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The much-awaited festival of Raksha Bandhan is here and every brother and sister is trying their best to find the perfect gift for their siblings. It is like a challenge that all the siblings love and appreciate to invest in. Every year the trends change and gifting becomes a notch difficult. Hence, to aid you with the emerging trends of Rakhi and Rakhi gifts we are here with an elaborate list of gifting trends that can help you get a wonderful gift for your beloved sibling. To know the options in detail keep reading the article for more. 

In an era when most families are nuclear and marriages are no longer traditional. The only bond that persists is between a brother and a sister even though the traditions of these festivals have also evolved. Due to technology and migration, the rites may have transformed, but the occasion's essence remains just as in ancient times. Raksha Bandhan is near at hand and this is one of the festivities that is celebrated almost everywhere. The brothers and sisters are very excited about this day and they tend to plan ahead and sometimes try to do something unique when it comes to surprising their siblings. As the gifting trends are ever-changing it takes time to catch up and sometimes it becomes confusing to decipher what is trending. 

With the limitations you have and the distance, it may seem almost impossible to give your siblings. Do not forget to maintain the gifting trends to send the perfect gift that your siblings will appreciate. These all may make you dizzy but don’t worry we are here to help you with all the dilemmas that you may have. We have curated the most trending and unique gift for your brother, sister, or siblings. This list is based on the trends of the year 2024. With this extensive list of gifts, you will certainly find the perfect gift that matches your beloved siblings.

1. Chocolates

Chocolates have an amiable and luxurious air to them. Loved universally this has always been the most loving gift that one can receive. The best part is that it is appreciated by the receiver as well, that is what is wanted. Hence, you can understand why chocolates are still on the list of trending gifts because they will be loved constantly over time. So, to brighten your beloved siblings' faces with a beaming smile, select chocolates as your Raksha Bandhan gifts. Chocolates are the age-old harbingers of luxury, palatable, and exquisite gifting. Hence, don’t shy away from gifting chocolates thinking they might not be appreciated. None can resist chocolates. Let us give you a simple tour of distinct possibilities for sending sinfully delicious chocolates.

a. Dark Chocolate Hamper

Just as the name suggests a chocolate hamper filled with all sorts of Dark chocolate, that can tickle the taste buds of your siblings, this is the best hamper as a gift for those who like to savor chocolates with a hot beverage to reduce some stress. Or, munch on it whenever they want to melt in luxury and comfort. It is not suitable for kids, because of its bitter cocoa taste.

b. Assorted Chocolate Hamper

As dark chocolates are not fit for kids, Milk chocolate and white chocolate come to the rescue. You can send some savor some and scrumptious milk and white chocolates to your loved ones. But this hamper is effective as you can also add dark chocolate along with the other and send this assorted chocolate hamper to your siblings to treat them on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

c. Premium Chocolate Hamper

An exquisite collection of chocolates with an amalgamation of all types can be a great choice. If you are looking for refined chocolates that would leave a long-lasting impression then a premium chocolate hamper is the best option. Crafted and curated with the best and elite chocolates it can be the best gift for your loved siblings.

d. Vegan Chocolate Hamper

Exquisitely crafted with plant-based ingredients these gluten-free chocolates are the best gift for your vegan siblings. It will help reduce stress, and unwind as well as treat them with delicious leisure. Thus, chocolate also comes in a vegan-friendly way to spread the delicious splendor of this Raksha Bandhan.

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2. All-in-one Hampers

Why scuffle for something when you can get it curated in a box? We know how strenuous it is to find a gift that has every delicacy in one. Hence, with this knowledge, the all-in-one hamper was curated with the effort to include almost everything together. The all-in-one hamper has it all, just as the name suggests. A complete package for Raksha Bandhan it will have everything that can delight your sibling and ease your search for a gift hamper. All you need to do is select one hamper and send it. As we know well it can be sent to your brother as well as your sister. We have included Rakhi in it justifying the name all in one hamper. Hence, save your time and create more surprises for your siblings with the gift of an all-in-one hamper. Let us tell you what combinations of all-in-one hampers are available.

a. Rakhi and Sweets

Rakhi can only be completed with sweets! So, here is one combination of all-in-one gifts that will have traditional sweets along with a beautiful Rakhi for your brother. A complete package, as the Rakhi comes with roli and chawal, and your sweet gift will complete the essentials for Rakhi.

b. Rakhi and Savory

If you want to send every possible delight and savory to your brother this Raksha Bandhan then this elaborate hamper with every possible delicacy starting from chocolate, dry fruits, and sweets along with the primary essential Rakhi will be the star of your brother’s eye. Just send this hamper and rest assured that it will treat your brother with delicious delicacies.

c. Rakhi and Chocolate

If you wish to send a savory treat to your sibling and excite them then a combination of chocolates and Rakhi has been the ancient heart ruler. A hamper filled with all possible types of chocolate from dark, milk, and white and not to forget if your sibling is vegan then vegan-friendly chocolates will surely delight them. This is the best if you are looking for a hamper for your little buddy.

d. Rakhi and Dry Fruits

A healthy alternative doesn’t have to be boring. The all-in-one hamper of dry fruits and rakhi is the sole witness of this phrase. As filled with various scrumptious dry fruits and nuts along with a wonderful Rakhi is what can surprise your dear brother. If he’s health conscious then give him the gift of health and happiness with this hamper.

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3. Sweets

Sweet moments and sweet traditions start with sweets! The best gift of all time, and the most important to start any tradition. As Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious symbolic festival that celebrates love, affection, and protection it is well welcomed with sweets. Not only that, the complete ritual of Rakhi ends with the sister offering sweets to her brother. Hence, the ritual ends on a sweet note; the festival is incomplete without sweets. Hence, sending sweets is the best and trending gift you can send. There are plenty of varieties when it comes to sweets, traditional and now experimental fusions are also a scrumptious delight. The combination of so many things with sweets just brings out the best of sweets. Thus, sending a mouthwatering delight that is also a trending gift-serving tradition is the best thing to opt for.

a. Traditional Sweets Hamper

When you are thinking of sending sweets then why not send a traditional sweets hamper? A traditional sweet hamper will have all the amazing and traditional sweets from Gujia, Rosogolla, Gulab Jamun, Sandesh, Laddoo, Peda, Mawa Phool Barfi, and so on. Either send a hamper that concentrates on one sweet or send a hamper mixed with all traditional delicacies.

b. Fusion Sweets Hamper

Another option that shows the sweet trend is the fusion sweet hampers. The fusion of sweets with chocolates and many other things can light up your siblings' faces. Macaroon mithai, Chocolate Sandesh, Turkish almond roll, Chocolate Ladoo, and more. These will truly delight your siblings to the core.

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4. Dry Fruits

Dry fruits offer a crisp taste sensation and they can be preserved over a long period. They are a very good source of enzymes, minerals, and vitamins and are easy on the digestive system. Fresh dry fruits are an essential part of the diet because apart from being tasty they also have medicinal properties. Different dry fruits have different utilities. Raisins are dried grapes. Cashew nuts are also of much help to the body. They supply protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals to the body. Almonds are rich in vitamins and minerals and are needed for the good functioning of the heart, nerves, liver, and bones. Dates are a source of natural sugar in the form of fructose and glucose. Kaju is always delicious to have and is rich in nutritional value and there are so many more options in dry fruits. With several gifting websites in the fray, sending dry fruits to India as Rakhi has become a hassle-free process. The best part is that it falls under the list of trending gifts because of their wonderful taste and health benefits. So, if you want to add a distinct flavor to the festivities, send dry fruits as gifts.

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5. Personalized Gifts

Personalized rakhi gifts are very popular at present, as this one can add a personal touch. Hence, if you are searching for a gift for your brother that is personal and also something that your sibling can treasure for many years to come then personalized gifts will be the best choice. We bring you a wide collection of such items that you can gift your sibling on Rakhi.

a. Photo Rocks

A great choice is a photo rock that your loved ones can decorate in their homes. It will portray the love and the struggles that have enhanced the relationship. This can be personalized with an image or a message.

b. Coffee Mugs

You can even add personalized mugs based on their Zodiac sign that they will love to use however they want to make it a coffee mug, a tea mug or maybe a pen stand or a desk plant pot it will be up to them to choose what they want to do with it.

c. Cushions

Cushions can be a great gift to send and when it's personalized with images and messages, it becomes the center of attraction.

d. Photo Frames

Pictures tell a story and every moment is unique. Thus, a personalized photo frame has many designs with which you can encase the image and make the memory everlasting by brightening the dull walls.

e. Postcards

Postcards are another great way of expressing love and care through words. One can personalize a postcard with an image on the front and a heart-touching message on the back.

f. Clock

Another great thing to personalize is a clock be it a wall clock or a desk clock as you can easily personalize it with images and messages. It will be a constant reminder of your admiration and love.

g. Calendar

With the change of seasons and months relive the moments with your siblings with a personalized calendar. You can add images and make it the best way to reminisce memories.

h. Wooden Plaques

Personalized wooden plaques are also a great personalized gift as you can add a warm message they can keep on their desk or decorate their walls or frames.

i. Greetings Cards

If you wish to bring some nostalgic memories, you can even personalize a Raksha Bandhan greeting card. Add a lovely message or image, making it the best addition to your gift.

i. Keychain

For the ones who keep losing their keys everywhere, you can make the keychain so important that they won’t forget where they kept it. A loving memory encased on the keychain will keep them focused.

j. Teddy Bears

Soft toys have been the constant source and symbol of comfort. You can personalize it to make a unique gift. This will express your love for your brother in the cutest way.

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6. Gift Hampers for Men

Gifts should be centered around the person their preferences likes and dislikes. But when it comes to selecting a gift for our brothers we often feel ourselves stuck at a point as there are fewer options when it comes to them. It is important to understand their likes and dislikes even before you get them something. This will help you understand the things they need even if you are sending trending gifts. There has been a craze for self-care, grooming and so much more. Those will be great gifts only if you know what they like. But don’t worry we have gifts that will warm their hearts right away and save you some time too. These gifts are mostly based on basic needs and essentials that they need in their daily life. Hence, gifts will serve the purpose well.

a. Men’s Essential Hamper

The best thing to give your brother has to be something that they will flaunt to everyone at the same time. Gift your brother the daily essentials: a wallet, keychain, and a card holder! You won’t even believe how happy he can be until you hear him screeching with happiness. Just to add a hint of encouragement to travel the world and explore, add a passport cover too. We are certain he will love the gift and why not invest their time and money into things that they can use? Hence, the perfect gift for your brother who may be a working professional or a college student. They will be able to use the gift every waking and working hour of their life.

b. Grooming Hampers

If you are searching for a gift for your brother at the festival of Raksha Bandhan, then opting for men’s personal care products will not be a bad choice. From shaving brush, cream, and aftershave to deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, etc, you can add everything to this hamper. We don’t have to even mention how it will be beneficial for your sister and how much she will like it. Thus, send Rakhi to India along with these gifts to your brother back home. Or, send a pamper self-care hamper to your beloved sister. Hence, depending on your choice and your siblings' preferences you can send this grooming hamper on the festival of Rakhi in India and surprise them with this indulgent gift.

c. Beverage Hamper

When one is looking for a gift that fits the budget but savors the tongue as well, then a beverage hamper is the best. It will also fit your budget and treat your loved ones with some refreshments in their leisure time. A beverage hamper can have your sibling's favorite beverage tea or coffee along with some snacks to go well with the delightful beverage. It can be cookies, cakes, wafers, and so much more you can add snacks based on your budget and make the hamper delightful. The hamper can also be centered around just the beverages with distinct flavors of coffee or distinct tea leaves that will leave your siblings refreshed after a long and tiring day.  Add a Rakhi as you are sending this to your brother. Hence, a wonderful hamper that’s refreshing too!

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7. Spiritual Gifts

If you are wondering, are spiritual gifts trending? Well, for those who are more inclined to search for divinity, it is. If your loved ones are into Yoga or have walked into the path to find spirituality on their own then this is a gift that will satiate their thirst for divinity. Spiritual Hampers are one of the most unique Rakhi gifts that you send to your sibling on Rakhi. You can send holy idols of Ram Darbar, Lord Ganesha, Saraswati, Bajrangbali, Bal Gopal, and many more to name a few. Your sibling will be overwhelmed to receive these holy idols as Rakhi gifts. Shagun coins as gifts will no doubt bring prosperity and happiness to your sibling's life. Your Rakhi and Rakhi gift to India will convey your message wrapped in your precious emotions and love.

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8. Gourmet Hamper

A celebration without a feast is incomplete. So, does your little sister or brother have a sweet tooth? If yes then this is a well-curated hamper for them. A hamper of their favorite chocolates can take them to the seventh heaven. Chocolates are the most classic gifts given to loved ones. Chocolates will always be one of the things that your siblings crave from you so gifting them a good chocolate hamper can be a good gift. If you want to add something more with this and if you think this will do then yes it will be enough. Add snacks and beverages to balance the flavors. A treat to your dear siblings can be this trending gourmet hamper. If you want you can send gifts to India from our website and to know more you can go through the article on how to send rakhi to India from the USA.

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9. Perfume

Exotic perfumes give a final touch to one’s appearance. They not only help you to smell good all day but also portray a very positive effect on the people all around you. From a wide collection of perfumes from top-notch brands like Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Versace, Burberry, and so on you can select a fragrance that they would appreciate and send it as a Rakhi gift. This will be the most perfect gift to add to their collection of perfumes. If they don’t have one then it can be the first to create a complete collection. Perfumes are trendy and thoughtful gifts to express how much you know about them and their preferences. This displays and conveys your love and admiration for them. Nobody ever has been able to resist this luxurious gift so sending this as a Rakhi gift can be the gift that keeps on giving!

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10. Gadgets

This Raksha Bandhan sends Rakhi gifts to India to your siblings, a smartwatch that is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones or any gadgets that make their life and work easier. The trend for 2024 is to send gifts that will make your sibling's life easy. Look for good features and better compatibility in the smartwatch. The basic features of a smartwatch are ‎a Heart Rate Monitor, Sleep & Step Tracking, Multi-Sport Modes, Smart Notifications, and of course show time.  Wireless headsets are the trend nowadays. This will be trendy as well as a gift of great utility. Along with that one of the truest assets your sibling can have will be a tablet. Tablets are lightweight and smaller in size which makes them easy to carry without any hassle. Hence with all these amazing gadgets and their cutting-edge features, your sibling will go crazy with happiness and that is what you want exactly.

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11. Apparels

Another trending and thoughtful gift is apparel! Gifting your dear siblings new clothes will mean spreading joy to the festival and making them feel special. Especially if you have been looking for a gift for your little one. For the little ones, the sight of new clothes means celebration. You can check a multitude of apparel to send as Rakhi gifts to India as it is a trend as well as a great gift. You can consider sending an ethnic attire of a kurta pajama for your sibling to dress up traditionally. Or you can just send in something casual if that’s more of their style. You can also send a formal shirt as the perfect gift. Along with shirts, you can also consider giving trousers. Formal wear is not complete without appropriate ties so add ties as well if you are going to send formal. Or else send a nice, comfy T-shirt along with jeans for a casual and chic look.

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12. Accessories

Nowadays the term accessories includes a lot of items in its sphere and it is thus evolving and trending with its new collection. Fancy Ladies Bag is an essential accessory for women. Whenever she goes out she can carry all the important documents, make-up items, or other necessities inside the bag. It is also a style statement now. One can find exclusive ladies' bags that are durable, spacious, and trendy at the same time. Then there are watches, sunglasses, bracelets, fashion and light jewelry, and so on. Then a set of neckties, matching cufflinks, and pocket squares can be just the thing your brother needs but doesn’t realize it. There are endless options to choose from and many reasons to gift your beloved siblings accessories as Rakhi gifts to your beloved sibling. The trends have brought back men wearing pieces of jewelry too. A perfect wardrobe is a man’s asset which enhances his personality and style. From pendants, rings, bracelets, and many more one might consider men’s boxes the ideal gift. So, don’t hesitate to send this timeless gift to your loved ones and thrill them.

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13. Gift Cards

Sending a gift is an experience in itself, but the trend nowadays is to send a gift with a wonderful experience. In this case, the trending Gift cards allow the sender to send gifts to their near and dear ones experiences like dining, shopping, and much more. But it also gives the recipient the liberty to choose the type of experience they want for themselves in the selected category. The best idea for gifting a sibling is to present Gift Vouchers to them. In the case of other gifts, they may already have it or do not need it. So gift vouchers allow them to shop for whatever they like or need. They are from the best brands. One can avail gift vouchers for apparel, jewelry, watches, etc., and gift it to their siblings. A brother can have a wonderful subscription to any OTT platform or anything he likes. Thus, a trendy and useful gift for your dear siblings.

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14. Eco-Friendly Gifts

The concern for the planet has taken some amazing steps and led to the trend of Eco-friendly gifts. This way you can express your warm wishes and concerns for your siblings and the planet. There are plenty of gifts from wooden crockeries, hair combs, chopping boards, bottles, body care tools, and so on. The best part has to be the eco-friendly Rakhi that your brother will love to have. Why? As it is plantable, if your brother suffers from the dilemma of what to do with the Rakhi once it’s over, this will be the answer. Your brother will be able to plant the Rakhi, which will be a wonderful symbol of your growing affection for each other. It will take care of the environment as well as your brother. These sustainable gifts are also a great alternative to silicones and plastic products that hoard and spread germs and bacteria. Thus, sustainable gifts are the best-trending gifts to send to your beloved sibling on the day of Raksha Bandhan.

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15. Hobby Hampers

It has always been you who has encouraged your siblings to do what they like. Or if you are the one to drive them to do things that might excite them. Then this trending gift is for you. As the mighty race for being the best prevails and competition rises there’s not much room for creativity to soar. With this thought the trend to send gifts that concern the hobbies has made its way. Hence, we have curated hampers that support this notion. You can send any hobby hamper to your dear sibling and rest assured that they will love it. As the hampers are curated to include everything from the basic to the advanced. They will have everything they need to follow the hobby without any problems. Thus, hobby hampers present one with relief and allow indulging and unwinding from the hectic ways of life.

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16. Home Decor Gifts

If your sibling has relocated to a new place or set up a new abode, home decor items would be the perfect gift for him. With the home decor items that you can send your sibling on this occasion, your siblings will be able to indulge in the festivities. This gift is one of the most productive as well as trendy ones. A unique candle stand is bound to delight your siblings on the occasion of Rakhi. It will light up a lonely corner or a bedside table and will give a calming effect in the house. Home decor gifts like a flower vase can be a suitable gifting option too. Then there are reed diffusers, showpieces, carpets, photo frames, and so on. One of the most trending ones is the dream catcher. A dream catcher has become a statement decoration in a house that adds up to the whole aesthetics. Your sister can use it to decorate your room with a boho touch. You can consider it as a gift option for your sister if she loves to decorate her room or bring in subtle changes to embellish the space. You can make Rakhi special for your sibling by adding a pretty dream catcher in their abode.

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17. Cosmetics

Cosmetics of numerous internationally renowned brands are one of the trending gifts that your sister will not be able to resist. Starting from make-up kits to hair care products, skincare products, and many more are great additions to the cosmetic hamper. If your sister prefers cosmetics from a particular brand then you can go for the respective brand. For example, if L‘Oreal is your sister’s favorite brand, then you can choose products from that brand to create a loving experience with your gift. Beauty products are always appreciated by sisters. If you send the same on rakhi, your sister will certainly be enthralled. Makeup has a series of bits and pieces that when put together create the complete experience and complete a look. The best way to gift makeup is to curate a makeup hamper as hampers give you the liberty to add and create a loving experience. It has become a way to encourage one to express oneself with makeup. So, whether your sister is on the way to becoming her stylist or a renowned makeup artist, sending a gift of cosmetics will always be appreciated.

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18. Kitchenware

Kitchenware is something that is the most important in any household. There are a lot of options when it comes to gifting kitchenware as a gift to anyone. You get the option to choose from a wide range of beautiful crockeries. You can select something they will like or maybe something that will be completely new to them. If you want to surprise them, gifting them kitchenware like crockeries, dinner sets, and tea sets is a very good option. Crockeries come in various sizes, shapes, and styles. Some crockeries have traditional designs on them and some have beautiful floral patterns. Select something that will amaze your sibling and flatter the dinner table. There are plenty of electronics as well like blenders, grinders, air fryers, toasters, and so much more that can help your beloved siblings. As it will ease their work in the kitchen you will know why it is one of the most trending gifts in the list of 2024.

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19. Traditional Rakhi Gifts

Another trend is to revive and keep in touch with the roots. Hence, the trend of sending traditional Rakhi gifts has emerged in the year 2024. You can send an elaborate puja thali with incense sticks, diya, incense holder, cone incense holder, and much more to add to their puja space. There are many things that you can send as traditional Rakhi gifts. It can include a Rakhi with all the quintessential rituals and sweets. As any tradition starts on a sweet note, the festival of Raksha Bandhan needs sweets to complete the occasion. Thus, sending sweets in a hamper that has a rakhi, puja thali, incense sticks, diya, incense holder and much more will exuberant the traditional vibes. We are certain your beloved sibling will love the traditional Rakhi gift more than anything. Especially if it reminds them of the past Raksha Bandhan celebrations.

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20. Silver Gifts

Sending precious metals like silver as gifts is also a very auspicious and trending gift for 2024. As it becomes one of the timeless possessions that your sibling is going to have and cherish forever. Hence, you can send any silver gifts to your loved ones. Coins made from silver will surely convey your heartiest feelings to your dear sibling. To make the festival of Rakhi extremely special and memorable for your sibling in India, send idols of Gods and goddesses carved from silver. You can even send them silver jewelry, one of the most appropriate gifts if they love wearing jewelry. Your sibling in India will be surely delighted to receive such wonderful silver gifts on this auspicious occasion. So, send silverware, shagun coins, jewelry, or much more of this precious metal and make your beloved siblings feel special.

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21. Budget Friendly Gifts

Certainly, some people love to plan everything even before they jump to conclusions. Hence, for those who love to plan and follow a budget, we also have sorted out these budget-friendly gift ideas that will be more like a pinch to the pocket but a wave of warmth to the receiver’s heart.

a. Greeting Cards

Bring in some nostalgia with your gift. How about sending a greeting card with wonderful and warm wishes? You can send beautifully printed cards with messages like “Best Wishes to My Brother”, “Warm Wishes on Rakhi”, “Wonderful Rakhi Greetings”, and so on. Select cards with beautiful prints and warm Rakhi messages. Your brother will be impressed to receive these greeting cards along with Rakhi to India. It will remind him of the times you would make some greeting cards for him all by yourself to surprise him. A heartwarming and budget-friendly gift indeed with loads of love to shower on your sibling.

b. Plants

Have you ever heard of succulents? Succulents are low-maintenance plants that are best for indoors. They are very budget-friendly too, you can select a succulent from Snake Plant, Adenium, Agave, Moon Cactus, Hoya, etc., and in a ceramic pot and send it to your siblings as gifts. A budget-friendly and eco-friendly trending gift is on its way! It will keep the air fresh and reduce stress as well, a wonderful gift indeed.

c. Cakes and Flowers

Cakes are a symbol of celebration; they are no longer limited to birthdays. Hence, are one of the most trending gifts for any celebration. It is a treat to the taste buds and is an appropriate gift for Rakhi. There are diverse varieties of cakes available on our website. Some of the exotic varieties of cake are truffle, black forest, white forest, butterscotch, vanilla, strawberry, pineapple, mixed fruit, and more. It is an integral part of every occasion and plays an important role in adding a celebratory touch. Baked with perfection, these cakes act as the perfect treat for Raksha Bandhan too! Flowers are also considered to be the appropriate choice to celebrate the tradition. Cakes and flowers are considered to be an excellent choice for special occasions. While making your choice, keep your brother or sister’s favorite flavor in mind. If you are planning to send a mouth-watering cake to your sibling on Rakhi, you will surely win their heart!

d. Stationery Essentials

Be it a student or a working professional, stationery is something that we all need. So, why not send them as gifts? We are not just talking about basic stationery, we are talking about stationery that can include a journal, washi tapes, paper clips, colored pens, fine liner pens, stickers, and so much more. This can help or encourage them to organize their task by creating a planner or journaling their day. Many researches have shown journaling or even jotting down some gratitude helps to feel positive. Hence, sending this as a gift to your sibling can encourage them to relax and even study their best, this gift gives almost everything being on a budget.

These are the most trending and unique gifts following the trends of 2024. You can select from the curated list and surprise your siblings with thoughtful gifts. This year celebrate rakhi with amazing and lovely gestures and make the day grand with these trending gifts. We are certain your sibling will be surprised to receive such gifts from you. So, make this year’s celebration filled with love, admiration, heartwarming gestures, and the most trendy gifts.

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