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  • Navroz Mubarak

    Gift your dear ones exclusive vouchers on Jamshedi Navroz

    You may have heard about Jamshedi Navroz, which has been followed by the Parsis for more than 10 decades. It is basically the New Year's Day for their community. The Parsis enjoy the festival by greetings and sending kids gifts to India. It is celebrated largely with dry fruits and by visiting their fire temple. But yes, there is something special about this festival. Once the occasion comes to an end, the oldest member of the family surprises the young members of the family by presenting them with the Eid or New Year gifts. And if any of them is staying in India, then they send kids gifts to India. They even send cakes to India. Festivity is all about gatherings and gifting your own family something is just a token of love that you provide; a memory which can be cherished once completed. If you stay far from your loved ones, then you can send them Exclusive Gift vouchers which can also be great Jamshedi Navroz gift ideas. One of the gift vouchers can be Shopper’s Stop Gift Voucher of Rs. 1500/- and gift your loved ones shopping delight with this voucher. Also the Big Bazaar Gift Vouchers Rs.2000/- can be pure shopping delight. You can find all of these on this reputed and trustworthy website dedicated to sending gifts to its clients across the globe.                         Also treat the foodie side of your loved ones with the Dominos gift voucher of Rs. 1000/- and let them gorge on delicious pizza and sides. Also if someone is planning on buying precious jewellery on the auspicious occasion of the Parsi New Year,  then gift them the Tanishq Gift Voucher of Rs. 5000/-                             Thus, sending gifts to your loved ones or your family can be your secret ingredient. So, gift your dear ones exclusive vouchers, or send flowers to India on this special festival of Jamshedi Navroz! Finally, wishing you and your Family a Very Happy & Prosperous Jamshedi Navroz. Happy Gifting!

  • navroz wishing

    Show pieces for your dear ones on on Jamshedi Navroz

    Jamshedi Navroz is of big religious importance to your loved ones and friends in India. For this event, it would be great to send showpieces of religious content as gifts to India for showing your loved ones and friends that your respect and love them. In case you don’t know what to send, flowers or coupons are good ideas as well. In this article, we will give you some ideas for great showpieces to send as gifts to India. Jai Ganesh : The Elephant God or Ganesh in India symbolized the eradication of evil and the bringing of good and well-being. With this gift, you will show your loved ones in India that you wish them peace, wealth, health and luck. A showpiece that will amaze your loved ones in India and let them know you love them and wish them the best. This gift will always fit any décor of any home. You can also choose the size of the showcase and the materials you want it made from. Antique Gau Mata Showpiece : The holy cow or Gau Mata showpiece is a perfect gift for this kind of event. If somebody is very special to you, this is a way to show it to them. This way, you wish your loved ones happiness and well-being, as this is a strong religious symbol that means a lot to your loved ones and friends in India. Impress your loved ones and friends in India with this unique showcase and show them that they are special to you. Elegant Lord Buddha showpiece : A meditating Buddha showpiece is another great idea for you to send as a gift to your loved ones in India on a religious and happy event like Jamshedi Navroz. Your loved ones and friends in India will love this showpiece, especially the most religious ones. This is a symbol of peace, spirituality, well-being, sanctity and luck. This way, you will show your loved ones in India that you respect and love them and wish them well-being. Also apart from this, flowers are a good gift to offer to anyone on any date and event. Now  flower delivery to India is very easy with this reliable online gifting portal. Also you can send anniversary gifts to India to your loved ones and friends. With gifts to India coupon code your dear ones can can buy themselves whatever they want; this will make them happy and save you time and trouble.  

  • Navroz gifting

    Top 5 home decor items to gift on Jamshedi Navroz

    Jamshedi Navroz is an event celebrated by many countries such as Iran and India. It is a very important religious event and everybody happily celebrates it on March 21st. During this event, people bring joy to one another by offering various gifts to their friends, siblings and loved ones. This event is very important for people in India and in this article; we will present you with the Top 5 home Decor items that can be great Jamshedi Navroz gift ideas that you can send as gifts to India. As this event is religious, the items must be of religious importance and symbolize happiness, joy and well-being. 1. Holy Meditating Buddha Showpiece : A memorable gift to send to your friends, family and loved ones in India as it symbolizes peace, harmony, spirituality and sanctity. With this gift, you will wish your loved ones happiness, prosperity, calmness, purity and well-being. This is a beautiful décor that will fit any home with any decoration. The best part is, you can also send anniversary gift to India as well as send Mother’s Day gift to India. This gift can come in many variations, such as golden or ceramic statues. 2. Antique Showpiece : This is a wonderful gift for your loved ones. The showpiece displays an elephant with a raised trunk upward. According to Feng Shui, an elephant statue with a trunk upward brings luck, prosperity and happiness into one's life. So this gift is a total winner! 3. Golden Bird : This is a beautiful and delicate home decor to give your loved ones available on this reputed online gifting portal. The product displays two pretty birds sitting on two different branches of an artistic tree. The item gets highlighted with its golden colour along with the beautiful flowers which are positioned there neatly. This delicate item is moreover securely guarded by a cover and a stand to give it a distinct look 4. A classy showpiece : This is an elegant and exquisite showpiece to increase the beauty of your home. Your dear ones in India will feel ecstatic receiving this metallic “Hara Parbati” statuette as a gift from you. This beautiful work of art with precise carvings all over it is given a matte golden finish to enhance its appeal. 5. Exquisite Dancing Showpiece : Indulge your near and dear ones in extreme happiness by gifting this exquisite piece of showpiece. It is made of cement plaster which exhibits a romantic couple completely engrossed in ball dancing. The man holds the woman as they flawlessly disposes a step. Decorated with intricate designs, this home decor product is available on this reliable online portal. You can send this as well as many other gifts on Jamshedi Navroz from this reliable online shopping portal. Now never miss an opportunity to make your loved ones feel special by using this gifting portal, your one stop solution for all gifting needs.  

  • Navroz Celebrations

    Popular Gift Ideas for Jamshedi Navroz

    Jamshedi Navroz is an important Iranian festival which marks the first day of the Parsi New Year in the Zoroastrian calendar. Navroz which marks the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere, usually occurs on 20th or 21st, depending on the position of the sun. This is a time of the year when people exchange and send gifts to their families,friends and relatives all over the world. This year the date of Navroz is on March 20th, 2016, which is a Sunday. So get ready to send gifts to your loved ones on this occasion. Now sending gifts across the globe is even more easy and convenient with online web gifting services. Here are some amazing Jamshedi navroz gift ideas which your dear ones will simply love.  Flowers : Fresh,fragrant and colorful flowers are one of the best Jamshedi navroz gift items. Roses of various kind and colour are available here in different combinations. Flowers also make great anniversary gifts. Send Jamshedi Navroz gifts to India in the form of flowers this will definitely bring a smile on the face of your loved one.The Magnificent Basket of Roses or 50 Red Roses Basket comprises of a bunch of beautiful roses tied in a basket with ribbons and arranged with greens and gypsophila together. Sure to brighten up anyone’s day. Food Items : Food items such as various kind of sweets and salty snacks from Haldirams and others are perhaps the most followed tradition of gifting during Jamshedi Navroz. Nothing can beat the pleasure of gifting sweets. Choose from a delectable range of tasty kaju barfi, spicy samosas,nimkis, gathians etc. You can also avail the combo offers with sweet and salt food combos. It also makes for a good kids gift. Now send tasty food kids gifts to India easily from a wide range of food items offered by many reliable websites. Gift Hampers : Hampers are collections of many gifts combined into a single combo. They make for great Navroz gifts. A wide range of hampers, ranging from flowers to cakes, flowers to chocolates, dry fruits, cookies to flowers, fruits and flowers, snacks and sweets are offered by many online gifting portals. Gift Vouchers : Send your loved ones gift vouchers on the occasion of Jamshedi Navroz to India and worldwide and make it even more delightful for them. They can easily redeem these vouchers on selected outlets and enjoy a great shopping or eating experience. Home Decor Items :  Adorn your home with these great variety of beautiful and exquisite showpieces which also make a good gifting option. Send Jamshedi Navroz gifts easily to any part of India by choosing these home decor gifts from our website. From intricately carved idols of ganesha, buddha to amazing couple showpieces, to exquisite statuettes, these showpieces are bound to make the special occasion of this new year even more special. The Serene Meditating Buddha is a perfect home decor gift for auspicious occasions such as this. The model depicts Buddha in a serene mood made of sand dust and beautified with matte metallic finish. You can send these and many other gifts to your loved ones in India. These gifts are sure to bring a smile on the face of your loved ones and make the occasion of Jamshedi Navroz even more grand. The beginning of the New Year will be cherished by every token of love you send. Never miss an occasion to gift your friends,loved ones,family and relatives even far from India. You can also send Anniversary gifts to India as well as Birthday gifts to India by choosing various kinds of gifts by just a simple click of the mouse.  

  • Navroz Gifts

    Make Jamshedi Navroz Celebration Grand with Beautiful Flowers

    Jamshedi Navroz is a very important festival for the Zoroastrian religion and they celebrate it with a lot of grandeur. The Parsees are a part of this religion and thus this is also an auspicious occasion for them. The word Navroz literally means new day and hence this day is actually the Iranian or Parsee New Year. If you are away from your friends and family in India on this important event then you can make up for it by sending interesting gifts. You can find a number of attractive gifting options on this best online gift store that can delight your loved ones. The Jamshedi Navroz gift ideas that are available here have been categorised into several parts. The section on flowers is filled with a number of fragrant and pretty items that can prove to be the best gifts for this occasion. The Magnificent Basket of Roses consists of a basket of flowers that can be gifted to your friends and family. It contains thirty red roses that have been arranged in a basket along with a lot of greens and gypsophila. The basket is green in colour with a green handle and it also has a white bow tied in front of it. The Red Sensation basket of flowers is a tall one and will be appreciated by your dear ones in India. There are twenty four red roses arranged here along with a lot of gypsophila and greens with some of the roses having long stems and the others having short ones. The flowers are contained in a flat basket which is light brown in colour and is made of wood.   The 36 Multicolour Rose Basket has been arranged in the shape of a tree that your dear ones will surely find interesting. Roses of different colours like red, yellow orange and pink have been placed here along with a lot of greens. The flowers have been placed in a red wiry basket with golden borders that is very small in size. The Enchanting Rose Bunch will be a visual as well as olfactory treat for your friends and family in India. This bunch of flowers comes with twenty four roses that are bright red in colour interspersed with greens. The flowers have been gathered into  bunch using a pink wrapping paper and net and there is also a name card.   The Assorted Exclusive Orchids come in a vase and will surely attract your loved ones in India. There are four pink and four white orchids arranged in a circular manner and have a very mesmerising look. The orchids have been arranged in a crystal vase that is rectangular in shape and has a glass like look. The Audacious Lilies are also in a vase and their captivating look will be enjoyed by your dear ones. The flowers here are lilies in pink colour and there are twelve long stems of them here along with greens. These lilies come in a transparent glass vase which is rectangular in shape and is similar to a bottle.   The Pink Splendor bunch of flowers look quite beautiful and will be liked by your friends and family. The flowers here are pink roses that have long green stems and have been arranged here in large quantities. These rose flowers have been decorated with green leaves and have been arranged in a circular pattern. The Mixed Joy bunch is very colourful that will bring a smile on the face of your loved ones in India. There are thirty six roses here that come in shades like red, pink, orange, yellow, off white and white. The flowers have been arranged in a circular pattern  with a lot of green leaves that give a perfect shape to the bunch.   These gifts of flowers can be easily sent to your near and dear ones through our flower delivery to India system. Other gifts like kids gifts to India are also available here on this reliable online gifting portal. Gifts for many occasions are available here and you can easily send Mother’s Day gifts to India through us.