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Bihu, the celebration of prosperity and togetherness is known for its secular character and grand festivities. The three Bihu festivals around the year portray Assamese culture and heritage. Stories of mankind are told through Bihu dance and “Bihu geet” with light platonic references. This festival of unbounded joy is a reminder of the vivid and rich cultural tradition of our country. Sweets and gifts are exchanged on these occasions as  tokens of solidarity. The articles assigned in this chapter discuss about the customs, celebrations, traditions and history of Bihu festivals.


Bihu In Assam

How is Bihu Festival Celebrated in Assam?

Bihu is the chief festival of Assam and it falls three times in a year : Rongali or Bohag Bihu celebrated in April, Kangali or Kati Bihu observed in October and Magh or Bhogali bihu celebrated in January. Each Bihu has it's own significance, tradition and different method of celebrating it. You can even send gift to India on each of these three times Bihu is celebrated. If you are living in the United States then, you can easily send gifts to India from USA to make yourself a part of these celebrations. The Rongali Bihu is the most popular of the three, Bhogali Bihu is all about food and Kangali Bihu is the sombre one marking t

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Bihu Customs and Celebrations

Bihu, the most important festival of Assam is a carnival of social integration. People of all demographics participate in the festival indiscriminate of any class divides.The agrarian community is predominant in this region. Naturally, Bihu and its festivities are deeply rooted in agricultural activities and the changing mood of nature. The Bihu festivals of Brahmaputra valley not only remind her people of the tradition of Assam but also tell the story of man, built on the edifice of agricultural and pastoral life. The people of Assam celebrate three Bihu festivals in a year. “Rongali Bihu” or “Bohag Bihu&rdqu

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