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When was Rakhi in 2023?


Rakhi in 2023 was on 30th August, Wednesday.

When was Rakhi?

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated wide across the country, where all the brothers and their sisters are preparing to pamper each other on this auspicious day. Rakhis, as well as various kinds of gifts, are being lined up all around to meet the purpose of gifting. Raksha Bandhan usually is celebrated within the month of June-August, however, the date varies every year. With the world turning towards globalization, siblings have to move towards better progress in life. Willingly or unwillingly, even if individuals shift away from their families, they stay emotionally tied to their roots. There are sisters who have moved abroad for a purpose and due to proximal differences, they cannot join their brothers on this auspicious occasion. For them, we have bought the best gifting options for Rakhi, through which now every sister can convey her warmth and best wishes to her brother despite staying away from home. We have lined up exclusive rakhi gifts such as sweets, rakhi-thalis, apparel, electronic gadgets, and much more. These gifts have been specifically selected and hand-picked for you to send across to your brother, through us.

When was Rakhi in 2022?


Rakhi in 2022 was on 11th August, Thursday.

When was Rakhi?

The bond between siblings is unbreakable. Even if siblings stay away from each other, they try to spend the occasion of Raksha Bandhan together. They exchange gifts and express their love, affection, and respect for each other on momentous occasions. You could be away from your siblings but they stay in your heart forever. We work with the aim of spreading smiles across miles and making sure nothing comes in the way of celebrations. Keeping the spirit of Rakhi alive, we offer a wide repertoire of Rakhi threads that can be sent anywhere in India as a token of your love. To top it all, we also offer an astounding collection of Rakhi gifts that will make the occasion all the more memorable. Be it rakhi gifts for your brother or sister, we have all your needs covered. Our website also offers a wide variety of Rakhi thalis and hampers that will help you hold on to the Rakhi traditions and make the occasion memorable. Our collection has been carefully curated keeping all the popular gifting trends in mind.

When was Rakhi in 2021?


Rakhi in 2021 was on 22nd August, Sunday.


When was Rakhi?

The occasion of Raksha Bandhan is eagerly awaited by every sibling in India to celebrate their bond and shower love on each other. This occasion is celebrated in the Hindu month of Shravan which usually falls in August. There is great significance in Rakhi and the promise of protection. In the early days, rishis and gurus used to tie rakhi to their followers who came seeking their blessings. This sacred thread was tied by the rishis and gurus to protect their followers from all wrong and evil. Raksha Bandhan was celebrated on 22nd August 2021 in India. This festival is celebrated with lots of love and enthusiasm, as every sister buys the best rakhi for their brother to tie on their wrists with all her trust, and the aarti thali also has significance as when she does aarti of her brother all she wants is that Almighty gives long life to her brother and keep him happy. Likewise, every brother pledges to protect and respect his sister and pampers her with gifts as a token of love. This is a festival celebrating the sibling bond and making it stronger and more beautiful every passing year.

When was Rakhi in 2020?


Rakhi in 2020 was on the 3rd of August, Monday.

When was Rakhi?

Raksha Bandhan is a renowned festival that is celebrated all across the nation. This unique festival is celebrated without any discrimination in caste or religion. People from all spheres take an active interest and participation in the rituals. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the full moon day of the lunar month, Shravana or Sharvana Purnima. This festival also coincides with the Upa-Karma (a ritual for changing the sacred thread of the brahmins). Apart from being known as Raksha Bandhan, this auspicious festival is also known as Rakhi Purnima, Kajeri Purnima, and Nariyal Purnima, in the different states of India and is celebrated in a different manner. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated between siblings by means of tying a sacred thread, known as rakhi, on the wrist of the brother. This ritual involves praying with an “Aarti thali”, to wish for good health and fortune for the brother. This is why Raksha Bandhan also means the “Bond of Protection”. It is not just the sister who prays for the brother but like-wise a brother also swears to protect his sister from all complications. To make it even more exceptional, a brother presents something special to his sister, on this auspicious occasion.

When was Rakhi in 2019?


Rakhi in 2019 was on 15th August, Thursday.

When was Rakhi?

Raksha Bandhan is an Indian festival that commemorates the relationship and bond between a brother and sister. This special festival is celebrated with great pomp and show, followed by an exchange of special gifts. The celebrations of this auspicious occasion begin on the day when people offer their prayers wearing new clothes, followed by the ritual of tying Rakhi by the sister on their brother’s wrist. This ritual is mainly done by the sister to express her fondness for her loving brother wishing him success and fortune. The brother in return promises to protect his sister from all the hardships and turbulence, as well as gives her special gifts. Brothers mainly offer their sisters presents such as chocolates, jewelry sets, gift hampers, and much more. The holy ritual finally concludes with the exchange of sweets and chocolates. Raksha Bandhan celebrations mainly take place within the month of June-August, the month of Shravan. For the year 2019, this festival is supposed to be celebrated on the 15th of August, which is a Thursday. This auspicious festival mainly marks the gathering of the whole family to cherish the essence of this occasion with delicious food, music, dancing, and merry-making.

When was Rakhi in 2018?


Rakhi in 2018 was on 26th August, Sunday.

When was Rakhi?

A brother and sister’s relationship is full of emotions, and they share a cordial yet mischievous bond. Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious Indian festival where all the sisters tie colorful rakhis, on the wrists of their brothers, with the purpose of expressing love and affection towards their siblings. The ritual of Rakha Bandhan also involves applying vermillion by the sister, known as “tilak” on the forehead of her brother. This ritual is finally concluded by the offering of lip-smacking sweets to him. Rakhi is not just a festival that marks the dedication and love of a sister towards her brother, but in return, the brother also pledges to protect his little sister from all odds and hurdles. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in the holy month of Shravana and during the full moon or Purnima. There are several Hindu mythological legends that are linked with the origin of Raksha Bandhan.

When was Rakhi in 2017?


Rakhi in 2017 was on the 7th of August, Monday.


When was Rakhi?

Rakhi - a mere mention of this word is enough to evoke the loving memories of our siblings in our minds. It is basically a name given to a Hindu festival celebrated to glorify the bond of unadulterated love, care, and affection between a brother and a sister. All throughout India, the day is celebrated with full gung-ho. Fun, frolic, and feasting mark this day in every Indian household. The widespread nature of the Indian diaspora has also accounted for the celebration of this festival outside the geographical limits of the nation. Hindus, all over the world, intend to take active participation in celebrating this auspicious day. While talking about Rakhi, the first question that appears in our mind is, "when actually the day is?" It will be on this day when sisters will tie Rakhis to their brothers and will pray to the Almighty for their well-being.

When was Rakhi in 2016?


Rakhi in 2016 was on the 18th of August, Thursday.


When was Rakhi?

Raksha Bandhan is a very auspicious festival celebrated in India that is spreading all over the globe very fast. Though originally a Hindu festival, it is now celebrated by everyone irrespective of their religion and nationality. This is an important day for all brothers and sisters and they observe this day very ardently with a lot of joy and goodwill. It is an annual festival with all brothers and sisters spending a lot of time thinking about how they make this day special for their dear siblings. As this year is drawing to an end, everyone is starting their plan for how they will celebrate the new set of festivals that are coming their way. In this context, you might be already starting to wonder when is Rakhi so that you can start your preparations for it. The celebrations revolving around Rakhi Purnima begin several days in advance with sisters getting busy choosing an apt Rakhi for their brothers. On the day of this grand festival, brothers and sisters meet for the ceremonies to be carried out at a predetermined time. The sister at first performs an aarti of her brother with a lighted diya which signifies the God of fire. Then she ties the holy Rakhi thread on her brother’s wrist with a lot of devotion and well wishes. After this, she goes on to say a traditional and well-versed prayer for his good fortune and prosperity. The brother then vows to protect her from any peril that might befall her throughout her life. For this reason, this festival is called ‘Raksha Bandhan’ or the bond of protection.

When was Rakhi in 2014?


Rakhi in 2014 was on 10th August, Sunday.

When was Rakhi?

The bonding of the siblings is regarded as the strongest companionship. The brother-sister relationship involves affection, concern, and attachment. Their devoted lifelong support is a priceless possession. We celebrate together in each other’s success or festivity. Raksha Bandhan is the pious occasion when the whole world celebrates this adorable relationship. Observed on the full moon day of the month of Shravana, on this day sisters tie a sacred rakhi on their brother’s wrist. It symbolizes the sister’s love who wishes for the well-being and prosperity of her brother. The brother also promises to protect his sister from all the uncertainties of life. One of the most esteemed festivals of India, Raksha Bandhan is widely observed by Hindus, Jain, and the Sikh community. This traditional ceremony has its origin in the Vedic ages. It was regarded as the quintessential custom to build and strengthen social bonds. The royal families of the medieval ages exchanged these sacred threads with each other as a symbol to continue harmonious relations. In the due course of time, Raksha Bandhan has evolved as the festival of the people transcending all physical boundaries. From the usual brother-sister fanfare, it has now emerged as the celebration of togetherness. From the warmth shared by the siblings, Rakhi now propagates the feeling of unity and commitment to peaceful coexistence. Raksha Bandhan is the occasion that inspires us to develop moral, cultural, and spiritual values. Within the customary emotions between siblings, it develops an inseparable bond based on trust and mutual belief. Celebrate this pious occasion with a lot of ebullience and vivacity to make it a cherishable affair in the years to come. 


When was Rakhi in 2013?


Rakhi in 2013 was on the 21st of August, Wednesday.


When was Rakhi?

Rakhsh Bandhan is a well-known festival in India. The festival is also known as Rakhi and Rakhi Purnima in various parts of India. On the day of the festival, the sister prepares a Rakhi thali which includes a diya, roli, chawal (rice), and some sweets. With the thali, she performs the ‘aarti’ of her brother and puts tilak and chawal on her brother's forehead, and ties the sacred Rakhi thread on his wrist. In return, the brother blesses them and promises to protect her from all hazards of life. Every year this festival is celebrated in the Hindu month of Shravana. The festival is made remarkable with feasting, merrymaking, and exchanging gifts. At any festival, whether it is Holi or Rakhi, people exchange gifts to convey warm wishes and happiness. Moreover, as the festival approaches the shops get filled with a variety of Rakhi gifts. This further reminds you of sending gifts on Rakhi. Nowadays, people hardly get time to visit shops and search for the perfect gift for their dear ones. In such a case they can send rakhi to India on Rakhi through the online store.

When was Rakhi in 2012?


Rakhi in 2012 was on 2nd August, Thursday.


When was Rakhi?

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi as it is popularly known is a very auspicious festival. Rakhi is celebrated with pomp and gaiety by Hindus in different parts of India. Meaning a bond of protection, it celebrates the chaste bond of love between a brother and a sister. This ritual not only strengthens the bond of love between siblings but also transcends the confines of the family. When a Rakhi is tied on the wrists of close friends and neighbors, it underscores the need for a harmonious social life, where every individual co-exists peacefully as brothers and sisters. This is a very special day for brothers as they pamper their sisters with loads of stunning gifts. This is possible only when you are well concerned about when is Rakhi. Rakhi 2012 has fallen on the 2nd day of August.

When was Rakhi in 2010?


Rakhi in 2010 was on 24th August, Tuesday.

When was Rakhi?

On this day when sisters will tie Rakhis to their brothers and will pray to the Almighty for their well-being. Tying of this sacrosanct protection thread is not limited to brothers only. Girls also tie Rakhi threads to their sisters-in-law, commonly known as Lumbas. What makes the day more exciting is the exchange of Rakhi gifts. Even, people who reside away far from friends and family, wish to send Rakhi gifts to India. To facilitate the desires of these offshore candidates in sending Rakhi to India many online gifting portals have been ushered into service. Now, no matter in which corner of the world you are dwelling, with just a few clicks of the mouse you can send the most cherished Rakhi gifts to India to your beloved sibling. Overriding the limits of space and time, these online gifting companies have truly made our lives easier. With our dedicated service, send an excellent collection of Rakhi to India for your dear sibling right on the very date of August 24, 2010. With our vivid and varied range of Rakhi Gifts, you will surely find a gift that will impress your sibling in India the most. Here you will find Chocolate Thalis which can be an excellent option be a Rakhi gift to India. Chocolates, as we know, for ages have enticed human hearts and are, therefore, sure to impress your sibling the most. Next in the collection, there are some unique Personalized Rakhi Gifts, which can serve as a memento to your sibling, who is bereft of a touch of your love, care, and affection. If your sibling shares a spiritual bent of mind, impress him or her with a gift from our offering of Spiritual Gifts. We also showcase some excellent Rakhi Greeting Cards, imprinted with all your unexpressed emotions, that will touch the heart of your dearest sibling in India.

When was Rakhi in 2009?


Rakhi in 2009 was on 5th August, Wednesday.


When was Rakhi?

Rakhi is one such Indian occasion that celebrates the unconditional love between a brother and a sister. This year Rakhi day is drawing near and brothers and sisters all over India and around the world are eagerly waiting for the auspicious day. Every year Shravan Purnima better known as Rakhi Purnima is celebrated as Rakhi Day. Rakhi in India is a national festival, but owing to different legends and their significance prevalent in different parts, the manner of celebration varies in different regions of India. Rakhi in India is celebrated primarily in the North and North West states, but its festive throbs are resonated in other parts of India as well.

When was Rakhi in 2008?


Rakhi in 2008 was on 16th August, Saturday.

When was Rakhi?

The essence of Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan traces back to the mythological past. According to one mythological allusion, Rakhi was intended to be worshipped with respect to the sea-god Varuna. Hence, the offering of coconut to Varuna, ceremonial bathing, and fairs at waterfronts accompany this festival. There are also myths that describe the ritual as observed by Indrani and Yamuna for their respective brothers Indra and Yama. Once, Lord Indra stood almost vanquished in a long-drawn battle against the demons. Full of remorse, he sought the advice of Guru Brihaspati, who suggested his sortie on the auspicious day of Shravan Purnima (the full moon day of the month of Shravan). On that day, Indra's wife and Brihaspati tied a sacred thread on their wrist of Indra to protect him from demons. Thus, Raksha Bandhan symbolizes protection from good against evil forces. Even in the great epic Mahabharata, we find Krishna advising Yudhishtthir to tie the puissant Rakhi to guard himself against impending evils.

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