Recipes for Bihu

This chapter talks about the large variety of recipes that are made by the Assamese during their new year festival. It also talks about the different kinds of food items that can be found during Bihu.

Bihu Cuisine

Significance Of Assamese Cuisine On Bihu

Assam, the most captivating state of India, with its beautiful and picturesque locations, honours the farming culture by the grand Bihu festival. Assamese celebrate this day with traditional folk dance, luscious pitha sweets, warm greetings, singing and exciting Bihu gift ideas. The most peculiar thing about this festival is it’s celebration in three different forms; Rongali Bihu or Bohag Bihu, Kati Bihu or Kongali Bihu and the last but not the least Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu. All three Bihus show a different story; the Bohag Bihu is the Assamese New Year that announces the spring, the Kati Bihu shows the growing stage of

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Bihu Namkeen

Easy Yet Tasty Special Namkeen Bihu Recipes

There are two categories of people in any Indian festival; one who crave for sweets and the other type who have a strange love of Namkeen and spicy dishes. India gifts the latter with a diverse set of cuisines from multiple cultures and religions. Similarly the subtle and salty taste of Assamese cuisine is much awaited by the people of India on Bihu festival. The festival is such that it is celebrated with much enthusiasm three times a year in the form of Kati Bihu, Bhogali Bihu and Rongali Bihu in the months of October, January and April respectively. This celebration of farming season is never complete without Bihu folk da

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Bihu Sweets

Celebrate Bihu With Special Sweet Recipes

The exquisite beauty of the Assam valley is on a whole new level during the magnificent Bihu festival. The excited crowds, Bihu Geet, youthful folk dance, creative Bihu gift ideas and yummy delicacies further add a mirthful value to the occasion. Bihu is derived from Bishu, which means ‘to ask for peace’, but according to the linguistic preferences it was changed to Bihu. This unique festival of honouring the farming culture is a winsome gift to India and its opulent heritage. The Magh Bihu of January is all about feasting, the Kaati Bihu of October reflects the season of short farming supply and the Rongali Bihu of

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Bihu Food

Make Bihu Celebration Grand With Traditional Assamese Food

The brand new farming season, juvenile spring, the Assamese New Year, the sweet coconut pithas, Bihu folk songs and the amazing Bihu gift ideas for the season; all conjure the exact image of the biggest festival of Assam, the Bihu festival. Unlike other festivals, the splendid Bihu festival is celebrated three times a year, Bhogali Bihu in mid January, Rongali Bihu in April and Kati Bihu in the wintery month of October. Whether it is the time of winter or spring, the Bihu festival is always linked with farming and feasting. Not only that but also it specially draws attention to the exclusive Assamese food that adorns this occas

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Bihu Recipes

Special Magh Bihu Recipes

Bihu is the new year festival in the state of Assam and hence it is an extremely festive time for all. It is customary to send gift to India on this occasion when friends and family members meet with each other. Being an Indian festival, Bihu is also filled with a lot of traditional customs and rituals in its celebration. One of the main aspects of this occasion is the amazing food and the fantastic dishes for this day. You can try out a few of these flavoursome delicacies, apart from sending fantastic gifts to India. We will deal with a few of the special Magh Bihu recipes here that can make this event memorable. The dhekia

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Bihu Cuisines

Best Assamese Cuisine for Bihu

There are three kinds of Bihu which the Assamese people celebrate all the year round. But at this time of the year Bohag Bihu is celebrated with ‘dhoom-dham’. Bohag Bihu marks the traditional Assamese New Year. Like other harvest festivals of the country, Bihu also involves the farmer community thanking God for the good harvest and hoping for a similar harvest in the coming year. It brings along a lot of festivities, singing and dancing. People celebrate by singing and dancing to the traditional Bihu Geets. Young women can be seen performing the traditional Bihu dance. You can also involve yourself in this colourful

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