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Valentine Survival Guide

Valentine Survival Guide

The Valentines Day survival guide is an extremely helpful piece of information that can give you tips about the do’s and don’ts on the great occasion of celebrating love. This guide helps you plan a rocking day or an ecstatic night with your beloved. Be it an extravagant dinner or a long drive on a moonlit night or a gift that your lover will remember throughout her life. The survival guide will ensure you a fun filled and romantic Valentine's Day.

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  • GetUp on V-Day

    How to spruce up your style on V-Day

    Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and we are all going all worked up and nervous as to choose the perfect dress, the best accessories which make us look our best on the big day. But the key ingredient to look glamorous and spruce up your style on V-day is to relax. When you are comfortable with yourself and your silhouette, you will automatically feel glamorous. You can send various India gifts to your loved one if you want them to dress up in any particular style. They would be thrilled to doll up according to your choice. Here we suggest you some styles which will definitely up your glamour quotient and make you look perfect on your date night.   For Women : For a dinner date, it''s best to stick to some age old favourites in case of women. Slip on a rose-strewn slip or dress in floral prints. Add a shrug or long coat along with it depending on the climate you are in. Wear long sleek earrings and doll it up with medium to high heel sandals. Also add to it your favourite polka dot purse in contrasting colours. Tie up your hair in a classy one sided bun. Put on bright red lipstick and accentuate your eyes with only eyeliner and mascara. Don’t overdo it.   If your Valentine’s Day out involves a lot of outdoor activities where sports or similar kind of events are involved then please make sure that you wear a comfortable pair of jeans. That is the most important part of the look. Also walkable heels are necessary. Dress them up with a pair of standout earrings, a chic top and a moto jacket for a smidge of edge. Also take a box bag along with it so that you get space enough to pack your essential items as well as look smart in the look.   If you have been in a long relationship, then this day might not bring out the same excitement of a first date as earlier. Nevertheless, a date there still will be. In that case you can relax a  lot more on your dressing options. A casual crop top and high waist pant combo is just the thing. It''s laid back and cute enough for a run-in with a soulmate. Also wear a light coat if it''s cold outside. Carry a large animal printed bag, team it up with a glossy sneakers. You can add a watch to up the glam quotient.   For Men : Red has been romantic for too long now. Break the stereotype in pairing yourself up with a white chino and powder pink shirts. Complete your appealing look with animal-printed loafers to bring out that edge and be ready for a perfect day out. Dressing up in suits on special occasions is passé. Mix and match is the new age mantra. Pair up your good old pair of denim with a dirty white kurta shirt. Rock the fusion beat by pairing with brown moccasins. Trendy yet chic, will make your girl fall in love with you all over again.   Casual is in vogue and obeying the prim and proper route is not cool anymore. Wear a pair of jeans. Pick a multi-coloured jazzy cardigan to give a touch of the casualness. Wear a pair of brown shoes to set your spirit up for a party. After a hard day’s work you want to dress up quickly and don’t want to keep your girl waiting on the special day. Get ready effortlessly in no time. Pull out from your wardrobe a pair of red casual suit, team it up with a milk white shirt. Blend it with blue moccasins to woo your girl''s’ heart this Valentine’s.   This online portal brings for you amazing accessories and makeup items both for men and women which you can send as gifts to India to your beloved on Valentine’s day. If you are away from your darling and cannot meet her then you can make up for the situation and send online gifts to India. Also if you wish to see your beloved look a certain way on the grand day then you could also gift her with accessories and apparels.    

  • Valentine Gifts

    Significance of Red Roses on Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s Day comes only once a year and thus you need to make the occasion a memorable. There are many rituals and little things that are essential for this celebration and can be used as gifts to India. This festival is celebrated all around the world as the day of love and it is very important for lovers. A very significant aspect of this day is the red rose which is considered the best gift for this day. Thus, many arrangements of these wonderful flowers can be found as pretty gifts to India online. Therefore, the red rose is a very important element for the celebration of Valentine’s Day and we need to know its significance. Red Roses on Valentine’s Day Roses of red colour have been used as symbols of romantic love since time immemorial and many references can be found in ancient documents. This has now spread everywhere and instances of exchanging red roses can be found extensively in modern media. Literature is also filled with many such mentions of red roses and writers have been using this inexhaustibly. Different shades can be found among the colour red and roses of each of these mean something different. The red rose is attributed to the worship of Aphrodite and Venus in Greek and Roman civilisations. Mother Mary has also played a part in later times where red coloured roses were used to demonstrate her virtue.   You need to send these exclusive flowers for your beloved, especially if you cannot be with them on this occasion. You can choose any of the heart winning flowers that can be found on this online gift store for Valentine’s Day. They have been categorised into heart shaped arrangements, premium arrangements and others. The Valentine’s Day roses are quite unique and they mainly consist of red roses that are quintessential for this celebration. Roses on Valentine’s Day There are pretty rose baskets where you can get roses of red and other colours arranged in a basket. The Bright Red Rose Basket comes in a cane basket full of red roses which have been tied with a ribbon. Exclusive roses can also be opted for if you are looking for something spectacular to make the event memorable. The 50 Red Rose Tall Basket is a collection of fifty red roses along with greens and fillers in a basket.   You can also choose rose bouquets that are carefully and beautifully wrapped having exquisite flowers. The Precious Love bouquet of red roses has three dozens of these mind blowing flowers wrapped in golden yellow. Roses in a Vase are also a wonderful way of expressing your love for the one who really matters. The Bright Roses In a Vase is arranged in a transparent glass like vase containing two dozen red roses.   These flowers can be sent with other Valentine’s Day gift ideas that can make this day truly memorable. There are also many other gifts on this online gifting portal that can be sent for various occasions. Gifts to India from US and other countries can be sent through this gifting site in time for this and other events.  

  • Big Spender on Valentine's Day

    Valentine’s Day is the time of the year when lovers go crazy in love. They strive hard to get the best gift for their loved ones. In matters of the heart, money sometimes takes a back seat. What becomes most important is to see the sparkle of love in the eyes of the person you love the most. According to the National Retail Federation, American male consumers spend more than $30 million per year on Valentine's Day. This time of the year they involve in extravagant shopping. Spending as much money as they can, these men try their best to impress the person they love. There are some gifts which are out of the price range of almost everyone on earth! The true spirit of Valentine’s Day is not about how much money you spend, it is about doing something extra to make that day ever memorable for your sweetheart. Some of you may decide to shell out a little bit more for a gift--after all, nothing is too good for that special someone. Only the lucky people living in the lap of luxury can afford to spend millions on something that will leave you one of these outrageously expensive Valentines Day gifts ! The exotic private island in Phuket, Thailand is available for 23 million dollars. You can own this island, complete with blue sky, fresh air, peace and quietness. The experience of spending cozy times in the lap of nature, with your lover in arms will take your to a dreamland. Another expensive Valentines Day gift is a exclusive Bombardier Global Express XRS executive private jet for $48 million. You can buy the jet, decorate it and fly high in love with the love of your life. Luxury cars are a fashionable expensive gift for Valentines Day. Lexis, Mercedes, even a Rolls Royce can be counted as an extravagant Valentines day gift. However, there is the Bugatti Veyron, at a mere $1,700,000! This car is the not only the most expensive, but one of the fastest, street-legal, cars on the road. Bugatti is known for its world class luxury cars. You can buy the car and take your beloved on a joy ride on Valentines Day. Diamonds are always a women’s best friend. A special 7.5 carat diamond and platinum engagement ring, from none other than Tiffany & Co., for about $850,000 is a gift worth remembering! An unusual find, such as an antique piece of precious stone jewelry, a vintage designer dress or jacket or a first-edition book, may also be worth that extra money and time for the impact it makes on your beloved.  

  • Last Minute Valentine Gifts

    “Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.” ------- Robert Heinlein quotes Valentine’s Day also known as Saint Valentine’s Day, is a special event across the world. Held on February 14th every year, Valentine’s Day celebrates one of the best human emotions called “love.” This day has a lot of relevance because it acts as a unifying factor for all human beings cutting across their race, creed and religion. The festival commemorates the martyrdom of Saint Valentine, a Christian Saint. However, today the religious significance of Valentine’s Day has been sidelined and the secular and global element has come to the fore. It is a day to express unending love. Love is not only restricted among lovers but goes beyond to encompass parents, teachers, friends and other near and dear ones!  Valentine’s Day is all about sending loads of love and gifts.  Gifts which range from beautiful flowers, special gift hampers, chocolates, love cards, accessories to a number of other exotic items.  Deciding on gifts for your loved one is a complex process and needs a lot of thinking.  The aim is to bring a smile on his or her face with the best gift possible!  Some special gift ideas are needed at the last minute to convey deeply felt emotions. Chocolates can be considered as exceptional Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift because they transmit the sweet message of love in no time!  Lovers can share some of the best moments of their lives while sweetening their taste buds. Gifting CDs of Romantic Movies and Songs is also an exciting last minute option!  It is one of the best ways to spice up the love life. Gifting him or her some of the choicest love songs and movies can just add a special dimension to the festivities. Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts can also comprise of Romantic Novels and books on Romantic Poetry.  Every thing can be tried out from classics to modern literature! The words of love can whisper in the ears the essence of being there for each other. Hardly anything can beat flowers when it comes to expressing love. Different arrangement of roses and other varieties of flowers are exceptional gifts, transmitting tender human emotions. A large bouquet of flowers can just match the intensity of feelings on Valentine’s Day. Jewellery is a lady’s best friend.  Exotic gold, silver, diamond and platinum jewellery sets can just win a woman’s heart.  This Valentine’s Day gifting her Jewellery can be an exclusive last minute option! Perfumes from World Class brands are also special gifts for special someone during those precious last hours.  The alluring fragrances of exotic perfumes infuse the spirit of love.  You can choose from some of the best brands Beautiful Love Cards, Apparels and Show Pieces can also be tried out.  However, if the lovers plan to spend the day at their home then they can prepare a special dish.  Nothing like enjoying the delicacy in a candle lit ambiance! Valentine’s Day is all about roses, hearts, cupids and love birds.  It is a day to share, care and to send gifts with the magical words of “from your Valentine” written on them.  It is a day to love, love and only love.   

  • planning of valentine's day

    Why Guys Need to Plan Ahead for Valentines Day

    A successful celebration needs good planning and there should be nothing left for the last minute. Everything should be in proper order and available at right time. Occasion like Valentine’s Day needs much more attention because this is observed in the whole world. This very day is marked for shopping, dining, outing and exchanging tokens of love. From gift shops to romantic destinations, one common feature everywhere is the huge crowd. With a perfect plan ahead for Valentines Day, one can make sure that there are no worries left for 14th February. This also ensures a fun filled and romantic Valentine's Day celebration. Planning ahead for Valentine’s Day is very important because it conveys the message to the woman you love that she is very special in your life. Taking the responsibility of a successful Valentine’s Day celebration also conveys her a message that you are always there to make the extra effort. In the future life, these small things matter a lot. At the same time, it is also a fact that any kind of romance needs an extra effort. One has to go the extra mile to bring that sweet smile on her face. For example, when rest of the world is selecting greetings card for their beloved in the card shops, you have managed some time to make an exclusive one for her. This is a very small thing but has more importance than others. Similarly when people are busy for selecting the best love songs for their beloveds, you have written one on your own. This song, will touch her heart more than anything else. Extra effort or pre-planning is also necessary while selecting Valentine's Day gifts for her because these gifts are like messengers. If the relationship is new or in a developing phase, the gifts should convey the message that "we two are a perfect couple and made for each other." On the other hand in old relationships, one should think of such a gift that can make the lady understand that she is still very charming and a necessary part of his life. There are several gifts available in the market that can convey these love messages. At the same time it is also true that the personalized gifts like pendants with initials, hand made Valentine's Day cards or even a surprise candle-light dinner at home, can convey the messages in a better way. One should think over this and should have a well thought plan for his Valentine's Day Gifts. The bottom line is that it is quite possible to celebrate Valentine’s Day without any advance preparations and both of them can enjoy that as well. On the other hand, it is also a fact that one can mark the occasion for the entire life by planning it in advance. One should always remember that every single drop of water has its importance in an ocean. In the same way, every little effort is counted in relationships. Through a bit more effort and a planning, make the Valentine's Day celebration a memorable one for the entire life. Giftstoindia24x7 understands the importance of having a good plan for Valentine's Day celebrations. There are a wide range of Valentine's Day gift items offered on our website. You just select the best and we will take care of the rest. Giftstoindia24x7 values your emotion  so that it delivers the gifts on the exact date and on the mentioned time. There will be only enjoyment on 14th Feb and no tension for a perfect Valentine's Day gift for your beloved.