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  • Online Gifts

    Online Gifting! The Best Way To Save On Your Purchase

    People no longer spend long queues in gift shops trying to select the right gift for the ones they want to. They simply opt for online gifting as the best method for giving someone something online. Not only does it save valuable time providing with many options for India gifts, it also let's you send gift to India in a very convenient, cheap and fail-safe way. is one such premier portal when it comes to online gifting which provides you with a wide variety of exclusive gifts for all occasions and events. You can even personalize many such gifts for your loved ones on any special occasion. Since summer is already upon us in India it would be wise to opt for Summer Special gifts. They can include healthy fruits, sunglasses, cool sun protection creams and much more which you can send as gifts to India. Enjoy every moments of this warmest season with some cool homemade drinks and lassis. And nothing can beat the taste of mangoes. So, send fresh juicy mangoes as your gifts to India on this summer. Online shops provide a lot of offers and there is always a sale going on which can help you save money on your gifting as well. Many discounts actually varies a lot from market price and these all will help you a lot in choosing a gift keeping a certain budget in mind.   When you are living quite far away from your friends, family and acquaintances and always can’t keep track of all the occasion in India and suddenly you remember that you have send birthday gifts to India and you have hardly a day or two in hand then instead of panicking, keep your calm and open to the trustworthy online portal where you can easily find express delivery gifts which are delivered on the same day of purchase provided you buy within the given time limit. Cakes, fresh flowers, chocolates, dry fruits and all these are a part of these express delivery section and these are going to enthrall you.   When the occasion is grand and you have to send a lot of gifts then online gifting helps you a great deal by providing you with gift hampers of different kinds which you can use to send many kinds of gifts together. The hampers available with us offer a wide range of gifts- from cakes to flowers, from chocolates to cards, from perfumes to soft toys and many more. Send these gifts hampers to India and entice wish your dear ones all the love and regards. Pamper with Hamper Gift Hampers express many emotions at the same time. Consisting of multiple gifts together, Hampers are ideal to be sent as gifts to India on any occasion.   Cosmetics are known to enhance and beautify the appearance of every lady. Delight your woman in India by presenting her a gorgeous basket of makeup kit from the most popular brands of the world. The diverse variety of products will protect your dear one by providing the essential nourishments along with the much needed care. They also boost up the attractiveness and elegance of every lady. Elate her on any occasion by gifting these enchanting beauty aids with aromatic Flowers, alluring Jewellery and sumptuous cakes.   Mr. Amit Desai, CEO of this organization, says that, “To make gifting experience an absolutely fantastic one choose online gifting. Online gifting provides you the freedom of choosing many types of gifts according to the need, occasion and suiting your budget. We at always strive to keep the best gifts at best prices”  

  • Gifts via email

    How to send gifts to India via email?

    In this fast changing world, the time to go to shops for purchasing gifts has become a myth and with the advent of online shopping and gifting portals providing with so much comfort and ease has made sending gifts to India from US even more easier. What more now even if you forget to send gifts to someone you love on any special occasion of theirs, you can send it very easily through email with the help of this trustworthy online gifting portal Yes it is true.! The best destination to send gifts to India via email is undoubtedly This trusted online portal of India provides with the widest variety of e-gifts and Gift Vouchers and it''s personalized gift section is hugely popular with gift choices which will really help you a lot in selecting and choosing the right kind of gifts which can be possible. So what are those gifts which you can send via email? Let''s find out. Grocery E-Voucher : You just forgot to buy any nice gifts for your mom or is completely lost as to what to gift and at the last minute you are befuddled as to what to do. Don’t worry. Just buy the Big bazaar gift voucher and help your mother do all the shopping of that month free.   Food E-Voucher : Food is something which never fails to cheer up anyone. So just when you are in a last minute search of a good gift, send food vouchers of all tasty restaurants like Mainland China, Sigree, Taj Hotels etc.   Music E-Voucher : Depending on the occasion, you can send your personal choice of song to be sent to your loved ones in India. Apple lets you email your loved ones both Apple Store gift cards and iTunes gift cards.   E-Greetings : You can greet anyone with with e-greetings on any occasion. also has an added feature of sending personalized e-greetings to your friends and family via email.   Apparel E-Voucher : Some people out there love to shop and have a knack for finding flattering clothes that look good together. Quench all the apparel shopping needs of your loved ones with the e-vouchers of Shoppers Stop & Pantaloons.   Now, to send gifts to India from USA has never been more easier with this gifting portal providing you with the best gifting options at ease and problem free. Mr Amit Desai, CEO of this organisation, says that, “Different gifting ideas always delight your loved ones. offers to you various unique and amazing personalized gifts which you can send via email which will definitely amaze your dear ones in India. We here at always strive to bring the best trends in gifting for our clients world wide.”

  • Different Gifts

    Fulfill your gifting needs with

    The occasion of sending India gifts are never ending and endless. And on every occasion finding the right gift is really a tough job. Thus to fulfill all your gifting needs visit which has the best options of both usual and unusual gifts. While selecting gifts for your loved ones we always tend to select the usual gifts of flowers and cakes which sometimes becomes tedious and boring. Thus to break the monotony you must choose different things to send gift to India. Let''s check out some of the most different gifts which has to offer. Pens And Stationery : Pens and stationery items are an age old tradition. It conveys our warm wishes and signifies the true token of admiration for your dear one’s success. On any celebrated occasion, send these delightful gifts to escalate the jollity   Sunglasses : Sunglasses are a protective eyewear, that people wear to protect their eyes from the sunlight, but they also serve as a stylish accessory. On the online gift store you will be able to find a variety of sunglasses for men and women. The sunglasses available in this section of our online store are of reputed brands and are very comfortable to wear.   Spiritual Gifts : Divine Blessings Fill up your loved one''s life with happiness and prosperity by sending the spiritual gifts to India on any holy occasion. These gifts will show how much you are concerned about that person not materialistically but spiritually. Bring home the auspicious idols and the Almighty will bestow his love on your near and dear ones in India. Express your love by sending gifts to India to your friends and family anytime.   Watches : Watches are the most prominent accessory which accentuates the appearance. An elegant wristwatch complements the style, personality and the attitude. Elevate the joy of the delightful occasion by presenting an exquisite chronograph to your dear one. Select a gorgeous timepiece from this plethoric collection to convey your warm wishes and endearment.   Soft Toys : Soft Love Gifts are the best way to show how much you love and care your near and dears who live miles away from you in India. Soft toys as gifts to India, will remind your friends and family about your childhood mischiefs. You can also greet your beloved every morning through these cute soft toys.   Mr Amit Desai, CEO of this organisation, says that, “Different gifting ideas always delight your loved ones. offers to you various unique and amazing gifting ideas which will definitely amaze your dear ones in India. We here at always strive to bring the best trends in gifting for our clients world wide.”  

  • Cake Gifts

    Where to get best Birthday Cakes for your Little Girl? brings for you a fantastic collection of Barbie and Frozen cakes that you can send as a gift to India for your daughter. There are many types of gifting options available in the gifts for kids section of this online gift store. The category on cakes is also noteworthy as many varieties of these gift items have been showcased. The kids cakes feature various types of popular kids characters and cartoons in the form of cakes. These India gifts can be sent for the children everywhere in India on time and in a hassle free manner. It is also possible to deliver gifts to India from USA as well as other countries through this online gifting portal. The Frozen Cake features the very popular kids animated movie Frozen that is from the house of Disney. The movie depicts the story of two sisters, Elsa and Anna, and this is reflected on this cake. The cake comes in an icy blue colour that will remind one of snow and winter having a heart shape. The cake has a round base on which a message can be written with an image of Elsa and snow capped mountains in the middle.   The Barbie Cake is in the shape of the famous Barbie doll that is much loved by children, especially girls. The cake is an eggless one that comes as a large Barbie doll on a sky blue coloured base on which the doll stands. The doll is wearing a pink coloured flowing gown that has been decorated with star shapes all around. The face and hands of the Barbie have been created out of skin coloured icing with a golden coloured hair.   The Unique Butterfly Barbie Cake also showcases Barbie doll and here she is in the form of a butterfly. The wings of the butterfly have a green coloured base with the top portion being pink in colour. The wings are composed of several petals that have black borders and the doll is also wearing a similar skirt. Barbie can be seen here wearing a pink top that matches her skirt and the cake comes in a completely eggless form.   While talking about this exclusive range of for little girls, Mr. Amit Desai, the CEO of this organisation, states that, “Sending gifts is far more easier when you do it online and the process is also very time saving. This wonderful collection of Barbie and Frozen cakes from can make any girl’s day. You can also get a variety of other gifts here for both kids and adults on different occasions and festivals.”  

  • Chocolates

    Handmade Choco Marie & Oreo leaves an impression on the heart of your Loved Ones

    Handmade gifts in the forms of choco marie chocolates and oreo chocolates are becoming very popular. Many such handmade chocolates can be found on for various occasions. These handmade treats have been showcased in the section on chocolates of this online gift store. Such food items can be sent as gifts to India for friends and relatives on various events and festivals. There are also many other gifting options belonging to a large range of items available on this online gifting portal. They can be used for sending gifts to India from USA as well as various other countries during different important events. The Box of Mixed Delectables can be easily sent to India on different occasions and festivals. The gift box is filled with three types of interesting chocolates that are handmade and thus have a unique taste. The Delectable Handmade Choco Marie chocolates are handmade chocolates in the form of choco marie. These chocolates come in several colourful wrappings and there are five such delectables in this pack. The Set of Delectable Handmade Choco Oreo chocolates have been wrapped in colourful wrappers. These handmade chocolates are round shaped and there are ten such chocolates in the combo pack.   The Set of Tasty Handmade Choco Marie chocolates are in the form of choco marie biscuits wrapped in chocolates. These chocolates are handmade in various colourful wrappers and there are ten such treats here. The Tasty Handmade Choco Oreo chocolates have oreo biscuits dipped completely in chocolates. These handmade chocolates are covered with colourful wrapping paper and there are five of them. While talking about this new collection of handmade choco marie and oreo chocolates, Mr. Amit Desai, the CEO of this organisation, states that, “You can send online gifts to anywhere in India on any occasion or event for your loved ones there. This wonderful range of handmade chocolates like choco marie and choco oreo has been introduced by for this specific purpose. There are also a variety of other gifting options here that you can combine with these handmade chocolates for your dear ones.”