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This chapter discusses about the history and significance of Jamshedi Navroz

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  • Navroz Facts

    Some Fascinating Facts about Jamshedi Navroz

    Celebrating Jamshedi Navroz is an annual event for the Parsis in India and the Persian community all around the world. Sending gifts to India is a very common procedure during this time and many wonderful options can be seen. Literally, the term ‘Navroz’ means new day while ‘Jamshedi’ refers to the erstwhile King Jamshed of Iran. Hence, Jamshedi Navroz is a celebration of new year and the Parsis give a lot of importance to this day. Various India gifts are exchanged among friends and relatives during this auspicious festival with many facets. There are various interesting facts related to this festival and a few of these are going to be discussed here. Navroz means a new day and this refers to the fact that it is the beginning of the Persian year. The celebration has a very ancient origin and is believed to have started around the Sixth Century before Christ. Vernal equinox is that time of the year when the day and the night are of the same length approximately. This fascinating event is celebrated on this occasion which also signifies the crossing of the equator by the sun.   King Jamshed was a very learned scholar and it is he who started the calendar followed by the Persians. He determined this day, which is actually the day he began his reign, to be the beginning of the near year. The constellations Pisces and Aries also play an important role as they stand at the beginning and end of the astrological year. King Jamshed concluded that it is on this day that the sun moves from Pisces to Aries, thus giving rise to a new year.   The Haft Seen table is a very important part of this festival as it signifies wealth as well as prosperity. The table is set with seven special items that start with the syllable ‘S’ along with other objects. It is also customary to exchange dry fruits and food grains on this occasion among loved ones. This exchange symbolises the excess of produce and the maintenance of the important things in life in the coming year.   Various Jamshedi Navroz gift ideas can be found online on this premier online gift store for India. You can send gift hampers for your dear ones in India that consist of a number of exclusive gift items. Such gifting options include flowers, cakes, dry fruits, fruits and chocolates among many others. Sending home decor gifts is also a good idea as houses are thoroughly cleaned during this time. Various colourful and also useful gift items can be found on this online gifting portal for this occasion.   Make this celebratory occasion of Jamshedi Navroz an even more auspicious one even if you are away from home. Send online gifts to India for your friends and family members there from any part of the world. This online gifting portal showcases many such exciting gift items for this as well as other festivals.  

  • Navroz History

    Historical Significance of Jamshedi Navroz

    Although you are living in a distant land, you are never excluded from the aesthetic Indian traditions on this “New Day” celebrated widely by Persians. If you can’t travel there then your love surely can as we send online gifts to India on behalf of you to your near and dear ones. Celebrated from over three thousand years ago, this day holds a remarkable role in the hearts of every Parsi. The roots of Jamshedi Navroz festival lies deep in its history and is remembered for a great king who gave meaning to this Zoroastrian tradition. It would be fascinating to go back in time and remember a diligent king who changed the course of history during ancient Iran. In the term Jamshedi Navroz, Jamshedi means “of Jamshed”. King Jamshed or Yama was the fourth Pishdadian King who sat on the throne of Iran. A jashn or a celebration was held on the coronation of this selfless King who introduced animal husbandry in place of animal hunting. To add on, he was the one who brought changes to the Persian calendar by introducing the solar calculation and the concept of vernal equinox, when the day and night are of equal duration, was brought to light. There are a variety of Jamshedi Navroz gift ideas available on this online gift store for celebrating this event.   The welcoming of fresh spring and the parting rays of sun were devotionally worshiped by the old Iranians during King Jamshed’s power. Since then, the Parsis get together like a whole united family and celebrate the festival with love, colours, light and food. People in UK or US send gift to India to their fellow Parsis in order to show their affection. They send gift hampers, chocolates, apparels and combo packs of handmade items with just a click of a button to India. We make available a wide range of personalised India gifts, bouquets and sweets to make them feel more special and these are meant especially for Jamshedi Navroz. The festivities start much before 21st March and last for about 21 days or more. The sun enters the sign of Aries on this day, completing its temporary stay and starts a new constellation, making it a new year for the Persian Calendar. This was first introduced and celebrated by King Jamshed. He guided the devotees to follow this tradition in order to receive blessings like Sareda and he encouraged people to recite prayers. These prayers further helped in the spiritual and ecological development. Thus, this festival of spring equinox is celebrated in the name of King Jamshed as Jamshedi Navroz.   There is an interesting epic tale behind Jamshedi Navroz if we refer to the studies of Iranian history. The traditional beliefs say that there was once a natural disaster, like a snow storm, and God warned King Jamshed about this event. He was advised to take each species with him. So he did so and made an establishment known as Var-e-Jam-Kard. Each pair of species was saved from this disastrous storm as King Jamshed and his entire establishment were settled on a mountain.   Respecting the history and preaching the essence of the traditions in the present makes us who we are. Let us celebrate this auspicious occasion in the memory of the noble King Jamshed with sweets and send India gifts to our relatives and friends in a unique and easy way. Let them feel loved and special in every way possible even if you are away from them.  

  • Navroz Myths

    Mythical Importance Of Jamshedi Navroz

    Every festival is like a beautifully fabled book which has its own luminary who inspires the traditions and the same goes for Jamshedi Navroz. Parsis in other countries prepare feast, send gifts to India online in a magnificent way and wish their relatives in order to make this day momentous. Respecting the mythology behind this lovely festival, Parsis in India gather with family and relatives and follow their respective traditions. It is because of King Jamshed that we all nourish the values of this festival that is celebrated on 21st March as a “new day”. It is the first day of the first month in the Persian calendar. The mythical tales of Jamshedi Navroz are many and hold a great place in Persian traditions and culture. The Shahnameh is a literary creation that links to the history of the Zoroastrian culture. It tells all the mythical tales of Jamshedi Navroz. It is a masterpiece in Persian culture and history, and keeps account of various details about King Jamshed or Yima. According to Shahnameh, Ahura Mazda, the omniscient creator, assigns the mission to rule and nourish the planet Earth to Yima and gifts him with a golden seal and a dagger inlaid in gold after accomplishment. He ruled for over three thousand years and during his reign the living beings prospered. Soon the Earth was full of men, flocks of birds and herds of animals. He discarded the demonic servants and good men lived a long life.   It is said that King Jamshed was also a high priest of Ahura Mazda in the middle Persian. He was the initiator of great developments during his kingdom which made life easier for the people, for example armor, weapons, silk and weaving, mining, construction of houses by bricks, sailing of ships and various other essentials were introduced. He was considered as the fourth ruler of the world and had command over both angels and demons. According to the mythical tales, god warned King Jamshed about a snow disaster that was going to take place and the king protected each pair of species by making an establishment on the mountain. Jamshedi Navroz gift ideas can be sent to India on this occasion to celebrate this grand event.   One day he sat on a jewel studded throne while his followers raised his throne up in the sky and King Jamshed flew through the sky. All the people venerated and applauded him on the first day of the month of Farvardin. This new day is now celebrated as Jamshedi Navroz with zeal and happiness throughout the country of India and other countries where Persian resides. Parsis who live far away from India celebrate this festival with proper customs and traditions by preparing delicious dishes, setting up a dinner table, cleaning and adorning the house as well as sending gifts to India to their relatives.   Our online gift portal helps people to send India gifts to their fellow Parsis. Some gifts are especially meant for this new day of Jamshedi Navroz, like special gifts available for small children, relatives and old grandparents. Presents like chocolates, show pieces, hand made and customised gifts, almost anything and everything is available here. You can send these gifts to India online to make them feel loved.  

  • Persian New year

    Interesting Facts About Jamshedi Navroz

    Nowruz or Navroz is celebrated as the Iranian or Persian New Year; it is celebrated as the first day of Spring or Equinox. It is according to the Iranian solar calendars but according to the calendars of Shahenshahi and Kadmi which is followed mainly in Pakistan and India, the Navruz is celebrated on July-August. On this day families from diverse ethnic communities come together to celebrate the rituals. Sending gifts to India for this occasion is one of the best way to celebrate it with your loved ones. You can send these India gifts very easily with the help of this trustworthy online portal. It is celebrated by any cultural region that comes under Iranian influence or has migrations by Persians. It has many traditions and rich history. But there are some interesting facts about Navroz which are not known by most people. Here we discuss some of them Nowruz or Navroz when literally translated means ‘new day’. The Persians celebrate it as the 1st day of the year. The beginning of this festival dates back to as old as 6th Century BC. The Shahnameh dates Nowruz as far back to the reign of Jamshid, who in Zoroastrian texts saved mankind from a killer winter that was destined to kill every living creature. Jamshid, the mythical Iranian king, perhaps symbolizes the transition of the proto-Iranians from animal hunting to animal husbandry and a more settled life in human history. The festival is celebrated on the dawn of the vernal equinox, when daytime and night are of approximately equal duration as the sun crosses the celestial equator. On this day the great king Jamshedji of was crowned as the King of Persia. Thus on this day all the existing Mohammed prophets depict anecdotes from his life to all the followers. According to legends, King Jamshed holds a lot of importance and thus this day is popularly known as Jamshedi Navroz. As per the deduction by King Jamshed this day is interpreted as the day on which the sun leaves the constellation of zodiac Pisces and enters zodiac Aries. The Parsi community set up a table with the mythical ‘Gathas’ and put up an array of lit lamp or candle, a ceramic plate with sprouted wheat or beans, small bowl with a silver coin, flowers, painted eggs, sweets and rosewater, and also a goldfish in a bowl. The set of arrangement is said to represent prosperity, wealth, productivity and happiness. The tradition of setting these tables also has been divided into 3 varieties - The Haft Seen, where all members gather near the table and pray together just at equinox. The meaning of Haft Seen is Haft is number seven and Seen is letter S. So the table is set with 7 items related to food. Also the Haft Mewa means table set with with 7 dry fruits. The Khoncha is another festive table setting which consists of a big silver or copper tray, with Samani placed in the center as well as candles and dyed eggs which represents each member of the family. The table should be set at least with 7 dishes. People also distribute dried fruits, nuts and grains, which also symbolizes plethora of abundance and subsistence. Hence all the tables are set with something related to food.     Navroz also means exchanging clothes and gifts amongst family and friends. Thus make your loved ones in India feel loved by sending them gifts to India on this Navroz with the help of this premier online shopping portal. The best gift for Navroz is ideally Food items like dry fruits, fruits, sweets, snacks etc. Also Home Decor related to some tradition of Navroz or Flowers for this special day are also very good gifts. You can avail to all of these from this reliable shopping website.    

  • Navroz Gifts

    Jamshedi Navroz: It's History & Significance

    Jamshedi Navroz is the grand celebration of the Parsi New Year that is carried out with much revelry and merriment. Delicious food and yummy drinks form an integral part of this festival and the whole festival revolves around it. It is also customary for people to visit friends and relatives and exchange lovely gifts on this occasion. This festival is a holy day for the Zoroastrians and many rituals and customs are an inseparable part of it. The dining table is decorated in special ways like Haft Seen, Half Mewa and Khoncha which is a must. You can send gifts to India on this very important day that has a very rich history and a high significance. Knowing about the history and significance will give you a more clear idea about this cultural festival. History & Significance of Jamshedi Navroz Jamshedi Navroz is a very old festival, having its origin with that of the Iranian ethnic group. This occasion is named after King Jamshed during whose reign this celebration is said to have been originated. The position of the sun plays a big role in determining the date of this event which is of great significance. A popular custom included weighing the king in gold and other precious elements and then distributing these items among the poor and needy. It is also important because the Parsis believe that it is on this day that the whole universe came into existence. Though King Jamshed is the one who gave an official status to this day, it is believed that the festival is much older than that. Zoroaster himself is said to have started the celebration of this grand day which gives it an immense significance. Many myths and stories also surround this festival because of its varied history and the significance it holds in the calendar of the world.   Staying away from your close ones in another country can be taxing as it means that you are missing such celebrations. However, you need to make do with what is in your hand and all you can do is send online gifts that will reach in time and lift everyone’s spirits. There are a number of Jamshedi Navroz gift ideas showcased on this online gift store that you can send for your friends and family in India on this occasion. Jamshedi Navroz Gift Ideas Jamshedi Navroz gift hampers consist of a collection of attractive gifts that you can send on this occasion. These gifts include flowers, sweets, chocolates, cakes, dry fruits, fruits, cookies, pastries, wall hangings and many others. The You Are So Sweet gift hamper has motichoor laddoos, Kit Kat chocolates and a vase of twelve gerberas of different colours. A gift of flowers is a wonderful gifting option and roses, lilies, gerberas and carnations can brighten any occasion. You can find many bouquets, baskets and bunches of flowers here that are perfect for this festival. The Red Sensation basket of flowers has twenty four red roses along with gypsophila and greens.   You can also gift food items on this occasion as it is a very important part of this auspicious festival. These include kaju barfis, mini samosas, masala nimkis, swalis, methi, ganthias, masala kajus and much more. The Crunchy Delight tray of food items has four types of food items, namely, masala nimkis, soys stick in a white coloured tray. Gift vouchers enable to dear ones to select something of their own choice that is of use to them. Vouchers for dining, shopping, apparels, home decor, jewellery, watches and glasses are available here. The Pantaloons Connoisseurs Gift Voucher will enable your loved ones to shop to their hearts’ content for new clothes on this occasion.   A gift of home decor items can also be gifted on this occasion and your dear ones can decorate their homes with it. Such gift items on this online gifting portal include clocks, mirrors, photo frames, lamps, vinegar bottles and many others. The Elegant Watch Cum Photo Frame Home Decor item serves both the purposes of a clock and a photo frame. You can also gift show pieces to your family and friends during this festival that can beautify their rooms. These gifts include statuettes of boys, girls, animals, religious deities, trees, teddies, children and much more. The Beautiful Artificial Love Tree Showpiece is an artificial tree in the shape of a heart having green leaves. These gifts to India from USA can really brighten up this year’s Jamshedi Navroz for your loved ones. Gifts for various other occasions and festivals are available here on this gifting site that you can look into. You can easily send gifts to India from USA through us and your gifts will definitely reach in time.