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As the cuckoos’ honeyed songs announce the advent of spring, love seems to be all around. The month of February has an ethereal romantic fervor. Gear up for the magical Valentine Week Celebration with ecstatic gifts. This week long festivity commences on 7th February or Rose Day and culminates with Valentine’s Day on 14th February. Lovers need no special occasion to celebrate their togetherness. Each day is momentous for them. But observing these joyful days with warmth strengthen their bonding and pave the way for a prosperous future life with each other. The articles assigned in this chapter discuss about the significance and celebrations of Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and Valentine’s Day which altogether constitute the Valentine Week.

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    Say it with a Kiss on Kiss Day

    “A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.” - Ingrid Bergman The most awaited day of this awesome love week is the Kiss Day, observed on 13th February, a day before the grand Valentine’s Day. A kiss is a form of expressing various sentiments of love, passion, affection, respect, greeting, friendship, good luck etc. It often acts as a ritual indicating devotion, respect or sacrament. This lovely Valentine week would have remained incomplete without this special day. Globally kissing is a form of embracing someone we love dearly. Passionate / Romantic Kiss Valentine’s Day being specially stipulated for all the loving couples, Kiss Day is the second important day for them to express love and passion. Kissing helps a couple to be intimate leading their relationship to an eternal process of togetherness. Romantic kisses are special for all the lovers who are preparing themselves to enter the final day of love - Valentine’s Day. A romantic kiss increases the proximity of a relation. Ancient lovers believed that kissing unites two different souls. Make your kisses more special complimenting them with some wonderful gifts like Chocolates, Cakes, jewelleries etc. Affectionate Kiss Kissing is the most natural form of showing affection. Other than romance, kissing even expresses deep feelings of loyal affection, gratitude, compassion, sympathy, intense joy, and profound sorrow. The sweetest kiss can be received from a kid who can simply express how precious you are to him. The affectionate kissing are common among family members especially parents. Kiss Day never remains confined between lovers. It can be our parents, our siblings, friends or anyone whom we love dearly. So, Kiss Day can be celebrated with any lovable person of your life. This special day can be brightened up by some wonderful gifts as well for gifts preserve memories and bring happiness. Gift Ideas For Kiss Day Chocolates: Chocolates symbolise love, passion and sweetness. Chocolate and kissing are correlated with each other. Both stimulate our body in several similar ways. Both kissing and having chocolates are stress relieving factors and help in relaxing mind and body as well. The person receiving a box full of chocolates will surely feel special and loved. So, chocolates as a gift on Kiss Day will work out the best among all. Cosmetics: Most of the ladies out there love to dress and look good. Cosmetics enthrall the heart of every woman. They are commonly used by women to enrich their skin tone and facial aspects giving them a beautiful look. This time impress your beloved delightfully by gifting her a wonderful combo of beauty products. Women and cosmetics are made for each other. Get loved and kissed on this special day of love gifting her such lovable products. Showpieces: Words often come to an end where feelings get struck. Lovely symbolic Showpieces are ideal to convey the hidden messages of your heart. A kissing love couple, a cute dancing girl, an antique piece of romantic couple etc can be used wonderfully as a gift on Kiss Day. These Showpieces will help you to pass on your unspoken messages to your loved ones on this endearing occasion. Wish Kiss Day to your loved ones with wonderful treats. Celebrate this season of love delightfully. Enjoy your moment and relish the charm and joy of love. Embrace your darling, surprising him / her with plenty of gifts, love and affection. Spread an aura of lovely fragrance in the atmosphere making it special and pleasant.   Go to Hug Day Go to Valentine's Day  

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    Teddy Day - History and Celebration

    “A teddy bear is your childhood wrapped up in faded yellow fur, and as such, he commands affection long after he is outgrown.” – Pam Brown Teddy Day, observed on 10th February, is another important and celebrated day of the Valentine week. Everybody loves to cuddle with these cute teddy bears. Every girl loves these soft toys a lot and stores them in their bedroom preserving sweet memories. This is the fourth day of this love filled week. Get one for your beloved and spread an euphoria of amusement and joy in her heart. Teddy bears can be gifted to pamper your lovers along with some bouquet of flowers or some tasty chocolates. These cute soft toys add its flavour in the relationships as well making them eternal. Expressing love, apologizing, sympathising along with declaring any love message can be wonderfully conveyed through these endearing playmates. History Behind the Beginning of Teddy Bear Day Teddy Bear being a very significant gift item has a long history. American President Theodore Roosevelt who was commonly known as “Teddy” once went on a bear hunting expedition in Mississippi where he refused to shoot a defenseless bear cub. This incident manufactured the history of these cuddly teddy bears in the year 1902. The name was also driven from Theodore’s name which is used worldwide now through these cute, soft toys. The majority of Teddy Bears are produced in countries like China and Indonesia. In Petersfield, Hampshire, England, the world’s first Teddy Bear museum was set up in 1984. What does Teddy Bear Symbolise? Cuddly wuddly soft teddy bears is immensely concerned with love. There is hardly any girl out there who doesn’t wish to own a huge tender teddy bear. They symbolise love, congratulations and sympathy. These soft toys were primarily identified as the most popular gift item for kids but later on they got symbolised as the sign of love and affection. The fluffyness and warmth of these soft toys make them more lovable. The season of love has a day prescribed for this symbolic love emblem as well which is celebrated familiarly worldwide. Couples enjoy exchanging teddy bears on this lovely day. Some exclusive Valentine gifts like Flowers, Chocolates etc are often carried forward along with these teddy bears as a cute gift combo. Teddy Bear symbolises child-like innocence and makes one remember someone special. All these significances of the teddy bear makes this day more special. How Teddy Day is Celebrated? Teddy day is dedicated to all the people who are very much in love with one another. This charming day of our Valentine week is celebrated globally by gifting lovely and attractive teddy bears to their lovers, wife, spouse, friends etc. Teddy Bears as soft toys carry with them several memories and enhances everyone's mood to be a happy one. These stuffed toys are actually stuffed with love and affection. Celebrate Teddy Day and enchant your adorables. Teddy bear is a special gift which conveys the message of unspoken feelings. In today’s hectic world, a teddy bear is a proven comfort item with multiple psychological benefits. Gift one huge pretty and lovely teddy bear to your Valentine giving your relationship a better prospect. Go to Chocolate Day Go to Promise Day

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    Promise Day- The Day Which Intensifies Your Relationship

    “Keep every promise you make and only make promises you can keep”---Anthony Hitt The fifth day of the Valentine Week is known as the Promise Day. The day falls on 11th February. The day is associated with the fact to recognise the importance of each other and the commitment they need to exhibit within themselves to preserve the eternal bonding between them.  The first step of every relationship is the confession of the infinite love towards each other. Every person wants to adore his/her beloved with ultimate love, care and affection. But the basic foundation of every relationship lies on the compatibility and the fondness among each other. With the positive qualities, every person do have some negative traits in them. Coping up with those negative behaviours is not easy. In these difficult circumstances, Promise day gives an opportunity to commit to your lifelong partner to change those attributes and become a more sensible companion of your beloved. This is the perfect day to dissolve all your differences by keeping aside all the distressing egoes and take a new start. Taking the example of the fairer sex, women are often blamed for being late to every occasion. They require more time to get ready compared to men. Women do want to look good whenever they get out of the house which takes a little more time. So, all those wonderful ladies should take this opportunity to promise her sweetheart to be never late in future. Their punctuality will definitely be the ideal commitment of the Promise day to her boyfriend or husband. Women do complain about the disturbing obsession that men have towards electronic gadgets. Men do remain busy playing games or surfing net ignoring the beautiful lady beside him. On the occasion of the Promise Day, they can pledge towards their beloved that they will provide supreme care for their woman making them feel the most important person in their lives. Like this, everyone should prioritize to discard their own bad habits and improve their overall personality to become true partner. Revive the freshness in your relationship by a suitable gift on the occasion of the Promise Day. Gift your sweetheart with an imposing and aromatic arrangement of flowers to celebrate the speciality of the day. Flowers possess the unique quality of exhibiting the true emotions with their rejuvenating fragrance. The remarkable Valentine cards with an appropriate Gift Hamper will also be a delightful gifting choice. The dedicated gift hampers are specially designed which contains every flavour of the Valentine’s Day. The cards with these gift baskets will amplify the celebrations. Intensify the commitment and shine your bonding with these charming gifts. Promise Day has its own distinctiveness which should not be exploited with unrealistic expectations, rather this is the day which provides the golden opportunity to relish the essence and the uniqueness of every relationship with the assurance of staying together lifelong. Go to Teddy Day Go to Hug Day

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    Spreading Love on Hug Day

    “Love is a circular emotion, that surrounds you like a hug or a noose” - Jarod Kintz A hug is a kind of non verbal communication that conveys love and affection for each other. Get cosy with your sweetheart this year with a deep hug and exchange your profound feelings for him/her. Lovers need no special occasion to embrace each other. But every year, the sixth day of the Valentine week, 12th February is celebrated as “Hug Day” by couples to exchange warmth of emotion. Benefits of Hugging : Hugging is beneficial for both physical and psychological health of a person. Hugging can also help build a sound immunity system as it facilitates the production of White Blood Cells. It reduces the risk of heart disease by decreasing the level of stress hormone secretion. A Special Feeling A proper deep hug where the hearts are pressing together can elevate mood and help to get rid of tension. It gives you a sense of safety and makes you feel special and wanted. Hugs teach us a lesson that love is a two way flow. It educates us to give and receive. It gives you an opportunity to receive and give warmth at the same time. People exchange energy between themselves while hugging. Couples in love bank on this to strengthen their bonding. It helps to develop understanding between the two and encourages fellow feeling. Different Types of Hug A hug from someone you love can be the best romantic gift ever. There are different types of hug to express your feelings. Buddy Hug : Your friend can give you a buddy hug. This is the one where you embrace your pal and give a pat on his/her back. Make your bosom buddy feel special with a tight hug. Sleepy Shoulder Hug : Lovers find solace in each other’s arms. In this hug, the girl and the boy wrap their arms around each other. The girl rests her head on the boy’s shoulder to say that she is feeling safe and secure. Teddy Bear Hug : This is the most adorable hug of all. The lovers tightly embrace and melt in each other’s arms. A bear hug from your sweetheart feels heavenly and allows you to exchange adoration for each other. Waistline Hug : In this hug the lovers have an arm around each other’s waist while walking or standing together. This gesture announces togetherness and profound love for each other. Gifting Options Make your sweetheart feel ecstatic on the special occasion of Hug Day with exquisite gifts. If you cannot squeeze some time out of your busy schedule, go for proficient online portals for sending delightful gifts. Chocolates : Chocolate can never go wrong as a romantic gift. Chocolates pamper the child in your partner and bespeak for your adoration. From rich dark chocolates to delectable milk chocolates you have plethora of items to pick to bring a charming smile on your sweetheart’s face. Flowers : Flowers are adored for their beauty and feminine quality. The delicacy and gracefulness of flowers have made them popular among all.They are the quintessential romantic gifts. Present your sweetheart an exquisite arrangement of flowers to blossom your love. Teddy Bears :  This Hug Day, get your beloved an uber cute teddy bear. Teddies symbolise love and affection. Your sweetheart will surely appreciate this token of love along with a tight teddy bear hug. Cakes : Elevate the spirit of romanticism while pampering your tastebuds with mouthwatering delicacies. Get him/her a delicious cake to make the occasion momentous. Grab this golden opportunity to make your love timeless with a warm hug. Enjoy the day being together and taking solace in each other’s arms.   Go to Kiss Day Go to Promise Day

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    Celebrate Rose Day - The First Day of the Valentine Week

    “One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.” - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist Love requires no reason or occasion to celebrate nor any specified time to express. Love is a never-ending process of sharing feelings and affection. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic and passionate time of the year dedicated to all the lovers who are vehemently in love with each other. February is the month of love and romance. Valentine’s Day, celebrated world wide on 14th February is preceded by a week of lovely days which includes: Rose Day - 7th February Propose Day - 8th February Chocolate Day - 9th February Teddy Day - 10th February Promise Day - 11th February Hug Day - 12th February Kiss Day - 13th February Valentine’s Day - 14th February Rose Day - 7th February Rose Day initiates the love filled week of February, the month when romance lingers in the air. Lovers greet each other with beautiful roses on this day. Rose, the prettiest flower always seizes the attention of every living creature. This beautiful flower Rose was designated the national flower and floral emblem of the United States of America in 1986. It’s about 35 million years since people are getting familiar with this endearing flower. Rose symbolises love, grace, purity, beauty, friendship, courage, respect, romance etc through its several forms.Rose as a flower blooms in several colours which comes with different significance as well. Red Rose: Red Rose as a symbol of love and romance has stepped in traditionally from ancient time. Love, Romance and Passion being the primary symbols of Red Rose, it is universally granted the status of the most romantic flower. The charisma of red roses has been representing several art work from poetry, classical painting to modern day symbol of love. The rich heritage and traditional significance of red rose has culminated its new role as the most popular mode of conveying the heart throbbing message- “I Love You”. Pink Rose: Symbolising grace and elegance, pink roses are ideal for showing admiration, gratitude or appreciation. The pink colour itself carries with it a connotation of sweetness, grace and elegance. Roses coloured in pink express sympathy and gentleness also. Pink roses were likely among the earliest roses to bloom. Being the most frequent among the old garden roses, pink roses are strongly associated with such sentiments of love and gratitude. An intricate collection of this sophisticated pink rose makes someone feel appreciated and special. Yellow Rose: Yellow is the colour that seizes our attention more than any other colour. It is the most luminous colour among the other colours of the spectrum symbolising joy, happiness, friendship, delight, promise etc. Yellow roses thus carry forward several such significances. They are ideal for friends showing gladness, remembrance, joy etc. and are perfect for cheering people, sharing messages of appreciation and joy. According to the age old traditions yellow is the colour of Sun which symbolises cheerful feelings of warmth and happiness. Roses being an integral part of romance attribute a lot to love but these yellow roses are purely assigned for friendship. They convey the perfect message to brighten up someone’s dull day into a jovial one. Orange Rose: Orange is a powerful colour whose fiery colour immediately conjures up desire and passion for romance. Orange roses are the embodiment of enthusiasm and desire symbolising excitement. They always come along with some meaningful messages which will delight your loved ones after receiving a bouquet of the same. The combination of the red and yellow colour merges the feeling of friendship with love. A bouquet of orange roses often tugs out your hidden desire to move a relationship beyond friendship. In short whatever the purpose might be, orange roses will surely heat things up. White Rose: Purity, Innocence, Sympathy, Spirituality and Secrecy are the primary symbols of white rose. Very unique and elegant, this pretty coloured rose conveys the message of peace and love with its pristine appearance. White rose marks honour and reverence as well and are used significantly in several funeral functions for showing sympathy. White rose even symbolises heavenliness expressing spiritual love and remembrance. Lavender Rose: Rose and love are very closely related. Symbolising enchantment, Majesty, Love at First Sight, Unity etc the lavender coloured roses wonderfully express your feelings. A bouquet of lavender rose is a pretty representation of showing love at first sight which conveys various meaningful messages through its simple and fragrant look. Receiving a bouquet of the unique and beautiful lavender roses can surely surprise the receiver. Rose Day can be given a new dimension by gifting these varied coloured roses accordingly spreading love and affection. Rose Day introduces this love filled week every year which itself has created a popularity world wide. Start enjoying this Valentine week feeling the essence of love in the air through the words of rose. Go to Propose Day