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Current Events team has been celebrating all the festivals and occasion with great joy and enthusiasm. This family gives immense importance to the roots of Indian culture and tradition, so that the employees can feel to be at home. All the customs are followed to make the events even the more special. This article chapter discusses about the events celebrated by the team. Go through these articles and be a part of their celebration.

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  • Gift With Emotions

    How To Deliver Gifts With Emotions From Miles Away?

    When you are staying very far away from all those you love then you tend to get on every time there comes an occasion which reminds of your home in India. We Indians are after all an emotional lot and thus on every occasion whenever we send gifts to India from USA, a bit of emotion is attached with that gift to India. With the help of, a trusted and proficient online gifting portal is has become very easy and convenient to send gifts to India online. There are many occasion on which you can send gifts, apart from festivals like birthday, wedding, best friend’s day, wishing someone condolence, grandparents day, family day etc. Condolence are a way to express your deepest sorrows for the loss of someone. In an event where you could not be present, condolence gifts are your way of showing that you mourn the loss of the deceased one. These gifts can express the sadness you feel, which you cannot say it in words because you may not be present at the moment. These also helps in it's bit to help your family prevail through these tough times and it's a reminder of the fact that you are there even from far away.   A true friend is the one of the most precious persons in our lives. He/she accompanies us in the crazy frolics and in the moments of profound sorrow. Best Friend’s Day is the occasion to manifest love and endearment for the darling best friend we have. Usher on your friend happiness in avalanche with exquisite gifts to India on this day full of blithe spirit. From funky friendship bands to hi-tech cell phones you have plethora of options to pick from to present your adorable best friend.   Make your dear ones feel special on his/her wedding with amazing gift items. Sending flowers and cakes along with exclusive gifts can definitely bring smile on the face of your dear ones on their wedding. This is a special day in their lives and if you could not make it to the wedding then make sure you don't miss this emotional moment of his/her by sending them beautiful and amazing.   Personalized gifts are the perfect gifts for conveying how special your dear ones mean to you. Personal gifts are very special and close to heart for any occasion because they portray your love, care, thought and effort that you devoted to bring a smile on the face of your dear ones. These uniquely personal gifts give the recipient an overwhelming joy with the feeling of being so much special and valued by you. You can send these personalized gifts through the online gifting store of Along with this, you can also team up chocolates and flowers and make the occasion more joyous.   Mr. Amit Desai, CEO of this organization, says that, “To make any day perfect you need to send the perfect gifts to the one you love filled with emotions and love. brings for you a diversified range of beautiful products to make your gifting experience a joyful one. Enjoy staying connected with your dear ones with even from miles away.”  

  • NGO Work

    Bringing Smiles On the Face Of Little Ones with

    It is said that ‘giving is better than receiving’. Shaant Infosystems Pvt. Ltd., the parent company of made a very generous and heartfelt offering, ahead of this festive season to the Non - Government Organisation, The Hope Foundation. The employees of and its parent company generously donated many sets of clothes - both old and new to the underprivileged children of The Hope Foundation. And when something is given out of a pure sense of duty and heartfelt love for the objective, then the whole offering becomes all the more sanctimonious. The Hope Foundation is a registered charity working with street and slum children in Kolkata, India. It was set up in 1999 in Ireland to help  restore basic human rights to the street children in Kolkata. Hope has a branch in United Kingdom, where it raises awareness and funds for children. It accepts donations to make the lives of the deprived children in Kolkata better. Their mission and aim is to promote the protection of street and slum children primarily in Kolkata, amongst the most underprivileged in India, to promote immediate and lasting change in their lives. It has the vision of a world where ‘It should never hurt to be a child’.   In the 1st week of October, 2016, collected old and new clothes from all of it''s employees, office staff and owners. The clothes offered were all in good condition and wearable. They were washed, ironed and checked to make sure that they were not torn or ripped. Every cloth/dress was checked individually. After all the dresses were checked, they were packed carefully in separate packages. Then these packages were donated the Panditiya place, Ballygunge branch of the Hope Foundation. The Director Of the Hope Foundation, Kolkata, Geeta Venkadakrishnan, presented Shaant Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. with a letter of appreciation, acknowledging the token of offering provided by offers many products which would be ideal to provide as donation or offering to the less privileged. You can send online gifts to India from USA with the help of this premier online shopping portal. Gifts like chocolates, flowers, sweets, cakes, fruits etc. provide a healthy benefit to all those who require fooding and clothing above everything else.   The employees of this Organisation, who took the initiative, said that,“We as being the privileged part of the society should always strive to conduct deeds which can uplift the lives of those who are unlucky to be underprivileged and are deprived of even the basic amenities of life. We here at Shaant Infosystems and have tried to do our bit in a small way to help the children in parley with Hope Foundation. We also provide many such products, which our clients worldwide can also send as donations to the underprivileged.”    

  • Cute Table for Kids

    Surprise your kids with small yet cute table brings to an amazing range of small and cute multipurpose folding  tables for kids. For kids studying can be a very irksome task and it is difficult to keep them engaged in the task. We can surprise them with cute and small study tables with different designs of their favourite stuff and make education more interesting for them. has quite a smart range of tables to be sent as kids gifts to India. The Lovely Study Table is a cute multipurpose table which depicts red hearts on the top of the table. It will be delightful for your girl child to use it. Also the Spider Man Table is a similar kind of multipurpose table showing the famous comic character Spider-man. The Cute Small Table depicts a group of cherubs. Sweet and beautiful. The Playful Study Table multipurpose table can be used for studying and playing as well. This is a folding table with ludo game embossed on it. All kids love playing ludo and they will be delighted to use this table. The Chess Board Study Table is an engaging multipurpose table with a chess board embossed on it. Playing this game will enhance the mental capability of your kid along with studies. The Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Table is a small and cute table with many popular cartoon character embedded in it. Along with studies, it can also be used for other purposes like cutting cakes, drinking, eating etc. Send cakes to India along with this table on a special occasion for your kids and their happiness will know no bounds. Similarly, the Sweet Study Table is embedded with favourite fairytale characters of Snow White, Cinderella, Rapunzel etc. These tables are made of wood and can be folded and kept easily. Also one can send flowers to India along with these gifts on many occasions and ceremonies. Mr. Amit Desai, CEO of this organisation, says that, “ Kids enlighten our lives with their laughter which is infectious. Make them smile by sending these unique tables to India through . Many other kinds of gifts for various occasions and events are available here on this reliable online gifting portal.”

  • Alumni Meet Sponsors 13th Annual Alumni Meet for IIT Kharagpur

    The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is the first such institution in India that was formed in Kharagpur. This government college of engineering was established by the Government of India in the year 1951. The institute consists of a huge campus which occupies a number of kilometres and a number of academic departments. The festivals and ceremonies that are held here are also very noteworthy and attended by many important personages. One such annual festival is the Alumni Meet which is celebrated with much gusto and enthusiasm. The 13th Annual Alumni Meet for the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur was held from 15th to 17th January in 2016. This 3 day event was attended by the alumni who are spread all over the globe and yet they cherish a deep connection with their Alma Mater. The theme for this year’s gathering is ‘Back to the Roots’ which is a very apt one for such an occasion. It refers to the fact that by attending this event the former students of this prestigious institution will remember the place which had been like their home for several years. Hence, this reminiscing of old memories and visiting familiar halls, classrooms and structures can be compared to going back to the roots, that is, the place where it all began.   The event is organised each year by the students’ alumni cell which has been especially formed for this purpose. The days were filled with campus tours, departmental visits, hall visits, musical night, gala dinner, entertainment programmes, marathon, illumination event, bonfire, charity cricket and a lot more. This is also an opportunity for these illuminated minds to meet under a forum and discuss about their fields of work along with new ideas and concepts. was a sponsor for this prestigious event which is a very important function for this highly esteemed institution. This online gift store was also an organiser for the closing ceremony of this very important meet. Branded watches were awarded to the winners of the events hosted by this gifting site along with mugs. is the best online gifting portal which is being opted for by many clients for the purpose of sending gifts. This reliable gifting site has been in operation since 1999 and deals only with quality products. The main difference between this site and other online gift stores is that its clientele is mostly based outside India. deals mainly with sending gifts to the loved ones of those who stay outside India and miss them, especially on special occasions. However, this does not mean that those staying in India are being exempted from using this website as they too can avail of the premium products and amenities available here. consists of various edible as well as other types of gifts that are very useful for those who want to send gifts. Gifts of chocolates, sweets, dry fruits, fruits, flowers, home decor items, jewellery, watches and many other items. You will also find personalised gifts including chocolates here that will be sure delight for everyone. Gifts for specific occasions like birthdays and anniversaries and also important festivals are available here. Options for same day delivery and midnight delivery are also available here.  

  • Chocolate Hampers Introduces Exclusive Chocolate Hampers launches this amazing new collection of chocolate hampers which contain an exclusive range of chocolates. These hampers contain chocolates along with many other gift items like dry fruits, sweets, soft toys, mugs and many others. Separate combos of chocolates have also been showcased here in various forms and quantities. Branded chocolates as well as handmade chocolates can be found here that can be sent as kids gifts to India. These hampers can even be used to send Mother’s Day gifts to India on this upcoming occasion. Availing the flower delivery to India service of this online gift store can help you to send flowers with these chocolate hampers. The Chocolate Paradise hamper comes in a big cane basket  with a handle that comes in brown colour. Branded chocolates like Cadbury Temptations chocolates, Ferrero Rocher chocolates and Cadbury Bournville chocolates are found here. The hamper has a bright yellow ribbon tied to the handle of the basket that makes it look even more cuter. The Chocolate Roses Pack is a bouquet of chocolates that have been handmade and have a different taste. There are twenty four rose flowers made out of chocolates that make up this unique hamper. The chocolate roses have been formed into a bouquet using white wrapping paper with red heart symbols.   The Delectable Chocolate Basket comes in a big basket and contains a number of branded chocolates. The hamper contains Cadbury Silk chocolates, 5 Star chocolates, Snickers chocolates, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, a Gems ball and different kinds of Fox candies. The rectangular basket is made out of cane material having handles on both both sides and is brown in colour. The Cadbury Dairymilk Combo comprises of a number of dairy mik chocolates and also a basket.   The Photo Frame And Chocolates Hamper contains a number of branded chocolates in a designer box. The chocolates contained in this pack are all from  the house of Cadbury in the forms of Dairy Milk, Silk, Crackle, Perk and Choclairs. These delicacies come in an artistic wooden box with a painting of Radha and Krishna sitting. The Chocolates With Delicacies Basket is contained in a big basket comprising of a number of branded chocolates. There are Fox candies, Cadbury Silk chocolates, Cadbury Crackle chocolate, Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Snickers chocolates, Gems balls, 5 Star chocolates and Chocopies in this pack.   Mr. Amit Desai, the CEO of this organisation, while talking about this new collection states that, “You will find that sending online gifts is much more convenient and time and cost saving. This exclusive range of chocolate hampers that has been introduced by can be easily sent as gifts to your loved ones in India. Many other kinds of gifts for various occasions and events are available here on this reliable online gifting portal.”