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When is Women's Day

When is Women's Day

Women’s Day is a day of significance in the International scenario. This day allows women to voice for their rights which in many ways are violated. This day also propagates the causes of woman that are still unknown among rank and file. Also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace, the day celebrates women achievements across nations. The articles assigned under this section discuss about the Women’s day and its history that made it a significant date in the calendar worldwide.

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  • Women''s Day 2017

    When is Women's Day in 2017 - The Day of Celebrating Womanhood

    Women’s Day Calendar 2017 8th March 2017 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat       1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31   International Women’s Day is a day for rejoicing women everywhere and their contribution to the world. This is a very historic event as it is a representative of all the struggles and strifes undertaken by women. It is also observed by the United Nations and the occasion began in the early nineteen hundreds. Sending a gift to India on this occasion is also a good idea as this will make the women there happy. This day is a reminder of the equal rights for women and the place that they hold in society at large. Thus, if you want to know when is Women’s Day in 2017 then we would like to tell you that it will be celebrated as usual on the 8th of March that falls on a Wednesday this year. Women’s Day Celebration Women’s Day has been declared as a holiday in many parts of the world for women as well as men. People give significant amounts of money as donation to various women shelters and orphanages. As this is a very celebratory occasion, it is common for girl friends to take time out to meet and spend time together. Several rallies and other types of public activities take place in order to honour women and speak of their equal rights. Another popular way of celebrating this day is by spending it in the company of the important women in a person’s life. Several gifts of flowers, cakes, chocolates and other goodies are given to women on this important occasion.   If you are away from the lovely ladies in your life who stay in India then you too must be wanting to make this occasion special. You can choose a wonderful gifting option from the many Women’s Day gift ideas that can be found. This online gift store boasts of a variety of such exciting gift items that can make this day memorable. Women’s Day Gifts There are accessories that your beloved lady in India can use in her day to day life and remember you. The Dual Hearts Pendant Set is a pearl jewellery accessory that comes as a set of earrings and necklace. Another fantastic gifting option is chocolates which is a great favourite with all the lovely ladies. The Ferrero Rocher Hamper consists of five Ferrero Rocher packs, each of which contains five of these delicacies.   Thus, you can easily make this coming Women’s Day a very happy occasion for your charming ladies. This online gifting portal will easily let you send gifts to India from US and also other countries. You can also send gifts for other occasions like birthdays and anniversaries from this gifting site.  

  • Women''s Day 2016

    When is Women's Day in 2016 : The Day Of Celebrating Equality

    Women have done a lot for the betterment of this world. Women’s Day celebrates their contribution to our lives and also the society at large. Women had to sacrifice a lot to attain their present level of equality, freedom and individuality. This day has always been a constant reminder of that. The revolution for women’s freedom started in New York in 1909 and has spread worldwide since then. This day attained its official status in 1914 and is celebrated in most countries around the world. India too celebrates the International Women’s Day, which is celebrated on the same date every year, with a lot respect and love. If you are wondering when is Women’s Day, then we will like to inform you that it falls on the 8th of March which falls on a Tuesday.   Women’s Day Celebrations Women’s Day is celebrated with much fervour all around the world in many different ways. The most popular way of celebrating this day is by wearing a purple ribbon. The colour is very significant with regards to women’s struggle for freedom as it symbolises justice and dignity. Wearing anything purple is therefore a popular trend with regards to this day. There are also many rallies that are carried out on this day to highlight the achievements of women and also their importance in our lives. Many women as well men participate actively in these events and show a great respect for this cause. In many countries this day is a national holiday whereas in others women are given an official leave to celebrate the day. On a more personal level, Women’s Day is also celebrated by women at home with friends and family. They take the day off to spend time with people who matter to them. Women friends get together for movies, brunches and other outdoor activities. Husbands give gifts to their wives, children to their mothers and grandmothers and fathers to their daughters. You can also send gifts to India to the ladies in your life if you are not being able to be with them on this special occasion. We have prepared a list of Women’s Day gift ideas that you can send as gifts to India on this day.   Women’s Day Gift Ideas There are a lot of accessories available on our website for women. These include bags & purses, cosmetics, jewellery, jewellery boxes and watches. These items are essential for a woman’s day to day life. Wherever she goes, a woman will need a bag or a purse and at least a little bit of jewellery. She will be able to enhance her looks with the cosmetic items that you send for her. Jewellery boxes are useful in keeping jewellery in a proper and stylish manner. A beautiful watch will also be appreciated by your loved one in India.   This online gifting portal offers you a host of beautiful apparels. These pretty and colourful clothes will be loved by whoever you present them to. They come in stunning designs and wonderful fabrics which will be treasured by your lady love in India. There are a number of stunning sarees, gorgeous salwars and luscious lehengas which any woman would love to add to her wardrobe.   Everyone loves chocolates and thus they make a great gift for any occasion. You can choose from a number of options to gift to your dear ones on this Women’s Day. There are chocolates, cookies and chocolate hampers that you can gift to your special lady. Most women like flowers and therefore gifting her flowers on this special occasion is a good option. You can surprise her by sending flowers like carnations, gerberas and roses to celebrate this day. You can get them in baskets, bouquets or in a vase. There are also options like exclusive arrangements and life size arrangements that she will just love. You may also choose a unique arrangement of orchids.   Gift hampers make good gifts as they contain more than one gift item. You can gift her with a combination of things that she likes such as flowers, chocolates and dry fruits. These things will appeal to her more and make her day more special. If your lady love likes cooking then sending her a gift of kitchenware is a great idea. You can gift her with cookware, dining sets, glasses and tableware. A good collection of these is available on our website. These items will definitely prove to be of great use to her in her day to day life.   There is also a superb selection of perfumes available on this online gifting portal. A perfume is an essential item in a woman’s life. Choose a mesmerising fragrance that will always remind her of you. If you want to really celebrate the day and make your special lady’s day memorable then you should send her a cake in the honour of this day. You will find a number of delectable Women’s Day cakes here on our website. There are flavours like chocolate, butterscotch, pineapple and vanilla with these cakes coming in interesting shapes and sizes.   Make this Women’s Day more special for your special ladies by sending these and other gifts to India. They will surely love these gifts and cherish them forever. In this way, you will also be able to join in this day’s joyous celebrations.  

  • Womens Day 2015

    Women’s Day 2015 : Make the Day Special for the Women in Your Life

    International Women’s Day calendar 2015 8th March, 2015 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31         Very few of us actually know why do we all celebrate women’s day every year and not everyone is aware of when is International Women’s Day. Well, 8th March is the date when people observe International Women’s Day around the world and in 2015 it falls on a Sunday. History of International Women’s Day It all started in August,1910 when a conference for women was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was that day when a famous German socialist called Luise Zietz offered a proposal. That proposal was about specifying a day in the entire year to celebrate the rights, equality and sufferings of women throughout the past, future and present history of the world. Even then, women were celebrating this day on random dates each year, on 19th March in 1911 across Germany, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland, last Sunday of February in 1913 in Russia, but none of them were observed on 8th March. Finally, on the memorable year of 1914, leaders of the International Women’s Association declared 8th March to be that year’s Women’s Day and that’s how March the 8th became an international celebration for women. How to celebrate Women’s Day The day is all about making these angels on earth feel valued, loved and admired. When it comes to getting Women’s Day gift ideas, men completely rely on the traditional picks like fresh roses, chocolates and cards etc. It has become a tradition in many countries for women and men in general to wake up early in the morning of 8th March and go out to buy fresh flowers for their significant other, their mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters, aunts or their muses. In some of the countries, March the 8th, is considered as a national holiday for women to celebrate their solidarity. Celebrating Women’s Day in India India has also followed the example of other countries and started celebrating women’s contribution and sacrifices in building up the society. By doing this, they reminded the people of their country that all women are a gift to India and to the world. To show their gratitude and to make women progress, many programs on local and national level are organized all around the country. Gift shops throughout the country arrange special stalls and goodies for women. Find some of the ideal gifts that you can give on this special day below. Flowers Flowers are a great choice! Their sweet fragrance and colorful petals are similar to the sensitiveness of a woman. So, they can be a great choice in terms of a Women’s Day gift. You can go for a beautiful rose bouquet, bright gerbera basket or pick a unique orchid arrangement to convey that she is a rare beauty on earth. Jewelry & Watches No matter how old a woman is, she always loves a beautiful piece of jewelry like earrings,  necklace or pendants etc. You can even give her an elegant and pretty bracelet with tiny charms hanging on the side of it. Another great option to allure women is beautiful watches. Choose a classic timepiece or a trendy watch according to her taste. Apparel & Bags Since March is the month when spring hits in, you can surprise that someone special with a beautiful stole, scarf or beautiful attire to celebrate their beauty and make them feel happy. Add a trendy handbag or clutch with the apparel gift and see her eyes shining brighter! Perfumes A nice perfume matching the personality is always a celebrated gift for women. Giving her a right kind of perfume can be a praised attempt. To avoid getting it wrong, go for popular brands like Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Lacoste, Bvlgari, Chanel and more. Women's Day Cakes No celebration is complete without a cake. Sending her a delicious cake of her favorite flavor with the bright words ‘Happy Women’s Day’ written on it can melt her heart on this special day. Make her enjoy her day with the delicious treat. You can also be a little creative with gift ideas or you can simply show her how special your world is with her being in it. All that matters is your genuine appreciation for her. So make the day memorable for her with your heartfelt gestures and gifts as you wish her Happy Women’s Day on 8th March.  

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    When Is Women’s Day In 2014?

     The last century had witnessed a significant attitudinal change towards women. Their contribution towards the society, culture and nation building received recognition. They gained equality and emancipation. To acknowledge their service, United Nations celebrates International Women's Day every year to respect their economic, political, and social achievements. International Women's Day is observed every year on 8th March.   This year also it will be celebrated with equal zeal, excitement and enthusiasm. The day falls on Saturday. This day has a tremendous historical significance. On this day of the year 1917, the women labourers of Russian Empire revolted against the ruling Czar at St. Petersburg. Their protest was against the food shortages and the discrimination of wages. Their revolt is known as the "Bread and Peace" revolt which gradually resulted into a massive public outrage leading the fall of Russian Empire after 4 days. The provisional Government granted them the right to vote which heralded the new era in the progress of the women. In the year 1975, the United Nations accepted and recognised 8th March as the International Women's Day. In the recent decades, women have made significant progress in every possible sphere. We have witnessed their growth in the active labour force including the gallant military services. Every legislation promises them equal opportunities guaranteeing them every fundamental right. Today no one gets surprised if a woman gets selected as the President or the Prime Minister of the country. Significantly, India is one of the first countries to have a woman Prime Minister. On this day, it is customary for men to express their love, care and affection towards their mother, sister, wife and daughter with small sweet gifts and presents and appreciate their importance in their lives. In this International Women's Day delight your love one with enchanting gifts to make this day special for her. Following are some of the gifts which you can choose for your loved ones to make the day special:- 1. Flowers: Flowers have always been one of the most usual and traditional gifts for International Women's Day, which makes women feel special. The sweet aroma of flowers are comforting and refreshing which every woman likes.The normal life of a woman is often monotonous where the fresh flowers can make her realize the importance of the day as she will feel distinctive among others. You can opt for a potted plant, fresh cut flower bouquets or beautiful and unique arrangements made with dried or pressed flowers. You can also enthrall them with the beauty of Rose baskets, Gerbera collection, Orchids, Lilies and Carnations available at the site.   2. Chocolates: The chocolates are ageless which always entices women. Celebration of any occasion without chocolates is unimaginable.The sweet chocolates possess the unique quality to disseminate happiness and joy. Choose from the wide and the best variety of chocolates like Teuscher, Lindt, Ferrero Rocher or from our very own Cadbury and Nestle to make your love one feel contented.       3. Cakes: The delicacy and the fineness of cakes always exhilarates the mind. Cakes add joy and glory in any occasion. Order according to the intended shape, size and taste and select from the exciting range available. You can choose from the delicious chocolate cake, vanilla cake, strawberry cake or fruit cakes and many more. Our site has brought an extensive collection of cakes to choose from and enthrall your dear ones.       4. Gifts Hampers: Gift Hampers also make a great gifting idea for your beloved lady which are so arranged where you can add multiple gifts within a single gifting basket. You can choose cake and flowers together which will make a wonderful combo. You can also compile all skin care products to make an exciting personal care gift hamper. As every woman loves to dress, you can gift her an apparel gift hamper as well.       5. Perfumes: The fragrance of the Perfume is associated with rejuvenation. The pleasant smell of the perfume always refreshes the mind and allows you to start the day with energy and confidence. GiftstoIndia24x7.com present you with an extensive collection of frangrances. So, you can choose from the renowned brands such as Calvin Klein, Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry or Ralph Lauren and delight your near one.      The idea of Women's Day is associated with the empowerment of women. But it is also analogous with the simple celebration of the day and appreciating the hard work of every woman that she endures for her family. So, the small gift for your lady on this day will definitely touch her.

  • When is Women's Day in 2013?

    International Women's Day 2013, 8th March, 2013 International Women's Day calender 2013 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat           1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 The United Nations celebrates International Women's Day to recognize the social progress and equality of women, and also to acknowledge the contribution of women to international peace and security. This special Day is an occasion to review how far they have come in their struggle for equality, peace and development. In recent decades, much progress has been made. On a worldwide level, women's access to education and proper health care has increased; their participation in the paid labor force and other workplaces are witnessed to be grown; and legislation that promises equal opportunities for women and respect for their human rights has been followed in many countries. The world now has an ever- growing number of women participating in society as policy-makers. Now with the changing time women coming out from their shell by taking active participation in various aspects. She is single handedly playing multiple roles of daughter, mother, sister, wife, homemaker and also is keen in building careers. When is International Women's’ Day in 2013? International Women’s Day will be observed on 8th March. International Women’s Day Gifts Ideas To make any occasion special, gifts play a very significant role. And with the changing time, the trend of gifting has gone online. Recently, people take the assistance of online stores to send gifts to India to their loved ones. Sending gifts to India has become a cakewalk for the netizens. They do not have to hop shops and stores in search of gifts. A whole new section of gifts opens on the screen with a click of a mouse. Hence, without leaving the comfort of his/her home,  the person can go through the whole gifting process. GiftstoIndia24x7.com, one of the most reliable gifting portals that has been enabling the global Indians to send gifts to India since over a decade. This portal has won a million of satisfied customers hearts from the various parts of the globe. GiftstoIndia24x7.com has been one of its kind due to its wonderful customer care support team and prompt delivery service. Store’s wide collection of items arranged also has helped it to draw attention. International Women’s Day is the one day which is dedicated to them to express our appreciation, respect and love and also for their achievements in political, social and economic fields. Meeting up with that special women in your life or spend a great time together are some of the ways to celebrate this joyous event. Besides these, gifting the women in one’s life, she be mother, wife, sister, sister-law, grandmother with exclusive gifts is also a very popular way to celebrate this day. Hence, to check the International Women’s Day Gifts section, you have to browse through the gifts sections of the online gifting store. Following are some of the gifts you can choose and send across your loved ones to make this day special - 1. Chocolates - Chocolate and women are inseparable, no matter what her age is. Hence chocolates can be selected as gift without any hesitation. In the chocolate section of the portal, you can find  wide collection of sweetmeats from various reputed brands such as Vochelle, Dairy Milk, etc. Moreover, to make your searching process easier, the site has segregated its chocolates into different sections. In the chocolate and cookies section, you can get to see delicious confectionery from Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, Hershey’s, Vochelle and a lot more. In the chocolate hamper, dry fruits, chocolate bars, sweets, plush toys, etc are arranged to make them even more attractive. All these chocolate assortments come in attractive baskets. You can also go along with breathtaking handmade chocolates she will just love to relish. Apart from these, sugar free chocolates are also available in this section. And sending with these sugarfree chocolates would be a great idea for diabetics and those who are watching calories. 2. Gifts Hamper - Gift Hampers also are the great gifting ideas for your beloved lady in India. In the hamper section, a great variety of items are arranged. It goes without saying that that no occasion is complete without cakes and flowers. And cutting cakes no doubt add to the celebration. Hence the site has come up with a great collection of hampers come with an exquisite roses bunch and cakes of varied flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, pineapple, strawberry and so on. Since chocolate and teddies are all time favorite of women, you can definitely go away with the hampers consist of these items. There are also vouchers from various reputed brands such as Titan, Gili, Shoppers stop, Domino's Pizza and so on, with which she can shop and dine. Surprising her with personal care items from popular brands such as Garnier, Fructis, is also a hit idea. Send gifts and bring that charming smile on your dear lady’s face. She will cherish those memories for a long coming years.