Flowers are meant to create a warm and charming effect if gifted to someone. It always holds a special place and one can never go wrong with gifting flowers. Exotic flowers like tulips, hyacinths, and lilies are often a great choice when it comes to gifting them to your loved ones/. If you are away from them, you can consider gifting it to your dear ones. There are certain flower arrangements that are discussed in this article so read to know more in detail.

Flowers have the magical powers to lighten up anyone’s mood at any event. The fresh and bright appeal of flowers usually leaves a positive impact on anyone’s mind. Flowers speak thousands of words. For example, if you want to congratulate your dear one you can send him/her a lovely rose bouquet. A beautiful flower arrangement will definitely delight anyone, irrespective of age.

Even if you don’t have time to select gifts for your dear one on any occasion, you can opt for a lovely flower arrangement as a gift. They will be pleased to receive an exotic flower arrangement as a gift. Thus, for any upcoming occasions if you want to send something simple, yet beautiful to your dear ones in India then flowers will be the perfect choice. The exotic flowers come in various arrangements so go through the article to know more.

1. Tulip

Top 10 Exotic Flowers To Gift to India

Tulips are one of the brightest springtime flowers that brighten up the day and carry a beautiful meaning. The Tulip flowers symbolize endurance, perfect love, prosperity, abundance, and royalty. You can gift them to your loved ones in the form of bunches, bouquets, and in-basket arrangements. There are various colors available and each holds a different significance. If you are looking to send something different and exotic, you can go for a bunch of tulips wrapped in paper like a bouquet as it might turn out to be a great gifting idea on any occasion.

2. Orchids

Top 10 Exotic Flowers To Gift to India

Orchids carry a royal vibe and these are generally available in colors like white, purple, pink, yellow, and others. Orchids have their own charm and they resemble thoughtfulness and beauty. Gifting an orchid bouquet or some fresh orchids can surely lighten up someone’s day. These are considered to be exquisite flowers and it is definitely a unique gifting idea. Check out the exotic flower arrangement on our website and gift these blooms in real time.

3. Hyacinth

Top 10 Exotic Flowers To Gift to India

Hyacinth is one of the most exotic flowers that often grows from its bulb and has four to five spikes and it has a soulful fragrance. Hyacinth blossoms are available in red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, and white colors. This can be a nice surprise for your loved ones as it is often associated with passionate love and devotion.

4. Plumeria

Top 10 Exotic Flowers To Gift to India

Plumeria is commonly known as Frangipani, with a sweet perfume and a sweeter appearance. It has a long bloom life (in a warm climate), and you can enjoy the plumeria’s loveliness for months. In India, these flowers are generally used in incense sticks, and in Srilanka, it is also used to worship Gods. This flower symbolizes beauty, love, and grace. This flower is available in colors like white, pink, and others.

5. Lilac

Top 10 Exotic Flowers To Gift to India

Lilacs are known to symbolize renewal and innocence. The bright hues of the flowers remind you of the spring and it blooms beautifully. The soothing fragrance of the flowers relieves stress. These are strongly associated with feminine traits like caring and nurturing abilities. These flowers in available in white and purple colors. Purple lilacs symbolize the first emotions of love and the white lilacs represent youthful innocence. So gifting lilacs in a vase or a bouquet can be a good and wise gift idea for any occasion.

6. Birds of Paradise

Top 10 Exotic Flowers To Gift to India

As the name suggests, it’s a flower in the shape of a bird. It is undoubtedly a unique bloom that signifies magnificence, royalty, and success. These flowers are generally famous for their bright orange and blue colors, although it is also available in white colors. To wish someone success and good fortune, you can send these blooms to your loved ones. You can check a stunning arrangement available on our website and send it to India.

7. Lily

Top 10 Exotic Flowers To Gift to India

Lilies are known to be associated with love, devotion, and purity. These flowers are available in white and pink colors. You can find some amazing flower arrangements available on our website. Bright fresh lilies are always a favorite among many and it has its own charm. When it comes to surprising your loved ones, we always want the best for them so one can never go wrong with a bunch of lilies. The bell-shaped buds of the flowers are not only unique but also one of the exquisite blooms that can stand out as a gift.

8. Daisies

“Daisies are like sunshine to the ground.” -Drew Barrymore
Top 10 Exotic Flowers To Gift to India

Daisies symbolize new beginnings, innocence, and chastity. Fresh white and yellow daisies are the best way to make your loved ones feel special. A bunch of daisies can brighten up moods and even if it’s easily available, you can still consider it to be an exotic flower. It has a calming appeal that can be a nice gift on any occasion for your close ones.

9. Anthuriums

Top 10 Exotic Flowers To Gift to India

If you are looking for unique blooms, you can never go wrong with Anthuriums. It is definitely one of the most unique-looking blooms that exist because of its unique heart-shaped leaves. These blooms have been known to bring luck in relationships. These flowers are quite adaptive in both cool and warm weather conditions. So it can be a good idea to send these unique blooms that can nurture any relationship with your dear ones.

10. Amaryllis

Top 10 Exotic Flowers To Gift to India

Last but not least, Amaryllis signifies pride, beauty, and attention. These exotic flowers are the perfect gift to someone you find beautiful inside out. If you are away from them and looking to send exotic flowers to India, a bunch of Amaryllis can be a good choice. Amaryllis makes a perfect holiday gift and it is a wonderful gift for someone you admire or love deeply. These unique fresh blooms have a subtle fragrance that creates a perfect ambiance. They come in various colors like white, pink, orange, rose, and others.

If you are bored with the regular daily flowers, go for these above-mentioned exotic flower arrangements. Check our website for some of the exotic flowers that you can send to India as gifts.

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