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With the advent of technology, the concept of Rakhi celebrations has changed. Even if we are unable to spend Raksha Bandhan with our brothers in India, you can send Rakhi threads in a click and usher in festivities.  The ones who live far away always find a way to send Rakhi to their loved ones and sending a distinct Rakhi every year is a challenge that every sister enjoys. So, if you are also on your search to find the perfect Rakhi for your loving brother. Then this article has some emerging trends of Rakhi from which you can choose the best for your brother. This article focuses on the emerging rakhi designs of 2024. Contemporary trends include resin rakhis, bracelet rakhis, pure silver rakhis, and more. Read to know more. 

Rakhi, one of the most awaited occasions in India, is widely celebrated across various communities. It is an occasion that commemorates the bond between brothers and sisters. Sisters tie the sacred thread on the wrists of their brothers and pray for their happiness. The brothers vow to protect the sisters in every thick and thin. It is a tradition that has remained constant for ages. Every year, many Indians leave their homeland and settle abroad to pursue their dreams. With changing times, the way Raksha Bandhan celebrations are held has changed. Sisters or brothers who stay far from home traditionally find it difficult to celebrate the day. But as the festival of Raksha Bandhan approaches, preparations for this grand event take off. The festival might not be celebrated traditionally but brothers and sisters cover the distance with love Rakhi and Rakhi gifts. Variety is the spice of life, the same applies to the excellent collection of rakhis. As the main event concerns Rakhi - sending the best is what all the sisters want for their brothers. Hence, with the knowledge Rakhi holds major significance in the festival, we have brought an amazing collection of rakhi for the upcoming festival. You will find an amazing collection of Rakhi based on the emerging trends of 2024 to send to your brother. So, let’s not wait further and explore the list of alluring Rakhis that will take over your brother’s heart. 

Spiritual Rakhi

Though new-age rakhis have brought in unique trends, spiritual rakhis have the same value and popularity even today. Spiritual rakhis feature traditional rakhi designs like om, swastik, rudraksha, and Ganesh. These threads have a religious significance and are believed to bring luck and happiness to your brothers. Om, the divine symbol of Hinduism is believed to connect and align people with their chakras. Om rakhis are believed to protect your brothers from all the perils. Having its origin in the teardrops, Rudraksh is known to calm the mind, body, and soul and is a popular traditional Rakhi design. Ganesha, which is the symbol of new beginnings and prosperity, is another remarkable design that also falls in the category of spiritual rakhis. Tying a Ganesha Rakhi is believed to keep negative energy away. We have a wide collection of spiritual rakhis embellished with gorgeous and exquisite designs.

Premium Rakhi

Over the ages, a conscious effort has always been made to make Rakhi more and more appealing. Precious stones like pearl, emerald, and diamond & metals like silver and gold have been used to give it a shimmering look. The plain tying threads of the Rakhi are replaced by chains of gold and silver. Hence, these Rakhis come in different varieties like Gold Rakhis, Diamond Rakhis, Silver Rakhis, Navratna Rakhis, Pearl Rakhis, Kundan Rakhis, and Precious Chain Rakhis. Furthermore, these Rakhis can also be used as pendants after the celebrations get over making these Rakhis evergreen. Thus, if you are looking for a Rakhi that your brother will be able to wear the whole year around then this can be the one. This selection of precious and premium rakhi will certainly surprise them. This has become one of the emerging trends of Rakhi design that we are sure will be appreciated by brothers and sisters. 

Bracelet Rakhi

If you are looking for a unique rakhi thread for your brother, you could opt for bracelet rakhis. These are not just rakhis but they can be used as everyday accessories. Adorning the wrists of your brothers like a valuable piece of jewelry, these rakhis can help them make a unique style statement. The creative designs and the bright colors make these rakhis look a class apart. While some feature traditional designs like rudraksha, some also boast contemporary designs. Owing to the high style quotient, these bracelet rakhis can be worn by your brother on any occasion. Whenever he wears this bracelet rakhi as an accessory, it will act as a warm token of remembrance sent by you, especially on Raksha Bandhan.

Resin Rakhi

Designed to perfection, resin rakhis are one of the most popular new-age rakhis. The splendid confluence of artistry and innovation makes these resin rakhis look magnificent. Resins are generally used to make exquisite accessories. Inspired by the latest jewelry designs, these resin rakhis are crafted beautifully with floral motifs. Some are also made with real flowers with matching beads, zari, and cotton threads. Most importantly, these feature high-quality and colorful resins that look quirky and fashionable at the same time. While some have beautiful Ganesha or Krishna designs, some also have special spiritual mantras. To add a special notch, some resin rakhis also feature heartwarming quotes for brothers. If your sibling has an eye for aesthetics, this is the perfect rakhi thread for him.

Kids Rakhi

Kids are the most excited for any celebration even on rakhi, they follow all the customs and rituals as suggested by their guardians. If you are on the search to select a Rakhi for your little buddy then no matter what you decide on he might not be as thrilled as he will be on receiving a cartoon character Rakhi or a superhero Rakhi as we said earlier a distinct relationship needs a distinct Rakhi too. So, if you are looking for a Rakhi for your little one then look for a Rakhi that resembles some famous cartoon character. In current times, cartoons are an important part of every kid’s life. Thus, if you are searching for a Rakhi for your little brother in India then send him a Doraemon Rakhi during this festive season. Bal Hanuman is also a very popular cartoon that every child loves to watch and adore then comes Peppa Pig, Bal Gopal, Angry Bird and so much more. These vibrant Rakhis will certainly thrill the little one to the core and we are certain they wouldn’t want to open the Rakhi the whole day. Your little brother will be overwhelmed to receive them.

Personalized Rakhi

Emerging Rakhi Trends of 2024

A touch of personalization in your gift can do wonders. If you are yet to decide on a Rakhi for your brother then go ahead and opt for a personalized rakhi. Personalized Rakhis are trending as they give one the liberty to add pictures to make the Rakhi one-of-a-kind. A personalized Rakhi will be more emotionally attached to him. A personalized rakhi might have his image on it or maybe Bro written on it. It will be something that will surprise him and win his heart. Personalized gifts always are considered thoughtful and heartwarming. Hence, this trend of Rakhi can make your brother’s Raksha Bandhan filled with emotions and a unique Rakhi to cherish forever. 

Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi

In some parts of India like Rajasthan and Gujarat, there is the prevalence of tying rakhi to both brother and his wife. This is a significant ritual that celebrates the significant other of the brother as well as she completes him, thus ‘ardhangini’. The brother’s wife wears Lumba rakhis which is different from the brother’s Rakhi. These Bhaiya-Bhabhi Rakhi sets are special lumba rakhis for sister-in-law and along with you can also avail of bracelet rakhi for Bhaiya. Rakhi is a wonderful festival that honors the relationship between people, especially brothers and sisters. So, one can spread the message of unity and fraternity through it. This Bhaiya and Bhabhi Rakhi celebrates the relations and cherishes the bond of Raksha Bandhan among the sisters-in-law as well. 

Handmade Rakhi 

Traditional rakhis are mostly made of metals and alloys and if you have sent your brother traditional rakhis before then you can try something new this year. How about sending a handmade Rakhi? Handmade Rakhis are also very trending these days. You can make one yourself and send it to express your affection or you can look for a handmade Rakhi-like crochet Rakhi and send it to your brother. There are plenty of options available and the best part is the adults will appreciate the creativity and crocheting skills. Whereas the little ones will love the vibrant colors and unique patterns of the knots. So, if you wish to send a never-seen-before Rakhi then a crochet Rakhi is the best. There are many more options for handmade Rakhi, so choose well and send the best for your brother. 

Your warm greetings will undoubtedly find their way to your brother with these alluring Rakhis. As every relation is special, so should every Rakhi. They transmit unending love which binds a brother and sister together. In the era of designer wear and designer everything, how can Rakhis be left behind? There are ample choices when it comes to designer rakhi and the best thing about it is that every style is a unique style. Hence, keeping in mind different trends, relations, and preferences we have curated this list of emerging trends of Rakhi for 2024 that will give you a wide range of options to choose from. Every Rakhi in this list is a one-of-a-kind and we are certain that you will find the best for your brother. Not to forget the shower of gifts that will add to the celebration. So, select and send the best designer Rakhi and amazing gifts to your brother and make the Rakhi celebration more joyous. 

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