Are you wondering how to send Rakhi to your brother? Or, are you thinking about what type of Rakhi would be better for him this year? If you are looking for a place with a good collection of Rakhi then your search is over. Our website has an exclusive collection of Rakhis along with gifting options, which means your search for a good Raksha Bandhan is over. Keep reading to know more about the exclusive collection of Rakhi.

Soon, comes the day when you celebrate the bond of your brother and sister in Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan is one of the auspicious days when sisters tie rakhi in the hands of their brothers. Usually, on this day, the sister prepares food and arranges the rakhi thali. She prays to god and ties a sacred thread on the wrist of her brother. The brother and sister exchange promises to protect each other and exchange gifts. The celebration of Rakhi on Rakhi Purnima is a popular event not only in India but around many places of the world. Even if this festival is known by different names in different parts of India and is celebrated in a distinct way. The essence of the celebration remains the same no matter what the distance is. 

When we talk about distance, many times it happens that we are not around during the Raksha Bandhan festivities. It can be we have shifted abroad to maintain our careers or maybe we are located out of India for the time being. Whatever it might be that should not stop us from celebrating this festival that is special for brothers and sisters. So, if you are a sister located out of India or maybe just located out of your hometown during this festival you still can celebrate Rakhi. Distance never mattered when it comes to the matter of emotions, love transcends any boundaries and distance. The advancements of society and e-commerce websites like ours have made it easier for people to send gifts around India. The process is very simple and easy and the results are satisfying. You can send Rakhi in India online along with some gifts to India and your best wishes obviously! Our website has a wide range of Rakhi and the collection ranges from traditional to designer. 

Traditional Rakhi

Exclusive Rakhi Collection

If your brother likes to wear traditional rakhi then we have a wide range of traditional rakhi. Rakhi’s that are traditional look so wonderful and feel auspicious well fitting for the game. A rakhi with 3D designs and well precision design cut looks exquisite. Sending a rakhi to India with so much detail and design will make your brother feel special and well remembered.

Enameled and Colorful Rakhi

Exclusive Rakhi Collection

A hint of color in your Rakhi can elevate the Rakhi style. If your brother so far has only received rakhi with designs but no color in the detailed design then an enameled designed rakhi will be a pleasant surprise. If he likes to wear Rakhi for some time and not only for the day then your enameled rakhi will not be ruined and yet stay unique. A colorful rakhi for the brother who is full of life and energy will match his energy.

Personalized Rakhi

Exclusive Rakhi Collection

A touch of personalization in your gift can do wonders. If you are yet to decide on a Rakhi for your brother then go ahead and opt for a personalized rakhi. A personalized rakhi will be more emotionally attached to him. A personalized rakhi might have his image on it or maybe bro written on it. It will be something that will surprise him and win his heart. Personalized gifts always are considered thoughtful and heartwarming.

Bejeweled Rakhi

Exclusive Rakhi Collection

Traditional rakhis are mostly made of metals and alloys and if you have sent your brother traditional rakhis before then you can try something new this year. Bejeweled rakhis can be a wonderful option for your brother. Jewels elevate the style of a certain thing and often are associated with sophistication and luxury. Send a bejeweled rakhi to your gem of a brother, it will be something beautiful and sophisticated that will be unexpected to your brother.

Designer Rakhi

Exclusive Rakhi Collection

In the era of designer wear and designer everything how can Rakhis be left behind? There are ample choices when it comes to designer rakhi and the best thing about it is that every style is a unique style. Designer rakhis are combinations of beautiful stones and gems. Select rakhi with pleasant colors and lovely designs to send to your brother. If you want your brother to wear a unique rakhi and flaunt it then a designer rakhi is a wonderful idea. 

This exclusive collection of rakhi is going to elevate your rakhi game. You don't have to worry about " How can I send Rakhi to India ?" when there are websites like ours. Send rakhi in India and don’t forget to include rakhi gifts online as well. You can be far away from home but still, be a part of the festivities and make your family members feel special.

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