About Jamshedi Navroz

This chapter discusses about the history and significance of Jamshedi Navroz

Navroz Facts

Some Fascinating Facts about Jamshedi Navroz

Celebrating Jamshedi Navroz is an annual event for the Parsis in India and the Persian community all around the world. Sending gifts to India is a very common procedure during this time and many wonderful options can be seen. Literally, the term ‘Navroz’ means new day while ‘Jamshedi’ refers to the erstwhile King Jamshed of Iran. Hence, Jamshedi Navroz is a celebration of new year and the Parsis give a lot of importance to this day. Various India gifts are exchanged among friends and relatives during this auspicious festival with many facets. There are various interesting facts related to this festival a

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Navroz Myths

Mythical Importance Of Jamshedi Navroz

Every festival is like a beautifully fabled book which has its own luminary who inspires the traditions and the same goes for Jamshedi Navroz. Parsis in other countries prepare feast, send gifts to India online in a magnificent way and wish their relatives in order to make this day momentous. Respecting the mythology behind this lovely festival, Parsis in India gather with family and relatives and follow their respective traditions. It is because of King Jamshed that we all nourish the values of this festival that is celebrated on 21st March as a “new day”. It is the first day of the first month in the Persian calen

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Navroz History

Historical Significance of Jamshedi Navroz

Although you are living in a distant land, you are never excluded from the aesthetic Indian traditions on this “New Day” celebrated widely by Persians. If you can’t travel there then your love surely can as we send online gifts to India on behalf of you to your near and dear ones. Celebrated from over three thousand years ago, this day holds a remarkable role in the hearts of every Parsi. The roots of Jamshedi Navroz festival lies deep in its history and is remembered for a great king who gave meaning to this Zoroastrian tradition. It would be fascinating to go back in time and remember a diligent king who cha

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Navroz Gifts

Jamshedi Navroz: It's History & Significance

Jamshedi Navroz is the grand celebration of the Parsi New Year that is carried out with much revelry and merriment. Delicious food and yummy drinks form an integral part of this festival and the whole festival revolves around it. It is also customary for people to visit friends and relatives and exchange lovely gifts on this occasion. This festival is a holy day for the Zoroastrians and many rituals and customs are an inseparable part of it. The dining table is decorated in special ways like Haft Seen, Half Mewa and Khoncha which is a must. You can send gifts to India on this very important day that has a very rich history and

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Persian New year

Interesting Facts About Jamshedi Navroz

Nowruz or Navroz is celebrated as the Iranian or Persian New Year; it is celebrated as the first day of Spring or Equinox. It is according to the Iranian solar calendars but according to the calendars of Shahenshahi and Kadmi which is followed mainly in Pakistan and India, the Navruz is celebrated on July-August. On this day families from diverse ethnic communities come together to celebrate the rituals. Sending gifts to India for this occasion is one of the best way to celebrate it with your loved ones. You can send these India gifts very easily with the help of this trustworthy online portal. It is celebrated by any cultural

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