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Friendship Day Gift Ideas

Friendship Day gift ideas

Friendship Day is very special day as it gives one the opportunity to something really special for his or her friends. Starting from sending gifts to friends to spending time with friends and more can be done on this special day. Other than these, arranging for a party, going out for a day out, watching movies with friends will be an ideal way to celebrate Friendship Day. The articles in this chapter give an insight about the various gift ideas for making Friendship Day celebration a really memorable one.

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    Gift Vouchers And Personalised Gifts For Your Friend

    The bond of friendship is one relation which is so special that it cannot be described in mere words. A true friend is one who understands and be there for you without asking any questions when you are going through a difficult phase. He/she will also be the one to tell you point blank if you are doing something wrong. But, even if you fight over petty stuffs, you will always need each other to share secrets which you know she/he will never say it to anyone. So, on this Friendship Day, express your feelings of love and gratitude to your dear friends with exclusive Friendship Day gifts offered by With the popularity of online gifting sites, today, with a click of a button, you can send gifts to India on any occasions and festivals. But, amongst these numerous portals, is one that has managed to grab the attention of individuals all over the world with their efficient customer care and on-time delivery services. Thus, with the help of our site, you can surprise your dear ones who live in India or abroad by sending exclusive gifts to them on this day. If you browse through our site, you will come across a wide assortment of items which will definitely be suitable gift for your dear friends. From beautiful flower bouquets, chocolates, friendship bands to gift hampers, cakes, electronics, apparels and many more, you can avail all these from this section. Besides these items, our wide selection of gift vouchers and personalised gifts are also worth mentioning. In current times, these are some of the most popular gifts for any occasion. If you browse through our ‘gift vouchers’ category of this section, you will come across vouchers from various popular brands like Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop, Will Lifestyle and so on. Hence, if you are searching a gift which your girl friend will simply love then these gift vouchers will be a good choice to opt for. There is no doubt about the fact that women no matter the age love to shop. Hence, let her ‘loose’ in her favourite shop by gifting her gift vouchers as Friendship Day gifts from her preferred brand. If you are unsure about her preference then you opt for vouchers from Pantaloons, Wills Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop and so on. These gift vouchers will also be a perfect gift options for your boy-friends as well. It goes without saying that choosing a gift for a guy is one of the hardest task. Thus, with the help of these gift vouchers, he can purchase any item within its worth according to his preference. You can opt to send him vouchers from Adidas, Reebok, Shoppers Stop, Pantaloons and so on. You can be sure that he will appreciate your gift. Besides these gift vouchers, sending your friends personalised items as Friendship Day gifts is also a wonderful idea. This is because, in these items, you can include a personal touch to your gift. It can be with a photo of you two together or a loving message or both. Whether you are planning to send these as gifts to India to your girl or boy-friends, they will surely be delighted. If you browse through this section, you will come across a wide variety of personalised gifts to choose from. Personalised mugs, key-chains, T-shirts are some of the items which you can customise and send through us. When you send these as gifts to your friends, you can be sure that they will treasure it for many years to come. has been assisting individuals all over the world to send gifts to India from US or any part of the world without facing any type of problem. Thus, make this Friendship Day really special for your friends by sending them gifts through us.

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    English Movies Which You Can Watch With Your Friends On Friendship day 2011

    The different art forms over the years have honored the relationship that human beings are incomplete without and the relationship is that of friendship. From different literary forms like novels, poems, dramas, stories to paintings, songs, films and more are dedicated to this priceless relationship. Films being the most popular, colorful and also a very friendly medium, these have been the tool for many directors around the world, who have portrait the various aspects of friendship. With a huge list of films dedicated to this special relationship, it will be difficult for you to choose the one you want to see with your friends on this Friendship Day. This article will discus about some of the films that you and your friends will love watching. In case you are staying outside the country, you can ask your friends to watch the movies apart from sending gifts to India on this special day with the help of, which helps to send gift to India from US and also from other countries. My Best Friend’s Wedding Though not entirely dedicated to friendship, this romantic comedy, which was released back in 1997, is worth watching with your friends. A huge hit when it was released, the film revolves around Julia Roberts and her futile but hilarious attempts to call off the wedding of her best friend whom she loves deeply with his fiance. ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ is a perfect movie to watch with relaxed minds with friends. Now And Then Released in the year 1995, ‘Now And Then’ deals with four friends who have been reunited and are recollecting how they have spent their childhood and have grown up  together. The story is filmed  both in flash back and present time. A heart-warming movie, that perfectly depicts the friendship between the four friends and also what they go through while growing up in the same neighborhood. E.T - Extra Terrestrial This 1982 Stephen Spielberg sci-fi film will be thoroughly enjoyed by your friends. The movie deals with a small lonely boy who befriends an alien or extraterrestrial, stranded on earth. Both you and your friends will love to watch how the small boy with the help of his friends help the E.T. to return back home and at the same time try hard to hide the friendly alien from his mother and the government. Often dubbed as a ‘timeless story of friendship’, this wonderful and inventive movie is enjoyed by one and all. Along with suggesting your friends to watch this movie, you can send gifts to India to your friends with the help of the popular e-gifting site, Madagascar (2005 and 2008) Your friends will have a hilarious time watching the movies of this series. While the first flick of the series, released in 2005 tracks four different animals living in New York Central Zoo and are unknown to what wild life can be. They escape the zoo and end up in Madagascar. The rest of the story is how they try to go back home which is weaved with rib-tickling comedy and also focuses on the friendship the animals share. The friendship between the four animals, two of them being a lion and a zebra has been shown very touchingly with a hint of humor. The second part of the series, ‘Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa’, shows the four friends ending up in Africa, where the lion or Alex, meets his family. The sequel also has its own share of troubles as the animals fail to communicate as they have never lived in the wild. It will be a treat to watch both these films on this Friendship Day. Other than these English movies, you can catch up some Hindi flicks as well that celebrate friendship, like Dil Chata Hai and Rockford. The latest one that you can watch is ‘Zindegi Milega Na Dobara’, which with a star-studded cast is surely to take you and your friends on a ride this Friendship Day. And who knows after watching the movie, you might also set sail with your friends to have a time of your life.  

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    Hindi movies to enjoy with your friends on Friendship day

    Friendship Day is round the corner. This is the perfect day to make a grand celebration with friends. However, if you are unable to be with your friends, you can delight them by sending gifts to India online. You can take the help from the proficient e-gifting portal, You can surprise your dear friends by sending exclusive Friendship Day gifts.  The “Friendship day gifts” section showcases variety of gifts. You can send gifts to India such as flowers, chocolates, gift hampers, vouchers etc that you can send to your loving friends as Friendship Day gifts. If you are with your friends, you can organize a grand party at home or in restaurant, cook special dishes, or go on a trip. In addition to these ideas, watching movies with friends at home will be perfect. If you have no idea about the Hindi movies that you can watch on Friendship Day, here are few Hindi movies that you can watch on this special day. Dil Chahta Hai (2001) This is a wonderful film that you can watch with your friends on this special occasion. The film is set in modern urban Mumbai and portrays the modern life of the youth. The film focuses on the major transition in the lives of  3 friends, Akash (played by Aamir Khan), Sameer (played by Saif Ali Khan) and Siddharth ( played by Akshaye Khanna).  Each individual has different perspectives towards life and love. Akash does not believe in love, Sameer is a amiable and romantic person but is confused whether he is truly in love or not and Siddharth is the most mature amongst the 3. Along with the interesting plot, the film also has soulful music. Your friends will definitely enjoy watching this movie on Friendship Day. Rang De Basanti (2006) This film narrates the story of a young girl (played by Alice Pattern)from England who comes to India to make a documentary film on Indian freedom fighters. She asks five Indians, (played by Aamir Khan, Soha Ali Khan, Kunal Kapoor, Siddharth Narayan, Sharman Joshi and Atul Kulkarni) to act in her film. They accept her proposal. As they start shooting for the film, one of their friends (R.Madhavan) gets killed in an aircraft crash. They find that government corruption lies beneath this aircraft crash. They become determined to take revenge of their friend’s death. The film focuses on the unity & strength of the five friends and their determination to bring out the injustice caused to their friend. The movie has romantic as well as soulful songs which will provide great entertainment to your friends. Moreover, watching this movie will be a perfect Friendship Day gift. 3 Idiots (2009) The film that narrates the friendship of 3 buddies - Farhan Qureshi (played by R. Madhavan), Raju Rastogi ((Sharman Joshi) and Rancchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad later to be known as Phunsukh Wangdu (Aamir Khan). Their friendship begins from Imperial College of Engineering (ICE). After becoming professionally successful Raju and Farhan start on a quest for their lost buddy Rancchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad . On their journey, they encounter a long forgotten bet, the bet made by Chatur (played by Omi Vaidya) as well as the truth about Rancchoddas real identity and crash the wedding of Pia (played by Kareena Kapoor) Rancchoddas’s beloved. The scenes of the film flow from comedy to sorrow to romance which will definitely be enjoyed by your friends. The soulful songs will also provide great entertainment to your friends. Apart from these 3 movies, you can also watch the recently released Delhi Belly or  Rockford, Stanley Ka Dabba and many more. However, if you are not with your friends, you can send DVDs as gifts to India from US and make the occasion memorable and delightful.  

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    Send friendship bands, cakes and chocolates to your friend on Friendship day

    Friendship day is on 7th August. On this special day, you can arrange for a get together with your old friends and make a grand celebration. This occasion is celebrated in various parts of the world with lots of joy and enthusiasm.  Friendship day is the day to recollect the past memories that you have spent with childhood as well as present friends. However, if you are not with your dear friends on this special day, you can surprise them by sending gifts to India online. is reliable e-gifting portal, where you will avail exclusive collection of gifts for various occasions and festivals. The “Friendship Day Gift” section comes with extensive array of gifts that you can  send to your dear friend on this special occasion. Amongst various gifts the special gifts that you can send to your friend as Friendship day gifts are friendship band, cakes and chocolates. Friendship band is one of the popular gifts that you can send to your dear friend on this special occasion. Various types of colorful friendship bands are available in this store. You can also get friendship band in bracelet form that can be worn by both girls and boys. The friendship bands are intricately decorated with colorful beads and come with the word “Friend”. These attractive friendship band will definitely help you to strengthen the bond of love with your dear friends. Along with this friendship band, you can also send an enchanting flower bouquet. These gifts will definitely add smile on your dear friend’s face. You can also delight your dear friends by sending mouth-watering cakes. The “Cake” section comes with palatable cakes of different flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla etc. You will also get different categories of cakes such as special cakes, kids cakes, normal cakes etc. Most of the cakes are made up of good quality ingredients and are from renowned bakeries such as Five Star, Taj etc. The awesome taste of the cakes will definitely enthrall your dear friends. Moreover, before you send cakes to your dear friend, you must know his or her preference. If he or she is fond of chocolate cake then opt for chocolate cake or if he or she likes black forest cake then you can send palatable  black forest cake. They will definitely enjoy having these mouth-watering cakes on this special event.  So send gifts to India and overwhelm your friend. Chocolates are loved by people of all ages and genders. So you can send chocolates as Friendship Day gift. The  hampers in the “Chocolate” section come with mouth-watering chocolates such as Perk, KitKat, Dairy Milk, Ferrero Rocher Box etc. Some of the chocolate hampers also include dryfruits, sweets as well as namkeens. You will also avail chocolates from internationally reputed brands such as Valor, Lindt , Twister, Vochelle etc. Different types of chocolates such as dark, milk, sweet etc are available in this site. Moreover, you will get these chocolates in different and unique flavors such as mint, chilli, caramel etc. If your friend is fond of cookies you can send box of cookies with chocolates. Apart from these stunning gifts you can also send gifts to India from US such as flowers, gift hampers, personalized gifts etc to your dear friends and make the occasion cheerful and jubilant.