About Diwali

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About Diwali

Diwali, popularly known as the festival of lights is one of the most popular festivals in India. Diwali signifies the triumph of good over evil forces in nature. The festival marks the grand home-coming of Shri Ram after his 14 years of exile. Diwali is celebrated with vim and brio in most parts of India. People enjoy this festive day by lighting sparkling diyas and candle. Different colorful varieties of fireworks, and exotic illustration of lights all around makes this festival worthy to remember. Laxmi Puja in the evening is also a remarkable part of this festival. The articles in this chapter discusses about Diwali and its significance.


Diwali Customs

Significance of the Common Things we do on Diwali

The festival of lights, Diwali, is a very colourful celebration that is celebrated throughout India in different forms. This festival has been annually celebrated on the amavasya in the Hindu lunar month of Kartik. Diwali celebration commences two days in advance of the day and it continues for a total of five days. This is a time of gift giving and various gifts as well as sweets are exchanged between friends and families. There are also a variety of other customs and traditions that surround this festival which we follow. These rituals have deep cultural backgrounds behind them and they are filled with mythological prospects.

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How do People Celebrate Diwali in India

Diwali, the brightest and the grandest festival of India, is observed by all people across India with great enthusiasm and fervour. Diwali is a national festival in the true essence since people of all age groups, all regions and all religions celebrate this festival of lights with equal zeal. The auspicious occasion of Diwali holds significance for all religions and every region of India has their own legends and interpretations. But common to all practices is the custom of lighting every dwelling, every street and every corner with lighted diyas, lamps, candles, electric lights, bursting crackers and exchanging gifts between

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