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Women''s Day Celebrations

This chapter informs the readers about the most amazing and possible ways to celebrate women's day.

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  • Women''s Day Special

    Top 5 Ways Of Celebrating Women's Day

    The remarkable occasions like the 8th day of March deserve an out of the box surprise as it is celebrated to cherish the spirit of womanhood. Distance is never a barrier of love so the Indians who are abroad on this day can also send gifts to India from USA or any country via online shopping; there should be no excuse to make a woman special. On this day one can never lose the sight of the true essence of Women’s Day. The remarkable achievements of some extraordinary womenfolk are remembered on this day and today’s generation is further inspired. The day is so special that it needs to be put away from the normal schedule by every women; it’s something close to their heart. So the point is how to celebrate this day in a quite tremendous way? Well, there are five ways that would melt your heart. A day of justice: Justice for women equality and rights was the basic agenda of this day. So, you can follow the footsteps and recognize the actual worth of women’s day. It’s a day to fight and struggle for women who cannot fight for themselves. Let’s help those women who deserve love and respect and show them that God surely do miracles. If we don’t step up for justice against discrimination and women rights than who will? So, on this day let’s join hands with some women NGOs or social activists and take a sincere oath to help them. This step will grant a great meaning to your life.   A day of awareness: Many of them don’t even know the true meaning behind women’s day and the most ungrateful thing is that they aren’t even a bit aware of the struggles of women activists in past. The famous women who were a candle in darkness for many, and gave a hope of women equality, lie forgotten in the dust coated pages of ancient history; do they really deserve this? If the answer is no, then there should be awareness campaigns that would put the struggles, fights and sacrifices of these women who were born as a true legend. You can promote presentations, street drama or speeches on this day which would be relevant to these noble women’s life.   A day of Gratitude: The irony with us is that we remember God only in difficulties and not when we should thank him. Let’s get spiritual on this women’s day and remember our divine creator. He’s the reason we are here so let’s spend the day serenely in a temple and show gratitude towards him. He’s the only faith that determines the origin of mankind.   A day of Yours: As women, we are so busy in loving others that we often forget about ourselves. Let’s have this day fully to self love and pampering or even as a peaceful alone time. Parties, movies, picnic and outing with friends will make the day ten times brighter. You can also go for shopping and have some trendy outfits for yourself. If you are away from your family you can send online gifts to India, in a way to surprise your mother or sister or even a close friend. These India gifts will forever cherish their mood.    

  • Women''s Day by Celebrities

    Women's Day Celebration by Bollywood Celebrities

    Women’s Day is coming up the next month and as everyone is gearing up for marking the day and planning on doing something special and extraordinary on this day, the bollywood celebs are not far away. The previous year was the year of women. Many women oriented movies were made last year and they all signified one theme. Empowerment of women. That it is high time for the world to recognise the worth of women and to accept them as being equally fit for all tasks. That women can move mountains if need be with their willpower and determination. You can do your bit and show some zeal for the women in your lives by sending them India gifts. The women in B-town celebrated their Women’s Day in an unique way and let us see what they did. Richa Chadda went all glam and bold and tweeted a photo of herself and Aishwarya Rai during the Sarabjit promotions on Women’s Day writing ‘Mocha+Vanilla’ with twitter handles of #Shero #SheRocks #Inspiration #WomensDay #SpreadLove. She wrote that What happens when you mix mocha and vanilla? According to Richa Chadda an unbeatable concoction of “She-roes”. In Sarbjit, Aishwarya plays Dalbir, the sister of Sarabjit Singh, the Indian citizen who died in a jail in Pakistan. Richa plays Sarabjit Singh''s wife.   Richa, meanwhile, also tweeted an old picture of herself having a good time with her colleagues Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma and Kalki Koechlin. Also calling the women who run the world she gave a lot of twitter handles and showed and acknowledged some women love on Woman’s day for her good old colleagues.   Sonam Kapoor raised a toast to girl power by posting the first poster of her close friend Swara Bhaskar’s film ‘Nil Battey Sannata’ on Twitter which focuses on the mother daughter relationship and the struggles of a village woman who is herself uneducated but wants her daughter to study and become a successful girl in the future. It also focuses on many aspects of struggle that women still face in the remote areas of the country. The poster features Swara and her on-screen daughter jumping with happiness. After posting the picture, she wrote ‘From Neerja to Chanda this women''s day it''s all about girl power! Introducing the official poster’ with a link to it.   Sonam Kapoor also posted a stunning picture of herself with her Neerja mother and co-star Shabana Azmi. The film Neerja truly is an epitome of Woman’s power, a patriot’s life and a brave young girl all snowballed into one. The strong mother as portrayed by Shabana Azmi is also praiseworthy.   Bollywood celebrities took mainly to twitter and showed their love for their female fraternity. You could do that or send online gifts to India to make your woman feel happy. Do your bit and send gift to India and make her feel happy about her being the woman she is.    

  • Women''s Day Special

    Unique celebration of Women's Day

    The special women in our lives need love appreciation, care, support and above all a recognition for all their efforts which they put on to make our lives better and worth it. To celebrate the spirit and essence of Womanhood, International Women's Day was formed so that we spend a day dedicated completely for women. But say you are away from the special women in your life how do still celebrate Women’s day in a unique way? By sending special India gifts of course. This online portal helps you send gifts to India from US without any hassles. Let's have a look at what kind of gifts you can choose to make the occasion special. Cakes : Special cakes meant for Women’s Day are purposely created to make the women special and beautiful. Let her cake the cake at the stroke of the midnight and make her ecstatic with pleasure. No matter what your age is, cutting a  cake that is meant only for you indeed feels very special on any given day. Thus choose her favourite flavour which can range from chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, pineapple and more.   Hampers : Hampers are always a great idea to make the occasion special. Not only are you making her feel unique and special, you are also nurturing her soft side which craves for love, a bit of attention and a lot of love. Every woman loves pampering and it is said that when a woman loves her with all her heart she can even move mountains. So feed on her love and send her cakes, flowers, chocolates and cards all combined into one beautiful hamper.   Perfumes : A rare perfume can just set the mood right for occasions like this. A good smelling person is what we all crave for. And every woman secretly loves perfumes. They love smelling good. So gift them with good smelling perfumes and enjoy their happiness with all your heart. They will definitely value and feel your love with this small token of appreciation.   Accessories : Every woman has got a bit of narcissism in them. They enjoy looking good. So gift them with things that help them look good like jewellery, makeup, bags and purses, watches etc. They will find these gifts very attractive and will feel very special. You can surprise them with something they have been longing to buy and make their wish come true.   Women’s Day marks the uniqueness which comprises of a woman. Make them feel special in your own unique way. Start it by wishing them, telling them how much you love them. Send online gifts to India and make them realize that they really mean a lot to you.