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Thanksgiving Day Gift Ideas

Thanksgiving Day gift ideas

Thanksgiving Day is a auspicious day celebrated with vigor and enthusiasm in parts of United States and Canada. This day commemorates the yield or harvest of the last year. People offer thanks to the omnipotent God for the harvest by up-holding various parties. Family feasting and exchange of wide variety of gifts are pleasurable gestures for this occasion. So, you can gratify your loving family and friends on this special day by sending them commendable variety gifts like bountiful hampers, personalized gifts, aromatic flowers,mouth-watering sweets etc. The articles in this chapter discusses about exclusive Thanksgiving Day gifting ideas.

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    Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with Cakes and Chocolates

    The festival of Thanksgiving is a very joyous and auspicious one that started in America and Canada. Originally, the Thanksgiving Day was a Christian festival with deep cultural roots and historical significance. With the passage of time, this has become a community event and thus has become highly secular. This event is now celebrated all over the world including India where exchanging India gifts is quite common during this occasion. This day is actually spent by showing gratitude towards the Almighty for granting a good crop and a life filled with friends and family. Thanksgiving is celebrated mainly through a Thanksgiving feast with all the loved ones and the main components here are cakes and chocolates. Cakes and chocolates are delicacies which are very celebratory in nature due to their huge preference among young and old. Cakes and pastries are such delicacies that are thoroughly enjoyed by all during a social gathering like Thanksgiving. Handmade and branded chocolates are also delicacies that are abundantly found during the festivities. A large variety of Thanksgiving Day gift ideas are available on this premier online gift store. Succulent cakes as well as chunky chocolates can also be found among the many gifting options here. These treats are a must have with all dear ones on Thanksgiving and you can easily send them as gifts.   Cakes for Thanksgiving The normal cakes are those that will easily fit in your budget, apart from being extremely tasty. Many tasty flavours like butterscotch and pineapple can be found on this  online gifting portal. There are Five Star bakery cakes which come from this very reputed bakery found all over India. Black Forest cakes, truffle cakes and many other such special delicacies can be found in eggless forms. You can send Taj cakes for your family and friends in India and this bakery is well known for its awesome cakes. Here you can get different kinds of pastries along with very flavoursome cakes in attractive shapes and decorations.   Chocolates for Thanksgiving Handmade chocolates have a very unique taste and thus they are preferred by many over commercial brands. These sweet treats come in various eye catching shapes and they are also placed in interesting containers. A box of chocolates and cookies from various reputed chocolatiers can truly enliven this festival. The chocolates are from famous houses like Belgian and Cadbury which are much loved by all. Delicious and awe inspiring chocolate hampers are also available on this gifting site for your loved ones. These hampers have branded and handmade chocolates as well as various types of other gifts like dry fruits and sweets.   This Thanksgiving Day can become even more special with these wonderful and exclusive delectables. There are also other gift items here for this occasion, apart from cakes and chocolates, that can be used to send gifts to India from USA and also other countries. You can get various other gifting options on this online gift store for Christmas, Children’s Day and other festivals.  

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    Cherish Your Dear Ones On Thanksgiving Day With Exclusive Hamper

    Thanksgiving Day is a special time to thank your parents, your family members and all those who are responsible to give you a good harvest, the year round so that you are well fed with a sound health. This time of the year is perfect for thanking all those who matter and what better way to do it other than sending gifts to India to your loved ones and making a silent prayer for all those whom you can’t reach upto. Amongst various Thanksgiving day gift ideas, exclusive Thanksgiving hampers are a best way to thank your dear ones with many gifts together. Let us check out some of them. Unique Celebration : The unique celebration is a unique combo of a tall basket of 50 red and yellow roses, and a finger-licking half kilo of Black forest cake. Convey your love to your dear ones through this delightful gift to make the occasion a truly memorable one.   Exotic Basket : The Exotic Basket will enthrall your dear ones in India. This basket contains of different kinds of seasonal fruits, red carnations, and Garden Croton flowers arranged beautifully in a basket. This gift is perfect for giving your family on this occasion and is sure to make them very happy. Garnier Duo Deo : Incase you wanted to gift something offbeat and exclusive on this Thanksgiving to your friends then gift them these deodorant hamper from Garnier. This hamper contains one Garnier Mineral Extreme Cool deodorant for gents and one Mineral Extra Care for ladies.   On this Thanksgiving Day you can make extra effort to please your loved ones in India. Send gifts to India from USA with the help of this premier gifting portal and never again miss an opportunity to make your loved ones feel special on their special day or on any important festival. We help spread smiles across continents.  

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    Top 5 Gift Items for Thanksgiving Day

    The occasion of Thanksgiving is a very popular festival in many countries and has a lot of history. This festival is commemorated in order to thank the Lord for the harvest season and spend time with friends and family. It is a common practice to exchange gifts on this occasion while enjoying a grand feast with loved ones. Thus, sending India gifts during this happy event is quite natural and you may opt to do so if you are staying away from your dear ones. It is better if you choose to send online gifts as this is quite an easy process that is completely hassle free. This online gift store is home to a variety of Thanksgiving Day gift ideas that you can send to India. We have enlisted here the top five gifting options for this occasion to make your job a lot easier. 1. Cakes : These sweet treats are well liked and it is a very common item for any celebratory event. The cakes available on this online gifting portal are segregated into three categories based on the bakeries. The Chocolate Cake is a normal cake that is completely eggless with yummy spongy chocolate cake and vanilla icing. 2. Chocolates : Chocolates are a delicacy that are loved by most and hence they are a good gifting option. This gifting site showcases branded chocolates and handmade chocolates as well as exciting hampers. 3. Flowers : You can also give a gift of fresh and fragrant flowers to your family and friends in India. Many different types of flowers are present here in different sections containing many such gifts. The Red Sensation basket contains assorted flowers like red roses which are two dozen in number in a cane basket.   4. Sweet & Salty Items : Food items of different tastes make an occasion an even more grander one and thus such gifts are much sought after. You can gift different types of snacks items along with delectable sweets from this online gift store. 5. Thanksgiving Hampers : A hamper is a collection of attractive gift items and getting a combo of wonderful gifts is a delight for all. There is a large variety of gift hampers available on this online gifting portal for Thanksgiving Day. The Dry Buttery Indulgence gift hamper is a combo of two fantastic gifting options in the forms of a box of branded cookies and a designer tray filled with mixed dry fruits.   Make this coming Thanksgiving Day a very unique and memorable event for all your loved ones in India. You can safely send gifts to India from this gifting site on such occasions like Thanksgiving Day. Many kinds of exotic gifts have been showcased here for different festivals and events like Christmas and New Year.  

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    Cherish Your Dear Ones in India by Sending Flowers on Thanksgiving Day Through

    Thanksgiving Day is basically a harvest festival that is celebrated mainly by the people of USA and Canada. It is an occasion when family members and other relatives gather together for a gala feast at the dinner table. They offer thanks to the Almighty for the harvest and the food that lay on the table. Hence the name Thanksgiving. For those of you who reside in US or Canada, Thanksgiving Day is a grand holiday for you. It is quite obvious that you will miss your friends and family who are staying back in India. You can make them part of the awesomeness associated with the festival called Thanksgiving., the premier online gifting portal, offers a wide range of Thanksgiving Day gifts that will delight your near and dear ones beyond all words. This online gifting portal is considered to be one of the best websites to send gifts to India. So, if you are pondering about what to gift to your loved ones on the occasion of Thanksgiving, you can easily check out this website for the various Thanksgiving Day gift ideas. These are attractive as well as easily affordable. This year, Thanksgiving will be celebrated on 26th November. On this day, you can cherish your dear ones in India by sending beautiful flowers for them through this premier online gifting portal. Here is a complete list of the flowers that you can send to your near and dear ones in India on this occasion: 1. Roses : When it comes to flowers, roses are considered to be the most aristocratic of them all. No one can deny their love for roses until of course they are allergic to flowers. On, you can opt for any of the four different arrangements of roses available. You can opt for a basket of roses, a bouquet of roses, a bunch of roses in a bunch or an exclusive arrangement of roses. Apart from red roses, you also have the options to choose from white, orange, pink and yellow roses according to your choice. Your loved ones will be simply mesmerized on being delivered the beautifully arranged roses at their doorstep. 2. Gerberas : If you want to try something experimental regarding flowers, then you can think of gifting gerberas to your loved ones. Gerberas are ornamental flowers that can be bought along with a basket, bouquet or as a bunch in a vase. These flowers are available in a variety of colours, viz. red, orange, pink and white. Apart from being sent as presents on Thanksgiving, the gerberas can also be sent to your loved ones, as anniversary gifts to India, on the occasion of their wedding anniversaries. 3. Exclusive Arrangements : The Exclusive Arrangements of flowers will be much loved by your near and dear ones on the occasion of Thanksgiving, since these arrangements contains exotic flowers like orchids. It is the presence of such exotic flowers that make these arrangements much sought after by the clients of These arrangements can also be sent to your loved ones as wedding gifts to India. 4. Carnations : These ornamental flowers will be much loved by your near and dear ones in India. You can think of gifting carnations in basket, bouquet or in a vase to your loved ones. These colourful flowers are available in white, pink, red and yellow and would definitely deck up the interiors of the living rooms of your loved ones, a gift, that will be much appreciated on the occasion of Thanksgiving. 5. Assorted Flowers : If you want your loved ones to get the best of all the flowers, you can think of sending them special floral arrangements that consist of assorted flowers. As the name suggests, these floral arrangements consist of roses, gerberas, carnations and other exotic flowers like orchids. All these flowers will definitely lift the spirits of your loved ones and make them have a gala time at Thanksgiving. Apart from these above mentioned floral arrangements, you can also send various Thanksgiving Gifts like chocolates, dry fruits and other gift hampers to your loved ones and make the occasion a memorable affair for them to remember.

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    Make This Thanksgiving Day Special with Top 5 Gift Ideas

    Thanksgiving Day is a very special occasion for the people of USA and Canada. People gather in the houses of their friends and relatives and celebrate the day with a lot of food and festivities. So if you are living there then this day is a grand holiday for you. But you will obviously miss your friends and family who live back home in India. You can make them a part of this awesome celebration as well by sending online gifts. Our online gifting portal offers you a host of Thanksgiving Day gift ideas that will surely enthral your dear ones back home. You will find many cheap gifts to India here that are very attractive as well as easily affordable. To make your job of selecting gifts more easier, we have compiled a list of 5 gift ideas that will surely make Thanksgiving a special day for your family and friends in India. 1. Cakes - Cakes makes a celebration complete, especially one like Thanksgiving. Our online gift store brings for you a number of yummy cakes that will be thoroughly enjoyed by your dear ones in India. This section has been divided into 3 categories, namely, five star bakery, normal cakes and Taj cakes. The cakes from the five star bakery come in flavours like black forest, pineapple, chocolate and strawberry. The tasty Taj cakes have flavours like black forest, pineapple, truffle, chocolate and vanilla. The normal cakes are very delicious and come in round and heart shapes. Delectable flavours like black forest, truffle, chocolate, pineapple, butterscotch, strawberry and vanilla are available here. The Chocolate Cake looks very sumptuous and would be a great gift for Thanksgiving. This eggless chocolate cake is a pure delight that can be enjoyed on any occasion. The cake has vanilla icings and is topped with chocolate crisps and chocolate sauce.   2. Chocolates - Chocolates are loved by all and thus they make a good addition to any celebration. A gift of chocolates on Thanksgiving would be a great idea as they will delight both young and old members in your family and friends group. The chocolates section on our gifting store has be divided into 3 parts. The chocolates and cookies section contains delicacies from brands like Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury, Royal Dansk, K. Harrodson, Nestle, Sapphire, Belgian, Skittles, Hershey’s and a lot more. Delectable chocolate hampers are also available that contain goodies like handmade chocolates, branded chocolates, dry fruits, sweets, namkeen, soft toys, mints, candies and many others. Handmade chocolates have a different and unique taste compared to regular chocolates and tasting them is obviously a treat. The Chocolate Potli consists of delicious handmade chocolates which are in the shapes of little animals. Chocolates in other shapes are also contained in this potli. The golden potli is very beautiful to look at with intricate zari designs.   3. Dry Fruits - Crunchy dry fruits can make any occasion special and thus a gift of these delectable treats would be very much welcome on Thanksgiving. A large amount of crispy dry fruits are available on our gifting site that will be loved by your friends and family in India. These include sweet, salted and masala kajus, pistas, almonds, raisins, walnuts, mango pulp candies and various combinations of these. There also hampers available here containing items like sweets, chocolates, vouchers, candies and mints. The Crunchy & Crispy Dry Fruits is a yummy combo pack of dry fruits. It contains 4 types of dry fruits, that is, kaju, pista, almond and raisins. The beautiful cane tray that it comes in is blue in colour with pretty frills and little lace flowers. 4. Flowers - You can send flowers as gifts to your dear ones in India and surprise them on this coming Thanksgiving. Exquisite flowers are available on this online gifting portal that will be a great gift for your friends and family in India. There are various categories of flowers here. The assorted flowers section contain specially hand-picked flowers that are perfect in every way. They come in exclusive arrangements, bouquets, baskets and vases. The exclusive arrangements section contain various pretty arrangements of flowers that will be loved by all. Exclusive flowers, exotic arrangements and orchids are available here. The life size arrangements section have big arrangements of flowers which will really surprise your dear ones in India. These tall arrangements are very stately and elegant to look at and contain flowers like gerberas, roses, carnations and orchids. Separate carnations and gerberas are also available in baskets, bouquets and vases. The roses section is divided into exclusive arrangements, bouquets, baskets and vases. The Colorful Rose Bouquet contains red, yellow, pink, orange and peach roses with green leaves and fillers which will make a great gift on Thanksgiving Day.   5. Thanksgiving Hampers - Hampers are loved by everyone as they contain a little something for everyone being a collection of many gifts. Many hampers are available on our website for the occasion of Thanksgiving that will delight your dear ones in India. They contain items like flowers, cakes, dry fruits, sweets, fruits, chocolates, greetings cards, namkeen, juices, teddies, cookies and personal care items. The Gerbera and Pineapple Combo hamper will make a perfect gift for Thanksgiving Day. The hamper contains a beautiful bouquet and a sumptuous cake. The pretty bouquet is made of 12 peach gerberas with fillers and a pink ribbon tied into a bow. The delicious cake has a pineapple flavour topped with cherries and vanilla icing in a round shape.   Make this Thanksgiving Day extra special for your dear ones with these and many other wonderful gifts. If you are late in sending these gifts, you can send gifts to India same day delivery and your friends and family will receive their gifts on time. Gifts for other occasions like birthday gifts to India are available for you to choose from.