Adorable Gifts for kids

Eid Gifts for Kids

Eid Ul Fitr is celebrated with lots of pomp and enthusiasm by the Muslims all over the world. Gifts hold a special significance for everyone, especially for kids. Gifts such as chocolates, indoor as well as outdoor games, toys will be the perfect items that can be sent to the kids on this grand festival. The articles assigned in this chapter will provide detailed account on the festival of Eid Ul Fitr .


Chocolates, personalised kids mug and educational games for kids as Eid gifts

India is a country that celebrates festivals every other day. EId Ul Fitr is one such festival. This festival marks the end of the Ramzan period, and usually falls on a new moon night. This year it has fallen on the 31st day of August, 2011. According to legend, the Holy Koran was revealed in this month. Thus, Ramzan is regarded as a highly auspicious month and fasting and prayers mark it. This festival is celebrated with lots of pomp and show and Muslims in India always make it a point to exchange gifts. Keeping in mind the importance of exchanging gifts, has launched a wide array of gifts to be delivered

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Top 10 Eid Gifts for Kids

Kids love celebrations. It is the time when they get to dress up, meet their friends, have their favourite treats, and if the celebration is Eid, then definitely bag a generous amount or a gift as Eidi from their elders. Here is a thoughtfully curated list of gifting ideas that shall make your little one happy. Interactive Prayer Mat Looking forward to instilling in your child a sense of piety? This Eid, make praying fun and interactive with the technologically aided Interactive Prayer Mat. It contains touch sensitive diagrammatic representations of the positions of the body parts on the mat while performing w

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