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Best Friend’s Day Gifting

This chapter brings forward unique gift ideas for best friend's day.

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  • Best Friends Day Gift Voucher

    Surprise your loving friend with exclusive gift vouchers on Best Friends Day

    Everyone has a special friend; one would like to believe all friendships are same, but the hard truth is each of us, for sure, have a special friend. So make your special friend feel even more special by surprising him/her with exclusive gift vouchers on Best Friends Day. Although there can be numerous gifts that you can think of, but gift vouchers idea will definitely be in your top 5 best friend's day gift ideas and we will tell you how. A special friend gives you freedom With your special friend, either from school, college or at work, you are always at ease. You always have the option to put across your thought in a way you preferred, not in a way he/she would like. That is the power of a special friendship- it makes you be you! So, this friendship day give yourself and your friend to be just yourselves by gifting exclusive gift vouchers from our website. Send gifts to India in the form of gift vouchers for your special friend. Surprise your special friend with and gift vouchers to buy books, CDs and movies Your friend has a special like for stories. There are special movies and books you both have enjoyed together discussing, debating and providing your take on them. Surprise your friend with a gift voucher to buy books, CDs and movies from our website. Make your special friend feel special by giving them the whole range of books and movies to choose from. So, send gifts to India from USA and rekindle your friendship, once again. Your foodie special friend will love you for the gift voucher on Dining Remind yourself of the restaurant and eating joint hopping you did when you were together. The location and the restaurant mattered, but what mattered was going there with your special friend. The presence of your special friend at that restaurant made the experience and the taste of food even better. So, send gifts to India for your special friend in the form of dining gift vouchers. You can be sure your friend is going to send a picture when they go dining with the voucher you sent. Imagine the good feeling and decide from a range of dining vouchers from our website. Best dressed is what your friend likes to be Both of you have spent hours in malls, mostly during sale period trying out clothes of your choice. Your friend was more finicky about fit and color than you. You have got delayed for movies after your apparel buying spree. Get back those memories by gifting your special friend exclusive gift vouchers to buy apparels. You can almost imagine the delight on your friends’ face to see the gift voucher and excitement to go shop for clothes. So, send gifts to India as vouchers to buy apparels and expect a hilariously smiling selfie from your special friend trying out clothes in the changing room. It is an art to make the good looking ones look even better. Exercise this as best friend's day gift ideas and gift your friend vouchers to buy apparel and cherish the fond memories from yester years of mall hopping to buy clothes, queuing up in front of the changing rooms and trying out clothes and repeating the act with a different set of clothes.

  • Best Friends day Perfumes

    Perfumes can be the perfect gift item on Best Friends Day

    Friendship day is around the corner and it is time to take some risks and get personal. Gifting your friends with perfume can actually get personal. However, they can be the best gift for your close friends with whom you share so much. Send perfumes as gifts to India and make your friend feel special. It is better you know their taste of perfumes- mild or strong or if they have preference for brands. Gift perfumes and break the myth of “we should not gift perfumes” Yes, these are changing times and you have one more chance to break a myth that we should not gift perfumes. When it comes your special friend you can take the liberty and break that myth. Gifting them their preferred brand of perfume can make them elated for how deep you think about them. And guess what, the gift goes right into their collection of perfumes. So, send gifts to India from USA and make your friend’s collection of perfumes even richer. It is impossible to have “enough” perfumes Yes, you read it right. With the wide range of perfumes in the global market and an even more wide range of choices of signature scents, one can never have “enough” perfumes in their collection. World renowned brands keeping their signature scent same, launch variations of it which also can become prized possessions by your close friend. So, this friendship day, send gifts to India from US and enrich your friend’s collection of perfumes by gifting them from a wide range of perfumes from our collection. You might not know the right perfume for your friend, but you will surely know the right perfume for any occasion Yes, the thought counts as much as the gift. Perfumes have different blends and signature scents. Although your friend might have a particular liking for a signature scent, you can gift them with scents for occasions. For example, a musk scent, or vanilla or that of jasmine flower can be worn for the night occasions. Light scents with flower base are usually preferred for day time. So, go ahead and choose the right perfume from our collection and send gifts to US. Perfumes can give the feeling of your friend being next to you Perfumes are so personal that the aroma of a particular perfume can almost make the person’s presence felt right next to you and thereby constitutes as one of the best friend's day gift ideas. A Burberry or a Davidoff are signature perfumes and when you have that aroma close by the aura of the person can be felt, irrespective of whether or not the person is beside you. So, you can do it both ways. Gift the fragrance or brand of perfume your special friend likes, or gift her perfume you like. Either ways, you will be in each other’s company, despite being away from each other. So, go ahead a send gifts to India as perfumes and make your presence felt, despite being away from each other. Gifting perfumes was a risky proposition sometime back, but when you know your friend so closely you can be a little adventurous and take risk of gifting perfumes, or send them as gifts to India, of their or your choice.

  • Soft Toys

    Soft toys can make your loving friend smile on Best Friends Day

    There is as much science behind popularity of soft toys as is emotions. Having said that; ever thought of why soft toys are so popular. They aren’t your usual toys. The science behind that concept is people view it as a transitional object. Most fans of stuffed toys would say that stuffed toys have emotions too. There are high chances that you super cute friend also thinks the same. Maybe they have grown up now, but a soft toy as a gift reminisces the childhood days and can bring your friend smile on Best Friends Day. So send gifts to India from anywhere in the world and make your friend feel special. Remember the times when soft toys were your best friends and family members All of us have played with soft toys. They used to be central to our games and to our playtime. Most of us had our favorites too. We are sure your special friend had her favorite one too. So, choose a soft toy from our range of toys and send gifts to India and make her day a special one. Popular soft toys to choose from Sending gifts to India have become a lot easier these days. You can choose from a wide range of soft toys from an array of websites and send gifts to India and make your friend feel special. Choose from Teddy Bears, Princess and the Frog or a Cute Soft Toy Puppy and send gifts to India. Bring back childhood memories with soft toys One advantage soft toys have over other type of gifts is they can be right next to you or the person you are gifting to. Using soft toy as the prop you can talk sweet nothings to them and bring back old memories when you have had cue tiffs with your friends over owning soft toys and not talking to them and stopping to play with them until the time you got the soft toy back. Any soft toy you chose will have the nostalgia factor with your childhood. So, this friendship day send gifts to India from USA in the form of soft toys and relive your childhood memories. Soft toys make the heart grow fonder One important piece of information here! Science says that people develop so much attachment to an object/soft toy that they refuse it to be replaced even with the exact same replica. That’s because they have attached so much emotions to that object. As a result, soft toys which are almost living things for your special friends absorb all emotions between the two of you. So, choose a soft toy carefully, not too kiddish and nothing too violent. Our range of soft toys offer you ample choices to choose one for your special friend and make her smile on friendship day. Visit any website, choose the cutest one according to you and send India gifts to your friend. A soft toy is definitely not a replacement for your presence beside your special friend on friendship day. But, it can act as the next best thing to happen to both of you and of course amongst the best friend's day gift ideas. The soft toy can be your representative while you are distant. Imagine the possibilities!

  • Hamper for Best Friends Day

    Make Best Friends Day day special with chocolates & flowers

    Best Friend’s day is a misnomer and best friend's day gift ideas are a foot-in-the mouth statement. But, if you think of it, it is actually true. That’s because if you have a best friend every day is a special day. Every day is a memorable one with moments of laughter, joy and sharing and cracking those stupid jokes which only both of you can understand. Nonetheless, every special thing is life is to be celebrated and so this best friend’s day, make your best friend feel special and send gifts to India from our wide range of collection. Although most gifts work with your best friend, spend time thinking what’s best for the best You know your best friend inside out and he/she knows you well too. Choosing gift for your best friend can be predictable trap, because you will gift what he/she likes. So, the surprise quotient goes out of the equation. However, best gift for best friend is the perfect statement. Sometimes, best is more appropriate than “surprise”. Visit our website and choose from a range of collection. You are bound to find a gift that fits your best friend exclusively. So, send gifts to India from USA by making a choice of gift that your friend will cherish for a long time. Chocolates as gifts enhances sweetness between best friends Choose from a wide range of gift chocolates to sweeten up the relationship you have with your best friend. Some consider, munching chocolates as sin. This sin is a likable one. So, don’t hesitate and choose either an alluring box of chocolates, a tray full of chocolates to gift your best friend and make him/her feel special. Send gifts to India through us and we will ensure it reaches in time and in its expected adorable packing, just the way you would have gifted him. Flowers for the special best friend, will floor her Choose from our collection of flower bouquets to make your best friend feel special. It is a gift which has stood the litmus test of time and is never out of fashion. A flower bouquet as gift has always been appreciated by people who receive them with exclamatory expressions. Just be mindful of the color of flowers you choose to gift. Different colors have different meanings, so play it safe and don’t tread the risky path. You know your friend and the depth of relationship. That makes you the best judge for the choice of flowers. So, go ahead and send gifts to India, and we will have those flowers delivered to your special one with as much care and affection as you would have. Combine the best of both worlds Combine your choice of chocolate as gift with a matching flower bouquet to let your bestfriend know he/she is on your mind on this special day. Combine a truck loaded with chocolates or a heart shaped chocolate box with a bouquet of amazing roses or fascinating mixed roses for your friend as gift. Although a misnomer, every occasion that gives you a chance to celebrate friendship needs to be celebrated. Celebration makes an occasion memorable and makes one look forward to it year after year. So, send gifts to India from USA and make your best friend’s day a truly memorable one.

  • Friendship Bands

    Friendship Bands: The best gift item on Best Friends Day

    This word “friends” is indeed a big word. This friendship day we help you with advice on best friend’s day gift ideas. The picture that comes up in our mind when we read or say this word is one that is filled with happiness, joy, laughter and all the good things we have done with each other. Friends are those angels who can multiply your happy moments and really trim the sad phases of life. Friendship bands symbolize special bond Ever wondered how friendship happens? It just happens. With some, you just hit it off right from the moment you meet them. Some develop over the course of time, when you start to discover common tastes between the both of you. Some happen because you both are just unlike each other that you complement each other for things you are and things the other person is. So, this friendship day on 2nd of August send gift to India to make your friend feel special and how important they are to you. Maintaining and nurturing friendship with friendship bands Just like any other relationship, this also needs to be worked upon, and by both of you. In financial terms, it is a low maintenance relationship, with disproportionate intangible returns in the form of happiness and joy. However, both of you need to put in efforts to strengthen the friendship and make it a relationship for a lifetime. It is low maintenance because you don’t have to shower tangible items to impress upon them. A little acknowledgment, a little playfulness and the sense of “will be there for you” is all it needs for a long lasting relationship. To make the friendship a long lasting one send gifts to India from USA from a variety of cool collection of friendship bands. Send friendship day gifts to India It doesn’t matter how deep your friendship is or how long you have been friends for, because it is a relationship misunderstandings are bound to happen. The challenge is to manage misunderstandings. Communicate. That’s all we need to do. Moreover, the communication should be based on trust. All of us have had such misunderstandings with our friends in the past. Some of them got fixed much sooner than you already thought, some did linger on for unprecedented amount of time. Sadly, some of them never got fixed. This friendship day is the day to cherish those moments again, respect your friend and fix any niggles you have had in your relationship. Choose from a wide range of collection of friendship bands, either identical ones or to suit your friends’ liking and send gifts to India from USA. Different friends at different stages of life We all have experienced this. They day children out of their homes to play or they get enrolled in school they begin to make friendship. Childhood friendship, which is based on sharing is considered by almost all of us as the purest form of friendship. However, as we grow up we make friendship with people at different stages. There are friends who you got along while preparing for your entrance exams, shared notes with them, discussed problems with them, even bought forms for each other for different exams. Then you made different set of friends when you entered college, joined job, traveled to a different city and made friends from different culture, state and likings. Take this friendship day opportunity to send gifts to India and make your friends feel special. Who knows, your friend might be just thinking of sending you some gift! Friendships are for life, which need nurturing with warmth, affection and appreciation. A friendship band can definitely be amongst the best friend’s day gift ideas that can stand for the bonding you have developed over the years.