When is Father's Day

When is Father's Day

Father's Day is a special day of celebration of fatherhood. Each year this special day is celebrated on third Sunday of the month June. Complementing Mother's Day, the special day of celebration is usually marked by grand feasting, merry making and also sending gifts. Similar to other occasions, gifts play an important role in Father's Day. Gifts are sent to fathers on this day as a token of love, gratitude and best wishes. The articles compiled in this chapter mainly detail about Father's Day in general, its history, and the varied gifts that can be sent to father.


Father’s Day in 2019

When is Father’s Day in 2019?

Father’s Day is that day of the year when we get the opportunity to thank our Dad’s for their tireless contribution in building us up. Our fathers are those people who work day and night in sunshine or rain to provide us with all that we need. On this day we can honor them with some beautiful and thoughtful gifts. Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June. This year, this special day shall be observed on the 16th of June.

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When is Father's Day in 2013?

Father's Day 2013, 16th June, 2013 Father's Day calender 2013 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

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When is Father's Day in 2012?

Father's Day 2012, 17th June, 2012 Father's Day calender 2012 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

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When is Father's Day, 2014?

Father's Day 2014, 15th June, 2014 Father's Day Calendar 2014 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri

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Happy Father''s Day

When Is Father’s Day In 2016 - Celebrating Fatherhood

Father’s Day Calendar 2016 19th June 2016 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

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Father''s Day Gifts

When is Father’s Day 2015 : 5 Wonderful Gift Ideas to Pamper Your Father

Father’s Day is observed worldwide to honor dear fathers, celebrate paternal bonds, fatherhood and to recognize their priceless contribution in the lives of their kids. Although celebrated on different dates worldwide, most of the countries celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June, every year. For those who are wondering as to when is Father’s Day in 2015, it will be celebrated on 21st June, Sunday. So instead of losing your head about Father’s Day, you can give your thought process a walk in the field and try to make some special effort to make your father feel special on this years Father&rsq

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