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Traditional Rakhi Gifts

Rakhi is one of the ancient festivals of India. It is the festival that honours the loving relationship existing between brother and sister. Gifting traditional Rakhi gifts such as Rakhi thalis,Shagun gifts, Rakhi to India etc are considered auspicious on this special occasion. The articles mentioned in this chapter gives a clear idea that can be gifted on this occasion.

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    Treat your dear ones with delicious Mithai thalis on Rakhi

    Rakhi is an auspicious occasion that is celebrated in India and all over the world. It is true that no Indian celebration is complete without Mithais. You can send an online Rakhi to India even if you are far away from your loving brother. Pairing an elegant Rakhi with delectable mithai thalis can definitely bring smile on the face of your loving brother. The biggest destination for online Rakhi India has seen a lot of changes in custom over the years in Raksha Bandhan. A box of delicious mithais can bring smile on the face of your adorable brother or sister. Rakhi India celebrates between the bond of two siblings and there are endless gifts, hampers and sweets to cherish your loving brother or sister on this Rakhi. If you want to know about some delectable combinations of sweets placed in thalis, then you have come to the right place. We have prepared an assorted list of thalis that you can gift your sibling on Raksha Bandhan to brighten up their day and make them fondly remember you even if you are miles away from them. Kesadia Peda Thali Kesadia Peda is one of the traditional sweets in India and it has stood the test of time and has remained on the platters of many Indian families during celebrations and events. It is one of the essentials in the Eastern Indian Rakhi celebrations in Rajasthan, Gujarat and nearby states. Sweets are enjoyed by people throughout India because of its subtle taste. The pedas come in a steel thali that is specially decorated for Rakhi and you can expect a smile on the face of your sibling with a delectable thali that has been specially crafted. Tempting Kaju Pista Phool The kaju pista phool platter is a specially arranged platter of sweets that are beautifully arranged on a steel thali. The sweets are not only rich in taste but also in color. The delightful combination of the green and red sweets is highly appealing and makes the entire package very tempting. You can easily pamper your sibling on Raksha Bandhan with this beautiful Kaju Pista Phool thali that will surely leave a lasting impression on them and increase the love between you and your sibling. Delicious Kaju Apples in a Tray Kaju apples are a modern invention that leaves a lasting impression in everyone’s mouths. The thali is beautifully designed and it comes in a specially designed octagonal pattern. All of these sweets are from the best confectionery in India and will offer a mouthwatering and sweet temptation on Raksha Bandhan. The mouthwatering platter is one of the best ways to cherish your sibling on the special day of Raksha Bandhan. Barfi and Kalam Tray Barfi and Kalam are some of the most popular sweets that are savored by people in India. The beautiful tray contains alternating stacks of sweets – Mawa Kalam and RimJhim Kaju Barfi. They are beautifully arranged in the square tray which is handmade and designed to perfection. It is a platter of sweets that everyone loves and you can never go wrong with the combination of these delectable sweets. Rakhi is a special celebration of the love between a brother and sister and sweets are always perfect for Indian celebrations. There is so much variety to choose from and so much on offer that you will never run out of options to choose from. Make the celebration grand by sending your sibling exclusive Rakhi along with delectable mithai thali.

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    Surprise your loved ones with Special Rakhi Thalis

    Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is one of the most auspicious and popular Indian festivals celebrated every year widely across the country. It is a beautiful festival that emphasizes the strong bond between a brother and sister. The event is commemorated by sisters tying a rakhi on brothers’ wrist while the vows of life-long protection and love are taken. An Indian festival like Rakhi can be celebrated even if you are away from home. All thanks to the online services that are available 24x7. Through the service, one can send rakhi to India along with gifts expressing their boundless love and affection. There is an array of Rakhi thalis meant for all age groups, exuding deep concern and warmth. To begin with there are rakhi sets for kids along with rakhi thalis. If your dear brother or sister is miles away from you and cannot be with you on this major festival, then rakhi thalis is an ideal gift option. Make them smile by sending gorgeous and intricately designed rakhi thalis adorned exquisitely with bowl of rice, roli, shagun nariyal, Kalash and other holy items along with Rakhi to India from USA. Here is a list of such rakhi thalis for you to consider while sending during the Raksha Bandhan. If you have a brother who is just a little kid, then certainly soft toys, loads of chocolates, games and cartoon t-shirts are best to send along with Rakhi as gifts to India from USA. You can cherish your little brother or sister by sending them an exclusive rakhi thali with fabulous threads exhibiting Chhota bheem and Ganesh images. Chocolate thalis will be loved by kids as well as elders. They will be super excited to have a host of delectable chocolates flooding their house during the ceremony. It is a delightful experience for everyone as it goes out to show how much they mean to you. No wonder that delectable chocolates can bring smile on your sibling’s face. Creamy, yummy Belgian chocolates, Temptation, Ferrero Rocher, Bourneville, dark as well as milk chocolates astonishingly packed in a beautiful thali with rakhis is indeed a zesty treat. Even the bhaiya bhabhi thalis come with the same option. You can tag jewellery, smart phones, watches and apparels along with the Rakhi platter. The gift vouchers can also be a good gifting idea to cherish your loved ones on this festival. Sending perfumes, cosmetics, apparels with beautiful rakhi can delight your dear ones. Make the festival special, joyous, memorable with your presence in the form of gifts sent all the way from USA. Even cookware, kitchen appliances, home decor items are superb gifts that one can take into account while sending Rakhi Thalis to India. The bhaiya thali also offers the same but just that it has things that are specially etched out for your dear brothers. If your brother is spiritually inclined, then you can opt for rakhi thalis have silver, gold coins, or idols of Gods. Similarly, the thalis for sisters are sensibly designed for your loving sister. Pendants, Bangles, cosmetics, ethnic or western wear,and beauty products are some of the things that can be sent to Rakhi India. If she is a book-lover, then books of various genres can be gifted to her. CDs, DVDs will also be delightful and thoughtful present. Or if she is fond of puja, then puja thalis are the ones best suited for her. Puja thalis with little silver, bronze idols of Lakshminarayan, or Ganesh or Swastik, Om will convey your love in the best possible way to her.  Make a popular Indian festival like Rakhi special and memorable by sending your loving brother or sister exclusive rakhi thalis as gifts to India

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    Send Sumptuous Mithai Hampers to Celebrate Raksha Bandhan

    Raksha Bandhan is the time of celebrating the sweet and lovely bond shared between brothers and sisters. It is an auspicious occasion to be extremely happy about and is celebrated with lots of enjoyment and merrymaking. Rakhi is one of the many festive affairs that are deemed sacred in India. It is celebrated to commemorate the presence of siblings in one’s lives. It is a toast to the brother-sister sacred relationship, recalling the beauty that it ushers in each one’s life. Rakhi pays tribute to the relationship which is not only restricted to blood relations, but also goes beyond that. Those who will be staying abroad on this year’s Rakhi, will be able to send rakhi to India along with various gifts and rakhi hampers for their siblings. An important aspect of Raksha Bandhan is, exchanging gifts and pleasantries between the siblings. Gifts infuse happiness in the mind of an individual. Giving a gift is a great way to express care, gratitude and concern for your loved ones. In the present scenario, distance does not become a hindrance when it comes to giving gifts, even if one is far away. Simply browse through the online gifting portals, select whichever is apt according to you and send them as rakhi gifts to India along with online rakhi. Talking about rakhi gifts, an excellent idea would be to send a pack of sweets, delivered to India for your sibling. Receiving a nice sumptuous mithai hamper on the day of Raksha Bandhan will leave your sibling ecstatic. Sweets have always been an integral part of our cultural exchanges. It has been an age old custom to celebrate any joyous occasion with sweetening one’s taste buds with various confectioneries. It would be a nice idea to treat your siblings in India by sending them a pack of mouth-watering, delicious sweets with an online rakhi combination! You can bet that the mithai hampers will increase loveliness and sweetness in your relationship. This gesture basically captures the theme of Raksha Bandhan to the fullest. These hampers contain myriad tasty sweets made of cashew nuts, raisins, chocolates. Assorted kaju barfi, kesaria peda, laddus, kheer kadam, kaju suraj, anarkali, kaju rolls, kaju kalash, kaju hearts, kaju watermelons, soan papri, rasgullas, gulab jamuns, karachi halwa and mewa rolls, beautifully arranged and gorgeously decked in trays and thalis are available for you to choose from, for online delivery as rakhi gifts to India. For the ones who have a sweet tooth,  mithai hampers would be a treasure chest of mushiness. Especially the all in one hampers are a superb compilation of awesomeness to binge on. Enticingly designed trays of pretty rakhi threads with a bowl of rice, roli, shagun nariyal and a host of delectable chocolates, sweets and dry fruits make an adorable rakhi gift that would be much loved by all the brothers in India. To tickle the tastebuds of your dear sibling, you can also add a few packets of snacks like Murukku, Mini Samosa, Nimki or Bake Bites from reputed brand like Haldiram’s in the mithai hamper itself. These resplendent hampers have an universal appeal and cater to the likings of people of all age groups. Along with these mithai hampers, you can also try out chocolate hampers consisting of various chocolates like Belgian chocolates, milk or dark chocolates, nutties and Ferrero Rocher put in the same tray along with dry fruits. Send rakhi to India along with these mithai hampers and other gifts like electronic gadgets, apparels and gift vouchers to make this year’s Raksha Bandhan extra special for your dear siblings. The online service will make sure that your loved one will enjoy only the most yummy and freshly prepared sweets. The splendor of the delightful hamper will certainly add to the loveliness of your relationship.

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    Convey love to brother through gifts of Rakhi Thalis to India

    Rakhi is a festival which strengthens the affection between a brother and sister. The festival is termed as “rakhi” as on this day sisters tie a sacred thread which is known as rakhi on the right wrist of her brother. The rakhi is believed to bestow the bliss of longlife on the brother and protect him from all perils. So sisters send rakhi to India on the day specially to their brothers. Due to the wake of globalisation many Indian people are settling abroad. Naturally they are separated from their blood relations in India. But still their heart cries for their relatives in India specially during occasions and festivals which is celebrated with pomp and grandeur. Such is the case of brothers and sisters during rakhi. The sister wants to spend rakhi with her brother personally but she has to stay contended only by sending online rakhi to her brother through the esteemed e-gifting portal Due to the emergence of these sites sending rakhis is not a hassle nowadays. You can also escape the hectic rakhi shopping if you log on to these sites. The site is packed with variety of gifts or items that you may require for rakhi. Beginning from rakhi threads to rakhi greetings card you can avail anything. But most importantly you will be able to send rakhi to India cheapest to your brother in India. Besides sending rakhi to India, rakhi thalis are an essential item for rakhi. They can also be used for puja purposes later on. So this rakhi you can plan to gift your brother with a beautiful rakhi thali. There are wide collection of such thalis available like : Bhaiya Thali - Rakhi is celebrated for the good fortune of brothers and to pray for their long life. Rakhi Thali thus consists of all the essential items used during the custom of rakhi. Thus Bhaiya Thali is a perfect gift for Rakhi. These thali include items such as rakhi threads, 1 bowl with chawal, 1 Chopra  and 1 kalash with shagun nariyal and sometimes other items too are assembled. Bhaiya Thalis are mostly made with German silver and decorated nicely. They come in various shapes and sizes. Gifting a Bhaiya Thali along with a rakhi to India will definitely make him happy and nostalgic. Mithai Thali - Sweets are always considered to be auspicious by Indians. Thus there exists a custom to share and distribute sweets at any festival or occasion in India. So it is needless to say that Rakhi sweets are quite popular. Thus our site have arranged Mithai thali especially for the festival of rakhi. There are different thalis with different assortment of sweets. Like thalis containing mewa sweets, kesariya peda, dry fruits, kaju barfi and lots more. Dry Fruits Thali - If you are concerned about your dear brother’s health but also want to make him happy with something delicious then Dry Fruits Thali will be a nice idea. Dry Fruits contains cashew nuts, raisins, pistachios and almonds. So Dry kaju thali with rakhi consists of kajus and one rakhi. Masala Masti thali consists of Masala Kaju, 3 Pcs Choco Pie, 2 Cadbury Temptation bars, and a box of dairy milk Toffee in a round decorated handmade tray. Send rakhi to India online with a Dry Fruit thali as rakhi gift to impress your brother. Puja Thali - Send something pious and sacred this rakhi. Thus gifting a Puja Thali to your brother on rakhi will be commendable. Puja Thali consist of items like roli chawal dabbi, agarbatti stand, one diya and these thalis are beautifully decorated. They come in attractive shapes and colors. Puja Thalis will definitely arouse the spirit of devotion in your brother. Send rakhi to India along with a Puja Thali. Thalis are essential items that can be re-utilised. The decorative thalis that you will gift your bhaiya on rakhi will be loved by him. So select an exclusive kind from a wide range of thalis and send it to India. Make Rakhi memorable for him this year with your innovative ideas

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    Top 5 Thalis to send to your brother in India on Rakhi

    Raksha Bandhan is one of the popular festivals of India. ‘Raksha Bandhan’ means a ‘bond of protection’. The festival is commemorated by the siblings with great joy and pomp. On the day of the festival, sister ties a scared Rakhi thread on her brother’s wrist. It is believed that the thread has the power to protect the person from danger. Therefore, sister ties the thread to protect her brother from any hazard. Apart from tying Rakhi thread, sister performs ‘aarti’ of her brother and puts a ‘tilak’ on his forehead. She even prays to Almighty for his long and prosperous life. Along with these traditional customs, the festival is made remarkable by grand feasting, merrymaking and exchanging gifts. Siblings buy beautiful Rakhis and gifts for their dear ones. On the Rakhi day, they exchange gifts after the Rakhi thread tying ceremony. However, there are many siblings who are unable to attend this grand festival. In this case, they can delight their brothers by sending Rakhi to India online. There are various online stores that help the online shoppers to send Rakhi gifts to India online. Amongst various stores, is a renowned one. This e-gifting store showcases variety of gifts for various occasions and festivals. Its efficient delivery service will definitely help you to send Rakhi to India from India. Even if you are settled in foreign nations such as USA, UK, Australia etc, you can easily send online Rakhi to India cheap. For the festival of Rakhi, you will avail diverse types of gifts such as gift hamper, apparels, Rakhi thread, personalized items and so on. If you want to send something traditional to your dear brother on Rakhi then Rakhi thali will be a perfect one. Variety of Rakhi thalis are available in this online store. Some of the common ones are as follows:- Rakhi Thali - A typical Rakhi thali includes shagun items such as Rakhi threads, nariyal placed on a kalash, roli and chawal dabbis. In this website, you will avail different types of thalis - handmade, German Silver, Steel and so on. They come in various shapes such as round, triangle, rectangle, octagon and so on. The thalis are beautiful decked with glitters and sequins. Send this thali with Rakhi to India to your brother and make him feel special. Bhaiya Bhabhi Thali - This thali is meant for bhaiya and bhabhi. The thali includes Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi thread with shagun items - roli & chawal dabbis and nariyal with kalash. Your bhaiya bhabhi will be delighted to receive these attractive thalis as Rakhi gifts. Kids Thali - You can opt for this thali for your kid brother. The thalis come in unique shapes such as heart, round, leaf, rectangle and so on. Cute kids Rakhis are included in these thalis. Some of the popular thalis that you can opt for your kid brother are Mickey Mouse Kids Thali, Cartoon Characters Kids Thali , Lord Krishna Kids Thali and many more. Thus, send Rakhi to India along with these thalis. Mithai Thali - Sharing sweets is an important custom of this festival. Hence, you can delight your siblings by sending mouth-watering mithai thali. These thalis include diverse types of Rakhi sweets such as motichoor laddu, kaju roll, kaju barfi, peda and so on. Send Rakhi to India with these thalis. Therefore, enjoy Rakhi shopping in this online store by purchasing variety of Rakhi gifts. Your dear ones will be amazed to receive such wonderful gifts on this great festival.