Independence Day Gift Articles

Independence Day Gifts

15th August is celebrated throughout India as this is the day when in the year 1947, Indian gained her independence from the British rule. Indeed a day of grand celebration, Independence Day is marked by honoring the martyrs who laid their lives for gaining freedom. This is also the day of showing how much one loves his or her motherland, India. This special day of celebration can be made more special by exchanging gifts among one another. The articles assigned in this chapter detail about the different gifts that can be sent to India on Independence Day.


Gifts to send for Independence day celebration

India celebrates its independence day on 15th August every year. This day is considered very auspicious as it commemorates India’s independence from British rule and the birth of a sovereign state. The central event takes place at New Delhi’s Red Fort where the major flag hoisting takes place. The tri-color Indian flag is hoisted not only at the premises of Red Fort but all across India. The tri-color flag comprising of deep saffron, white and green colours respectively which have great significance. Keeping this celebrations in mind, has launched a series of gifts that you can send to your dear

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Movies That Can Be Watched On Independence Day

Independence Day, celebrated every year on 15th August, is a very special day for us Indians. It is one this day in the year 1947, our motherland earned her Independence from the British, who had ruled our country for over 200 years. Indeed a great day of celebration, this is a national festival which Indians living not only in the country but also across the world participate in its grand celebration. A day of glory and pride, throughout this day, the martyrs are paid tribute for their self-less sacrifices that they made for gaining Independence. While flag hoisting is the most common event of this occasion that is followed in

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