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When is Rakhi

When is Rakhi

Rakhi is a religious Indian festival that celebrates the never ending relationship of love and respect between a brother and a sister. When the onset of this festival come a lot of celebration, enthusiasm and exchange of gifts. The articles in this chapter throws light on the day and date on which rakhi is celebrated worldwide. The articles also discuss the nature of this festival, the different kinds of celebrations involved and the true spirit of festivity.


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  • Rakhi 2016

    When is Rakhi in 2016 - The Sacred Bond of Protection

    Rakhi Calendar 2018 26th August 2016 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31       Raksha Bandhan is a very auspicious festival celebrated in India which is spreading all over the globe very fast. Though originally a Hindu festival, it is now celebrated by everyone irrespective of their religion and nationality. This is an important day for all brothers and sisters and they observe this day very ardently with a lot of joy and goodwill. It is an annual festival with all brothers and sisters spending a lot of time thinking about how they make this day special for their dear siblings. As this year is drawing to an end, everyone is starting their planning how they will celebrate the new set of festivals that are coming their way. In this context, you might be already starting to wonder when is Rakhi in 2018 so that you can start your preparations of it. We would like to let you know that it is on the 26th of August. Rakhi Celebrations The celebrations revolving around Rakhi Purnima begins several days in advance with sisters getting busy choosing an apt Rakhi for their brothers. On the day of this grand festival, brothers and sisters meet for the ceremonies which are to be carried out on a predetermined time. The sister at first performs an aarti of her brother with a lighted diya which signifies the God of fire. Then she ties the holy Rakhi thread on her brother’s wrist with a lot of devotion and well wishes. After this she goes on to say a traditional and well versed prayer for his good fortune and prosperity. The brother then vows to protect her from any peril that might befall her throughout her life. For this reason, this festival is called ‘Raksha Bandhan’ or the bond of protection.   Most of the festivities of Rakhi revolves around the custom of gift giving which is carried out in most auspicious occasions. Both brother and sister get very busy trying to choose the perfect gift for the other one from days in advance. But sometimes the siblings may not be able to meet due to the geographical distance that lies between them. Even if you are in this situation, you need not worry as you can easily send online Rakhi to India from USA as well as many other countries and regions. Apart from the fabulous Rakhis that are available on our online Rakhi store, you will also find many attractive gifts for this joyful event. Rakhi Gift Ideas There are many kinds of Rakhis available here on our online Rakhi portal for you to choose from. After you have finished doing this, you need not worry any longer as we will surely send the Rakhi sets to India that have been chosen by you. The various kinds that are available here are $ 3 Rakhis, Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhis, kids Rakhis, precious Rakhis, Rakhis for brothers and Rakhi sets. Each of these contain a different category of Rakhi that is explained by its name. Lumbas for Bhabhis and Lumbis for kid sisters are also available here that will definitely appeal to you.   Among the many gifts that are available here Rakhi hampers which contain more than one gift for your lovely bro or sis. They have been categorised into all in one hampers, chocolate hampers, dry fruits hampers, gift hampers for Bhaiya Bhabhi, gift hampers for brother, gift hampers for sister and mithai hampers. A Rakhi thali containing lots delicious goodies and puja necessities will also make a good gift. These can be divided into Bhaiya Bhabhi thalis, Bhaiya thalis, kids thalis as well as puja thalis. There are also many Rakhi greeting cards that you send through Rakhi.giftstoindia24x7.com along with other gifts and Rakhi. These colourful cards will definitely be cherished by your bro and sis on the occasion of Rakhi.   Gifting chocolates on this occasion is also a good idea as they are generally loved by all and very attractive. The section on chocolates for the occasion of Rakhi has been classified into chocolate hampers, chocolates & cookies and handmade chocolates. You will also find a number of pretty personalised Rakhi gifts here that will make a very thoughtful gift for this occasion. These include kids mugs, photo gifts, photo keychains, photo mugs, photo T-shirts, Rakhi mugs, rock photos and tiles & mirrors. Inexpensive and attractive Rakhi mugs are also available here that can make this Rakhi very memorable for the two of you. All these mugs have a special Rakhi message and some of them can even be personalised.   Other gifts like gifts for sister, gifts for brother, gifts for Bhaiya Bhabhi and gifts for kids are available as well. You can also send Rakhi to India free shipping through us which will obviously appeal to you. Hence, you should start choosing your gifts from now so that you can choose the perfect one well before time.  

  • When is Rakhi in 2015

    When is Rakhi in 2015 ?

    Raksha Bandhan, the Hindu festival, is simply known as Rakhi or Rakhi Purnima in many parts of India. The festival is a celebration of the eternal bond of love between a brother and sister. The festival initially started as a celebration between siblings having blood relations but today a woman and a man, even though not siblings, can still take part in celebrating Raksha Bandhan. On this day, sisters tie a sacred thread around the wrists of their brothers. This thread is called ‘Rakhi’. Thereafter, the day on which this is tied, also came to be known as Rakhi. This year, Rakhi 2015 will be observed on 29th August, Saturday. Since the traditional Hindu calendar is followed to determine the day of Raksha Bandhan, the corresponding date for the Gregorian calendar varies every year. A Brief History Raksha means ‘protection’ and bandhan means ‘bond’. By this definition, Raksha Bandhan signifies the festival of celebrating the protecting bond between a brother and sister. This festival has been celebrated since ancient times and hence there are numerous legends/ stories associated with the festival. Even the Hindu mythology contains not just one but two evidences of Raksha Bandhan. According to mythology, Draupadi (the wife of five Pandavas) tied a piece of her cloth to the bleeding wrist of Lord Vishnu (who was injured, fighting Shishupal). Lord Vishnu then declared himself in debt of her sisterly love. He also promised to protect Draupadi lifelong, a promise he fulfilled later on. Another instance tells that Goddess Lakshmi (wife of Lord Vishnu) had tied Rakhi on the wrist of King Bali (a devotee of Lord Vishnu). However, the earliest recorded evidence of Raksha Bandhan being celebrated was during 300 BC, when Alexander’s (King of Macedonia) wife tied Rakhi on the wrist of King Puru. The second evidence was during the Mughal Period, when Rani Karnawati (widow of the deceased King of Chittor) sent a Rakhi to Humayun, asking for his protection to prevent  the attack of Sultan of Gujarat, Bahadur Shah. In modern times, Rabindranath Tagore started the festival of Raksha Bandhan on 16th October, 1905 between the Hindus and Muslims of Bengal province. It was observed to celebrate brotherly love between the two communities, on the event of the Partition of Bengal. Rakhi Customs The common customs that form a part of this festival include sisters tying the sacred thread to the wrist of their brothers. Sisters who have left their maternal home after marriage are invited by the parents and brothers on the day of full moon, to celebrate Rakhi. The sisters first places a kumkum tika on the forehead of their brothers,  throws rice over the heads of the brothers and then tie rakhis on their wrists. Then they offer sweets and gifts to their brothers. In return, brothers offer return gifts to their loving sisters and make promise to protect them from all the troubles that may arise in their lives. Rakhi Gifts Sisters and brothers who will be staying abroad on this year’s Raksha Bandhan, can express their love for their siblings by sending various rakhi gifts along with various online rakhis to India. Both the sisters as well as the brothers can find suitable gifts for their siblings on the portal of GiftstoIndia24x7.com. Below, is a suggestive list of the various gifts that can be sent as rakhi gifts to India. Personalized Gifts Adding personal memories to  gifts will certainly increase their emotional value. One can personalize gift items like  mugs, photo frames or key chains, by getting a photo printed on them. You can also opt for rock photos, personalized t- shirts, cushion covers etc. Rakhi Thalis Besides sending online rakhi India, sisters who are staying abroad can also send various puja thalis for their brothers back home. Apart from the puja thalis, rakhi thalis consist of various thalis like, mithai thalis (i.e. sweets packed in a decorated tray), dry fruits thalis, chocolate thalis, mixed thalis (dry fruits and chocolates or sweets combo) etc. Gift Vouchers A variety of gift vouchers is available that are ideal for both sisters and brothers. These include apparel vouchers and shopping vouchers from various brands, dining vouchers, and vouchers for watches, electronic gadgets and jewelry vouchers. Rakhi Hampers Apart from sending rakhis to India, you can also send various rakhi hampers. These are combo packages or assorted collection of various gifts that are hand picked exclusively for the occasion. They contain a variety of gifting items like dry fruit trays, chocolates, flowers, fruits, soft toys etc. The popular hampers include chocolate hampers, mithai hampers, hampers for brothers/ sisters/ sister- in-laws, all-in-one hampers etc. Raksha Bandhan is a special day celebrated in full spirits in India and among the Hindu communities residing in different parts of the world. To make Rakhi 2015 a memorable affair for you as well as your siblings in India, GiftstoIndia24x7.com is offering a number of service for its customers. Select the rakhi you want to adorn your brother with, along with a beautiful gift , send them to your brother and make him super elated.

  • Happy Rakhi

    When is Rakhi in 2014?

    The bonding of the siblings is regarded the strongest companionship. The brother sister relation involves affection, concern and attachment. Their devoted lifelong support is a priceless possession. We rely on them during crisis and grief. We celebrate together in each other’s success or festivity. Raksha Bandhan is the pious occasion when the whole world celebrates this adorable relationship. Observed in the full moon day of the month of Shravana, on this day sisters tie a sacred rakhi on her brother’s wrist. It symbolises sister’s love who wishes the well being and prosperity of her brother. The brother also promises to protect his sister from all the uncertainties of life. In the year 2014, the auspicious occasion of Rakhi will be celebrated on 10th August. It falls on Sunday. One of the most esteemed festivals of India, Raksha Bandhan is widely observed by Hindu, Jain and the Sikh community. This traditional ceremony has its origin since the vedic ages. It was regarded as the quintessential custom to build and strengthen the social bonds. The royal families of the medieval ages exchanged these sacred threads with each other as a symbol to continue the harmonious relations. With the due course of time, Raksha Bandhan has evolved as the festival of the people transcending all the physical boundaries. From the usual brother-sister fanfare, it has now emerged as the celebration of togetherness. From the warmth shared by the siblings, Rakhi now propagates the feeling of unity and commitment for peaceful coexistence. The preparations for the celebration start much prior of the reverent occasion. Women start buying colourful and fancy rakhis that will elate their brothers. All the shops and stores are decorated with captivating rakhis, sweets, gifts and other ceremonial materials. On the propitious day, people adorn new traditional and ethnic attires. The female members of the family arrange the sacred rakhi thali, as the sister binds the rakhi and performs aarti of her brother. In return, the brother pampers his sister with love, blessings and delightful gifts. This graceful custom is followed among cousins, relatives and neighbours too. With the religious fervour, Raksha Bandhan also unites our extended family. It builds a stronger bond within the family members. On this day, several mouth watering dishes are prepared and enjoyed together over a family lunch. GiftstoIndia24x7.com, the most proficient online gifting portal has brought a profuse collection of gifts for the auspicious festival of Raksha Bandhan. The enticing assemblage includes numerous gifts for brothers, sisters and kids. It has an extensive collection of colourful rakhis with radiant embellishments which will surprise every recipient. The rich assortment is precisely divided into different categories from which you can choose according to your choice and preference. On Raksha Bandhan, the most conventional gifting options for brothers are electronic gadgets, watches and perfumes. Your lovable sister will be elated to receive sarees, cosmetics and jewellery as return gifts. Gift Hampers and Personalized Gifts are the most popular gifting options of this reverential day. Raksha Bandhan is the occasion which inspires us to develop moral, cultural and spiritual values. Within the customary emotions between siblings, it develops an inseparable bond based on trust and mutual belief. Celebrate this pious occasion with a lot of ebullience and vivacity to make it a cherishable affair in the years to come. 

  • Send Rakhi to India

    When is Rakhi in 2013?

    Rakhsh Bandhan is a well known festival of India. The festival is also known as Rakhi and Rakhi Purnima in various parts of India. On the day of the festival, sister prepares a Rakhi thali which includes a diya, roli, chawal (rice) and some sweets.       Rakhi to India   Rakhi to USA   Rakhi to UK   Rakhi to Canada With the thali she performs ‘aarti’ of her brother and puts tilak and chawal on her brother's forehead and ties the sacred Rakhi thread on his wrist. In return, the brother blesses and promises to protect her from all hazards of life. Every year this festival is celebrated on the Hindu month of Shravana. The festival is made remarkable with feasting, merrymaking and exchanging gifts. When is Rakhi in 2013 ? It is on 20th August, 2013. Any festival whether it is Holi or Rakhi, people exchange gifts to convey warm wishes and happiness. Moreover, as the festival approaches the shops get filled with variety of Rakhi gifts. This further reminds you of sending gifts on Rakhi. Now-a-days, people hardly gets time to visit shops and search a perfect gift for their dear ones. In such a case they can send gifts to India on Rakhi through online store. GiftstoIndia24x7.com is a proficient online store where you will avail wide variety of gifts for the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Some of the popular Rakhi gifts that you can opt for your dear siblings in Rakhi 2013 are as follows:-   Top Rakhi gift ideas for brother Traditional gifts -Rakhi thread holds a special importance on this festival. Hence, you can send Rakhis to your brother from ‘Rakhi’ section. Wide variety of Rakhis such as zardosi rakhi, exclusive rakhi, pearl rakhi etc are available in the ‘Rakhi’ section. Along with a Rakhi you can send a box of tasty sweets to your brother. Rakhi thali is also a traditional gift item that a sister usually sends brother for ‘aarti’. You can convey your warm wishes and good luck by sending precious silver gifts such as silver holy idols, shagun coins etc. These traditional gift items will surely make the festival more auspicious. Electronics -If your brother is a techno savvy you can opt for exclusive electronic items such as mobile phones, digital camera, shaver and so on. He will be pleased to receive these items as Rakhi gifts. Men’s Personal Care items - ‘Men’s Personal Care’ section comes with wide range of personal care items such as deodorant, shaving cream, after shave, razer and so on. These personal care items are from renowned brands such as Garnier, Park Avenue, Gillette, Denim and so on. Moreover, if you know your brother’s favourite brand you can send Personal Care hampers accordingly. Watches and Perfumes - If you want your brother to look smart and trendy on this grand festival you can opt for watches as Rakhi gifts. You will avail watch from various renowned brands such as Titan, Citizen, Sonata, Fastrack and so on. Along with a watch you can even couple a perfume which will definitely enhance your brother’s look and personality. Perfumes such as Hugo Man, Tuscany, Allure Homme etc are some of the renowned perfumes that you can avail in this site. These gifts will surely amaze your brother. Men’s Accessories -You can even opt for some useful accessories for your brother on Rakhi such as belt, wallet, briefcase, portfolio, pen stand etc. These gifts will surely make your brother feel special. Other gift items that you can opt for your brother are vouchers, gift hampers, men’s wear and many more. On Rakhi, sisters are also delighted by their brother with wonderful gifts. The gifts that are usually given to sisters by brothers on Rakhi are often known as Rakhi Return gifts. Top Rakhi Return gifts Cosmetics -Every woman loves cosmetics. Hence, you can opt for exclusive cosmetic hampers for your sister as Rakhi Return gifts. Cosmetics from renowned brands such as L‘Oreal, Lakme, Lotus etc are available in the ‘cosmetics’ section. Your sister will be enthralled to receive these cosmetic hampers. Jewellery -You can delight your sister further by sending stunning jewellery. Jewellery such as gold, pearl, diamond etc are available in this site. By wearing these attractive jewellery your sister will look gorgeous and beautiful on Rakhi. Sarees -On such a traditional occasion, saree will be the perfect gift for your sister. Beautiful sarees that you can opt for your sister are silk, chiffon, zardosi etc. The sarees come with vibrant prints which will definitely make your dear one look pretty. Fancy Ladies Bag -Bags are women’s important accessories. They love to care fancy bags whenever they are out for some party, shopping or get together. You can send trendy bags to your sister as Rakhi gifts. Gift Hamper -If you want to give a complete pack of variety of gifts then you can opt for attractive gift hampers. Gift hampers come with various gift articles such as chocolates, vouchers, flowers, cakes and so on. She will be surprised to receive such wonderful assortment of gifts on such a grand festival. In the site you will avail other gifts such as perfumes, crockery, watches etc. Send these fabulous gifts to India and make the festival joyful.

  • Rakhi

    When is Rakhi in 2012?

    Rakhi 2012, August 2nd, 2012 Rakhi Calendar 2012 - August 2nd, 2012 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat       1 2 Rakhi 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31   Raksha Bandhan also known as Rakhi is one of the well known festivals of India. Rakhi 2012 is celebrated with lots of joy and enthusiasm by every sibling.   This festival is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravana. According to Gregorian calender, the festival is celebrated  on the month of July-August. So if you are wondering, when is Rakhi in 2012? Rakhi is on 2nd August. This festival is celebrated with lots of joy and enthusiasm by every sibling. This festival celebrates the eternal bond of love and affection shared between brother and sister. The celebration of Rakhi 2012 can be traced back to the ancient epics & legends such as the legend in the Bhavishya Puran, the legend of King Bali and Goddess Laxmi & Yama and the Yamuna. This festival is also mentioned in Mahabharata, where Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas tied Rakhi to her grandson Abhimanyu and Draupadi to Lord Krishna. Though the customs, traditions and rituals of this festival have undergone changes, the core essence of Rakhi remains same everywhere. On this grand festival, sister ties a sacred thread on her Brother’s wrist and pray for his well being. After this traditional custom, she performs “aarti” of her brother and put “Tilak” on his forehead. In return, brother also bless his sister and promises to protect her from all hazards of life. Apart from this traditional customs, the festival is marked for its grand feasting and merry making. Various types of mouth-watering sweets, dishes such as motichoor laddoo, peda, kesar barfi, pulao, fried rice, aloo dum, kachori etc are cooked on this grand festival. Gifts play a significant role on this festival. Every siblings eagerly wait for receiving gifts from their brother or sister on Rakhi. So, on this special festival if you are not with your dear siblings you can delight them by sending Rakhi gifts through GiftstoIndia24x7.com. In this e-gifting portal, you can avail various types of Rakhi gifts that you can send on Rakhi in 2012. You can avail attractive Rakhi threads such as Gold, Silver, Zardosi etc rakhi for your brother. This online portal also brings cute collection of Rakhi threads for kids. If your brother is married then you can opt for Bhaiya Bhabi Rakhi for your brother and sister-in-law. The beautiful lumbas decorated with zaris and lathkans will definitely add smile on your dear ones face. You can also select wonderful gift articles such as gift hampers, personalized gifts, sweets, apparels etc for your bhaiya bhabi. You can also delight your little siblings on Rakhi in 2012 by sending toys, soft toys, video games, educational games and many more. They will definitely enjoy playing these interesting games. If you want to give a delicious treat to your dear ones on Rakhi then you can send Rakhi to India along with mouth-watering Indian sweets, crunchy dry fruits and palatable chocolates. Your dear ones will surely enjoy having these tasty food items. For your sister you can avail wide plethora of Rakhi return gifts. If you are unaware of your sister’s choice then you can opt for gift vouchers of Tanishq, Pantaloons, Pizza Hut and many more. She will definitely be charmed to receive these gift vouchers as Rakhi gift. You can also opt for various other gift articles such as cosmetics, jewellery, apparels, showpieces, fancy bags etc to your dear sister on Rakhi. She will definitely be overwhelmed to receive these amazing gift articles. Thus as you have known  when is Rakhi in 2012 , send these Rakhi gifts along with Rakhi to India and make the festival memorable and cheerful.