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Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi, Which is more popular?

Rakhi, is a sacred thread which ties up the siblings' hearts with an immaculate bond of love and care. The festival of Rakhi salutes the notion of selfless adulation, amity and heartfelt affection. It is a perfect way of defining auspicious relationships. Raksha Bandhan is a celebration honoring the brotherly love and sisterly feelings. Rakhsha Bandhan or Rakhi have a mythological essence. Yamuna was the sister of Lord Yama, the God of death. On every "Shravana Purnima", according to the Hindu Calender, Yamuna used to tie a sacred thread (Rakhi) to Lord Yama. Since then, it has become a tradition of sisters tying a

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Top 5 Zardosi Rakhis to send to India

On the festive occasion of Rakhi, Giftstoindia24x7.com has arranged a wide galore of attractive Rakhi gifts and threads in its store. Raksha Bandhan is the auspicious occasion centering round tying a sacred thread by the sisters on their brother’s wrist. Siblings eagerly wait for this day to come. Rakhi falls in the Hindu month of Shravana and in July-August according to the Gregorian calendar. Since the popular occasion of Raksha Bandhan is about to come, plan for the day to make it memorable both for you and your brother. This reliable e-gifting portal has been assisting the NRIs to send Rakhi to India to their loved on

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Rakhi Facts

Things one needs to know about Raksha Bandhan

The auspicious festival of Rakhi is celebrated on the purnima of the Hindu lunisolar month of Shravan. Raksha Bandhan honours the close relationship that is shared between a brother and a sister. The rituals of Rakhi Purnima include the sister performing an arti of the brother, applying a tika on his forehead and tying the holy Raksha Bandhan thread on his wrist. After the grand success of Rakhi everyone is waiting very eagerly for the coming year’s Raksha Bandhan. There are various stories and myths behind the celebration of Rakhi that make the festival what it is. Looking into such many facts and theories can surely hel

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Rakhi Significance

Significance Of The Name 'Raksha Bandhan'

Just as all festivities celebrate some sort of relationships in the Indian context, Raksha Bandhan also celebrates one such important relationship. Celebrate to understand the meaning of this festival and send rakhi to India on this auspicious day. That relationship is the one between sister and brother. The fanfare with which this relationship is celebrated in India is unparalleled. The festival celebrates the love and affection between brothers and sisters on a day when both of them pray for well being of each other and wish prayers for all good things to come. Deep rooted meaning of a beautiful relationship To understand

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How we Enable NRIs to send Rakhi online

The introduction of online shopping sites has completely altered the way we purchase items. With just one click of a button, you can purchase and send an item of your choice anywhere around the world. Amongst several such sites,giftstoindia24x7.com is one of the most popular among non-resident Indians to send Rakhi gifts to India. For Indians, whether they are residing in their homeland or abroad, ‘Raksha Bandhan’, commonly known as Rakhi, is one of the most important festivals. This festival is celebrated to honour the sacred relationship between brothers and sisters. Thus, if you are miles away from home on this

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Sending Gifts on Rakhi

Rakhi is an important festival of India. Rakhi is also known as “Raksha Bandhan”. On this day, sister ties a sacred thread known as “Rakhi” on her brother’s wrist. The simple Rakhi thread is considered stronger than iron chains as it signifies the eternal bond between brothers and sisters. The sister also prays for her brother’s long and happy life. In return, the brother gives his sister attractive gift articles and promises to protect her from danger. In present scenario, it has been noticed that due to career aspiration most people settle away from their home. In such situation, they can

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Send variety of gifts and gift hampers on Rakhi

Rakhi is a popular festival usually celebrated in the month of August. This day is celebrated in an unique manner. On Rakhi, all the family members gather to celebrate the loving bond between brothers and sisters. The celebration begins after the sister performs the traditional custom of tying sacred thread, “Rakhi” on her brother’s wrist. Both wish each others well being and happiness. Exchanging gifts on Rakhi is a very common trend. So, if you are away from your close ones on Rakhi , you can send Rakhi to India with the help of e-gifting portals. Giftstoindia24x7.com is an exclusive online store, where you

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Trend of online gifting on Rakhi

India, the land of multiple cultures and varied traditions, celebrates various occasions and festivals. Rakhi an most important festival of India, is all about brotherhood, fraternity and supreme emotions. Rakhi or ‘Raksha Bandhan’ is known to be the ‘eternal bond of love’ between brothers and sisters. Rakhi is celebrated in different parts of India with same spirit but the rituals may vary. Rakhi is celebrated on the full moon day or ‘Rakhi Poornima’ of the Hindu month of Shravan in India. If you are wondering when is Rakhi. As we know with the advancement of computer and Internet, the tren

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Send Rakhi along with Gifts to India

The introduction of online shopping has completely altered the approach of sending gifts to our loved ones back home. In the previous days, when we had to send gifts to India on any occasion or festival, we had to rely on the local post where there were no guarantees that it would reach the recipient on time. This is one reason why e-gifting sites are grabbing the attention of non-resident Indians all over the world. Amongst numerous sites, Giftstoindia24x7.com is one site with the help of which you can send Rakhi to India along with attractive gifts. The trend of gifting items on occasions and festivals has been there since t

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Send Men's Jewellery and apparels to your brother this Rakhi

Rakhi is one of the auspicious occasion for Indians, celebrated with merriment and grand feasting. Sisters plan for this festival much before the day arrives. Rakhi is one of the most awaited occasion for both brothers and sisters. People decorate their houses and perform ‘puja’ on this pious occasion. People exchange Rakhi gifts and distribute sweets among relatives and friends. If you are wondering Rakhi. On this day, sisters take early bath and wear new traditional clothes. They keep fast until they perform the 'aarti' of their brothers wishing the best for him, put red vermillion 'tikka', tie rakhi on their wris

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