Jamshedi Navroz Celebration

This chapter focuses on the most amazing ways to celebrate Jamshedi Navroz.

Navroz Celebration

Jamshedi Navroz Celebration By The Parsis

The fasli or the Gregorian calendar of Parsis welcomes the fresh spring with a grand celebration known as “Jamshedi Navroz”. On 21st March, Parsi communities send gifts to India from USA or other countries to their relatives, prepare sweets, decorate their houses and worship in the fire temple to offer a special thanksgiving prayer. It is a new day and the arrival of a brand new year for them. It showers the blessings of the Sun God on all the Persian Communities. Jamshed-i means of Jamshed, Nav means New and roz means day and so it is a new day celebrated in the memory of King Jamshed. He was considered the forth p

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Navroz Importance

Importance of Jamshedi Navroz as the first day of the Persian year

You are surely aware of the Zoroastrian “new year” celebrated with rich hues on 21st March. You can feel this gusto before spring and are ready to send gifts to India, adorn your houses and meet your loved ones on this occasion. You must not forget the sweet box prepared with so much love. If you aren’t aware than get acquainted with this felicitous occasion “Jamshedi Navroz” that is celebrated in honour of the investiture of King Jamshed. This day is marked as the first day of fasli calendar and its importance is not delimited to the people but extends to their ecology as well. Let us find out abo

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