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The loving bond of love shared amongst the siblings is clearly manifested by the festival of Rakhi. Kids enjoy this festival by merrymaking, cracking jokes, dancing as well as feasting. For kids, gifts such as games, chocolates etc hold a special importance. They remain excited to receive gifts from their elders. Thus the articles cited in this chapter give a detailed information about the rakhi gifts  that can be sent on Rakhi to the kids along with Rakhi to India.

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  • Kids Rakhi

    Special Rakhis For Kids

    The Rakhi festival is of much fervour for the kids who like to show off the colourful rakhis tied to their wrists. They love it more if the rakhis are to their tastes and liking. The current generation of kids, who live and breathe the cartoon characters they watch on Television or YouTube, like the same characters to be around them in all shapes and forms, rakhis included! Cartoon character rakhis: Choose from a wide collection of Doraemon rakhis or the Harry potter rakhi which are almost an extension to your kid brother’s personality or toy friends. It is highly likely that your brother already has a huge collection of these characters in the form of toys, lunch boxes embossed with these characters, school bags with a big poster of these characters on it, etc. Sending a rakhi that complements his collection is sure shot way to delight him, so much so that he is going to wear the rakhi to school and flaunt before his friends of this new addition to his collection.   Toy rakhis: While cartoon character rakhis are the flavour of the season, your kid brother is also going to love the toy rakhis we have in our collection for you to choose from online Rakhi India. Some of the more popular, colourful and nearly full of life toy rakhis, we have in our collection are Red Bottle Kid Rakhi, shining frog rakhi Send these online rakhi to India to your kid brother and you are sure to see a joyous face when he unwraps and wears it on his wrist.   Celebrity Rakhis: Celebrity characters have become immensely popular among today’s kids and are almost members of family in the TV room. We have a beautiful collection of celebrity character rakhis, such as Bahubali Rakhis, Messi Rakhis etc. These rakhis which are almost extended family to your kid brother are sure to strike a chord with him and he is going to treasure the rakhi, even after the rakhi celebrations are over.   Rakhis along with chocolates gift hampers : Send rakhis to India along with the chocolate gift hamper and delight your kid brother with the beautifully crafted rakhi and this whole bunch of chocolate gift hampers for him and family to relish. Just imagine that had you been around during the festivities you would have anyways fed him chocolates while you tied the rakhi on his wrist. So, let not the distance be the barrier, instead send your kid brother a chocolates gift hamper along with the beautiful rakhi.   Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan by sending a kids rakhi India from an extensive range of options from us and spice it up with a sweets gift hamper for your kid brother. Of course it is not a substitute for your presence, but this could be as close as you can get, keeping the distance in mind.  

  • Kids'' Mugs

    Cherish Your Sweet Little Brother with Personalized Kid’s Mugs

    If you have brothers then you can gift him personalized kids’ mugs this Rakhi season. The Rakhi is an Indian festivity, celebrated by brothers and sisters across the country, where the sisters tie special love bands on the wrists of their brothers. The love bands represent the strong bond of friendship and brotherly love of a brother towards his sister. Different types of colourful threads are available for the festivity. The sisters prefer to give their brothers Rakhi threads that are attractive and that comes within a budget. So far as the personalized kids’ mugs are concerned, there are different types of such items available online. There is the availability of personalized mugs with customizable boy’s or girl’s name. The custom photo personalized mug is also quite popular among kids as Rakhi gifts. There is the snowman mug which is an instant hit with kids. Kids’ coffee mugs are also available that come in interesting shapes and colours. Holiday hot cocoa mugs will also be loved by your dear brother in India sending through There are a host of other mugs meant specifically for the kids that the online customers can find in this online gift store. These mugs can be used as gifts during the Rakhi festivities.   There are many Rakhi gift ideas that a sister may try out on such occasions. While talking about the mugs it can be said that the sisters and brothers alike can give each other gifts like Rakhi Mugs with cartoon characters on them. The characters like Chota Bheem, Pikachu, Doraemon, LIttle Krishna, Super Heroes etc. are immensely popular among kids. This online gifting portal also have Elephant Shaped, Dolphin Shaped, and Monkey Shaped kids’ Rakhi Mugs. To know more about the gift ideas, individuals can browse this online gift store. There are plenty of informative content that are available on this gifting site that sisters and brothers can use to celebrate the event. The Personalized Rakhi Mugs are used by brothers and sisters to gift each other during the Rakhi season. The Rakhi India celebrations will be a hit if the buyers purchase the right mugs from this reliable online gift store. There are a variety of mugs available in online stores and they are categorized according to material, type and size. While discussing about the personalized mugs, it is the type of Rakhi mugs that is being referred to. This online commercial gifting portal engages in selling the different gift items at attractive prices.   Many individuals, who are staying abroad due to work, connect with their families and especially their brothers during the Rakhi festival. This is all because of the benefits of such e-commerce web portals. This gifting site enables the customers to send Rakhi to India from USA. The sending of gift items like mugs is quite simple, less complicated and involving only a few simple steps for the tech savvy individuals of this day. There are numerous online Rakhis in this online gift store that engages in selling these beautiful threads during the festive season. Apart from selling kids’ mugs, this e-store sells other gift items like chocolates, cakes, sweets, dry fruits, soft toys, flowers and lots more. Often this online gifting portal selling such interesting items offers attractive discounts on deals.   It has been observed that the personalized kids’ mugs are the ideal gift items that a sister prefers to give to her brother. These mugs are available in a variety of colours and shapes. By making a judicious selection of an item, a sister can get the best Rakhi deal for her brother.  

  • Kids Rakhi and Lumbi

    Delight the Adorable Kids with Exciting Kids Rakhis

    The festival of Rakhi celebrates the eternal bond of love between brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan is the perfect festive occasion when you can delight your kid brothers or kid sisters with beautiful rakhis and rakhi gifts. It is only fair to pamper adorable kids with equally adorable and cute rakhis. Kids are always fascinated about what they see on TV. So you can easily think of gifting kids with a Rakhi that features a cartoon character or a character that is popular with the kids. With the help of, choosing the perfect rakhi for your little siblings is no more a headache since it has various online rakhi options available at great prices. To make your kid brother or kid sister’s Rakhi truly special, you can send him amazing Rakhi gifts like toys, educational games, Hotwheels Cars and more, along with various adorable Rakhis.  Here is a list of some wonderful and exciting kids rakhis that are available on this premier gifting portal. Character Rakhi Character Rakhis are always in vogue as every child has a favorite cartoon or TV character, which they adore a lot. Your kid brother will love receiving a rakhi that has his favorite cartoon character and with so many options available online you will surely find out what exactly your kid brother wants. You can easily send him an adorable Mickey Mouse Rakhi, a Disney Themed Rakhi or a Chhota Bheem Rakhi that will delight him, captivate his imagination and definitely keep him engaged during the festivities of Raksha Bandhan. Cute Rakhi A cute rakhi doesn’t necessarily have a cartoon character but contains various doodle like elements and designs that add to the cuteness of the rakhi. You can opt for a Kids Bear Rakhi for your kid brother or a Cute Girl Rakhi for your kid sister, both of which are extremely adorable and the kids will surely have a lot of fun with them. Lumbi Rakhi Apart from sending adorable Rakhis to your kid sisters, you can also delight them with cute lumbis or lumbas. Generally lumbis are tied on a girl’s wrist. There are many cute lumbi rakhis available online for girls that you can send on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan. They come in a variety of colors, which are vibrant and pleasing for the eyes. Toy Rakhis Raksha Bandhan is a great occasion to express your love for your brothers. You can easily put a smile on your kid brother’s face with a toy rakhi that he will definitely love to wear on his tiny and adorable wrist. Most of these rakhis come with cartoon characters and you will find a wide range of options available online. A Spongebob Squarepants Rakhi is going to add a lot of fun to Raksha Bandhan because it’s one of the cartoon characters most kids grew up watching and it is one of the funniest cartoon characters as well. An Angry Bird in a basket rakhi is also a great option and most kids will love it because the Angry Bird gaming franchise is one of the most popular in recent years. You can also get a ludo rakhi which is going to revive memories of you and your brother playing the fun board game. Fancy Rakhis There are various fancy rakhis available online that contain cute figurines of various kids toys. Most kids love their toys and seeing a tiny replica of them on a rakhi is surely going to put a smile on their faces. They contain bright and colorful designs that are placed on the Rakhi threads. These rakhis are sure to make your brother feel special on the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan. You can opt for a cute pencil and eraser rakhi that is colorful and vibrant and has cute decorations all over it. Kids are the most enthusiastic of all during the various festivities and it’s only natural that we make them feel special and happy on these joyous occasions. With various online Rakhi to choose from, you will surely find the one that puts a smile on your kid brother or sister’s face. Make Rakhi a memorable affair for them to remember by sending them a beautiful Rakhi, along with amazing Rakhi gifts and your kid siblings would definitely usher in the festivities of Raksha Bandhan.

  • kids Gifts

    Enthrall your Dear Kids with Wonderful Rakhi Gifts

    A festive celebration is not complete without proper gifts. Especially when the occasion is Rakhi, it becomes all the more pertinent to include gifts. Gifts are nothing but one of the ways to express inexplicable love. People of every age simply loves to be pampered with gifts. Choosing gifts for Rakhi for different age groups can be sometimes tricky, especially when it comes to choosing for the kids. So here are some suggestions that might help you to decide what to gift the kids this rakhi. You can send chocolates or chocolate hampers for kids along with online Rakhi to India. Various kinds of delectable chocolates in beautifully decorated baskets are something that kids will happily gorge upon. For instance, if you are in USA, send Rakhi to India from USA with Ferrero Rocher, or Temptation bars, Bourneville, or assorted collection of Kitkat, 5 star, éclairs, Belgian raspberry delight, Danish butter cookies, Cadbury Silk, Hershey’s Symphony Creamy Milk chocolate bars. See the children’s eyes glitter with joy at the sight of luscious, lavish chocolate trays. You can enhance the delight by presenting them with soft toys, lunch boxes, Johnson baby products along with these. Kids simply love to play with soft toys. Be it soft pillows in various shapes, like heart, or with Little Mermaid picture or other cartoon characters engraved on them, they can spend hours being engrossed in their make-belief world with them. Speaking of which, cute toys like an elephant, Pooh bear, little teddies in the boat, or mummy bear with a baby bear, little puppy, kitty, ducklings are a boundless source of joy for kids. Be sure to have them enthralled with even things that elders prefer, as they like to imitate them and deny their little stature. Putting on an act of mature people they would also like Rakhi thalis with Diya, coconut, has a host of Donald Duck rakhis, Chhota Bheem, Ben 10 rakhis on their kids thali section. With a whole range of alluring Mithai thalis, yummy chocolate thalis, the kids thalis are a fabulous option. Rakhi India online services pack fresh sweets, dry fruits in silver plates, or gorgeous baskets for dispatch in the right condition. And for the kids who are completely foodie, they would love cashew nuts, raisins, almonds, delicious Kaju Barfi, lovely laddus, and mouthwatering pedas. Talking of food, the idea of gift vouchers from Sigree, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Mainland China is something that can never go wrong. So gift your little brother or sister with one of the vouchers for a sumptuous lunch or dinner through Online Rakhi to India service. Gift vouchers are also available for apparel shopping as well like from Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop. Let the little sibling stroll about the shopping zones pick dresses according to their choices. An experience that these kids would enjoy thoroughly running about with their little legs! Apart from all that, toys like hot wheel cars, remote control cars, or board games, educational games are a fantastic idea as rakhi gifts. Billiard games, building sentences, solving picture puzzles, snake and ladder, ludo, chess, colouring kit, doctor’s kit are some of the items that can be considered to send with Rakhi to India from USA. Dolls are excellent option: Baby sisters just cannot do without their dolls. For them, dolls are like their very own buddies and children. So presenting her with Indian Barbie wearing a saree or a Barbie along with her wardrobe, comb, jewellery set, trolley bag in a set will have no end to her thrill and excitement.  Even photo albums with Hanna and Montana, Barbie, Mickey Minnie, pictures on them will be an incredible gift for kids to preserve memories. What will add more to their excitement are photo mugs, t-shirts. Such an innovative gift indeed will make them jump with joy. So send online Rakhi to India along with these adorable, heart-warming gifts this rakhi.

  • Rakhi gifts

    This Rakhi Make your Kid Brother feel Special

    Indian festivals are quite popular all over the world. They are celebrated with much fervor and zeal in India and also in foreign countries where Indians reside. Among some of the major festivals, Rakhi is a much renowned one throughout the country of India. The festival of Rakhi upholds the sweet bond of relationship between brother and sister. The mythological story that explains the origin of this festival is that, on the Hindu month of Shravana, on a fullmoon day, Yamuna, the sister of Yama tied the sacred thread of Rakhi on his hand. So it is believed that on the day of Shravana Purnima if a sister ties Rakhi on her brother’s hand then Yama, the God of Death, will not be able to harm his life in future. In return the brother promises to protect his sister all throughout his life. On this day the siblings sanctify themselves by bathing early in the morning. Following which they wear fresh clothes, the sister then make preparations for the event. On the auspicious time the rituals begin. Sister ties a rakhi on the brother’s right hand, gives him a plate of sweets and then the elder of the two blesses the other. Sisters then showers gifts on the brother and the occasion ends by a grand feasting and merrymaking. There are brothers and sisters who are not quite fortunate to celebrate Rakhi personally with their siblings. This is because nowadays, many people settle abroad due to their profession or education. So they are unable spend the day with their siblings. But the emergence of various online Rakhi portals has made it easier for these people to send Rakhi to India during the festival. Specially when they cannot do the Rakhi shopping due to important engagements, these sites help them to send Rakhi to India online to their dear brothers. is such an e-gifting portal which also helps sisters to send Rakhi to India cheapest. Rakhi is a very exciting event for little kids. So if you have a kid brother in India whom you cannot tie Rakhi personally, you can always send some lovely gifts for him besides sending Rakhis. In the above mentioned site, you will come across a wide variety of gifts for kid brother for the festival of Rakhi. Some of the gifts that you will find here are: School Items - Make your kid brother’s school going more happening and enjoyable. On Rakhi gift him amazing School Items that will delight him. There are different products in this category, like school bags, set of school accessories like lunch box, pencil box and water bottles. Moreover you can also gift them cute Table Lamps, a full set of crayons, insulator bottles and so on. There are loads of options to choose from. The little one will be overjoyed to get them. Hot Wheels - Little boys are fond of cars and stunt toys. Hot Wheels is the ultimate name for toys of such type. There are a wide collection racing cars and interesting stunt toy sets. Your kid brother will be so involved in these games in his leisure that he will not get time to do any mischiefs. Educational Games - For growing kids, Educational Games are a very good option for gifting. It has a very positive impact on their minds and helps them to learn a lot. The games help them to increase their vocabulary with Scrabble, construct sentences with Build a Sentence, teach them shapes, names of animals, birds etc. So they will be involved in a learning process even when they are playing. Chocolates - The relation between Chocolates and Kids is eternal and sweet. They are fond of chocolates. So it can be the best option of Rakhi gift. You will be able to select from a large assortment of chocolates from the best brands. They are mouth watering in taste and excellent in quality. Brands that are available here are Ferrero Rocher, Lindt, Cadbury etc. They come in hampers, so your kid brother will get a number of chocolates together. The little one will be more than happy to receive such a delightful gift on Rakhi. Rakhi celebrates the bond between brother and sister, so on Rakhi strengthen your bond of love for your siblings by sending rakhi gifts to them. Also send them a box of Rakhi sweets along with the gifts.