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Parents' Day Gift Ideas

Parents' Day Gift Ideas

Though sending gifts is by far the most popular way of celebrating Parents Day, a lot of other interesting things can be done for parents by their children on this day. And the list includes going for a movie or an outing, a long drive, dining at one of the most posh restaurants, cooking mouthwatering dishes and more. The articles assigned in this chapter will detail about interesting ideas for making a splendid Parents’ Day celebration.

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  • Happy Parents Day

    Popular Gift Ideas on Parent’s Day

    Since the day we are born, our lives surround around our parents. They take of every small and big necessities of our lives and whatever we become in the future is just because of them They collaborate together to make our lives wonderful and better and so when the occasion comes to thank our Parents for all they do, we must make full use of it. So on this Parent’s Day let us find out some of the best Parent’s Day gift ideas to make this occasion special for them. Because every occasion becomes special with gifts and sending India gifts is now easily done with this trusted online portal. Parent’s Day Mugs : Personalised gifts are the most thoughtful and special gifts of all times. Sending a Parent’s Day mug with a picture you with your parents will add to their happiness in leaps and bounds. So send the Happy Parents Day Personalized Mug, a white mug where there are cute motifs of a happy family and where you can imprint your photo to send to your parents. Watches : Watches are timeless gifts that you can always gift to anyone. The couple watches available these days are perfect for gifting your parents. The Titan Raga Bandhan watches , the Timex and Sonata couple watches will please your parents a great deal. The Titan White Dial Pair Watch is a beautiful analogue watch made of stainless steel with 2 years warranty and 30 meters water resistance. Gift Hampers : Hampers are a collection of many gifts. Send flowers, dry fruits, fruits chocolates, cakes and much more together to your parents. The Fresh n Healthy combo is a wonderful hamper consisting of fresh bunch of carnations in a basket, a basket of fresh seasonal fruits and a tray of mixed dry fruits. Your parents will definitely love these gifts. Mobiles : It's the age of smartphones and they are very useful gadgets when it comes to connecting people from far away worlds. If you want to be always connected to your parents and never feel away from them, gift them with smart mobiles. Home Decor : Beautiful home decors can add to the charm of your home as you send the Surya Ganesh to your parents. The blazing sun fails to lessen the glory of the Cute and adorable Lord Ganesh, also known as the Elephant God. Let this wall hanging adorn the room of your dear parents in India Gift Vouchers : Send gift vouchers of various dining, shopping outlets to let them enjoy a great dinner or a great shopping bonanza. The Mainland China Food Voucher Rs. 5,000/- will allow your parents to enjoy fine dining experience with Mainland China’s delicious cuisine and sumptuous buffets. They will surely be proud and happy of you when they receive these vouchers. You can send these and many other gifts to India on Parent’s Day. Make sure you send these gifts well in advance so that it reaches on time to your parents Now sending gifts to India on any occasion or events is really easy now with the help of this premier online shopping portal which has gifts for every occasion. Sending gifts has never been more convenient.  

  • The Parent Trap

    English Movies To Watch With Your Parents on Parents' Day

    Parents are the important people in our lives who are there for us in every bend of our life. They are there to support us through thick and thin without asking anything in return. There is no particular day or time to convey love and gratitude to your parents for all the things they have done for you. But, with the popularity of Parents’ Day, which is celebrated on 24th July, you can make your mom and dad feel special on this day by showering them exclusive gifts. This day is solely dedicated to parents all over the world who have made several sacrifices for us so that we could lead a comfortable life. Hence, make their day special by sending gifts to India with the assistance of With the help of this e-gifting site, you can surprise your beloved mom and dad by sending gifts to India from US or from any part of the world. In terms of gifts, is certainly not lacking behind. If you browse through our ‘Parents’ Day’ category, you will comes across a galore of items which will be surely a prefect gift for your mom and dad. Depending on your parents’ choice you can choose to send gifts to India from any of these sections. It goes without saying that we all love to watch movies. Hence, on Parents’ day, you can spend some time with with your mom and dad by watching a movie with them like you used to when you were young. This will not only help you and your parents to reminisce about the bygone days but will also make new memories. Below are some movies which you can watch with your parents on this day. The Parent Trap (1998) ‘The Parent Trap’ is a film of Disney production house which will surely be fun to watch with your parents. The movie begins with two girls, from different places, going to a Summer Camp which is about 3000 miles away from their home. The twin girls named Hallie and Annie, played by Lindsay Lohan, have been separated from each other since their birth when their parents get divorced. Even though the girls are twins, their personalities are different as night and day. As the movie progresses, you will be filled with laughter as these two girls try their best to bring their parents together.   Catch Me If You Can (2002) This is a perfect movie to watch with your parents as it is filled with laughter with some special moments in between. Directed by Steven Spielberg, this movie is a true story of con-artist Frank Abagnale Jr, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. In the first half of the movie, we see that Frank’s rich lifestyle is turned upside down when his father is investigated by the IRS and his mom files for divorce. Not being able to handle the situation, he runs away to the big City but ultimately faces some financial problems. To meet his needs, he starts to forge cheques and the plot begins to thicken. Throughout the movie,  you will be mesmerized with his clever and cunning tricks.   Home Alone (1990) ‘Home Alone’ may seem like a kids’ movie but it can be enjoyed by the adults as well. This is a movie about an 8 year old boy, played by Macaulay Culkin, who gets left behind at his home while his family goes to France to celebrate Christmas. He is alone and on top of that two robbers plan to rob his house. The movie is all about the different types of pranks he plays on the robbers and at the same time prevents them from robbing his house. Besides these, you can also opt for movies like ‘August Rush’, ‘Life is Beautiful’, ‘Kung Fu Panda 1 &2’, etc. Each of these movies will surely bring a smile on you and your parents faces. Besides these, you can also watch Hindi movies such as ‘Khabi Khushi Kabhi Gham’, ‘Taare Zameen Par’, ‘Chak De India’ and many more. Thus, make this day really memorable for your dear parents as well as for you.

  • gifts

    Hindi movies to watch with your parents on Parent's day

    Parent’s Day is a special day dedicated to the parents. This year it will be celebratedon 24th July.  If you are not with your parents on this grand occasion due to professional commitments, you can enchant them by sending gifts to India online. is a popular e-gifting store that stocks gifts for various occasions and festivals. You can surprise them by sending Parent’s Day gifts to India with the help of this site. You can opt for gifts such as beautiful flowers, delightful gift hampers, cakes, sweets as gift to India for your parents. However, if you are with your parents then you can make the occasion cheerful by watching Hindi movies. Here are some names of the Hindi movies that you can watch with your parents are as follows:- Hum Aapke Hai Kaun (1994) is a touching movie that you can watch with your family on Parent’s Day. The story of the film revolves around  the happy relationship shared between two Indian families. The scenes of the film flow from comedy to romance to sorrow which will definitely be enjoyed by your parents. The film is marked for the depictions of North Indian wedding ceremonies as well as its melodious music. The culture and tradition of India is beautifully portrayed in this movie. So you should definitely watch this movie on this special occasion along with having sweets and dryfruits. You can also watch Kabhi Khusi Kabhi Ghum (2001) with your parents. The film focuses on an orthodox and wealthy Indian family. The head of the family Mr. Yashvardhan Raichand (played by Amitabh Bachan) wants his son Rahul  (played by Shahrukh Khan)to marry a girl of his choice. However, Rahul disobeys his father’s decision and leaves the house and marries a girl,named Anjali, (played by Kajol) from poor Indian family. It is Rohan (played by Hrithik Roshan), Rahul’s younger brother, who at last unites the whole family. The film mainly focuses on the Indian family values of respecting as well as obeying the elders under any circumstances. Though Rahul settles in London with his family, he never forgets his parents. However, the film also shows that elders are not always correct, they also can make incorrect decisions. This is revealed when at last Yashvardhan Raichand ask forgiveness from Rahul and happily accept his wife as the daughter-in-law of Raichand family. The film has romantic as well as soulful songs which will provide great entertainment to your parents. Moreover, watching this movie will be a perfect Parent’s day gift. Other interesting movie that you can allow your parent’s to watch will be Baghban (2003). The film narrates the story of a small middle-class Indian family. The protagonist Raj Malhotra (played by Amitabh Bachan)after his retirement wants his four sons to look after him and his wife Pooja (played by Hema Malini). He has invested all his money in his sons’ well-being and prosperity. However, instead of giving love and affection to their parents, the four sons make the situation sorrowful. But, the story takes a different turn with the arrival of Alok (played by Salman Khan) (orphan boy who was taken care by Mr. Malhotra) who takes them to his home and gives them love and happiness which they didn’t receive from their real sons. The film focuses mainly on the relationship shared between parents and children. The unconditional love given by the parents to their children is never understood by the latter. So enjoy Parent’s day by watching these entertaining movies. Moreover, if you are not with your parents then you can send DVDs of these movies as well as gifts to India from US online. These movies will surely make the occasion memorable and cheerful.