Holi is here and you are running out of ideas to delight your loved ones back at home. You may not be able to make it home this time as well. But this doesn't mean you won't be able to send gifts to them. You can send gifts to them to delight and this article has some delightful gift ideas for you. To know more keep reading. 

Holi - the most colorful and joyful celebration in India that brings a vibe that is full of happiness and positivity. An event where everybody irrespective of caste creed and culture comes together to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. They together celebrate the arrival of spring, the arrival of life after a rigid frozen death. We perceive the celebrations in a different light then we will be able to understand the significance of the festival on many levels. The festival brings people together socially invoking a sense of integrity. As a nation, India is a landscape with diversity in its veins. Hence, it holds social significance along with historical and cultural significance. 

To miss, a festival like such can be disheartening. But if you are not around then you must be thinking of sending something that might catch their eyes. If you are looking for some ideas to send Holi gifts to India to your loved ones then your search has come to an end. We have curated a list of ideas that will help you to send colorful and positive gifts to your loved ones and friends in India. This is an event where you can send sweets, dry fruits, and nuts, for this day which is very important for this particular event. To send gifts and these sweets items websites like ours that aid you to send gifts in any corner of India can be of great help. There are many other gifting items available on our website to send to India from around the world. Among those gifts, if you want to stand out then you can opt for gift hampers. Gift hampers can make your loved ones feel special and if this is what you want then you are going in the right direction. 

Gift hamper

Gift Hampers to Delight your Dear Ones on Holi

The main essentials of the occasion are colors and sweets and what can be better than sending colors and sweets on Holi? Nothing right? So, send a gift hamper that includes all the things that you are looking for like colors, sweets, and something salty. Why salty? Well to balance the sweetness you can add a hint of salty snacks to your hamper. So, choosing a snack that has all the essential elements with colors will be the best gift they receive on Holi. 

Colors and Games Holi Hamper

Gift Hampers to Delight your Dear Ones on Holi

Holi hampers that have colors in it is something very staple now. But if you want to add some fun and flavor then go ahead and be creative. You can add a card game like UNO, Uno Flip, Skip-Bo, etc. to keep things fun and playful and while playing games there must be a need to munch on something. For flavor and to munch on something you can add dry fruits and nuts of the choice of your loved ones. This will be a good option for gifts where your loved one will be able to play with colors than with the cards enjoying the dry fruits. A holy trinity of gifts aligned together to form a perfect gift hamper.

Holi Snacks Hamper

Gift Hampers to Delight your Dear Ones on Holi

If your loved ones prefer munching and playing with colors then sending just colors to them will be in vain. So, if you are in a dilemma to select the perfect gift for your loved ones in that case you can send them snacks. Some snacks that are healthy and to the taste of your loved ones can be ideal. For snacks as such, you can go for dry fruits and nuts but the best would be if you send Moong daal, Millets, Khaata meetha, and most important of all thandai. There is an instant mix thandai powder available in the market which makes it easy to make thandai. Sending your loved ones a gift hamper consisting of colors, snacks, and thandai will make them feel appreciated and loved. 

Healthy Holi Hamper

Gift Hampers to Delight your Dear Ones on Holi

Holi means happiness fun and colors but among all these, we often forget our health. But if your loved ones are health conscious. In this case, you can opt for Gift hampers that have the perfect blend of healthy products and Holi essentials. A hamper with colors and healthy products like green tea, cookies, and sugar-free edibles can be a good choice to consider. 

Hobby Holi Hamper

Gift Hampers to Delight your Dear Ones on Holi

Give wings to the creativity of your loved ones. Send them a hobby hamper that has colors and their favorite hobby. It can be anything but to stick to the relevance of the festival you can send them something related to colors. Maybe a mandala art book or maybe a set of colors or sketch pens or maybe a hamper of all these things. They will love the encouragement that you send them in the form of gifts. 

You can also opt for lentil-based baked snacks, or maybe sugar-free sweets, and many more things. Holi is the festival of colors and a festival that brings people together. Even though you are at a distance by sending gifts to your loved ones you express to them that you remember them every day and cherish the memories you have with them. To make more memories you send gifts to them on Holi and many more occasions. This way you and your loved ones share a strong bond unbreakable by any distance. 

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