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Children's Day Gift Ideas

Children's Day Gift Ideas

Children’s Day is most popularly celebrated on 14th November. It is the day that marks the birth anniversary of the first Indian prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Known for his heart-core love and affection for kids in particular, he is widely known as ‘Chacha Nehru’. This day is celebrated with pomp and merriment. Every schools arranges parties in honour to the kids. Along with the kids, their parents also take part in the occasion by inspiring them to participate in various shows. The articles in this section discusses about bewildering children with various types of gifts in this special day.

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    Educational Toys: The best Children's Day gift item

    Children’s Day is celebrated on the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. This annual event is much awaited by the little ones and many interesting Children’s Day gift ideas are available for them. There are a variety of such gifting options available on this online gift store that your kids in India will love. These gifts contain items like school accessories, barbie dolls, boardgames, chocolates and many others. You can get educational toys for your children in India on the festive occasion of Children’s Day. These toys will help them in their mental development and also to the growth of the different faculties. The Animal Homes & Sounds game is for children above the age of three and it is quite colourful and bright. This game also contains a compact disc that has the various sounds of animals as well as a set of cards with images of animals and their homes. The Shapes and Colours toy is suited for kids of four years and above.The young competitors are asked to complete the drawings shown on their colourful play boards, placing the missing geometric shapes corresponding to the thrown dice. The child will learn to recognize the basic geometric shapes.   The Body Parts game is suitable for the little ones who are above the age of four and this is also a puzzle game. A set of twenty eight pieces of puzzle make up this game and each of them features a separate human body part. The Animals, Babies & Habitats toy comes for children above the age of four being a combo game of puzzles and cards. There are eighteen pieces of cards here that are like puzzles and have to be placed together to make the complete match.   The Indian Safari Board Game is for kids above the age of eight and it is a multi player game. This educational toy features the different important and popular places in India as a dice game. The Scrabbles toy is suited for the little ones who are at least ten years of age and this is a word making game. Scrabble is a very popular game having a large popularity among the little ones and the whole family can play this.   TheTransport Game game is suitable for children of four and above. Young learners will be fascinated by the different means of transport and their use. The 25 large picture cards can be classified in different ways such as land, sea, fast, slow, small etc.The Scrabbles toy comes for kids in India with this knowledgeable game from Mattel. This is the world's most popular game scrabbles. This highly innovative game makes your kids become an expert with stock of words.   Make this coming Children’s Day a very fun and entertaining event for the little ones through these amazing gifts. These as well as the many other gifts here can be used for sending a gift to India for your kids. You can also get a variety of other gifts here for different occasions and festivals like Mother’s Day.  

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    How To Make Your Little Ones Smile On Children's Day?

    Little things you do for a child in ways which nobody else does are enough to melt the hearts of those innocent little bundles of joy in our lives. They do not ask for much, their demands are tiny like them and the mere fulfillment of these wishes melt their hearts so much that the wide smiles which spread across their faces can make anybody’s day bright. So on Children’s Day spread a smile on the faces of your little ones with these Children’s Day gift ideas which are sure to make the day of your kids when you send these India gifts to your child. Gifts For Girls And Boys : Boys and girls have different preferences when it comes to toys. Not that differentiation should always be made but girls do love their Barbie and Steffi dolls where they get to beautify them and make their house and tie their hair. Boys love playing with cars, bikes and all things machinery right from childhood so a hot wheels car would be an ideal gift for him.   School Essentials : Whatever your child might pretend, they love going to school and carrying out pranks with their batchmates is their best past time. Thus gift them with fun school items to make them happy. You can opt for fun water bottles, soft toy backpacks, tiffin boxes, pencil boxes and many more.   Kids Hampers : When you clump many gifts together your kids will be delighted. One is always better than two. So gift your child with a combination of chocolates, soft toys, slam books, crayons and more. These are sure to delight your kids to no end. Getting so many gifts together at one go is a dream come true for your child.   Soft Toys : Soft toys have always been a child’s favourite play thing and kids of a greater age also love playing with soft toys. Delight your kids by gifting them teddy bears, cartoon pillows, heart shaped soft pillows, footballs etc as soft toy and their hearts to no end. Also these are harmless toys and likely to last for a long time.   Toy Item : These days toys for kids have undergone a great deal of transformation and all the toys are designed and made in accordance to the choices and likings of kids. All types of gifts are found like drum sets, piggy banks, toy home, pro skater etc and all of these come in designs of all the latest cartoons which are viral with the kids. They will make your kids very happy.   Now sending gifts to India to your favourite people has never been this easy before. On Children’s Day bring a smile on the face of your dearest kid. Be it your niece or nephew, child of your best friend or a dear family member. Your being away should never be an hindrance in reaching out to your loved ones, thanks to this reliable online gifting portal.  

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    Send Delectable Chocolates Online on Children's Day through

    Children’s Day is a much awaited occasion in India which is celebrated with much fun and excitement. Kids and youngsters enjoy this day at school and also after they reach home with all the adults around them. If you are away from the little ones you love in India, you can still celebrate this special day with them by sending them wonderful gifts. You can send gifts to India online with this reliable online gift store. Many attractive Children’s Day gift ideas are available on this online gifting portal. These gifts have been very carefully selected by us for the little angels in India. Though there are many gifts here, the gift that is most loved by kids is chocolates. They just can’t resist yummy delectable chocolates be it at any time of the day. Thus a gift of chocolates would be a perfect gift that you send for the little one on an occasion like Children’s Day. Many kinds of delicious chocolates are showcased here on this online gifting portal. These are subdivided into three parts, namely, chocolates & cookies, chocolate hampers and handmade chocolates. The sumptuous chocolates & cookies section contains a lot of items that will be loved by the kids. Rich chocolates like Ferrero Rochers, Celebrations, Temptations, Bourneville's, Kit Kats, Munches, Eclairs, Belgian Hearts, Belgian Dark Seashells, Belgian Pralines, Belgian Chocolate Bonbons, Belgian Creme Brulee Pralines, Skittles and a lot more are available here.The Ferrero Rocher Bouquet is a good gift that can be sent on Children’s Day to India. This pretty red satin bouquet has scrumptious Ferrero Rocher chocolates which will be greatly enjoyed by the little dears. They will especially love the fact that this gift of chocolates comes in the form of a bouquet.   The mouth-watering cookies that you will find here are Butter Cookies and Chocolate Wafers which will definitely delight the taste buds of these little angels. You can choose the Butter Cookies for the youngsters on their special day. Pretty yet delectable chocolate hampers are showcased here that will definitely be loved by the kiddies. They include gorgeous items like dry fruits, sweets, namkeen, soft toys and mints apart from chocolates. These hampers come in beautiful trays, thalis and baskets that will also be liked by the young one. Various combo packs of different chocolates like Dairy Milks, Temptations, Bourneville's etc. are also available here that will be loved by the kids. Unique personalised chocolates are also available here that will make their day extra-special.   The Beautiful Treat hamper certainly lives up to its name as the entire setup is just wonderful. Two red heart shaped boxes containing delicacies like Eclairs and Alpenliebe in one and handmade chocolates in the other are the main attraction of this hamper. A cute and cuddly brown teddy bear wearing a bow and holding a pot of honey will be an added attraction for the toddler. If you choose the Delicious Mouth Watering Treats hamper then you will be able to treat the little angels to other delicious treats along with chocolates. It contains Dairy Milk and Ferrero Rocher chocolates along with crunchy almonds and tasty kaju barfi. The beautiful blue and silver tray that these delicacies come in is square in shape and very attractive. You can also choose luscious handmade chocolates that are available here for your little angels. These chocolates taste different from regular branded chocolates and this will be loved by them. The chocolates also come in different shapes and sizes that will definitely attract your child’s attention. The colourful wrappings that they come in makes them look even more inviting. These chocolates come in unique boxes, potlis, trays, thalis and baskets which your child will also find very interesting and colourful. The Delightful Cycle Basket Filled with Handmade Chocolates will be a perfect treat for the little angels on this coming Children’s Day. The yummy chocolates are placed in a stunning brown potli which is covered with intricate designs. The potli, in turn, is placed into the charming brown basket of an adorable little white cycle. You can also surprise the cute kiddies in India with the Treat for Family with Rose Hearts. Delectable homemade chocolates are available in this pack with four different types of enchanting wrapping. These are placed in a beautiful red and silver round tray along with two artificial roses with a soft heart shaped decoration attached to both of them. Surprise your little dears in India on this Children’s Day with these yummilicious chocolates as well as many other gifts from the best site to send gifts to India. Gifts for other occasions like anniversary gifts to India is also available here for you to choose from. Make this Children's Day an extra-special one for your kids back home in India.  

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    Cherish Your Little Ones with Top 5 Gift Ideas on Children's Day

    In India, Children’s Day is celebrated on 14th November, to commemorate the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first ever Prime Minister of independent India. Jawaharlal Nehru was better known as Chacha Nehru among the children in India. He was extremely popular among them and had famously remarked that “Children are the future of India”. This year Children’s Day in India will be observed on Saturday., the premier online gifting portal offers a wide range of gifts and other associated products for its much valued global customers, on all occasions and festivals. You can send gifts to your loved ones on all occasions. You can send anniversary gifts to India as well as birthday gifts to India for your near and dear ones, through the online services offered by this reputed online gifting portal. Those of you who are wondering as to what to gift to the adorable children on the day specially meant for them, can take a look at the list of top 5 gift ideas that will no doubt make them happy and elated beyond all words. 1. Gifts for Toddlers : Children have the magical powers to make everyone happy. Toddlers are considered to be bundles of joy, not only for their parents but also for their other loved ones. Children in the 0-1 year age group are known as toddlers. They demand as well as deserve the attention of their parents as well as their loved ones 24x7. This year, on Children’s Day, you can delight them by sending them amazing gifts, specially meant for toddlers. You can gift them various toys like Rock-a-stack, My Cute Doggy, Cute Kitty Money Bank for Kids as well as various utility items like Rockers meant for Toddlers, Littles Bassinet, Compact Baby Bed etc.   2. Gifts for Girls : Small girls love to play with dolls. Therefore, they will be utterly delighted to receive dolls, as gifts on Children’s Day., boasts of a wide collection of Steffi dolls along with various assorted merchandise. Girls also love to cuddle with their favourite soft toys whenever they want to. So, you can send soft, cute and huggable soft toys for the girl children in India. On this premier online gifting portal, you can find a huge collection of soft toys like cute puppies, bunnies, monkeys and teddy bears. 3. Gift Hampers for Babies : The tender and soft skin of the children must be always taken care of. Since Children's Day is celebrated on 14th of November, it can be easily assumed that everyone in India will soon experience the cold, winter months within a few weeks time. To make sure that the children stay protected during the winter, it is advisable to gift them with various baby care products. Although these products are meant for the infants, children upto the age group of 10, can use them too. 4. Board Games for Children : A large number of children like to play inside and bond with their buddies and pals over a board game or two. So, on this Children’s Day, you can think of gifting them various Board Games. You can choose from the different board games like Scrabble, Chess, World Safari, Storytelling, Ludo, Checkers etc. These board games will be much loved by the children mainly because, these will involve the active participation of their friends and buddies. And children just love to spend time with their pals losing all count of the time. It will help them to develop the bond of friendship as well as spend a quality time with their friends.   5. Scientific Games for Kids : For the children who have come of age, it is better to opt for various educational and scientific games instead of ordinary toys and board games. These gifts will be much welcomed by those kids who have a scientific bent of mind. You can think of gifting them with various Do-It-Yourself Kits that will help them to get a first hand knowledge about the ways in which various things work out in the real life. Apart from these above mentioned gifts, you can also gift various chocolates or chocolate hampers to the children. The best thing about is that, it offers gifts that can suit anyone’s budget. If you are running low on cash then you can opt for various cheap gifts to India. The children will be pretty much overwhelmed on receiving the gifts from you on the occasion of Children’s Day

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    Top 5 Gift Ideas for Children’s Day

    Children are the future pioneers of our society. Proper education and a healthy life can shape their life and help them to grow as a responsible individual. The prime objective of Children’s Day celebration is securing the social and educational right of the little ones. Schools, NGOs and welfare organizations celebrate this day by organizing cultural programs, sports, charitable activities and health campaigns., our online gifting portal has brought a beguiling collection of Children’s Day Gifts for the youngsters. In India, Children’s Day is observed on the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Like every year, Children’s Day will be celebrated on 14th November in 2014 across our country. Impressive Gift Ideas for Children’s Day - Make the dear little ones in your family or acquaintance feel cherished with expressive gifts on the joyous occasion of Children’s Day. The broad smiling curve on their faces will take you back to your childhood, the most precious days of one’s life. 1. Chocolates - The most delightful gift to win the heart of a little one is mouthwatering chocolates. We have assembled delicious assortments of Cadbury Dairy Milk, Bournville, Ferrero Rocher, Kitkat, Temptation bars, handmade chocolates and many more. These hampers come with dry fruits, sweets, soft toys, gift vouchers and lots more. Make this Children’s Day special for your dear kid with these delicious chocolates. 2. Kid’s Hamper - One often finds it tedious to make his/her own hamper by visiting various sections of gifts. We have assembled a wide collection of Kid’s Hampers to make this Children’s Day special for the little ones. These assortments come with chocolates, exciting board games, soft toys, baby care products and many more delightful gifts.  3. Educational Games - Let your dear little ones learn everything with lots of fun by gifting them engaging Educational Games on the joyous occasion of Children’s Day. Our spectacle comprises of games like Dominoes Counting and Colours, Build a Sentence, Animals, Babies and Habitats, Memory Play, Junior Scrabble and many more. 4. Back to School - Delight your school going toddler with trendy school accessories on the significant occasion of Children’s Day. You can find here school bags, funky pencil boxes, lunch boxes, water bottles, slam books and other school stationeries to gift your dear little ones. 5. Gift Voucher - Let the adorable little ones gorge on mouthwatering delicacies and flaunt their style by gifting them delightful gift vouchers from famous eateries, lifestyle and accessory brands. These gift cards will surely usher happiness on them on the occasion of Children’s Day. Childhood is the best time to inculcate morales and values in one. A child should be given the opportunity for proper education and a secure social life to make him/her grow as a responsible citizen. Celebrate this significant occasion of Children’s Day by engaging yourself in welfare activities for children and spreading happiness with mesmerizing gifts.