When is New Year ?

When is New Year? 

New Year is a special occasion celebrated all over the world with great joy and enthusiasm. On New Year eve, everyone organize social gathering and enjoy the occasion by having grand feasting and merrymaking. People even exchange gifts to make the occasion memorable. It is the time when people bid good bye to the previous year and welcome the new year with joy and happiness. New Year is celebrated on 1st January. The articles assigned in this chapter discuss about when is New Year. You will also get unique ideas of celebrating New Year with your loved ones.



When is New Year in 2022?

Hope, optimism and new resolutions - these terms sum up the New Year for most of us. New Year is always an occasion of joy as it brings a host of opportunities with it. It is one of the biggest annual events globally. The advent of a new year is welcomed by astounding fireworks displays and lavish parties. The first day of the year, 1st January 2022 will be celebrated as the New Year’s Day. However, people dedicate the entire month of January to celebrating. Exchanging gifts are an important tradition for the occasion of New Year. Surprise your loved ones in India from wherever you are around the globe with our help. You

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When is New Year in 2021?

New Year holds a special significance in most people’s life. It not only marks the beginning of the Gregorian Calendar but also brings with it new hopes, aspirations and a zeal to move ahead. It is a fun time of the year with numerous, parties, picknicks, outings and other events taking place. There are also some places in the world that follow certain quirky traditions on this day. People in the Philippines use everything round right from clothes to food items and furniture on the new year. This is done to bring wealth and prosperity as round resembles coins. Spanish people on the other hand stuff 12 grapes in their mout

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When was New Year in 2017

When was New Year in 2017 ?

New Year is the time for rejoicing and many wonderful ways are adopted while celebrating this event. Parties on New Year's eve as well as on the day itself are organised everywhere among friends and families. These parties are the most cherished part of this festival and there are many other wonderful elements. Gifts to India are also exchanged during this occasion and many exciting options can be found. The New Year day is the beginning of a new year and hence it is celebrated on the first day of the first month. Thus, if you are thinking when is New Year in 2017, then we would like to tell you that it falls as usual on the 1s

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When was New Year in 2016

When was New Year in 2016 ?

New Year’s Day is celebrated on a massive scale in almost all parts of the world. Since the day marks a new beginning and epitomizes leaving all the old things behind, the day is celebrated with much grandeur and enthusiasm everywhere. Almost everyone knows answer to the question as to when is New Year’s Day celebrated. According to the Gregorian calendar, it is celebrated on the 1st of January every year. This year New Year’s Day will be observed on Friday. New Year’s Day : A Day Dedicated to Fun & Amusements New Year’s Day is celebrated amidst much fun, enjoyment and merry making by the Ind

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When was New Year in 2015

When was New Year in 2015 ?

A new calendar year brings hope, expectations and memories of the receding year with it. The whole world celebrates the occasion of new year with a lot of grandeur and jollification. In the present day, most of the countries follow the Gregorian calendar as their official calendar. This universal usage have made the New Year’s day one of the most celebrated holiday worldwide. Most of the prominent cities of the world arrange exotic fireworks as the new year starts at the stroke of the midnight. People celebrate the New Year’s eve with their loved ones and greet one another ‘Happy New year!’ wishing succe

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When was New Year in 2014

When was New Year in 2014 ?

A year consists of a number of days which we spend together with our dear ones. So we have both pleasant and bitter memories related with a year. After  spending 365 or 366 days, we move on to a brand new year. On the last day of the previous year, we recollect everything that occurred in the year and bid farewell to it. People wait till 12 o'clock in the night with friends and family to welcome the New Year. As the clock strikes 12, firecrackers are burnt and there is merrymaking all around the world. When is New Year in 2014? New Year Day is celebrated generally on the 1st day of the month of January. Similarly, in 2

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When was New Year in 2013

When was New Year in 2013 ?

After spending 366 days of 2012, we are on the verge of moving on to a New Year. This seems to be like a cycle of time. Time moves on in its own course and what is left behind is loads of memories. The year 2012 began with major predictions about whether the Blue Planet will be extinct and there will be no trace of animal race in this universe. But by God’s grace we are still alive. 2012 was a year of happenings and events. Incidents like Discoveries, Victories, Deaths, Disasters reigned the year. Now its time to experience a brand New Year, the year 2013. When is New Year in 2013? Every year, the first day of the Yea

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