem, Ben 10, Tom and Jerry, Little Ganesha or Hanuman and send them as rakhi gifts to India. What is more, talking about personalized gifts, the key chains with photographs on them can be a thing of beauty. The keychains are an essential part of everyday life. Have your dear ones reminded of fond memories every time they use the key chains! Available in shapes like rectangular, oval, circular, elliptical, square, triangle, the key chains may have a smart, trendy and funky look adding to the charm of gifting. With a nice bunch of assorted chocolates send the key chains along with Rakhis to India. Photo T-Shirts are another idea that can be considered for gifting. What can be more interesting than having photographs flashing across a t-shirt? Kids to elders, everyone would just adore this gift. Be it family photographs or your sibling’s childhood photos in a collage form, it just gets better. Design your own team jersey or a family T-shirt to distribute among all the cousins. Even tiles and mirrors in every shape: square, oval, rectangular, present a excellent chic, metallic look. This is one of the most adorable gifts of all. Capture the brother-sister moments and have them printed on shiny tiles to surprise your sibling back in India. A lovely gift item for bedrooms, or living rooms, this just invigorates and lights up the room and warms the heart. Photo cushions, pillow covers also let your siblings and cousins know that you are thinking of them. Rakhi is an yearly festival of letting your siblings and cousins know that you think of them all through the year. Only personalized gifts display your earnestness in fullest as it conveys your personal touch and feel.

  • Rakhi Gifts from UK

    Send Rakhi and Rakhi Gifts to India from UK

    Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi, the festival commemorating the eternal bond of love between brothers and sisters, is widely celebrated in India with grandeur. Apart from India, this festival is also celebrated among the members of Indian communities residing in countries like UK, Australia, USA, Canada etc. This day not only marks the sacred relationship between the brothers and sisters but also ushers in peace and harmony amongst various communities. Everyone, with or without biological ties is entitled to observe this joyous occasion. Every year, Rakhi is celebrated on a full moon day, in the Hindu month of Shravan. Since, Rakhi is celebrated on a full moon day, it is also known as Rakhi Purnima. Generally, the Hindu calendar is followed in this regard. Sisters residing in countries abroad are often not aware of when is Rakhi celebrated. For those who are wondering about when will Rakhi 2018 be celebrated, it will be celebrated on 26th of August this year. In modern times, due to work and studies, most of the people are forced to stay far away from their siblings and cousins. To bring you closer to your siblings, GiftstoIndia24x7.com, the premier online gifting portal, allows you to send Rakhi to India from anywhere across the globe. Sisters staying abroad, can check the huge collection of online Rakhi available on this gifting portal and send the same, along with beautiful gifts to their beloved brothers in India. Following is an indicative list of all the items that can be sent as Rakhi gifts to India from UK. Rakhis The design of the Rakhis have evolved over the years. Once you browse through the online gifting portal of GiftstoIndia24x7.com, you will be left awestruck at the beautiful collection of Rakhis available. There so many kinds of Rakhis to choose from – cute toy rakhis for kid brothers, precious zardosi rakhis for stylist brothers and lumbas for unmarried sisters as well for married sister-in-laws. Rakhi Hampers When it comes to gifts, sending a Rakhi Hamper is the best possible option. The hampers come in various packages and can be customized to suit your needs. The best thing about these hampers is that you can give your loved ones various gifts within a single packet. When it comes to hampers, the most popular choices are chocolate hampers and mithai hampers which are bound to brighten up their day. These hampers are best suited for large families as they can be easily shared among the family members. Rakhi Thali A Rakhi thali is one of the main requirements in any Rakhi celebration. It is part of the rituals and readymade thalis are easily available online for convenience. Modern Rakhi thalis are adorned with all the things that are a necessity in traditional Raksha Bandhan celebrations. A Rakhi Thali consists of a Rakhi, shagun nariyal, roli, tika, agarbatti and a diya. The sisters perform aarti before their brothers with this thali and tie the Rakhi thread on their wrists. This ritual is of immense importance because the thread and the knot signifies the bond shared by the siblings. The sisters then put kumkum powder on the forehead of their brother and offer them sweets. Chocolates Nothing can beat the age-old appeal of the chocolates. Everyone loves to receive a box full of mouth-watering chocolates from their siblings, irrespective of their age groups. Chocolates are universal symbols of happiness and there is hardly anyone who dislikes chocolates. Sisters residing abroad can send rakhi to India along with a boxful of mouthwatering chocolates from brands like Nestle, Ferrero Rocher, Geisha, Belgian Chocolates and more. Brothers on the other hand can send chocolates as return gifts to their sisters in India. Bhaiya Bhabhi Gifts Bhaiya Bhabhi Gifts are ideal gifts for brothers who have tied the knot and have started a new chapter in their lives. Their wives become very much part of the families and it is only fitting to include them in the celebrations of Raksha Bandhan. Sisters can choose to send dining vouchers from the five star restaurants like Oh! Calcutta, Sigree, Machaan, Taj or Mainland China to send as bhaiya bhabhi rakhi gifts to India. They can even choose to send a Rakhi gift hamper with dry fruits, chocolates and other treats that both of them can enjoy. Gifts for Kids Kid brothers and sisters are absolutely adorable and they deserve equally adorable gifts. You can send them soft toys, baby care hampers, soft pillows, chocolates, school accessories, slam books and more to make them feel elated and joyous. Gifts for Sisters Choosing a suitable gift for your dear sister can sometimes be hard and depending on your budget there is so much to choose from. You can choose to send ethnic apparels like sarees and salwars, chocolates, cosmetics, dry fruits or even personalized gifts to your dear sisters as Rakhi return gifts. A huge cuddly soft toy along with a box full of delectable chocolates will surely make your sister feel pampered. Gifts for Brothers Brothers love to feel on top of the world on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Along with a beautiful online Rakhi, you can send him gifts like a classy, elegant or funky wrist watch, a box of dry fruits, a dining voucher or a gift voucher for buying books to make him feel like a king. Your brothers will be easily overjoyed on receiving these gifts. Another way to make your brother feel special is by gifting them gadgets like an Apple iPod, smartphones from reputed brands, computer accessories or peripherals and gaming consoles. Personalized Gifts Personalized gifts will definitely make your siblings happy and elated because a lot of thought and effort go into making a good personalized gift. Personalized gifts that have images of the childhood memories of the siblings printed on them, will make your brother or sister feel nostalgic about all those happy memories that you have spent together as child and during high-school or college days. You can choose from personalized products like photo mugs, photo keychains, rock photos, photo frames and more to elate your brother or sister. These Rakhi gift ideas would definitely make your Rakhi 2018, a memorable affair to remember. The 24x7 online service offered by the online gifting portal will ensure prompt delivery of products and that too in perfect good condition. Send Rakhi, various gifts and return gifts along with lots of love and best wishes to your siblings in India from UK and usher in the festive mood of Raksha Bandhan.