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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a very special occasion in our lives. It’s a special day dedicated to that extremely beautiful feeling called love. Love transcends all human boundaries and takes you through a divine journey of life. On Valentine's Day lovers across the world exchange gifts, spend memorable moment of togetherness and romance. The day is all about falling in love, spreading love and enjoying love.


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  • History of Valentine's Day

    History of Valentine's Day

    Valentines day that is celebrated on the 14th of February has a long history. It is said that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. Valentine actually sent the first 'valentine' greeting himself. While in prison, it is believed that Valentine fell in love with a young girl who may have been his jailer's daughter who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter, which he signed 'From your Valentine,' an expression that is still in use today. There are several other tales of love which eulogize the importance of Valentines Day.

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  • Valentine Quotes

    Valentine Quotes

    There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved. It is God's finger on man's shoulder when he is falling in love. Love makes this world worth living. So when we fall short of words in expressing our true feelings, there are famous sayings and quotes that can create a magic in your love life. Here are a collection of world famous quotes on love.   We all know that love is eternal and not just a feeling that we experience for a day or two. True love changes our life completely and helps us rediscover ourselves. Love adds joy to our living, helps us move ahead in life, tread new and unknown paths, feel secure, feel cared for and keeps a smile lingering on our face and heart forever. Even in our darkest hours, love keeps the smile in our soul alive as we know that there is a shoulder to support and strengthen us. Love is the most sacred feeling of bliss that a soul can ever experience. Ask people who are in love and you will hear the same answer repeated- Its love and only love that helps them survive the upheavals of life, its love that binds them together at times of distress and its love that grows stronger with the passage of time, bringing their souls and minds closer.   In this section on quotes, we have tried to bring together quotes and sayings on love by some of the greatest thinkers of mankind. They might have spoken these words at any fleeting moment in their life, but the sublime meaning hidden within these quotes make them eternal. The beauty with which these words have been spoken, make the feeling of love more divine, mare sacred, more ethereal, more heavenly, more immortal, than we ever could have thought of.   These quotes can be used to beautify the Valentine Cards that you might gift to your beloved on the Big Day. You can always take help from these quotations to express your love in a more poetic and artistic way.  

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  • Valentine Survival Guide

    Valentine Survival Guide

    The Valentines Day survival guide is an extremely helpful piece of information that can give you tips about the do';s and don';ts on the great occasion of celebrating love. This guide helps you plan a rocking day or an ecstatic night with your beloved. Be it an extravagant dinner or a long drive on a moonlit night or a gift that your lover will remember throughout her life. The survival guide will ensure you a fun filled and romantic Valentine's Day.

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  • Romantic Getaways

    Romantic Getaways

    Valentine's Day is a special time to celebrate love and togetherness. This divine bond can be made even stronger by taking your partner on a romantic holiday. A romantic getaway is the most enduring way to take a break from the mundane life. The everyday busy life poses a lot of stress and tensions on our shoulders due to which romance seems to vanish in the air. That's when one needs to unwind themselves in the arms of one';s beloved. Taking a small vacation with your beloved will help you a great deal in bringing back the spice in your life. These romantic trips, on special occasion help a lot in strengthening a relationship and creating a bond that lasts as long as you live. Valentine's Day is the most beautiful time to indulge in a romantic getaway. Valentine's Day is celebrated in spring when nature puts the best look. Lovers devote this time especially to romance, love and togetherness. Fine hotels and resorts create special packages for an overnight stay, a long weekend, or more time to enjoy romance on and around Valentine's Day. When the mundane world begins to take a toll on us, there's no better way to break out of the doldrums than to plan a getaway either together or as a surprise for your darling. Valentine's Day is the perfect time to escape.   With Valentine's Day just around the corner why not pamper yourself and your sweetheart by taking a romantic vacation somewhere around the world? There are magnificent romantic destinations : there is the misty hill stations like Castle Hill, Vermont, USA, Switzerland, Alberg, Brundage Mountains etc, or you can also wet your body in the beaches of Miami, Copacabana, Monterosso, Koh Samui. India is also known as the land of beauty and romance. It has many exotic holiday destinations where couples can enjoy. Be it the Backwaters of Kerala, The beaches of Goa, Puri, Kovalam or the hilly landscapes of Nainital, Ooty, Mussourie and Manali. The idea is to spend some unforgettable time with your special person, to show him or her how much you love and care. Nowadays with the tourism and hospitality industry advancing fast there are several packages and tours which they offer. These tour packages are meant especially for Valentine's Day. Even a short day trip to the nearest picnic spot or a walk in the moonlit night, a romantic dinner with your beloved is all that is needed to trigger the passion inside you. But when time comes to celebrate love, this Valentine';s Day do something truly special. Go to a destination far from the madding crowd. So do not wait, surprise your beloved by taking them out on a romantic getaway, let the moments spend in togetherness be a memory to cherish forever.  

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  • Valentine Gifts for him

    Valentine Gifts for him

    Valentine';s Day is a special day dedicated to couples fondly in love all over the World. Love birds all over the World commemorate this day by celebrating their love, dedication and attachment with each other. While guys prefer delighting his wife or girlfriend by surprising them with a perfect evening get-together, the lady mostly prefer sending romantic gifts. The lady thus, flabbergasts her lover by gifting him something very special like bouquet of red flowers, an all-red hamper consisting of a sumptuous cake, aromatic perfumes etc. This articles listed under this chapter gives an insight about the gifts that a lady can send to her man to make this day memorable.

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  • Valentine Gifts for her

    Valentine Gifts for her

    Valentine';s Day is a perfect time for lovers all over the World. Couple in love celebrate this day with grand merrymaking. While the lady love desires sweet nothings from her husband or boyfriend, the man prefers enjoying the company of the lady in grand way. To make it even memorable, the man may gift her something exclusively romantic. Gifts like a corsage of fresh roses, a cake in the shape of a heart with a cherry on its top along with a card with heart-felt feelings would be perfect. The articles assigned in this chapter gives a detailed account of various gifts that one can send to his lady love.

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  • Valentine Day Gift Ideas

    Valentine Day Gift Ideas

    Valentine is the day dedicated to lovers all over the world. On this day, individuals express their feelings of love by gifting their partner various romantic gifts. One of the most popular gifts on this day are heart shaped chocolates with a bouquet of fresh red roses. Besides these, a splendid jewellery set, gorgeous apparels, beauty products, etc, for ladies and some latest gadgets, attractive accessories, club membership or gift vouchers for gentlemen are very popular gifts for Valentine';s Day. Thus, if you are searching for some new Valentine';s Day gift ideas, then the articles below in this section will help you to choose a perfect gift for your partner for this special day.

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  • When is Valentine's Day

    When is Valentine's Day

    Valentine';s Day is one of the most special day in a couple';s life as it celebrates love and romance. Celebrated on 14th February each year, individuals present their loved ones various gifts to express their feelings of love and adoration on this day. Some of the most popular valentine gifts include a bunch of beautiful red roses and box of heart shaped chocolates, attractive gift hampers, beautiful jewellery set, comfortable apparels and so on. The articles assigned in this chapter discuss about when is Valentine';s Day and exclusive gifts which you can give your partner on this day for lovers.

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  • Valentine Week Celebration

    Valentine Week Celebration

      As the cuckoos'; honeyed songs announce the advent of spring, love seems to be all around. The month of February has an ethereal romantic fervor. Gear up for the magical Valentine Week Celebration with ecstatic gifts. This week long festivity commences on 7th February or Rose Day and culminates with Valentine';s Day on 14th February. Lovers need no special occasion to celebrate their togetherness. Each day is momentous for them. But observing these joyful days with warmth strengthen their bonding and pave the way for a prosperous future life with each other. The articles assigned in this chapter discuss about the significance and celebrations of Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and Valentine';s Day which altogether constitute the Valentine Week.

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  • Recipes for Valentine''s Day

    Recipes for Valentine''s Day

    This chapter informs the readers about the most easy yet tempting recipes which can add joy to Valentine's Day celebration.

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  • Personalized Valentine Gifts

    Personalized Valentine Gifts

    This chapter informs the readers about the importance and collection of various kinds of personalized valentine gifts.

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  • Valentine''s Day Celebration

    Valentine''s Day Celebration

    This chpater informs the readers about the most amazing wasy to celebration Valentine's day.

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Articles under Valentine's Day
  • Woo your Valentine by showering Gifts

    Woo your Valentine with all Passion: Things you can do to convey your 'Love'

    What is love? Is it that generous feeling which will make you give without expecting anything in back because you can do anything to see that person happy, and so you enjoy giving without waiting for anything back in return? Or is it that mysterious feeling which takes you to the land of Utopia in the middle of the night when the whole city is sleeping deep? Or it is that urge to see just one glimpse of that thousand watt smile which will brighten your day with the light of thousand Sun? Someone has rightly said, "Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired." Whatever be this love, it is that feeling which can't escape how much you may try. And the day dedicated to this universal feeling is Valentine's day, celebrated on 14th February every year. This is the day for which the whole world eagerly waits holding the breathe. Because this is the day to do something for your love which will make the bond more special than ever. Everyone expects some sweet surprises from their beloved as it speaks for that love. Lets take you all the Cupid-stricken hearts on a quick trip on what things can be done on this special day to woo your valentine and make that heart yours forever. Everyday seems special when you are in love, but some days ought to be more special. Valentine's day is one such day. This day is for just to be with each other and do something new for each other what will make that person feel really special to be in love with the other person. This is probably the best day which gives you the opportunity to spice up your love life. Things you can do for your Girlfriend on this Valentine's day: Girls love to be pampered by their beloved on special days. They just love to be treated in a very special way. So, treat her like a princess. Plan for giving a surprise on the very morning by serving her bed-tea with a diamond-ring inside the cup. or you can leave notes or directions everywhere indicating the way where she can find you in the house. Arrange some surprise gifts and leave those gifts on the way through which she will be reaching you. Waking up from bed she will be all amazed to see all this which will make her going crazy for you. And when she will ultimately reach you may be in the terrace garden first welcome her with a hug and take her to the tea-table where you have nicely arranged a tea only for her. Who said that girls are the best cook? Prove it wrong and prepare the breakfast and lunch for her. Prepare her most favorite dishes and serve it all by yourself. Don't let her help you in the cooking. She will love to sit and watch her boyfriend doing all the household chores. Plan for another surprise for her in the night. Take her to dinner at a five star restaurant and propose her in truly a grand way. Try to include everyone in that restaurant to take part in that celebration. And at the end say 'I love you' in the most passionate way and make that heart yours forever. Things you can do for your Boyfriend on this Valentine's day: Serve him the morning tea with a short romantic message or a sweet short poem tagged in a bouquet. Leave a love note with a red lipstick on the bathroom mirror which will be really excite him to the fullest. Take some aphrodisiac items like strawberry and cherries and make some love dishes for him. Give him a rejuvenating whole body massage applying some sensuous aromatic oil which will help him to relax after a hectic weekend and then have a scented shower bath together. On the evening light up the whole house with aromatic candles and play some soothing light romantic music and ask him for a dance. Feel like first day and get really close to each other while dancing in each other's arms. And while he will be taking you for the dinner you in advance plan to give him some surprise gift en route like his most favorite car or anything which will spellbound him completely. And end the day by resting in each other's arm listening to that special heartbeats. Make this day precious forever and feel the moments of cocooned love and togetherness.

  • Valentine Gifts to India

    Forgot to send gifts on Valentine's Day - Some helpful tips

    Valentine's day is celebrated with zest all throughout the world with fervour and excitement. The best way to celebrate valentine's day is through gifts. Gifts are the best way to express the truest of emotions in the least possible way. They are more important when there is huge amount of distances between two people. They are the best way to erase all the distances between two people and bring them ever more closer to each other. Career-commitments really take a huge toll on people and so they have to find the real ways to impress their loved ones.  When you are so far away from you beloved people then there is a high chance of you forgetting some important occasions like valentine's day. Suppose you forgot to send valentine gifts to your beloved in India who might have been eagerly awaiting your response. Admit it, you forgot. So, what now? Should you be calling her to apologies? Should you be sending her gifts? If so, then which one? Do not worry any further, we at will assist you in figuring out the perfect way to come around this problem. When you forgot to send her gifts to India on valentine's day, then you have a real problem at hand. Gifts, and especially valentines day gifts have a sacred meaning attached to them and if you have forgotten to send the same, then you should do something to ensure that her heart doesn't breaks and she is left happy. The first and the most obvious thing that you can do is to send a gift to India to your beloved. Now, you can say sorry with the most beautiful post-valentine gifts that are on offer at However, you must make sure as to which gift will get the work done and bring your girl back into your life and make her smile once again and forgive you. The best way that you can start-off is by going through this entire article and then decide on your belated-valentine gifts that you can send. Soft toys:  When you want to send a gift to your loved ones to apologies, you can at least send her a cute little Teddy Bear with an "I love you" written across it. The gift will surely cheer her up. They are the perfect valentines day gifts which can be used even after valentine's day. Love Cards: Personalized love cards are ideal valentine gifts to India for apologizing to your loved ones. A love card with your message proclaiming how much you feel sad and how much you promise to be with her on this special day will surely brighten her up. Flowers: Flowers are ideal gifts to India on valentine. They can even be ideal gifts even after valentine's day, to say "sorry". And that is the reason why you can send them to your loved ones in India, to apologies for breaking their heart on not being able to remember such an auspicious day. Send flowers as gifts to India to cheer you beloved. Cakes: Now, cakes have an innate ability to cheer people up no matter what is the occasion. If you forgot to send gifts to India then sending him/her a cake, especially a chocolate cake would take her by surprise, especially if the cake, along with a card, is delivered midnight. That way, she will definitely be left surprised and happier that you sent her a card proclaiming how much guilty you felt after forgetting such an important day.  

  • Valentine Love Cards

    Send love cards from Gifts to India to your loved ones on Valentine's Day

    The sweetest joy, the wildest woe is love. ~Pearl Bailey Now you can say that love is in the air as Valentine's day is too close. The Spring is setting in, and there is love filling up the weather making it more romantic. Those who already have found their love are busy planning for that day and rest of the young chaps are falling in love with their soulmates. So it seems that love is the only synonym that can be used for this season. Engrossed in shopping on Valentine's day planning, everyone seems to be the busiest person on earth. But for those love-hearts who stay miles away from each other, this is the time to cherish those sweetest moments of togetherness. For them it is also the time to choose gift items which they want to send as their Valentine gifts to India. Gifts have the magical power of expressing the deepest most emotions to that special person without uttering a single word. It will make better impact if the gifts can be sent with beautiful as well as impressive valentine cards to India. Cards are the simplest way to convey your feelings or emotions. The different feel of cards can make any occasion more special and sweet. And when it is the occasion of love, lovers leave no options left to woo their special someone. Sending cards with exclusive valentine gifts are the best way to win that heart again and make it your own. So send gifts to India on this special day and say 'be mine' in an amazing way. is an online gifting mall which offers a huge collection of valentine cards catering to the demands of the global love-hearts. Apart from the valentine love cards, this company also has a wide collection of valentine gifts for every budget to send to India. One can send the most expensive as well as the cheapest valentine gifts to India through this online gifting portal. This company also ensures you to send beautiful love cards along with the gifts to India on any time of 14th February and in any corner of India. Valentine's day is the day to celebrate any form of love - be it love between siblings, parents-child, friends, every two people who share a special bond of love between themselves. Just pour your heart out by sending these beautifully written cards to your beloved. Send valentine cards to India and speak your unspoken words. These touching cards sometimes also make the perfect gift for valentine's day. From 6 feet love cards to personalized cards to handmade cards - you can find it all in this website categorized in different sections to give full benefits to the customers. Every card is special for the message written in it. Send this heart-warming cards with your valentine gifts to India on this season of love and show your true dedication to that special person. Your gift to India means a lot that special heart who misses you every day and night. Let your priceless valentine gift soothe that pang of separation with its magical touch. Priceless is not the synonym of expensive. One can also send the cheapest valentine gifts to India from the collection of and participate in the worldwide celebration of love. Money cannot be the perimeter of love, the heartfelt feeling is the only way to gauge this emotion. So, on this Valentine's day let it be love everywhere.  

  • Exclusive Valentine gifts

    Send Exclusive Gifts to India for your Valentine

    14th February, also known as Valentine's Day, is the occasion for the loving hearts to profess the wonderful feeling of love to their beloved. It is a day to express and proclaim unconditional and selfless love. On this day, lovers tend to spend some special time with their special ones. It is the day when couples rejoice in jubilance and uphold respective promises of undying love and commitment. Showering the beloved with some exclusive and unique gifts pave the way for a grand Valentine celebration. Gifts are the perfect avenue to express the heartfelt feelings to your loved one. The gifts aid you express the deepest thoughts that you harbor for your sweetheart. For the couples, who are separated by the distance of miles and boundaries, couple of gifts or a little gift hamper will rightly help them express the wonderful feeling of love. Make this Valentines day memorable as you express your deepest feelings for your beloved with some wonderful gifts. Sending Valentine Gift across India is made easier is an online gifting portal which has been in the business of sending online gifts to India. On the occasion of Valentine's Day, we have plethora of gifts that are unique as well as exclusive in their own ways. There are delectable chocolates, coupled with yummy cakes and beautiful flowers. The fascinating gift hampers are also there for the taking. This year, use our service and send Valentine gift to India 24x7. Choose at your own will and overwhelm your sweetheart on this joyous ocassion. An apt Valentine gift ought to be exclusive which will convey the depth of your love. offers exclusive Golden Rose which you may send as a Valentine gift to India. Artistically designed and delicately plated in 22 karat gold, this golden rose that shall be a gift that will be eternally treasured. Sending a Valentine Gift to India is a matter of ease now, as brings you an array of exclusive gifts that will enthrall your beloved. Pamper her with beautiful Love Teddies. These love teddies are soft and cozy. Available in different designs, these teddies have a sweet and charming appeal. Let your beloved feel the warmth of your love and re-invent a cozy feeling as she cuddles these love teddies. Sending Valentine Gift across India through, will help you convey the core feelings of your heart. Pondering about a gift that will elate your beloved? offer you to choose a gift that stands unique than the rest. We offer exclusive Heart Shaped Love Cushions. Creatively fabricated to help you profess your selfless love love in the most righteous way, these love cushions will simply bewilder your better half. The cushions are available in different shapes and designs and each have a cute appeal of its own. helps you to send Valentine gift to India 24x7. Make this year's Valentine's Day a bit more memorable, as you shower your beloved with some exclusive gifts. offers awesome personalized mugs. The exclusiveness of these mugs lies in the fact that you can imprint those priceless thoughts of your mind on these mugs. These mugs can also be personalized with special lines or photo snaps as per your will and wish. Evoke the passion and re-ignite the romance with our collection of personalized Mugs. We also bring a collection of Love Mugs. These Love Mugs feature some ecstatic designs, aptly complemented with heartfelt messages. Let your presence be felt with these Love Mugs and make your sweetheart re-live those sweet memories newly, all over again. We, at, offer the global Indians to send gifts to India on any occasion. However, sending a Valentine Gift to India on 14th of February requires you to opt something which will uphold your innermost proclamations, attributed with innovative thoughts. We, at, tend to provide you with something unique and alluring. With our exclusive gifts, make your beloved feel the warmth of your love. As a pioneer online gifting company, we do not only bank upon the quality and material attributes, rather, it is our endeavor to wrap your feelings and emotions along with the gifts.   Mega Gift Hampers Love Mugs Love Teddies  

  • valentine gifts for her

    Complement her persona with Cosmetics from

    Valentine's Day is the occasion to reveal the truest and the deepest emotions to the person you love the most. All over the world, Valentine's Day is celebrated on 14th February. It is the day to profess love to your beloved. A walk along the serene beach or a candle light dinner with your love, will be perfect way to spend this occasion, and that too in a special way. Exchanging gifts on any special occasion is a time old tradition which essentially contributes to the happy mood and enhance the spirit of any celebration. Gifts have an unparalleled charisma of conveying the unspoken words of the heart. The gesture of sending gifts renders the truest feeling of your soul. Thus, gifts are the thoroughfare of staying connected with the dear ones, making them feel the warmth of your love. Mindful thoughts put into a small gifts even, carry a huge significance so as to convey the heartfelt love to your dear ones. Gifts on Valentine's Day enhance the emotional as well as the romantic quotient of the loving hearts. A gift on Valentine's Day wrapped with the innermost feeling of the heart, will re-ignite the passion and romance within the loving hearts. Even a small gift on this day, means a lot as it re-defines the four letter word 'love' with the impression of selflessness. Gifts to your better half on Valentine's Day is a token of your care and affection. Even distance of thousand of miles is not a hindrance as gifts on this date, shall leave a timeless impression on the person you love. Today, with the immense popularity of technology, sending gifts to any part of the world is a matter of ease. Numerous gift portals, today, serve the global residents to send gifts online. is one such online portals which specializes in sending gifts to India on different occasions. We, at, offer you to choose from a myriad of gift items for any and every festivals or events. There are gifts as per the specific occasion - Diwali, Dussera, Navratri or Holi. On occasions like Father's Day, Children's Day, Mother's Day or Teacher's Day, there are gifts which aptly suit the celebrations. From Flowers to Chocolates, Hampers to perfumes there are gifts to enthrall your dear ones. Send Gifts to India on Valentine's Day and let these gifts strike the deepest chord of your beloved's heart. An exclusive gift to India is the best way you can profess your love and make your sweetheart feel special. brings you a plethora of Valentine's Gifts to send to India. Send some remarkable gifts for your beloved and leave an unforgettable impression on his/her mind. Choose from our exquisite variety and and let your gifts create a romantic ambiance. There are Valentine chocolates, Valentine flowers, gift hampers, showpieces, perfumes and many other. Choose from the host of gift items and enliven the romance in your relation. This Valentine's Day, pamper your lady love with some splendid gifts. Send jeweleries, apparels or chocolates as Valentine Gifts for her and make her feel at the top of the world. Present her something that would elate her to the extent and fill her heart with endless joy. offers you to choose from a range of cosmetics that you may send as Valentine Gifts to India. Women desire to look beautiful. At, we bring you wide collection of cosmetics as gifts. The likes of Garnier, Lakme, L'Oreal, Pond's, Chambor are some of the brands that we offer. Make her look and feel beautiful with the range of cosmetics and let her face glow with timeless joy There are Age Control Cream, Face Care cream, Age Control Hampers, Party Care Cream, Oil Control, Sunscreen Lotion, Total Care Hampers and many others. Our range of cosmetics will aid in enhancing her beauty and glory. With these beauty care items, make her looking stunning and let her set a trend all by herself. Let her personify elegance with our complete and varying set of cosmetics. Send Valentine Gifts for her and help her flaunt timeless beauty. Furthermore, we have the best of all brands compiled in one, in our Best Pick section. Age Miracle Solution, Winter Care Hamper, Natural Beauty Hamper and others in this category includes cosmetic products of selected brands like Dove, Lux, Garnier, Nivea, Vaseline and others. Send these Valentine Gifts to India for your special lady and make this Valentine's Day memorable for her. provide you with romantic and thoughtful ideas. We provide you to select from a diverse range of Valentine's Gifts to send to India. Entice her with some wonderful gifts and let your better half rejoice with all joy. Let the Valentine gifts uphold the promises of your undying love and commitment. Send gifts through and express the deepest feelings you harbor for your special lady.