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Jamshedi Navroz Celebration

This chapter focuses on the most amazing ways to celebrate Jamshedi Navroz.

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  • Navroz Celebration

    Jamshedi Navroz Celebration By The Parsis

    The fasli or the Gregorian calendar of Parsis welcomes the fresh spring with a grand celebration known as “Jamshedi Navroz”. On 21st March, Parsi communities send gifts to India from USA or other countries to their relatives, prepare sweets, decorate their houses and worship in the fire temple to offer a special thanksgiving prayer. It is a new day and the arrival of a brand new year for them. It showers the blessings of the Sun God on all the Persian Communities. Jamshed-i means of Jamshed, Nav means New and roz means day and so it is a new day celebrated in the memory of King Jamshed. He was considered the forth powerful king to adorn the throne of Iran on this very day and thus the Parsis merrily celebrate this occasion named after him. The day before Jamshedi Navroz is called Pateti. This day Parsis ruminate about their wrong deeds and seek apologies from the divine creator. Ten days before this festival, they pray for the departed souls to seek peace and blessings from the spirits of these souls. The preparations for this festival are done well in advance. Parsis clean their houses for cobwebs and dust, paint them new and on Jamshedi Navroz the houses are adorned creatively. Most of the Parsi community reside in the western parts of India. Parsis around the world send India gifts, chocolates and other such items for their relatives. The thresholds are decorated with coloured powder in colourful patterns, popularly known as Rangoli, with the fish and the flower designs being the most prominent. The intricate designs of Rangoli defines the sanctity of Persian traditions. Further, the house is symbolised with the designs of fish, stars, butterflies and birds.   This Persian festival is celebrated in a grand fashion by Parsis all around the world and especially in a diverse country like India. The day itself starts with much enthusiasm. Men, women and children all wake up early, take bathe and dress themselves in their best clothes. They order new fashioned apparels days before Jamshedi Navroz and complete their look with rich accessories, gold and silver kustis or cap being the main component. Such interesting gifting options can be easily sent as Jamshedi Navroz gift ideas from this prolific online gift store.   Of course, no festival is complete without traditional food and people prepare luscious dishes to complete the occasion. For breakfast they usually serve Sev and yogurt with much delight. Before dinner the Parsis visit Fire temple to worship for their new spiritual life to the divine entities of the Sun and the Moon. Here, Jashan, which is a special thanksgiving prayer, is held and the sandalwood is offered to the sacred fire. People greet each other by saying “Sal Mubarak” and seek blessings from God. Back home, a special table is set which is decorated with items starting from sh and sa to symbolize renewal and creation. Other components like a burning candle, goldfish in a pot, rosewater and sweets among others are also kept to show prosperity and happiness.   Dinner consists of Falooda, caramel custard, pulav, dal and other such Persian food. This festival is celebrated with immense joy. People who could not travel to their family in India can send online gifts to India to define their presence in this celebration on this traditional new year day.  

  • Navroz Importance

    Importance of Jamshedi Navroz as the first day of the Persian year

    You are surely aware of the Zoroastrian “new year” celebrated with rich hues on 21st March. You can feel this gusto before spring and are ready to send gifts to India, adorn your houses and meet your loved ones on this occasion. You must not forget the sweet box prepared with so much love. If you aren’t aware than get acquainted with this felicitous occasion “Jamshedi Navroz” that is celebrated in honour of the investiture of King Jamshed. This day is marked as the first day of fasli calendar and its importance is not delimited to the people but extends to their ecology as well. Let us find out about the divine facts related with the festival and its list of importance. Ecological Importance The serene bond of nature and humans is rightfully defined in this festival. The Earth, the sky and the sun all bestow their blessings upon an individual during this time. Apart from wishing and sending gifts to India, the day focuses on “Asere Roshni”, or in other words, blessings from Lord Ahura Mazda. The blissful sun rays vouchsafe “Asere Roshni” on a devotee who recites the Khorshed and Meher Nyaeshes on this day. This beautiful Persian culture tells the significance of the Sun God, depicting how we should respect Mother Nature dutifully. The religious beliefs suggest that “Yairya”, that is universal blessings, serves as an official messenger of spring, climatic changes, the rains, the snow and every season. Spiritual Importance Jamshedi Navroz is a holy festival that also aids one’s soul and leads to personal growth, in sacred spiritual ways. Another kind of blessings called “Sareda” holds a very important place on this day for Parsis as it determines the unpredictable fate of a being. These blessings enter through a person’s thinking and working capability towards good deeds. A person religiously recites Avesta Prayers to his Khuda and receives these blessings for his personal growth and balance of life. To celebrate this wonderful festival, several Jamshedi Navroz gift ideas can be sent to India from this online gift store.   Social Importance Everyone in this world wants to have a slight break from this cut-throat competitive world and have some quality recreation with their loved ones. The people outside India would never miss an opportunity to show their love and care by sending India gifts. Whether it is a handmade chocolate box, a gift hamper or an elegant piece of Fashion apparel, the Parsis in UK or US will share their ecstasy to relatives and friends in India by sending gifts to India through our online gift portal. For happiness, success and wealth all Persians gather and arrange a table with sweets, candle, flowers, ceramic plates, silver coin and other items on this new day. They share food from this table and have fun together. Historical Importance Jamshed-i means “of Jamshed”, Nav means “new” and roz means “day”. King Jamshed was the fourth Pishdadian King of Iran and he was the one who saved several species from a disastrous snow storm, establishing his settlement on a mountain. His investiture took place on the same day and since then, to show respect towards his coronation, all Parsis in India and several parts of the world celebrate this festival.   It is a festival of togetherness, a new day for a Parsi and a wonderful way for people to send India gifts along with love and wishes. This day holds a lot of significance to the Parsi people and they wholeheartedly cherish it with love. Make this coming Jamshedi Navroz an even more amazing occasion with fantastic gifts.