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Jamshedi Navroz Recipes

This chapter informs the readers about the most traditional recipes for Jamshedi Navroz.

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    Jamshedi Navroz Celebration With Traditional Delicacies

    Indian traditions and religions always bind a community together. The Parsis would make mouth-watering dishes, send gifts to India from US or UK and adorn their houses. They relish the festival of Jamshedi Navroz on 21st March as for them it is a new day, a blissful beginning of their new year. An exquisite table is set by the Parsis which consists of religious Gathas, goldfish, silver coins and several other items to show prosperity laced with happiness. Divine beings like Khorshed and Meher bless the souls for their future and a life filled with colours, love and light. It is a mere beginning to the heart warming traditional delicacies of Jamshedi Navroz; add some more colours to it and you will get a radiant picture of this mirthful festival. Just imagine the infinite verve of the Parsis who start preparing for the festival days before. They start cleaning their houses to remove even a slight speck of dust much before 21st, and when the day comes they grace their house with charming embellishments. The door is decorated with symbols for the relevant occasion while patterns of butterflies, stars and fishes can be seen there. Flowers like roses and jasmines beautify the garlands outside the houses to a much higher level. One can see the rangoli patterns creatively made with love and passion on the threshold, furthermore the scent of sandalwood and incense stick add a pure aura to this heavenly atmosphere.   The festival is celebrated with a grand fashion by every age group. Children, men and women all wake up early and dress up in new clothes. Specially designed for the occasion, the family members purchase brand new clothes and accessories. People living in other countries select latest fashion apparels and send gifts to India to their beloved. We do provide a wide range of fashion products that can be sent as gifts attributing to this new day of Persian culture. People put golden and silver kustis or caps and they welcome their guests by sprinkling rose water and applying tilak with rice. Then they visit the fire temple, perform a special prayer called “Jashan” and worship the divine beings of the sun and the moon. Food plays a unique part in the festival as some delicious cuisines of Persian speciality are prepared on this very day. Dishes like Ravo, Mitthu Dahi, Mori Dar and Sev further complete the tradition of Jamshedi Navroz. Falooda, Ravo and Pulao are the most popular dishes made for this festive occasion.   The most interesting tradition among the Parsis is of setting up the table with eatables that starts with sh or sa which depicts creation or renewal. Not only these, but the table also consists of other items like religious Gathas, fish in a bowl, silver coins and painted eggs for reasons like productivity, wealth, prosperity, happiness and sweetness. Fascinating Jamshedi Navroz gift ideas can make this day an even more cherished and memorable event for everyone.   Traditional values are what bring Parsis around the world together and bind them in an invisible thread of affection. The wonderful bond of love and lights further unites all the existing communities into one. You can send fantastic India gifts to make this coming Jamshedi Navroz a remarkable occasion.