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When is Independence Day?

When is Independence Day

India celebrates her Independence on 15th August. It is a national holiday. The whole nation commemorates the occasion with great interest and enthusiasm. Parades are organized in each state of India. Various cultural programs are held on this historic day. The articles in this chapter provide information on when is Independence Day.

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    When is Independence Day in 2016 : Celebrating Spirit of Freedom

    Independence Day Calendar 2016 15th August 2016 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31       Independence Day is an event of great importance and pride for all people who are a part of India. This occasion signifies the freedom of India from the erstwhile British rule through the help of many freedom fighters. This is the day of paying homage to them for their great sacrifice and relentless efforts for us. Such an occasion can also be a good instance for sending fantastic gifts for your friends and relatives. India attained independence on the 15th of August in the year 1947 and the celebration of this day continues till today. Hence, if you are wondering as to when is Independence Day in 2016 then we would like to inform you that the 15th of August falls on a Monday this year.   Independence Day Celebrations The celebrations for Independence Day are carried out on a very large scale by the Prime Minister from the Red Fort. A similar event along with the festivities is carried out by chief ministers from their respective states. It is customary to host the Indian flag on this day from various public and private institutions as well as buildings. The national anthem is also sung throughout the day, especially in the morning, by all patriots. The day is a national holiday in India and hence everyone celebrates this event from their homes or public places. However, some schools remain open for a few hours in order to commemorate this day with their students. Various cultural programmes like fancy dress competition and also sports events like parades are performed by children.     You can send gifts for your loved ones in India through this online gift store where you will find many options. These Independence Day gift ideas can surely cheer your loved ones up and you will be able to celebrate this event with them. These gifts have been distinguished into different categories so that you can get a better idea about them. Independence Day Gifts You can send a gift of flowers for your dear ones and there are different kinds of flowers here like roses and gerberas. The Cute Gerberas is a bouquet of gerbera flowers that comes in many colours like red, orange and yellow. Sweets are also a fantastic gifting option and you can find many types of sweet treats here like kaju peda and motichoor laddoo. The Mouth Melting Combo Of Six Sweet consists of kaju barfi, mawa kalam, mawa bati, standard barfi, kheer kadam and mawa fruit cake. There are also various gifts of chocolates here that can be found in hampers as well as separately. The Square Thali of Chocolate has branded chocolates in the forms of various Cadbury chocolates.   Attractive independence special gifts are also available here in the forms of patriotic badges. The Jai Hind Badge features two patriotic messages written in Hindi on an image of the national flag. A gift of mugs is also a good gift idea for this occasion and many of these are available here. The Celebrate Freedom With Mug is a white mug with an orange inner wall and meaningful patriotic messages.   These gifts to India will be loved by your friends and family on the significant occasion of Independence Day. There are also gifts for other occasions and festivals available here on this online gifting portal. These gifts can be used to send online gifts to India from any part of the world for your loved ones.  

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    When is Independence Day in 2015?

    Indian Independence Day 2015 15 August, 2015 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat             1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31           You never actually need to ask when is Independence day is 2015? All Indians know in their heart that it is on 15 August which is a Saturday this year. It is a commonly shared feeling of nostalgia and belonging which is not bound by physical distance or geographical proximity. Every year Indians everywhere in the world join in their celebration of Indian Independence Day. Independence Day signifies the woe and trouble of the Indian freedom fighters who laid down their lives so that we can enjoy the primary independence of our lives. National Celebration of Independence Day: Independence Day is one of the three national holidays that is observed throughout all Indian states and union territories. As the formal head of the sovereign state, the President of India starts the celebrations of the day by giving the “Address to the nation” speech. The incumbent Prime Minister of India raises the Indian flag on the parapets of the historic situate of Red Fort in Delhi. Twenty-one guns are fired in honour of the solemn occasion. In his oration, the current prime minister underlines the achievements of the year past, upholds significant areas that calls for additional growth. He pays tribute to the leaders of the Indian independence movement. "Jana Gana Mana", the Indian national anthem is sung in chorus at this event. This is followed by performary march past of every divisions of the Indian Armed Forces and paramilitary forces. Pageants and parades of various scenes from the independence struggle and displays that ramify India's diverse cultural traditions are showcased here. Consistently uniform ceremonies take place in each state capitals. The Chief Ministers of each state hoists the national flag, followed by similar parades and pageants. Flag raising ceremonies and cultural programmes take place in governmental and non-governmental institutions like schools and other training institutes throughout the country. Common people of India, whether in India or outside, celebrate this day according to their own capacity. Generally people decorate their house with miniatures of Indian flags. The whole family get together to sing the national anthem. They also watch the national parade in person or on TV. People dress in proper clothes and go out to join the local or institutional celebration of this eminent day. They meet their neighbours and family and exchange greetings and token gift. For all, it is a day not only of remembrance and but also of looking forward to the future. Gift Ideas for Independence Day: If it is Independence Day and you are away from your family and friends back in India, then you are obviously making them proud with your work and achievement in a foreign land. But then also, you feel that you want to connect with your roots back home for this special occasion. What better way to connect to the loved ones than gifting them special gifts for Independence Day. Through GiftstoIndia24x7.com you can be sending online gifts to India. Order online gifts, so that your thoughtful gifts reach your loved ones in proper time. Here are some Independence Day gift ideas as follows. Teach the kids lessons in respecting his country by sending online Independence Day gifts. Send them unique Independence Day badges that flaunts hues of our national flag and inspiring graffiti. The kids can wear these batches proudly and learn the importance of being an Indian. You can also send them Independence day special chocolate hampers to remind them that this day is a celebration of the achievements made by the nation. Send the older members of the family distinctive Indian sweets to mutually congratulate them on this occasion of gratification and delight. Gift the young adults beautifully designed Independence Day mugs, so that they can flaunt their pride and joy in most unique and up-to-date way. Send the elders of the family and admired teachers, charming bouquet of flower, especially designed for this day, to show your love and respect as they taught you the meaning of being an Indian.

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    When is Independence Day in 2014?

    One of the most esteemed occasion, Independence Day is very close to the heart for every Indian. After the painstaking struggle for almost two centuries, our motherland achieved freedom from the grievous British imperialism. The relentless struggles of the freedom fighters and patriots attained success. India emerged as a new nation and started its journey towards growth, development and prosperity. India celebrates its independence day on 15th of August. In the year 2014, the day falls on Friday. From the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857 to the Quit India Movement in 1942, our glorious freedom struggle have witnessed boundless sacrifices and martyrdom. On this day, we pay our homage to the valuable contributions of the freedom fighters. Their selfless service compelled the Britishers to provide complete liberty to us. The day is observed with sincere reverence in all the states and union territories. On the eve of the Independence Day, our President delivers the “Address to the Nation”. He recalls the achievements and the future prospects of the government. A national Holiday, the celebration of the day begins with the traditional flag hoisting in the Red Fort by the Prime Minister of India. This illustrious custom is followed by a tribute to the revered leaders and a ceremonial march past by the Indian armed forces. The people of India also observes the day with a lot of fervour and admiration. Most of the offices remain closed or have reduced working hours. Schools, colleges and government offices organise a function on this reverent day. They are decorated with stringed lights and flowers as the ‘Tirangaa’ flies high in various streets, houses and official buildings. Print and television media have special articles and features on this day. Different cultural programmes are organised to inculcate the spirit of nationalism. The Indian diaspora in different countries also celebrate the day with equal joy and ebullience. People celebrate the day over a family dinner as the youngsters remained engrossed in flying kites. On this venerated occasion, inspire your dear ones with a feeling of patriotism by presenting fabulous Independence Day gifts. GiftstoIndia24x7.com has brought a magnificent collection of presents for this special day. Independence Day Badges: Celebrate the anniversary of national sovereignty by sending these exclusive badges to your relatives and friends.These badges have the imprint of our national flag with a patriotic message engraved in it. The recipient can proudly flaunt this unique gift which reciprocates the true essence of Independence Day. Select from the enriched collection of Independence Day Badges and make the occasion momentous. Independence Day Mugs: Give your dear one a sweet surprise by presenting a special Independence Day Mug. The devoted tri-colour design with an inspirational and motivating message, these mugs will convey your warm greetings for this reverential occasion. Flowers: Flowers symbolise purity, elegance and sanctity. Send a bunch fresh Flowers in different enticing formations to celebrate the reverent occasion of Independence Day. The rejuvenating smell will fill the heart of the recipient with super abundant joy and elation. The enthralling roses, gerberas, carnations are available in attractive bouquets, baskets and exclusive arrangements. Along with these heartwarming gifts, you can also adore your near ones with mouth watering Sweets and Chocolates. Independence Day celebrations infuse a sense of togetherness among all Indians. It motivates us to remain united irrespective of our religion, region or culture. Spread the message of harmony and solidarity by presenting these expressive gifts on this esteemed day.

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    When is Independence Day in 2013?

    Independence Day 2013, 15th August, 2013 Independence Day calender 2013 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat         1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Freedom is something which everybody in this world should experience. But that definitely does not mean that freedom will be enjoyed at the stake of others. This sense of freedom is ascertained only after the Independance of a country from a foreign rule. Many countries were under foreign bondage for a long time. After long movements and revolutions by the natives of the country the the rulers were forced to break down and leave that country. The conquered country which has obtained freedom starts to introduce a new government, new constitution, new rules and regulations that will be followed by the citizens of the country. The lawmakers of the country decides whether the nation will be democratic, republic, monarchical, autonomous, authoritarian or other. The nation celebrates its Independence Day annually on the day when the free government came into being or started its first rule. So the importance of Independance Day in the life of a country is quite remarkable. There are many countries in the world which were at a time under foreign shackles and achieved their freedom after a long struggle. Some of them are : Afghanistan ( 19 August,1919 ), Bangladesh ( March 26, 1971 ), Brazil ( September 7, 1922 ), Pakistan ( August 14, 1947 ), United States ( July 4, 1776 ) and many more to mention a few. When is Independence Day in 2013 ? Independence Day is celebrated annually on the 15th of August, 1947 in India. To India the Independance Day has a lot of significance as this Independence was attained after a long and painful revolution by the patriots, thousands of whom happily gave their life in the process of war and revolts. For more than 100 years India was ruled by Britishers and transformed into a colony. After painstaking movements and attacks finally the British government broke down and India was declared free. Years after, people of India commemorate Independence Day on the 15th of August. This day is declared as a National holiday throughout the country. Various cultural programmes are arranged nationally and it is telecast on the national channel in the morning. The Prime Minister and the President delivers a speech from the Red Fort and attends parades performed by the military of the country. The most important occasion is the Flag hoisting ceremony which is observed by all in the country and even in schools, organisations, companies, hospitals etc. But these days a new trend is in vogue, that is to send Independence Day Gifts to one’s family and friends. This is basically done to generate the emotion of Independence Day. As gifts can be given on any occasion thus now this custom is being expanded to Independence Day too.  There are no special gifts that can be used as Independence Day Gifts, you can try giving anything. But GiftstoIndia24x7.com has launched certain special Independence Day badges to live up the spirit of the Proud occasion. You can send gifts to India on this special day along with these badges. What else can you give as gifts ? Lets discuss here : Independence Day Badges : Everyone love and respect their motherland. It is where we were born and nourished in the food and air of the country. Thus Independence Day of the country is a very joyous and proud occasion for the natives of the country. To relive the spirit of this day this site has kept some badges in store that will speak of your patriotism and love for the country. There are different kinds of badges here, all of them possess the color of Indian flag that is saffron, white and green. These Independence Day Badges have a message inscribed on them like “Proud to be an Indian” or “I love India” or “Vande Mataram”. Select one and send it as gift to India to your dear one. Sweets : Sweets are considered auspicious on any Indian occasion so why not send Sweets on Independence Day! At our site there are selected combinations of Indian sweets. Here you will find Indian sweets like Gulab Jamun, Mewa. Kaju Barfi, Rasgulla, Laddoo, karachi halwa and so on. There are sweet hampers where you will find different combinations of sweets in one hamper. Sweet Thali contain various assortment of sweets beautifully decorated on a thali. And there are Tinned sweets that contain sweets in tinned cans like Gulab Jamun, Rasgullas, Rajbhog etc. Flowers : Wish anyone in India Independence Day greetings with a bunch of fresh and enchanting Flowers. Flowers are such a gift that can be send on any occasion. They symbolise purity, beauty and truth. At this site there are innumerous options of flowers that can be sent in baskets, bouquets and in exclusive arrangements. There are roses, orchids, gerberas and lot more to choose from. They will surely convey your heartiest wishes and also be an interior decor item, filling the house with their heavenly smell. Cakes : Just like flowers, Cakes can also be sent to celebrate any happy occasion. Cakes tastes delicious and make the special occasion filled with instant joy. At this site too there are different exclusive and mouth watering cakes of various flavors to make the event more grand. You can choose anything from Five Star cakes to normal cake and from special cakes to Taj cakes. All these cakes are palatable in taste and high in quality. Some of these cakes are black forest cakes, chocolate cakes, pineapple cakes. Do not forget to keep the message “Happy Independence Day” on top of cake. The significance of Independence Day should be taught to everyone and even to children. They may not understand why the day is so important but the gifts will make them realise that there is something special about this day. Behold the respect of our country above everything else.