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Varieties of Rakhi

Varieties of Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan is one of the major festivals in India which celebrates the eternal relationship between a brother and sister. It is the time of the year when there is happiness all around. The spirit of Rakhi lies in a strong sense of bonding which is not only restricted between brothers and sisters but goes far beyond. A Rakhi thread can be tied on the hand of persons across different religions, race and creed to show solidarity and love. The articles in this chapter discuss different types of Rakhis which can be presented during the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Each Rakhi thread has its special importance and beauty. The chapter comprises of engaging articles which discuss at length varieties of Rakhis like Kids Rakhi, Zardoshi Rakhi, Gold, Silver, Precious Rakhi, Rakhi threads, Rakhi Lumba, Trendy Rakhis, Divine Rakhi and the like.

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  • Spiritual Rakhis

    Spiritual Rakhis

    Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in all over the world with great enthusiasm. This Indian festival is celebrated by tying a Rakhi thread around a brother';s wrist. On this special day of Raksha Bandhan, brothers and sisters pray for the happiness and well being of each other. Make the celebration grand by sending your loving brother spiritual Rakhis which are exclusively designed. This chapter includes articles that discuss about the significance and variety of spiritual Rakhis.

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  • Character Rakhis

    Character Rakhis

    Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in India and all across the globe with great gusto. Brothers promise to protect their sisters from all troubles and harms whereas the sisters pray for the well being of their brothers by tying a Rakhi thread around their brother';s wrist. Exclusive character Rakhis can be sent online to delight your adorable kid brother on this auspicious occasion. This chapter includes articles that discuss about various types of character Rakhis.

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  • Precious Rakhis

    Precious Rakhis

    Raksha Bandhan means bond of protection and celebrates the chaste bond of love between siblings. This popular Indian festival is widely celebrated with great gusto and enthusiasm by tying a Rakhi thread around a brother';s wrist. Delight your loving brother by sending precious Rakhis including pearl and silver Rakhis online. This chapter includes articles that discuss about the celebration of Raksha Bandhan by sending online precious Rakhis to your loving brother.

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  • Rakhi Sets

    Rakhi Sets

    Raksha Bandhan is a major Indian festival which signifies the bond of love shared between brothers and sisters. Tying a Rakhi thread around a brother';s wrist implies protection of a brother from evil influences and the brother promises to protect her sister from all troubles throughout life on this special day of Raksha Bandhan. You can cherish your dear brothers by sending an amazing Rakhi online from a wide range of Rakhi sets. This chapter includes articles that discuss about the beautiful online Rakhi sets which you can send to delight your brothers on this Rakhi.

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Articles under Varieties of Rakhi
  • 10rakhiusa

    Top 10 Rakhi from USA to India

    The occasion of Raksha Bandhan is the most awaited occasion for every brother and sister in India. Sisters eagerly wait to tie beautiful rakhi threads on their brothers hand and likewise brothers wait to tie rakhi from their sister and give them beautiful gifts. But when you are not present in India and want to send rakhi for your brother from the USA you can use online gifting website as your best options to send rakhi threads for him. And if are confused as which rakhi thread you can send to your brother from then let us help you.   Bracelet Rakhi - For your brother you can send a stylish bracelet rakhi and let him wear a rakhi that will make him look extremely good. We have in store various designs of bracelet rakhi from which you can select the one which will look best on your brother. Click here to see bracelet rakhi Exclusive Rakhi - From our online gifting website you can also choose exclusive rakhi for your brother. These exclusive rakhi has various stone designed rakhis which are different from the rest of the raki threads. These rakhi thread are traditional and yet stylishly designed. Click here to see exclusive rakhi Divine Rakhi - If your brother is spiritual you can go for the divine rakhi from our collections. The divine rakhi has in store rakhi threads which have spiritual designs and will surely give your rakhi celebration a traditional touch and even being in the USA you will feel closer to your brother. Click here to see divine rakhi Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi - When your brother is married in many hindu tradition the sister also has to tie a lumba to her sister in law and so we bring to you Bhaiya and Bhabhi rakhi set that consists of rakhi thread for brother and a lumba for your sister in law. It is the perfect combo set for your bhaiya and bhabhi to celebrate the occasion. Click here to see bhaiya bhabhi rakhi Lumba Set - If you want to send your sister in law lumba sets separately you can do so as we provide you with a wide collection of amazing lumbas which will surely impress your sister in law. You can choose the lumba which will look good on your sister in law and also match the rakhi thread you are sending your brother. Kids Rakhi - For the adorable munchkin in India who eagerly wait for their rakhi from their sisters in the USA you can send them kids rakhi from our online portal. These kids rakhi offers you rakhi threads inspired with cartoon characters which will surely be loved by the younger generation. Click here to see kids rakhi Personalised Kids Rakhi - To send a creative gift for your beloved kid in India you can send a personalised rakhi to celebrate the occasion with them. All you have to do is provide a picture and we will get that picture on an adorable rakhi thread so the little brother can wear it and show off the sibling love. $3 Rakhi - If you have to send a lot rakhi thread to India and your budget is limited you can send our rakhi starting from $3 so you can celebrate the occasion even being on a budget constraint. The $3 rakhi threads are equally traditional and stylish which will look amazing on your brother’s wrist. Click here to see $3 rakhi Rakhi and Lumba Sets - When you have more than one brother and sister in law, you can send them rakhi and lumba sets from our online portal. We provide you with the best matched rakhi and lumba sets which will be loved by them and you can also send them these rakhi threads and lumba together. Family Sets - When you have a big family in India and you need rakhi threads for everyone you can send them family rakhi sets box, that consists of rakhi threads, lumbas and kids rakhi so all your family members can celebrate the occasion.

  • Rakhi Choice & Price

    How To Get Rakhi Of Your Choice At Best Prices?

    Are you that girl who loves her brother so much that you just want to send an extraordinary Rakhi on this auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan? You are finding online Rakhi because your day to day offline market visits are becoming dull and boring. There’s the same color, the same floral shaped Rakhi or the very common Cartoon style for small children; no more choices and no more shades. You can’t let your most beloved and extraordinary brother to have a very ordinary Rakhi to flaunt on his wrist. Rakhi is not just a common thread but it’s a sentiment thus you owe a wide range of Rakhis to select even one. Rakhi is a thread that bonds two souls in a joyful bond forever. No matter how far and near, how old or young you are, you always remember and cherish this wonderful time with all your love. It's a festival to honor the brother-sister relationship with a sacred thread known as Rakhi or “the tie or knot of protection”. This Indian festival brings families together. According to the religious scriptures, it’s the festival of “papa tidak, punya pradayak parva” which means it eliminate all the sins and curses, and showers blessings. Rabindranath Tagore was the first promoter of Rakhi Utsav when he depicted the value of peaceful coexistence and unity of human race. Being a rational person, living miles apart from your homeland you know the value of even a single Euro, Dollar or Rupees. You simply don’t want to waste your precious earned wealth on any low quality product even it’s the case of purchasing a Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan. So, from here you can send Rakhi to India from USA very easily at very affordable prices as online shopping believes solely in customer satisfaction. You don’t have to move your legs and visit any store, you just have to move your long fingers and click on some links at your workplace or home. As you are different from everyone else, your choices differ and your choices matters. Yes, your choices may depend upon the bond you share or the beautiful or bitter-sweet memories spent with your siblings, considering that you choose a different color, a different style and a different shape. If you are buying online Rakhi and you want to send Rakhi to India from abroad, your unique choices can be easily considered. The fluorescent colors like aqua and lime, pastel shades like whale grey and riverside blue, neon shades can be available online. Creatively hand-made Rakhi are also available which gives you a feeling of typical Indian carnivals and fairs. Here’s a wide range of styles which you can or cannot imagine and are present at the best prices. The whole world is full of choices and colours so it depends on us to choose our channel wisely even if you want to send Rakhi to India from USA, US, UK or from whichever part of the world you reside in.    

  • Rakhi Quality

    Consider The Quality Of Rakhi While Choosing The Site

    No matter how far we are, the festival of Raksha Bandhan always welcomes the bitter-sweet evocation of a brother-sister bond. Even if you are currently residing outside India it’s easy to send Rakhi to India or Rakhi gifts India in the most gladdening way possible. The significance of this Hindu festival is such that it never fails to depict the value of duty, protection and love between a brother and sister. This auspicious festival on Shravan Poornima is celebrated by a special custom worldwide; the thread of protection called Rakhi is tied on the wrist of brothers by their sister. Rakhi thread is not some materialistic belonging, but it holds the feelings of a sister towards their brothers so the quality of Rakhi is what matters the most. In Indian culture, every word says something in itself and so does Raksha Bandhan. It’s a Sanskrit word that literally means “the tie or knot of protection”. Every year this festival is celebrated with gusto between brothers or sisters or even between the cousin members of the family. The lovely Rakhi ceremony is held religiously when a sister ties Rakhi to her brother, offer him yummy sweets, apply tilak on his forehead and pray heartily for his well being and in return, a brother dutifully pledges to protect his sister in every way. This is not all but sisters are also offered gifts, chocolates and money as a shagun. The fascinating customs attach a wonderful feeling and emotions to Raksha Bandhan. Feelings; that’s what are so special to a sister and Rakhi is a magnificent symbol of these feelings. Imagine if you are purchasing the best Rakhi for your brothers and cousins or you live abroad and wish to Rakhi India, wouldn’t you be heartbroken if the quality doesn’t match to your expectations? Wouldn’t you face the dilemma while choosing the perfect online website? That would aid you to send lovely wishes to your dear brother. You want this once in a year festival to be faultless and the Rakhi that would suit your wishes, whether it’s by quality, price or design. What would you do then? In this hurly-burly life you wish to simplify your task, you just want the best and that too online. The quality can’t be compromised at any cost neither the price, though there are people who don’t like to even to look at the price-tag. Not to forget the fact that there are two types of people; one goes for quality and the latter is after affordable pricing. You wouldn’t want this special thread to be of some unsuitable material that would break and also wouldn’t be for too long on your brother’s wrist. May be your brother has a special taste and color and you want the suitable quality. This online portal offers a variety of Rakhis with a whole new world of designs, colours, and the most essential preference of all : quality. Kid’s Rakhi, Lumba Rakhi, Decorative and embroidered Rakhi, almost anything and everything, you just name it.

  • Rakhi Prices

    Compare The Prices While Buying Rakhi Online

    The Dilemma of facing a diversity of prices is huge for a choosy customer that believes in the best. Rakhi was incomplete without gifts, wishes and the trendiest Rakhi to tie. It’s the special day to honor the sweet relation of a brother and sister; basically it’s a day for them to show their love and care towards each other. Every girl wish to tie the best Rakhi in the world to their brother, they spend a lot of time in selecting the colour and design which would adorn their brother’s wrist. Not only that but they have to maintain an affordable budget too, it’s the era of consumer awareness, so why wouldn’t they? In front of the holy fire deity, the rituals of Raksha Bandhan are religiously performed. It’s the same sacred fire in front of which the brother takes a silent oath to protect his sister and the sister tie the Rakhi on his wrist, pray for his good life and apply tilak on his forehead. The sweets are offered and the arti(prayer) is done. It’s one of the most prominent and unique festival of Indian culture. Indians from all over the world celebrate this festival with much gusto and joy even if the person is away from Indian land. Imagine that you are sitting faraway, in some other country but the spirit of this festival calls you, in that case the perfect way to celebrate this occasion is either to send online Rakhi to India Outside India you only have a few Indian offline shops that will help you with your choices; it’s very troublesome to find in real the perfect price for your choice. It’s often over-costly or of defective quality. Firstly, the Rakhi can be of poor quality or too simple or secondly, you don’t get too much varieties at affordable. Today’s Rakhi Market is such that some Rakhis are available at low quality high price while others are available at high quality high price. To find a balance between high quality and low price is a truly tough job for an offline shop as their cost prices are high; this beneficial feature you can only get in an online shop.  You miss India or its festivals? Then here we are providing a unique online shopping experience for your Indian festivals. The generation today is mostly dependent on online shopping and to get the best festive gift for your relatives, friends, family and beloved, just on your doorsteps is like a dream come true. Online shopping today is a knight in shining armour for the lazy queens of today.  If you want chocolates, apparels, crockery, customised mugs or a show piece in a way to send Rakhi gifts India to your loved ones than you can count on our gifting portal. No need worry about your tight budget with our customer-friendly price strategy.    

  • Lumba Rakhi

    Significance And Trend of Lumba Rakhi

    Indian women, especially the married ones, are often seen sporting rakhis dangling from their bangles post the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. These are basically known as Lumba Rakhis and they are a special type of Rakhi meant for your sister-in-law. Women usually tie these rakhis to their Sister-in-laws or Bhabhis on the occasion of Rakhi when they tie the Rakhi thread on the wrists of their brothers. This custom strengthens the bond between both brother sister and with their sister in law. Tying a Lumba is mainly a Marwari custom by with the recent trend it is catching up with all other communities as well. These days even unmarried woman who are sisters tie lumba to each other as a symbol of sisterhood. Also you can now send rakhi to India from USA now owing to this wonder online gifting portal dedicated to all rakhi needs.But this ritual of tying a rakhi has a special spiritual significance as well. Significance of Lumba Rakhi : Joint families were a social norm in India and the Marwari community still prefers to live in joint families. This tradition helps to nurture and enhance the relationships within a family. So when you tie a lumba to your brother’s wife you are not only strengthening your relationship with your brother but also with your sister in law. And now what more you can buy online rakhis and Lumbas as well with just the click of a mouse.   A wife is regarded as the Ardhangani, or half  of a man’s body. So when your brother is married, no rituals can be complete without his wife. A married man can never sit in any puja or ritual without his wife. As Rakhi involves a ritual of Puja and aarti, your sister-in-law has to be a part of it. Therein comes the necessity of tying a lumba on Bhabhi’s bangles.   When you tie the Lumba rakhi on your brother’s wife’s bangles, you are wishing her a secured married life. Security in marriage is of utmost importance. Both financial and and emotional security are necessary in a marriage. When woman are not independent, the dependency factor increases even more. By tying a lumba, it ensures a more secure relationship of your bhabhi with your bhaiya. She also becomes an integral part of her new family.   Rakhi is a prayer to strengthen the marital relationship of your sister in law and bring domestic bliss to the couple. If you can help do that by simply tying a Lumba on the wrists of your bhabhi then you should definitely follow this custom to make your bhabhi feel more welcome to the family and make a great friend in doing so.