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Jamshedi Noruz Gift Ideas

Jamshedi Noruz Gift Ideas

Exchanging gifts form the main event of almost all occasions and festival and Jamshedi Noruz is no exception. During this festival, gifts are exchanged between family, relatives and friends. A wide range of gifts like flowers, food items, home decor items, show pieces and more are sent on this festival. Apart from gifts, various other interesting things can also be done for a perfect Jamshedi Noruz celebration. The articles in this chapter will provide information about the different gifts that can be sent on Jamshedi Noruz along with other gift ideas for celebrating this New Year.

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  • Navroz Gifts

    Top 5 Gift Items for Jamshedi Navroz

    Jamshedi Navroz is the celebration of the Parsi or Iranian new year which is carried out all over the world. India also celebrates this grand festival with all the essential rituals and many gifts are exchanged on this occasion. This online gift store hosts a variety of Jamshedi Navroz gift ideas especially for those who cannot be with their friends and family on this auspicious event. Thus, if you are not being able to be with your dear ones on this day then you need not worry. You can easily use this online gifting portal for sending gifts to India where you will find innumerable options. We have enlisted here the five most popular gift items for this year’s coming Jamshedi Navroz. 1. Flowers - Sending a gift of flowers on this occasion will surely bring a smile on the lips of your loved ones. There is a huge variety of exclusive flower arrangements available on this gifting site like lilies and gerberas. The Beautiful Pink Roses basket of flowers comes in a brown wicker basket that adds an extra charm. The flowers here are in the form of pink roses which have long stems and are thirty in number.   2. Food Items - Everyone likes some or the other kind of food which is why this is a great gift for such a celebratory occasion. The food items showcased here are fresh and contain many sweet as well as savoury dishes. The Salty and Sweet tray of food items comes in a trendy green colour tray and there are two kinds of food here. The salty treat here are the masala math while the kaju paan masala sweets make up the sweet treats.   3. Gift Hampers - A hamper filled with fantastic gifts can make a very popular festival like Jamshedi Navroz an extra special one. This online gift store has many innovative items to make up the gift hampers like cakes, dry fruits, chocolates and many others. The Perfect for Every Age gift hamper contains two very different but enjoyable gift items. Here you can get a basket full of fresh apples as well as a bunch of fragrant and exotic flowers.   4. Home Decor - You can also give a gift of home decor items that your friends and family can use to decorate their homes during this occasion. Such gifts are available abundantly on this online gift store and there are beautiful statuettes, wall hangings and much more. The Graceful Show Piece is a home decor item that features two figurines of humans. The statuettes are those of a mother and her son who belong to a tribe which is reflected by their dresses.   5. Gift Vouchers - Vouchers can enable your dear ones to go on a shopping spree or have a comfortable meal. Gift vouchers from this online gifting portal belong to various renowned brands and eateries. The Taj Gift Voucher can enable your loved ones to celebrate this day by having a hearty lunch or dinner at the Taj group of hotels, resorts and palaces. You can find many others here like Big Bazaar, Pantaloons, Mainland China, Sigree and many more.   You can use any one of these to send gift to India for your dear ones on this wonderful event. Such gifts can surely make this year’s Jamshedi Navroz a very grand occasion for those who are close to you. These gifts to India from US are very attractive and innovative and hence they will be loved by all.  

  • flowers

    Send Flowers and sweets on Jamshedi Noruz (Qadimi)

    Jamshedi Noruz is a popular festival celebrated by Parses all over world. This festival marks the beginning of New Year in Iran. This festival is also celebrated by Parses in India. If you are unable to be with your dear ones on this special occasion, you can charm them by sending gifts to India online. GiftstoIndia24x7.com is a mega e-gifting portal that arranges gifts for all occasions and festivals. So if you are searching exclusive Jamshedi Noruz (Qadimi) gifts then you will avail them in “Jamshedi Noruz gifts” section. In this section, the gifts are neatly arranged which will definitely help you in selecting gifts for your loved ones. The section, comes with wide plethora of Jamshedi Noruz gifts such as gift hampers, gift vouchers, home decor items etc. Amongst all these items, flowers and sweets will be the perfect items that you can send to your loved ones on this special occasion. Flower will be an ideal gift that you can send to your close ones on Jamshedi Noruz. Flowers are loved by people of all ages and genders. The “Flower” section displays Gerberas, Carnations, Lilies, Roses etc.These flowers come in attractive arrangements such as in vase, bouquet, life size arrangements etc. Enchanting fragrance of these blooming flowers will definitely enthrall your loved ones. So send fresh  flowers as  Jamshedi Noruz gift. Flowers represent wide range of feelings and emotions from romantic, friendly to thankful. The beautiful appeal of the flower will definitely leave a positive effect on your loved one’s mind and soul. Moreover, these flowers will surely add joy to the occasion and will keep your loved ones away from all worries and tensions. Before you send flowers to your close ones, you must take into account the recipient’s likes and dislikes. If he or she is fond of roses then you can opt for a bunch of mixed roses as Jamshedi Noruz gift. Along with these flower bouquets you can send a mouth-watering cake or other precious gift items. Sweets hold a special significance on any occasion or festival.On  any grand occasion people share sweets with each other. The custom of sharing sweets signifies happiness and good luck. You can convey your warm wishes to your loved ones by sending mouth-watering sweets. The traditional sweet cooked on Jamshedi Noruz is Ravo. If you want your dear ones to taste something different then you can opt for traditional Indian sweets. Indian sweets are different in taste as well as flavors. They are made of good quality ingredients such as mewa, sugar, cottage cheese etc. Some of the famous Indian sweets are kaju barfi, peda, motichoor laddoo etc. Some of the sweets such as kaju gujia, kaju suraj, kaju heart etc taste delicious as they are garnished with dryfruits. You will avail all these sweets in “sweet” section. You can also send sweets from “Sweet Hamper” sections. Here the sweet hampers come with palatable sweets, crunchy dryfruits as well as chocolates. Your dear ones will definitely enjoy having these mouth-watering foods on Jamshedi Noruz. You will also avail sweets in the “Sweet Thali” section. Here the thalis come with tasty sweets such as mewa sweets, kaju anjeer etc. So send sweets as gift to India for your loved ones. So send these wonderful gifts to India from US to your loved ones and make the occasion memorable and cheerful.  

  • Jamshedi Noruz gifts

    Celebrate Jamshedi Noruz (Qadimi) with exclusive gifts

    Jamshedi Noruz is a festival celebrated by Parsis in Iran.  This festival marks the beginning of New Year in Iran. This New Year is also celebrated by Parsis in India. So on this special occasion, you can delight your dear ones by sending gifts to India. Due to the emergence of various e-gifting stores, online shopping has become very popular. So instead of visiting shops, you can buy gifts for your dear ones through online portals. GiftstoIndia24x7.com is a reliable e-gifting store that showcases gifts for well known occasions. “Jamshedi Noruz gifts” section comes with varied types of gift articles. Here is a list of gifts items that you can send to your dear ones as Jamshedi Noruz Gifts. Flowers - Flower will be an ideal gift that you can send to your loved ones on Jamshedi Noruz. In GiftstoIndia24x7.com, you will get variety of enchanting flowers such as Gerberas, Carnations, Roses etc. The exotic aroma and beautiful appeal of the flowers will definitely brighten your dear ones’ day. In this online store, flowers come in various arrangements such as in vase, bouquet, life size arrangements etc. So send flowers as Jamshedi Noruz Gift to your loved ones. Gift Hampers - You can opt for gift hampers for your close ones on this special occasion. Gift hampers come with various gift articles such as soft toys, flowers, gift vouchers etc. You can select gift hampers according to the recipient’s preferences. If he or she is fond of flowers and cakes then select hampers such as Heart Full of Love, Heavenly etc. These hampers will definitely add smile on your dear one’s face. So send hampers as gift to India for your loved ones. Gift Vouchers - Voucher will be an unique gift that you can send to your loved ones on  Jamshedi Noruz.  A wide plethora of gift vouchers of various reputed brands are available in this site. You can wish ‘Happy New Year’ to your mother and sister by sending gift vouchers from SIA Jewellery, Tanishq etc. She will be delighted to receive these vouchers and buy jewelleries of her choice. If your brother is fond of sports then you can opt for gift vouchers of Adidas, Reebok etc. You can also send gift vouchers of Big Bazaar, Pantaloons so that the recipient can pick up items of his or her choice. Food Items - The celebration of occasion remains incomplete without feasting. So you can give a delicious treat to your loved ones by sending mouth-watering food items from “Food Items” section. In this section, you will avail various types of food items such as sweets, cakes, dryfruits etc. If your dear ones are fond of namkeens then you can opt for spicy bhujia, aloo chips, mini samosa etc. These crunchy namkeens also come with palatable sweets in “Sweet N Salty” section. Chocolates are loved by people of all ages. Each chocolate hampers include tasty chocolates such as KitKat, Perk, Ferrero Rocher box etc. You dear ones will definitely enjoy having these delicious food items. Home Decor items - On this special occasion, everyone desires to decorate their houses with attractive home decor items. So you can surprise your close ones by sending home decor items as Jamshedi Noruz gift. Beautiful flower vase, wall hangings, wall paintings , showpieces etc are available in “Home Decor” section. Send this fascinating home decor items and let your dear ones decorate the house on this occasion. Moreover, these items will add special charm to the interior of the house. Your loved ones will definitely be enthralled by receiving these wonderful gifts. Thus send gifts to India from US on Jamshedi Noruz and make the occasion cheerful .