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Delicious Recipies for New Year

Recipes For New Year

The day of the New Year is welcomed by all with great expectations and hope. On this day, people dress in new clothes and exchange gifts with their loved ones. Besides these, eating delicious food is also a part of this joyous celebration. Hence, if you want to prepare something special for your loved ones then the articles assigned in this chapter may help you. If you read through the articles, you will come across a wide variety of recipes which you can prepare for your loved ones on this day.

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    Celebrate New Year with Tasty yet Easy Recipes

    The beginning of another new year is upon us and preparations have already been started for this annual festival. There are many ways in which this wonderful occasion is celebrated by people all around the world. There are a large variety of New Year gift ideas that you can send for your loved ones in India. All Indian festivals and occasions have delicious food items at their centre and this is no exception. Thus, sumptuous delectables play a huge role and many of these tasty treats are made at home. Thus, we have compiled here the recipes of a few of the most popular dishes that are prepared during this festive time. An eggless chocolate cake is the best way to celebrate this event and it requires only a few ingredients. The items needed for making this cake are flour, baking powder, baking soda, cocoa powder and a few more items. You can also try out the recipe for eggless waffles which will be an instant hit with each and every person. For making this delicacy, all you need is flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, oil, water and vanilla extract.   Among the various Indian dishes, you can try out pindi chole that is a great favourite at every Punjabi home. All this fantastic dish requires is chickpeas, tea leaves, oil, onion, green chilli, red chilli, ginger and a few others. You can also try out gajar ki pachadi that is one of the quintessential dishes of the state of Kerala. This dish can be made out of carrots, green gram, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, green chillies and some other items.   Atte ki pinni is another delectable dessert that can be found in many parts of Punjab during festive season. This sweet treat is prepared from flour, ghee, powdered sugar, slivered almonds, raisins, almonds and khoya. There is also gutti vankaya koora that comes from Andhra Pradesh and is a special savoury dish. This curry based dish has brinjals, onions, oil, peanuts, sesame seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds and many more.   Many kinds of delectable gift ideas can be found on this online gift store for sending gifts to India on New Year. You can send dry fruits for your family members and friends on this wondrous occasion that is very healthy. The Crispy Sweet Dry Fruits is composed of cashew nuts, pistachios, raisins and almonds on a basket. There are also delectable cakes on this online gifting portal which come from various renowned bakeries. The New Year Sumptuous Chocolate Cake is eggless and it comes in round shape with floral decorations.   These tasty and fresh recipes are bound to make this coming New Year a very festive season for all. There are also a number of gifts to India that can be sent for this and many other events and festivals. You can also find several gifts on this gifting site that are for the many wonderful relations in your life.  

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    Mouth-watering recipes which you can prepare on New Year 2012

    New year is one of the grand events that is celebrated by people all over the world with lots of joy and verve. People from various caste, age and creed enjoy this even with lots of enthusiasm, merriment and splendour. On this special occasion, every individual wants to be with his or her close ones. However, if you are unable to be with your loved ones on New Year 2011 then you can make the event more jovial and cheerful by sending warm gifts to India. You can take the help from the e-gifting portals in sending New Year gifts. is a reliable and popular where you will avail diverse types of gift articles such as flowers, chocolates, cakes, gift hampers and many more that you can send to dear ones. On this New Year, if you want to convey your warm wishes to your brother you can opt for attractive men’s personal items, perfumes, watches, trendy apparels and so on. You can even avail fascinating gift items for your sister, mom, wife and other loved ones. In addition to that, send gifts to India to her in the form of dazzling jewellery, cosmetics, beautiful apparels, perfumes and so on. They will definitely be enchanted to receive these items as New Year gifts. For the little ones, you can avail interesting video games, educational games, chocolates, indoor as well as outdoor games. Apart from exchanging gifts, feasting is a core essence of this festival. People enjoy this grand occasion by organizing parties and feast. So, if you are willing to cook something special for your loved ones then you can prepare  recipes such as Vegetarian wild mushroom & port brioche, Chocolate îles flotantes,Vegetarian mushroom & tarragon pâté and many more. However, amongst all these recipes, the special dish that you can cook on New Year is Peppered plums with almond ice. Ingredients Required For the Almond Ice 300ml full-fat milk 50gms  ground almonds 50gms caster sugar 397gms can condensed milk Almond extract can be optional Toasted flaked almonds , which is optional Ingredients Required For the Plums 9 plums, halved and stoned 1 generous tsp crushed black peppercorns 2 generous tsp Demerara sugar about 5 tbsp maple syrup , for drizzling Methods Required in making Peppered plums with almond ice For  the almond ice, pour the milk in a pan with the sugar and ground almonds. Boil the mixture. Simmer for 2-3 minutes, after that pour the mixture into a bowl and keep it cool. Strain through a fine sieve, squeeze out  every last drop of milk and flavour from the almonds with the back of a spoon. Mix the almond milk with the condensed milk, and also add few drops of almond extract to the mixture. Churn in an ice cream machine for 15-20 minutes and then freeze. Cut the sides of Plums and arrange them on a deep baking tray. Mix together the crushed peppercorns and demerara sugar and sprinkle it over the plums. After it pour little the maple syrup on top. Put the plums under a preheated grill for 6-10 minutes and keep them, until the plums turn soft and  tender. Grill the plums and scoop out the almond ice into the chilled bowl with spoon. Place the plums on a plate and pour the syrup. Serve warm with almond ice and flaked almonds. Your dear ones can have this delicious dish on New Year. Thus make this grand occasion cheerful and memorable by cooking as well as sending gifts to India from US.